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    ...on a file server and should be accessed through another linux or windows web server that will load the pages (we already have this connection in place). We initially were going to use an ftp server to do this, but because of some extra functionality we needed, we decided to create this project. If you think of this project as an ftp server with extra

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    ...option of automatically submitting the listing to ebay that would be optimal but not necessary. My site is currently in PHP-Nuke. If this could be written as a module with an admin area that would be optimal. I will provide my auction listing templates in advance so you will see what the end result should look like. i can also mock-up any interface looks

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    ...will earn commision per advertiseing sorted) the site owner will display an individual scrip on there site which i can change adds dynamicly with out doing any thing from an admin section. if they havent got nay one advertiseing on tehre site it will show my site banner. which will need to be made. i will also need like a payment system or some thing

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    ...passed from a 'Paid Member' to another 'Paid Member.' -scan all new database entries as well as scanning legacy data from earlier site users. -automate a warning letter to site admin and the offending user when their input violates the 'no contact info' rule. That's about it. Email me if you have any questions. Thanks! Clark Ha! This site caught my exam...

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    ...with 1+ Unanswered Msgs as OPEN 2.) On another page, should display all messages with 0 Unanswered Msgs as CLOSED B. Need a customer ticket panel, can just be a copy of the admin panel with a few modification: 1.) Customer login using their email used to create ticket and any ticket number* issued to that email address. 2.) Displays only tickets created

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    ...capability Content Management Ability to WYSIWYG edit content on homepage using ../admin Ability to randomize main large image on homepage (can schedule image randomizations ((1 day, 3days, 1 month, etc)) Secure Pages (Member’s Area) Ability fo to upload photos to directory on server with automatic thumbnail creation and photo gallery page turner (automatic

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    I need a coder to install approximately 6 OSCommerce module contributions in to an existing shopping cart. The contributions include: USPS Methods, UPS Choice, Admin Account w/ Access Levels, Tax Exempt & Organizations Discount, Gift Certificate/Discount module and possibly several other smaller modules. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...on a file server and should be accessed through another linux or windows web server that will load the pages (we already have this connection in place). We initially were going to use an ftp server to do this, but because of some extra functionality we needed, we decided to create this project. If you think of this project as an ftp server with extra

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    Server down Tamat left

    Linux Server is down after having it reinstalled. Was up after re-install. Failed to show public IPs after re-boot. Should not require more than 1 hour by phone (My Dime in USA). Maybe longer by IM. Need Linux Admin with strong skills. ## Deliverables Server running again properly. ## Platform Linux

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    ...little virtual hosting system which is written in Perl. Additional Features required: - List of all users - Mass mail all users - Allow admin to insertt a banner on top (on/off) - user database must be based on MYSQL - Admin can set additional required fields ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...and fully-functional working script(s) installed on server as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) list of complete functions of all perl or php scripts ie signup,login,admin login. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform mainly unix,linux servers i use cpanel which is easier with cron jobs

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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] Only differences will be the graphics and colors. I need the admin control panel to offer me complete access to add and remove content from various sections of the site. I also need to be able to upload files and pictures from the admin panel. I want to be able to add text and photos to articles and blocks with ease. I will

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    ...PHP/PostgreSQL professional for finishing an already existing website. There are about ca. 15 points which needs to be finished (small errors, and some additions to the existing admin-interface for managing the content of the site) which must be finished/corrected. It is difficult to estimate, but I think it is about 7-10 days of work. Please bid only if:

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    ...for an experienced Linux system admin. I have a new linux server that I want to setup as a proxy server and port forwarder to a webserver. I need someone to walk me though the setup of the two nic cards and the port forwarding. Specifically, this server needs to: - forward to a www server ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) - forward to a test ser...

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    12 bida for sale, view messages) . Dolls for sale overview, details, and contact form . My preferences page. (view pics or not, show contact info or not, change password) 4. Admin Tool . Login, logout . Add and Modify Dolls and their information . