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    Mencari programmer untuk membuat scraper sosial media (facebook + linkedin) menggunakan python + selenium

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    I'm looking for a Selenium automation expert who has solid experience in automating Google Ads Console. My main objective is to significantly enhance my ad performance through automation. Key Requirements: - Automating Bid Adjustments: I need the freelancer to automate bid adjustments for my Google Ads campaigns. - Automated Ad Placements: I also require the automation of ad placements to enhance the visibility and reach of my ads. - Automating App Campaign Creation: As part of the automation process, the freelancer should automate the creation of App Campaigns. Data Analysis and Reporting: - Performance Metrics: The automated system must be able to analyze performance metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversions. - Competitor Analysis: It should incorporate function...

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    ...skilled Selenium Webdriver engineer to help automate some basic web tasks using Google Chrome. The tasks revolve around simple actions such as form submissions and clicks. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Selenium Webdriver: You should have a solid grasp of automating web tasks with Selenium. - Understanding of Google Chrome: Familiarity with the workings of Google Chrome is crucial as this is the browser the automation script needs to support. - Experience with Simple Automation: The tasks to be automated are on the simpler side, mainly form submissions and clicks, understanding of basic web tasks is essential. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Java: Experience with Java is beneficial as it's commonly used with Selenium Webdriver. - Previous Experience:...

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    I'm seeking an expert in web scraping and AI, particularly ChatGPT, for a K12 English Test Questions project. The aim is to extract specific information for the development of an educational app. Key Requirements: - Exploiting Selenium or for scraping - Extracting Question text, Answer choices, Diagrams, Explanation and Type of question The extracted data will be utilized in the development of an educational app. Your expertise in web scraping and AI, particularly with ChatGPT, will be crucial for delivering the projected outcomes. If you have experience in similar projects, that would be an added advantage. Your ability to efficiently scrape the specified websites and platforms, and to accurately extract the required information will be highly valued.

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    We are looking for a talented individual who can assist us with crawling data from a website using Python, BeautifulSoup, and Selenium. The successful candidate will be responsible for extracting relevant information from the platform and providing it in a format suitable for analysis. The ideal candidate should have experience in data crawling and should be proficient in Python, BeautifulSoup, and Selenium. The project requires the ability to navigate different web pages, extract data, and handle authentication to access the premium healthcare platform. Key skills required for this job include: - Python - BeautifulSoup - Selenium - Data crawling - Web scraping - Authentication We expect the project to be completed within a short time frame and the deliverables to be...

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    QA/NodeJS developer 5 hari left

    ...will be responsible for developing and maintaining our backend services, writing automated tests, and conducting manual testing to identify and fix issues. Your work will directly impact the user experience of our clients, ensuring our platform remains robust, reliable, and scalable. Key Responsibilities: QA Engineering: Develop, maintain, and execute automated test scripts using tools such as Selenium, Jest, Mocha, or similar. Perform manual testing to identify and report bugs, inconsistencies, and usability issues. Design and implement test plans, test cases, and test data for functional, regression, performance, and security testing. Collaborate with developers to understand new features and enhancements and ensure they meet the required quality standards. Participate in co...

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    **Job Title: Development of GPT-Based KOL Management System **Job Description:** We are looking for an experienced developer to create a GPT-based system ...dashboard for the Business Development (BD) team to review KOL submissions. - Include options to approve, reject, or request more information. 5. **Scheduling Calls**: - Integrate a scheduling tool (e.g., Calendly API) for KOLs to book meetings with the BD team. - Send automated confirmations and reminders. **Technical Requirements:** - **Web Scraping**: Experience with BeautifulSoup, Selenium. - **NLP**: Experience with OpenAI's GPT-4. - **Database Management**: Proficiency in SQL or NoSQL databases. - **Web Framework**: Proficiency in Django or Flask. - **Scheduling Tool Integration**: Experience with APIs su...

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    I am seeking a Python developer with solid Selenium experience to help with browser automation tasks. This project specifically requires: - **Browser Automation**: You'll be tasked with creating Python scripts to automate tasks that are typically performed in Google Chrome. The automation should be designed to handle various complexities and scenarios that arise during web browsing, including the handling of CAPTCHAs. - **Complex Scenario Handling**: The browser automation will sometimes have to deal with CAPTCHAs. The ideal candidate should be able to handle this and other complex scenarios that arise during browsing. _____ -**Solving the problem with blocking due to multiple requests. -**The main task is to avoid blocks when accessing two Spanish sites(possibly only availab...

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    Testmanager 4 hari left

    ...Berichterstattung über Fehler und Unregelmäßigkeiten -Identifizierung von Möglichkeiten zur kontinuierlichen Verbesserung der Testautomatisierung und des Testprozesses Anforderungen -Gute Deutschkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift -Bachelor-Abschluss in Informatik, Softwaretechnik oder einem verwandten Bereich -Fundierte Kenntnisse in der Testautomatisierung und Erfahrung mit entsprechenden Tools (z. B. Selenium, Appium, JUnit, TestNG, Jenkins, etc.) -Gute Kenntnisse in der Programmierung (z. B. Java, Python, C#) für die Entwicklung von Testskripten -Verständnis für Software-Testmethoden -Prozesse und Best Practices -Erfahrung mit agilen Entwicklungsmethoden und kontinuierlicher Integration -Ausgezeichnete analytische und Problemlösungsfä...

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    ...Berichterstattung über Fehler und Unregelmäßigkeiten -Identifizierung von Möglichkeiten zur kontinuierlichen Verbesserung der Testautomatisierung und des Testprozesses Anforderungen: -Gute Deutschkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift -Bachelor-Abschluss in Informatik, Softwaretechnik oder einem verwandten Bereich Fundierte Kenntnisse in der Testautomatisierung und Erfahrung mit entsprechenden Tools (z. B. Selenium, Appium, JUnit, TestNG, Jenkins, etc.) -Gute Kenntnisse in der Programmierung (z. B. Java, Python, C#) für die Entwicklung von Testskripten Verständnis für Software-Testmethoden -Prozesse und Best Practices -Erfahrung mit agilen Entwicklungsmethoden und kontinuierlicher Integration Ausgezeichnete analytische und Problemlösungsfäh...

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    17 bida The script should use Selenium WebDriver to interact with the website, inputting specified parameters (departure city, destination city, date) and retrieving available ticket information. Additionally, I need the script to be integrated with a Telegram bot, allowing me to control the script's scheduling and receive notifications about available tickets directly on my mobile devices. Key Features: Automate interaction with the train ticket website using Selenium WebDriver. Allow input of departure city, destination city, and date parameters. Integrate with a Telegram bot for scheduling control and notification delivery. Provide clear documentation for setup and usage. Requirements: Proficiency in Python programming language. Experience with Selenium...

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    I am seeking a skilled Ruby developer with experience in Selenium framework. This project involves creating an automation script for E-commerce websites. You will need to have a solid understanding of Cucumber framework and excellent coding skills. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Ruby programming language - Proficiency in Selenium framework - Understanding of Cucumber framework - Previous experience in web automation Please include your experience in your application.

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    I'm looking for Below selenium framework. Key requirements: - Proficiency in C# coding for Selenium WebDriver is a must. - Experience with NUnit framework for test execution. - Familiarity with the Page Object Model (POM) design pattern to facilitate easy maintenance and readability of the test scripts. - Ability to integrate Extent Report to provide a comprehensive report that includes screenshots and logs for a detailed view of the test results. - Proficiency in handling credentials from the app config framework. Your responsibilities will include: - Developing a robust automation framework that allows for easy test maintenance and readability. - Implementing the Extent Report feature for comprehensive reporting, including screenshots and logs. If you possess the ...

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    *** ONLY SELENIUM TEXT EXPERTS ONLY APPLY *** I'm looking for an expert in Python Selenium automation to help with a variety of tests across different browsers. The work will primarily consist of functional, regression and load testing. This is URGENT project. Key Responsibilities: - Building and maintaining Selenium test scripts in Python - Ensuring that the tests are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - Conducting functional, regression, and load testing Skills and Experience: - Strong background in automation testing using Selenium - Proficient in Python programming language - Experience with functional, regression and load testing - Familiarity with testing across multiple browsers, especially Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - Understanding of be...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a Python scraper/parser to gather information about upcoming events. The scraper should find events on 10 websites. 3 of them definitely use WooCommerce as a backend. For 6 I am not sure an...important functionality will be to detect the remaining spots by adding participants to the shopping cart and trying how many can be added. The scraper should output relevant logging information. It should be restartable. (Random duration) pauses should be included to avoid IP blockings. The script should run in headless mode. No GUI is needed, just a Python script. Suitable Python modules include selenium, requests, Beautiful Soup 4, cloudscraper. Testing over some time will be required to ensure the scraper's and to see changes in ...

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    29 bida

    I have a script that has minor issue. see attached specs budget $50 must finish within 1 day of selection

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    40 bida

    We have an existing platform that fetches top news headlines based on interest and uses GPT in order to compile them into a headline and send via SMS. The current bot is a selenium and existing panel is a basic Django admin. These are the new revamps that I'm looking for Scraper Fix: Need scraper fixed so it utilizes a blend of IP address locational data to find content that interests, and is more centered on things United States people would enjoy reading about. The current texts sometimes show Indian news that is out of context. So need a revamp of the news finding system in order to actually find meaningful arcticles and headlines. Right now it shows nothing that would be at the top of google news with a quick glance. Also would be nice to integrate twitter news into this ...

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    28 bida

    I am in need of a data mining expert proficient in Python, machine learning, and Selenium to facilitate a data mining project. If you are interested, so there would be 2 contract fix rate $50/country flow, and $3-5/hr for code's maintainance. Depends on your profile’s experience. $5/script for easier works (like scrap-data transferring between GS&SQL), Purpose of the project: The primary objective is to extract valuable information from a large set of data. The specific type of data to be mined will be shared with the successful candidate. - Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python - Hands-on experience with Selenium - Thorough understanding of machine learning algorithms - Experience in handling large sets of data - Strong knowled...

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    13 bida

    I'm looking for a Selenium expert with strong experience in Python/Java to develop comprehensive and effective Selenium tests for our web application. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Python/Java: Ideal candidate should have a strong command on Python/Java programming language. - Selenium Expertise: Demonstrable experience in creating selenium tests for web applications. - Web Application Focus: Experience with testing web applications is a must. - CI/CD Understanding: While not required, familiarity with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines would be a plus. - Attention to Detail: Ability to meticulously craft test cases and identify and report bugs is crucial. Your responsibilities will include: - Collaborating closely with our...

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    62 bida

    I'm looking for someone who can do automated selenium test (using python) for a wordpress plugin. You need to write the test cases and automate it.

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    26 bida A script or tool that can take a list of CRM and CID numbers as input. Automate the search process on the specified websites. Extract the required data and compile it into an Excel file with separate sheets for doctors' information and disease descriptions. Requirements: Programming Language: Preferably Python. Libraries: Experience with web scraping libraries like BeautifulSoup, Selenium, and data processing libraries like Pandas. Output Format: Ability to export data into an Excel file using Pandas or similar libraries. Error Handling: Robust error handling to manage failed requests and parsing errors. Compliance: Adherence to the websites' terms of service and rate limits to avoid being blocked. Project Scope: Input: A list of CRM numbers and a l...

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    I need someone to convert my current trading bot that was written in Node.js into Python, specifically version 3.10. The bot, which uses Puppeteer for browser automation on the Quotex platform, needs to be programmed to use Selenium in the Python version. Key features to incorporate into the new Python bot include: - Real-time data monitoring - Regular trading automation - Custom trading strategies Freelancers should have an extensive understanding of Python and Selenium, along with experience in trading automation. The end goal is to have a Python version of the trading bot that works flawlessly round the clock without any hitches, preserving all the functional features of the original Node.js version. It's crucial that the script can run 24/7 without running into an...

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    I'm seeking a Python developer experienced in Selenium to create an automation bot. The primary aim of this project is to automate repetitive tasks. https://pump. fun/6rEPojp1CJxgKUts64hrKpvNRFUYd3JvxE5KKYXgCkjj this is script description: i will provide list of privatekey and list of text /image post. bot will post reply you need to install phantom wallet extension connect wallet with this site and then post reply Key tasks include: - Developing a Python Selenium bot that can perform specific, pre-defined tasks - Ensuring the bot is easy to use for personal use Ideal candidates will have: - Proficient in Python and Selenium - Experience in developing automation bots - Can work with little supervision and have excellent communication skills.

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    Hello, This is a $20 project. Looking for a freelancer to develop a python script to retrieve restaurant data from Google Maps using the Maps/Places API. The script should target restaurants that have a phone number and *do not* have a website. The inputs I need to enter are: - Location (latitude and longitude) - Search Radius (in meters) - Ensure the business/place is a restaurant, bakery, etc. Key Data to Retrieve, output in a .CSV: - Business Name - Address - Phone Number - Google Maps URL Thank you, trooper501

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    I need an expert in Selenium to automate functionality testing of our web application. This project aims to ensure the application functions as expected with regular, automated testing. Key Responsibilities: - Developing automated functions testing for our web application - Ensuring tests are compatible with Google Chrome. Ideal Skills: - Proficient with Selenium - Familiar with functionality testing. - Reliable and consistent test development. Previous experience with Selenium-based functionality testing in Chrome is highly desirable.

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    I want to create a nutritional analysis software that helps manufacturing companies, restaurants, or other food service businesses manage nutritional information. The software should allow users to input an ingredient from a database, customize data, and quickly break down its nutritional values. Example of tools and technologies need...restaurants, or other food service businesses manage nutritional information. The software should allow users to input an ingredient from a database, customize data, and quickly break down its nutritional values. Example of tools and technologies needed: Programming Languages: - Backend: Python (Django, Flask), Node.js (). - Frontend: JavaScript (React, Vue.js, Angular) Testing: - Selenium, Jest Version Control: - Git (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket)

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    I need a skilled Web Scraping specialist to write code in Python (preferably) that scrapes a specific table from a website for me (Website: ). The table contains WNBA player statistics, The goal is to extract all columns of this table, which is approximately 7 columns and write it to a CSV file (in the same column format). I'm a beginner level coder, and noticed that the table was created with that looks like a Shiny App in R. (I'm not even sure if extracting the table is possible). If it was only possible to use R, then I could potentially work with that. Website: I would like the data to go from the year 2020 to current. Regular Season data. Key Requirements: - Scraping Tables on websites If you're confident in your web scraping abilities, have good experience with Py...

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    I'm seeking a Python developer experienced with web scraping. This job involves setting up a Python script that can scrape a popular review site. Key details to extract: - Review text - Star rating - Date of review - Reviewer name - Star-ratings fo...should be reasonably straightforward. All reviews for a given provider should be scraped. It would be good to have an option to start with the newest and stop at a certain date. The specific review site can be seen in the sample URL in the attached PDF. I can send further details in a private message including screenshots. Preferred frameworks would be Beautifoulsoup 4 / Scrapy if sufficient and Selenium otherwise. Please state which one you plan to use. Note: it should be possible to run the script in headless mode (in a doc...

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    I need a Python Selenium application that can scrape blog posts from Site A and post them on Site B. Key Requirements: - The Python app should be built using Selenium for web scraping and automation. - It should be able to extract blog posts from Site A, specifically. - The extracted data must be posted on an existing blog section of Site B. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in Python, with experience in building web scrapers. - Strong knowledge of Selenium for web automation. - Previous experience with data extraction and manipulation. - Understanding of web protocols and site structures. - Familiarity with blog post formatting and publishing is a plus.

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    42 bida

    I'm seeking a skilled Senior Python Developer to assist with a project that involves a blend of web scraping and data analysis, with a focus on the following tasks: - Extracting data from multiple websites - Automating data extraction and parsing - Analyzing and visualizing ...strong understanding of AI and Machine Learning - Hands-on experience with web scraping, particularly working with diverse data sources - Ability to automate data extraction and processing efficiently - Adept at data analysis, with the ability to visualize and interpret data Although I haven't specified any particular tools or libraries, your familiarity with tools like BeautifulSoup, Scrapy and Selenium would be a bonus. Your ability to recommend and justify the use of specific tools and methods wi...

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    Viết chương trình test một website bán hàng bằng wedrive selenium với python test một vài chức năng như đăng nhập, thêm vào giỏ hàng, xóa sửa sản phẩm . Mỗi chức năng có 3-4 test case có thể export kết quả pass- fail mỗi test case ra excel.

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    I am seeking a proficient programmer to build a program that helps identify profitable product leads. The application should do the following: - Scrape product UPCs from You don't need to integrate a login system, as access t...based on eBay's item purchase history. The ideal freelancer for this job would have great scraping skills, experience with eBay's API, and be able to develop a friendly user interface. A background in eCommerce profitability analysis would also be advantageous. Key programming languages for this job include Python and JavaScript. Previous experience with web scraping libraries (BeautifulSoup, Selenium, etc.) is vital. End goal is to create a system that aids in making profitable product sourcing decisions, based on purchas...

