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    Salam.. Perkenalkan nama saya batsa nadria saya adalah penulis blog dari 3-4 tahun yang lalu. saya sudah menerbitkan banyak artikel di blog saya. terimakasih semoga bisa bekerja sama

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    Hello there So that project is 1. The guest will arrive at our office and we will provide him the Android tablet and show him how the app is working...and try to put it in the "puzzle" and after will continue to the next. 4. By Al they will get the information about the monuments etc and need to pop up some usually questions and also type some questions that the guest maybe have. 5. The app doesn't need to be on any app store since we provide the tablet. 6. The info of the monuments and response questions need to be with voice and not typing messages. We will provide them also headsets. On the app we need 3 tours Historical tour Food Tour Wine Tasting Tour On the food tour & wine the same idea the app will show them where to go to eat or which wine to taste H...

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    Content chatter 6 hari left

    Im Jasperhazee, and I've been on OnlyFans for 8 weeks. With 75 steady subscribers paying $9.99 each, I'm looking to hire an experienced chatter to handle my messages. If you know someone skilled in this area, please reach out to me.

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    I urgently need assistance with my Wordpress/Elementor website which is currently hosted on SiteGround. The website is not loading properly, displaying error messages, and having layout or design issues. To help you visualize, it seems like no content is being shown at all. I’m not entirely sure when this happened. I restored a backup from yesterday and it still looks the same. Attached photos of the site now vs the site before Key Issues: - Entire website malfunction: Critical error resulting in no content being visibly displayed. - Loading problems: The site fails to load correctly. - Error messages: Displaying error messages - Layout and design discrepancies: The site layout or design is scrambling. Ideal Skills Required: - Extensive knowledge of WordP...

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    We are currently seeking skilled and creative freelance video editors with expertise in both animation and traditional video editing for our advertising projects. As an editor, you will play a crucial role in bringing our brand messages to life through engaging and visually appealing content. Responsibilities: Animation Editing: Create captivating animations to enhance the visual appeal of our video ads. Utilize animation software and tools to produce eye-catching and innovative effects. Ensure animations align with brand guidelines and storytelling objectives. Video Editing: Edit raw footage into polished and cohesive video content. Implement creative transitions, effects, and visual elements to enhance storytelling. Ensure videos are optimized for various platforms and adhere ...

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    Hello, I'm seeking a skilled animator who can create a medium-sized mechanical animation of a compost mixer. I am interested in designing an personalized compost mixer (auger, plow, screw, ribbon, paddles) which is able to mix effectively homogenous an estimative volume of 1,5 - 3 cubic meters of solid materials with bulk densities (grass clippings, plant stalks, branches, twigs, coffee grounds, paper, filters, bags, tea, cardboard, kitchen leftovers). Compost piles are builted static into their own cilindric/cubic wiremeshed containers (airflow is crucial, permanently watered) During fermentation proccess formed moist sticky, lumpsy, pasty chunks into entire pile`s volume has to be breaked down during mixing operation over entire pile volume by relocating pile`s cores toward...

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    Bulk Action 9 hari left

    As per shared sheet,Table bulk action.

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    ...more traffic to my specialty retail store and increase its awareness in the area. The main goal of this project is not just to increase our online presence, but to convert this into actual foot traffic and eventually, sales. Here's what the job requires: Social Media Management: - Plan and execute engaging social media content across Facebook and Instagram. - Monitor and respond to comments and messages from our followers, to create a strong community around the brand. Digital Marketing: - Devise strategies to drive online traffic to the retail store. - Optimize campaigns through detailed analysis and insights. Target Audience Identification: - Capitalize on social media to target a specific age group or demographic. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in...

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    I'm seeking an experienced advertiser to craft compelling ads for an online business. The ads will be utilized across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. The ideal candidate will have: - Skills in creating tailored ads for a specific audience. For our project, we are targeting Parents and Business professionals so any experience in crafting messages for these groups will be highly valued. - Experience in designing ads aimed at increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and generating leads. Each of these goals is significant for our project, and the ads should align with all of them. Considering the multi-functional role of these ads, I need someone who can balance creativity with a strategic mindset to capture our audience effectively. We are prefera...

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    Chat Application 6 hari left

    I want a chat application where you can register with your phone number and send messages using your phone book. Its features will include dark and light themes, video, voice and messaging.

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    Resolve WhatsApp OTP Issue 6 hari left

    I'm dealing with an issue regarding the reception of the OTP Code on my WhatsApp account. I'm using a Huawei mobile device from China and a VPN, which might be causing the problem. I'm uncertain whether I'm able to receive other messages on WhatsApp or if it's just related to the OTP Code. Key tasks I need assistance with: • Determining the cause of the problem. • Guiding me through the resolution process. • Ensuring my ability to receive OTP and other messages on WhatsApp. So far, I've: • Attempted to verify my WhatsApp account on a different device – Unfortunately, the issue persisted. • Tried turning off the VPN – This was unsuccessful in solving the issue. The ideal freelancer for this task would posses...

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    I'm seeking a professional to thoroughly review and cleanup my existing Google Ads account. I have been handling this for 15 years and have great results for what i am specifically targeting. Google is now throwing too many "close variants" into my ads that I do not want. Please send me a proposal, past success history, and total cost. I will not respond to messages with out the required proposal.

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    ...trends and insights. • Exhibit an understanding of SEO principles and how to optimally integrate relevant keywords within the content to increase our visibility on search engines. I appreciate creatives who balance originality with adherence to guidelines. Given the specificity of our request, prior working experience in a similar role would be ideal. Let's work together to come up with enticing messages that not just sell our clothes, but sell our brand as a whole....

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    ...specifically access various aspects of a targeted device discreetly. My requirements are specific and delve into monitoring tasks that require finesse: • The main focus will be on gaining access in order to read and monitor incoming/outgoing emails. The target accounts are Gmail-based so familiarity with Google's e-mail system is a must. • In addition, the ability to access and monitor Telegram messages is necessary. Skill and tact in penetrating encrypted messaging platforms, especially Telegram, is imperative. • The job does not demand real-time notifications or logs regarding the monitored activities, simply reliable access to the requested information. A successful candidate will demonstrate a strong background in digital forensics or a related field, wi...

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    I'm on the hunt for a talented designer skilled in creating text-based apparel designs. Specifically, I need designs for t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. The project will require: - Develop text-based designs with themes centered around: 1. candidates have: - Strong graphics design skills - Proficiency with design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop - Proven experience in t-shirt and/or clothing design - A creative mindset and a keen eye for design - Ability to incorporate text creatively into designs Ultimately, I'm looking for eye-catching, engaging designs that not only look good but also convey the themes and messages I want to showcase on my clothing line. I look forward to seeing your portfolio and discussing how we can work together t...

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    ...speed, broken links and design layout problems. 2. Fix Errors: Correct any specific errors or error messages that may be appearing. Again, at this stage, it's unknown what these might be, but diagnosing and fixing them is essential. 3. Optimise Performance: As part of this, ensure that once the issues have been resolved, the site performs optimally, with quick loading times, functional links, and a responsive design. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Comprehensive experience in web development & design • Strong troubleshooting skills and experience with site audits • Proven track record of resolving similar issues • Ability to diagnose and resolve problems without specific error messages • Excellent efficiency and prompt communication E...

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    Creative A5 Flyer Needed 6 hari left

    ...A5 flyer that includes my company's information, product information, and contact details. This flyer will be used as a mailer sent out to potential customers. The end goal here is to create a visually appealing design that immediately grabs attention and inspires action. Key Elements: - Creative and eye-catching visuals that align with our branding - Bold headlines that succinctly convey key messages - Effectively placed call to action to guide potential customers Tone: - The flyer should exude creativity, be fun, friendly but also bold. Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in flyer design is mandatory - An understanding of marketing principles would be beneficial - Proficiency in design software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop - Ability to meet deadlines w...

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    ...API. open_webhooks: Ability to open and configure Webhooks. hangup: Option to disconnect a call. recordsound: Recording sounds during a call. if: 'If' condition action for logical decision-making. dial: Dialing given numbers. ivrmenu: Creating a dynamic IVR menu. playfile: Playing audio files. playvalue: Playing dynamic values. send_sms: Sending text messages. send_email: Sending Email messages voice_mail: voice mail that record message and send it to email if_schedule: Executing actions according to a schedule. spam_blocker: voice captcha to block spam Sequential Workflow Designer Capabilities: Version Saving: Ability to save up to the last 10 versions and revert to them. Mobile-friendly Interface: An interface that is adapted and easy to use on mobile br...

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    I want to contract a basic communication component handling low-volume, ca. 20-byte command messages with lenient performance requirements. There will be two versions of the component with shared functionality. One will be a “client” one and the other will be a “server” one. The main communication between the client and server components should take place in Wi-Fi (typical local single router) network over the TCP/IP or UDP (as recommended by the contractor). The server component will handle additionally some I2C and UART 2-way interfacing. The components should work in the following OS-s: • Client: a multiplatform one, at least Android, Linux and Windows environments, optionally in iOS if including iOS into in a common multiplatform project is possib...

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    16 bida

    I want this website made into a custom Hugo template with this features: Advanced SEO capabilities Styling options Image optimization Responsive design for mobile devices Integrated search functionality Social media integration Custom 404 error pages Custom contact forms Custom error messages SEO optimization Multi- language support Preferably made in TailwindCSS

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    50 bida

    Hi I need a custom web application developed in Python/Django that can use the Freelancer API and perform bidding. The application should have a good user interface from where bidding and other functions can be performed like: - Search Project - Create Bid on a Project - Update Bid - List Bids - Bid Actions accept, deny, retract, highlight, sponsor - List Messages - Adds a new message to an existing thread - Should be able to add my multiple accounts of freelancer in the application. - Should be able to bid on a project from a selected freelancer account. Developers with good experience are preffered.

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    14 bida

    I need a Blockchain Ethereum expert. I am looking for a small script that retrieves bulk CSV data about wallets for me. The program should retrieve the following data for each wallet and each trade: Token Symbol Token Address Timestamp Average Buy Price Average Sale Price Quantity Sold Profit Example: tokensymbol;tokenaddress;timestamp;average purchase price;average sale price;quantity sold;profit NUKE;0x15fab216dcd2ab04b264bf8f3bcfc592040c63fc;1709217944;0.002317428;0.00708655203531;3803.28488 SARATOSHI;0x073fa9e7c4a59c30aca06a7eaeb0ea40e72fd8eb;1709217944;0.015280273;0.01242540125417;-1270.38307 FROGS;0x8389899f385a7ac9401e77b14e5fd40f3e9f27b8;1709217944;0.001587797;0.00285406348825;744.8409617 The script should essentially read all DEX trades from the blockchain and retrieve t...

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    Redesign adult website 6 hari left
    DISAHKAN scene list: - because we will have much more movie scenes here (around 200) we will need paging, show 10 movies on each page - the design should be much better, right now it is uninteresting and too simple - we should be able to show title, short description, length, main image, 2-4 images for each individual movie - I also need a ?block? to the top of the website where we can put marketing messages, image slider etc. like we are doing on now - if they click on the movie title or the images or a button they should be linked to the movie sub page - there should be a “Watch this” button which will bring you to the membership purchase page next to each movie (if he is already a member just go to the movie subpage where they can actually watch it) - good example:

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    Mobile - Tablet app 6 hari left

    Hello there So that project is 1. The guest will arrive at our office and we will provide him the Android tablet and show him how the app is worki...and try to put it in the "puzzle" and after will continue to the next. 4. By Al they will get the information about the monuments etc and need to pop up some usually questions and also type some questions that the guest maybe have. 5. The app doesn't need to be on any app store since we provide the tablet. 6. The info of the monuments and response questions need to be with voice and not typing messages. We will provide them also headsets. On the app we need 3 tours Historical tour Food Tour Wine Tasting Tour On the food tour & wine the same idea the app will show them where to go to eat or which wine to taste Hop...

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    93 bida

    ...project is to design an advertising brochure. In addition, a manifesto themed to match the design of the brochure will also be required. - The purpose of these creatives is to advertise a product appealing to the youth and match their vibrant taste and preferences. Your Expertise: - Experience designing brochures, print ads, and similar creative material. - Ability to convey storylines and messages to a younger audience visually. - Excellent knowledge of modern design trends that can attract and engage the youth. - Strong portfolio demonstrating past work showcasing your unique style and creativity. - Attention to detail and the ability to meet tight deadlines will be crucial for this task. If you meet these requirements and love taking on creative challenges, this may...