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    I'm in search of a skilled automation tester who has ample experience with Java. My...module that requires comprehensive functional testing. Use Frame work is POM Key Responsibilities: - Implement, design, and create functional test automation frameworks with Java - Thoroughly perform functional testing on new modules Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Java - Extensive experience in functional testing - Familiarity with Selenium Preference will be given to those who can demonstrate specific experience with using Selenium for automation testing in Java. Remember, quality is crucial. I'm not looking for rushed testing, but a methodical and precise approach. Get in touch. link of implementation :

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    crear un instalador con cual pueda instalar selenium vba a computadoras de 32, 64 bits (debera poner el diriver chrome actualizado segun la arquitectura de la computadora), con sus driver Chrome actualizado segun la última version del navegador. - Agregar la librería de referencia de selenium vba a excel Todo esto de manera automática, sin presentar alguna interaccion por parte del usuario extra, aparte de la tipica instalacion selenium: Chromedriver:

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    5 bida

    I'm seeking a high-skill developer to design test scripts using Selenium, an open-source tool. For this project, we are leveraging Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing frameworks. Key requirements include: - Proficiency in web development - Graphic design capabilities - Exceptional content writing - Experience in Selenium and BDD framework Looking forward to working with experts who can realize this ambitious project.

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    I'm looking for an IT freelancer with experience in infrastruct...potential vulnerabilities and performance bottlenecks - Suggest improvements and solutions for identified issues In addition, you are expected to automate testing of specific features in our application. This includes user authentication, data validation, and error handling. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in IT infrastructure assessment - Experience with automation testing using Selenium - Strong analytical skills - Excellent attention to detail - Ability to communicate technical details effectively Your output will give us a clear understanding of the state of our IT systems and identify areas for improvement. The automation testing will help us ensure that our application is functioni...

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    Buscamos um desenvolvedor...reconexão automática para lidar com interrupções frequentes do WebSocket. Experiência comprovada em desenvolvimento de software e uso de WebSocket. Conhecimento avançado em protocolos de rede, autenticação e criptografia. Capacidade de trabalhar com prazos apertados e entregar soluções robustas. Proficiência em pelo menos uma das seguintes linguagens: Python, JavaScript. Exclusão do uso de Selenium ou qualquer outra automação baseada em navegador para este projeto. 1. Software funcional capaz de interagir com as roletas via WebSocket, identificando vitórias e derrotas. 2. Documentação técnica detalhando o funcionamento, con...

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    15 bida to fix. The role will be entirely remote, giving you the flexibility of working from home. Candidate’s Experience ------------------------------------------------------ The candidate will need to have at least 1 year experience designing, developing and executing automated / manual testing on web applications. Key Skills Required: - Proficient with automated testing tools such as Selenium WebDriver or Cucumber - Experience using Jira for bugs tracking - Experience designing, developing, executing and maintaining automated and manual test scripts - Experience performing manual testing of web applications on desktop and mobile - Functional analysis of new implementations - Experience performing regression test automation Desirable Skills: - Experience wi...

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    I have a script that clicks to like users on badoo. The script is not working correctly because it has the wrong XPATHs to the...working correctly because it has the wrong XPATHs to the element that need to be clicked. It should also click the close/next button for the 3 cases where things pop up during swiping (see the screenshots). Basically, all you need to do is find the 4 correct xpaths and run the python script to verify it's clicking correctly. You MUST be an experienced Python programmer with Selenium web automation experience (Selenium, XPATH). Do NOT apply if you do not have this kind of experience - I don't care if you're a "quick learner", you must have this experience or I will not consider you. This whole task should not take more tha...

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    30 bida

    I'm looking for a Python developer working with Selenium to develop two separate apps. These apps are required to automate the submission of URLs from Text file to two different directory websites. Both websites only accept one URL submission at a time, therefore I need a solution to streamline this task. The data to be submitted is URLs only, with no additional company, product, or service details to be included. Key tasks include: - Building a user-friendly application that can handle and submit multiple URLs to each respective website - Ensuring each app is configured to submit URLs in the specific format or template required by each directory website Ideal skills for this project: - Proficiency in Python and Selenium - Strong experience in web scraping and auto...

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    20 bida

    ...profiles on the GoLogin browser, while the second one calls for logging into to simulate human-like texting behavior to a specified phone number. Key requirements include: - Developing the scripts in Python - Enabling the scripts to be operable from the Windows command line - Incorporating Selenium for successful implementation Ideal skills would include: - Proficiency in Python - Experience with Windows Command Line operations - Familiarity with Selenium for web automation While Selenium is a mandatory requirement for this project, enriched hands-on experience with other web scraping libraries and tools will be a bonus. Your success in this project will be measured on the efficiency and accuracy of the automated operation, as well as the seamless and smoot...

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    26 bida

    I'm seeking a skilled Selenium tester who can help me ensure the quality of my applications before deployment, which re written in both JavaScript and .NET. This is a niche project where you'll be integrating the test suite into Jenkins for a continuous integration pipeline. Key Responsibilities: - Create robust Selenium tests for my applications, utilizing both JavaScript and .NET - Integrate the Selenium testing suite into Jenkins for continuous integration - Run tests efficiently and effectively in the pipeline - Identify and rectify bugs in the code before deployment Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Selenium and JavaScript, as well as .NET and Maven - Prior experience integrating Selenium tests with Jenkins for continuous integra...

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    23 bida

    I'm seeking a skilled Python developer proficient in Selenium or other scraping tools, AI and others API integration. The main tasks in this project include: - Integrating APIs: You'll be responsible for seamlessly integrating the following APIs: - Send/reveive data from trained AI - Collect data using scraping - Payment Gateway - Other websites: API to integrate with other websites - Developing B2B Features: We're looking to expand our platform to cater for B2B transactions. Your role will be to create and incorporate features that facilitate B2B interactions. Key skills and experience required: - Proficient in Python - Experienced with Selenium or other scraping tools - Proven track record with API integration - exchange data with AI I'...

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    105 bida loading issue with Selenium on Windows and I'm looking for an expert to resolve it. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Selenium: A strong understanding of how Selenium works is essential. You should be able to troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively. - Windows Environment Experience: Experience in using Selenium on Windows is necessary, as the issue I'm facing is specific to this environment. - Problem-Solving Skills: I need someone who can not only identify the root cause of the issue but also implement a solution effectively. - Powershell Scripting: While not mandatory, experience with Powershell scripting would be advantageous as it could help in addressing any underlying system-level issues. Your Task: - The primary task is to optim...

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    6 bida

    I need someone who can develop and debug test automation, with a Java/Selenium/Maven/TestNG framework, for an Intranet web application. The automator should be located in Washington, DC, USAor in a metro-accessible DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) location. I need someone who can work next to me physically, as I am unable to allow anyone to remotely access my laptop because the project is running on a work computer and network, which is why I need someone local. Nobody on my team or project has experience with automation, and I'm having trouble with several framework design difficulties and test execution issues, which is why I need help. Outline of requirements: - Proficiency in Java programming language, Selenium, and TestNG - Be located in a metro-accessable DMV area, and ...

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    34 bida

    The EdgeRecorder project aims to provide a tool for recording user interactions on web pages through a plugin for Microsoft Edge. This plugin captures user actions and generates useful information such as XPath, ID, Name, and other attributes of the elements. The main goal is to facilitate test automation and improve efficiency in web development.

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    I’m looking for some help doing a bit of automation with headless browsers. I have some scripts working already using node.js and playwright but need some support and help with the scripts. I'm also open to using puppeteer or selenium if needed. Will pay hourly for support. Thanks!

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    I need a backend api (or program) that running on ja...messages via facebook messenger (do not use Facebook APIs) using Selenium or other automation frameworks you are familiar with (if you use other automation frameworks, you must notify me for confirmation). Key features: 1. Log in with the provided the user/password. 2. Send messages to specific Facebook users with provided information. 3. Send Messages from more than 2 senders to specified receiver in a short time. 4. Receive messages from Facebook users in real time (can get username information, message content). 5. Facebook will not block messages for spam reasons (the limitation is defined by you). Must-have skills: Java (familiar with Spring Boot) or C# programming skills (familiar with .Net core) Nice to have: Selenium...

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    I need an experienced Python programmer to convert my existing Python function. The original function, using Selenium, extracts JSON requests from a designated website that employs small redirects before enabling access. • Task: Conversion of a Selenium-based Python function into a request session. • Key Experience: While a general knowledge of Selenium and web scraping can be useful, the task requires a deep understanding and experience in Python programming ans SMAL security. Freelancers willing to undertake this project should emphasize their Python experience, among other qualifications, in their application particularly on how to handle saml redirects. Understanding of handling JSON requests will be an added advantage.

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