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    I'm in need of an SMS sender that can efficiently send up to 5000 marketing SMS to a targeted group of recipients. Key requirements are: • Ability to send bulk SMS: The system should be capable of sending up to 5000 SMS in one go. • Target specific audience: It is crucial that the system supports the ability to aim at a specific audience. My campaign is focused on a certain demographic and this should reflect in the SMS distribution. • Swift Implementation: The project needs to be completed as fast as possible. I am looking to start my SMS marketing campaign immediately and cannot afford significant delays. The ideal candidate for this project: • Extensive experience with developing SMS marketing systems • Understanding of audience...

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    ...users through offers and messages. Here's a breakdown of the project requirements: **Key Features:** - **User Account Creation:** Both regular and specialized accounts for sellers and swappers. - **Item Listing:** Users should be able to list various items including but not limited to cars, bikes, laptops, TVs, furniture, clothing, electronics, and books. Flexibility to add other item categories is also required. - **Value Range Specification:** For each item listed, users must specify a preferred value range to facilitate fair trades or sales. - **Trading and Selling Mechanism:** The platform should allow users to offer their items for swap or sale to other users. - **Interaction Capability:** A system to show interest in items and initiate communication through messag...

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    75 bida create a Windows application for data to be pulled from PDFs to Excel. We're a travel agency and we download visas that are in separate files. All visas have same format. We just want specific information to be pulled from these files into one data set. Including the Visa number, PPT number, Full name .. etc. Key requirements are as follows: - The app needs to process multiple PDFs at once. Bulk processing capability is a necessity for this project. - The final data output in Excel can be in any format. We do not have specific formatting requirements. - The app should be standalone (portable) on windows-based system. The ideal freelancer for this job comes with a background in software development and familiarity with both Windows app development and data transfer pri...

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    ...supportive or opposing, and generate a general conclusion sentence about the topic's social media sentiment. Each output should be evaluated with appropriate metrics. Integration: Model and application integration is based on an event-driven architecture. Comments made in the application are transmitted as event messages and stored in a database. These comments in event messages are transferred to the model for analysis and processing. The model returns its results via event messages. During this process, the model's services can be provided via GRPC API. Dataset: In the file, there are main opinion paragraphs/sentences related to different topics along with unique IDs. In the file, there are opinions about different topics and their positions (clai...

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    ...format, which is MP4. - Specific Footage: Rather than limiting the clip to the beginning, middle, or end, I would like the freelancer to select sections that best capture the essence of the business and the key messages we want to share. We can provide more details once the project commences. - Timeframe: This project carries an immediate need. Therefore, I am seeking assistance from professionals who can deliver promptly. Skills and Experience Required: - Video Editing: Paramount to this project is the ability to effectively shorten videos while maintaining the key themes and messages. - Creativity: I am looking for someone who can think outside the box in choosing which parts of the video to include in the condensed version. - File Conversion: A demonstrable understa...

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    27 bida

    Hello, I am looking for a Wordpress Rehub theme expert. I have a problem with the theme's review system and it seems not to work on certain articles. I only respond to non-automatic messages. Make it direct like “I have mastered Rehub and I am able to do everything with it”. THANKS

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    43 bida

    Hi Kiran, I would like you to please design a hospitality leaflet as discussed over message. This will be one of other leaflets we want doing. This leaflet we would like is a fold design as shown on the messages we shared. I can provide you with content when the project commences.

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    1 bida

    I have rank math and instant indexing installed but not set up. I require this setting and working so I can bulk index pages. See screen shot of search console. If I manually index a page, it index fine and shows on google. However there is over 1000 and I do not wish to do 10 a day. Best price to setup and demonstrate working

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    51 bida

    As a rapidly expanding busi...virtual assistant. The ideal candidate will provide vital support for daily operations and will need to have the following responsibilities: - Job Posting: As part of your duties, you'll post job advertisements on LinkedIn, reaching out to potential candidates. - Messaging Applicants: To ensure smooth communication with potential job candidates, you'll be responsible for sending them one time messages. - Google Drive Management: You'll also be tasked with managing Google drive. The primary responsibility in this area is sorting and organizing files according to preference. The desired candidate for this role should be highly organized, meticulous. The ability to multitask and communicate effectively is paramount. No experience is rea...

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    As a business that heavily relies on Outlook for communication, I am looking for an expert who can design a flow that enables me to send unique bulk emails with unique attachments. This project requires a skillful freelancer with excellent knowledge and experience in automating email systems, particularly on the Outlook service provider. The attachments will be in PDF and Excel formats. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Outlook functionalities and specifications - Familiarity with handling and automating PDF and Excel attachments - Capability to deliver the project ASAP In your bid, please highlight your experience with similar tasks and your proposed approach to this project. The ability to start immediately and get the job done efficiently is highly appreciated...

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    27 bida

    I need an expert to set up a large-scale email campaign. This is a massive project, as each campaign will involve sending emails to over 10,000 recipients. Key Requirements: - Experience in setting up bulk email campaigns - Knowledge of different email service providers. I didn't specify one, so open to recommendations. - Experience in managing email lists and handling potential issues, such as bounces or spam complaints Ideal Skills: - Email marketing - Email management - Bulk mail Campaigns In your application, please share: - Instances of past work, setting up large scale email campaigns - Your experience in this sphere - A detailed proposal outlining how you'd execute this project.

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    ...bring the overall visual style of the ebook to the same level; which means editing (color grading) some of the pictures as well. What I'm looking for: - The designer should be well versed in creating visually engaging ebooks, which a lot of small graphical elements. Experience in travel-related ebooks is a big bonus if the style of previous examples resonates well. - Willing to write captivating messages and informative texts on certain Point of Interest in the ebook, doing some research yourself based on pointers - Proficiency in design platforms that are equipped to handle ebook design (eg. Adobe InDesign) - Proficiency in photo enhancement tools to make them in the same visual style overall (eg. Adobe Lightroom) - The designer should have a keen eye for design, layout ar...

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    As the owner of a thriving Telegram group, I am in need of a Python expert who can develop a Telegram bot for me. Here are a few key aspects of what I'm looking for: - **Bot Functionality**: The primary task of the bot would be to send automated messages. Hence, the ability to set up, schedule, and manage this functionality is a must. - **Target Audience**: The bot should be programmed to identify and target selected subscribers based on specific criteria, however, these criteria will be discussed in detail via direct message. Not just technical skills, I am looking for someone who has a deep understanding of both Python and Telegram's API. Previous experience in developing similar bots will be a major plus. This project requires a high level of precision, so the...

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    ...Executives, and their ground level understanding of business and technology to provide informed administrative support. Quality Communication: The Asana Master must be an excellent communicator, in both written and oral form. You must also be able to track communication (and be very responsive) across multiple channels without losing any details. Those channels could include loom videos, Asana, Slack messages, Google Drive, and/or emails. High Level of Discretion: Since our Asana Master will work with confidential information, discretion and sensitivity regarding information is a must. Team Player: In addition to working with our key team members, the Asana Master will also work with other members of the Team. They’ll need to be able to collaborate and communicate well ...

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    37 bida

    ...your experience working with these demographics will significantly increase your chances of success in this role. Key Campaign Messages: The key messages that we will be delivering through this campaign include: - The use of sustainable materials in our production practices. - The innovativeness of our brand within the fashion industry. Skills and Experience: The ideal freelancer for this project will be adept in: 1. Developing and maintaining effective media relations. 2. Crafting professional, engaging press releases. 3. A solid understanding and experience in both the fashion industry and sustainability. Prior experience in communicating similar key messages will be highly advantageous. Your primary role will be to write compelling press releases and ensur...

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    7 bida

    ...who can design an application to run seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms. KEY FEATURES: - Client/Service Provider Roles: The core functionality of the app should be to allow users to register either as clients or service providers. - Payment Integration: Seamless integration with PayPal to ensure smooth transactions between users. - Chat Functionality: This should support text-based messages to enable easy communication between the users. - Scheduling & Reminder Features: The app needs to include a scheduling function. The reminder feature should specifically provide activity-based reminders. This should trigger after certain actions (defined at a later stage) are performed. User roles: Clients and service providers with separate interfaces and functionalities....

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    Contact Form Submission Error 5 hari left

    We are facing an issue with our HTML contact form, which fails to submit without displaying any error messages. The form appears to function normally but unfortunately, doesn't register or record any of the data input. Key requirements are: - Rectifying the submission issue of our contact form - Establishing why the form does not produce any error messages The ideal freelancer should have: - Extensive experience in HTML forms - Proven problem-solving skills - Solid understanding of form troubleshooting and debugging Your main task will be to restore the contact form's functionality. Prior experience in resolving similar issues would be preferred.

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    89 bida

    I urgently need someone with expert skills in Laravel and bug fixing to address some critical issues I'm experiencing in my project. The main focus will majorly be on: 1. **Error Messages**: You will need to resolve some error messages frequently popping up, which appear to be disrupting the performance and functionality of my app. Your job will involve tracing the root cause of these error messages and fixing them permanently. 2. **Performance Issues**: I'm also experiencing some performance-related issues, which might be closely linked to the above-mentioned error messages. The application is not working at an optimal level, and this needs to be corrected as soonly as possible. Due to the urgency of these issues, I am ideally looking to engage so...

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    4 bida

    We are a marketing agency based in Australia with operations in Indonesia, we're in need of an experienced and creative copywrit...Australia before. Ideal candidate should: - Be fluent in English. - Have proven experience in creating engaging social media content. - Understand effective marketing strategies to draw traffic and promote brand identity. - Creative and able to come up with new topics on a regular basis for clients in various industry sectors. Your role is vital in capturing our brand voice and communicating our messages effectively, so we're looking for a dedicated professional with a keen eye for detail. This is a full time 40 hours a week role - Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm Jakarta time with lunch break. Our budget for 1 month is $500 AUD. You must be...

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    37 bida

    I am looking for a proficient developer to create an effective bulk mail tool targeted towards boosting email marketing campaigns. This tool should primarily provide: - Automated Email Sending: A key feature should be the capability to send automated emails. This saves time and maximizes efficiency, ensuring our marketing promotions and special offers are systematically and promptly delivered to subscribers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Software Development: The tool must be well coded, user-friendly and enable seamless marketing operations. The developer should be experienced in creating similar marketing tools and have a strong understanding of email marketing process. - Knowledge of Email Marketing: Understanding the mechanics of email marketing is cru...

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    11 bida
    $260 Avg Bida
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    I require an expert in social media marketing and policy planning within the real estate industry. I'm seeking a comprehensive essay that explores these specific marketing topics within the context of real estate. Key requirements: - Utilize only the resources and documents provided by me for references These are the three question given ...about 4 pages 12 point font double spaced. I will attach all resources below. One of the book that are required I have you will need my login to the book site to use it. Informal citations are ok just make sure you include last name and pg number. I will need 5 citation in total I don’t care which documents you use that i have uploaded in files. Two should be from the book I’ll provide you with in messages. It’s needs t...

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    52 bida

    I need your help to find an online auction where I can buy a specific item. Sadly, I recently lost my yin-yang signet ring - I'm looking everywhere to buy the EXACT same ...and not stainless steel! In example - - this one looks very similar, but it is not the same material and it doesn't have this reflective pattern at the top. In the attachments you can find pictures of the ring. If you manage to find the exact same ring on any online store like aliexpress, temu, amazon, or any other than you know of, and send me a link - you'll be awarded and have my eternal gratitude. EDIT: Looks like it might be this one: However, auction is sold out here.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    ...project is to make our business to business proposals more digestible and straightforward to our target audience, while focusing on our key differentiators. The tasks that you will need to undertake, include: • Revising existing proposal content to ensure it is clear, concise, and straightforward. • Reimagining the content style to make it highly approachable to potential clients. • Keep the messages of the business true to its nature, yet easy to grasp. The ideal freelancer for this task will possess the following skills and experience: • Proven background in editing, rewriting, or content creation. • Strong ability to convey complex ideas in a simplified, easy to understand manner. • Experience working with business documents, particularly propos...

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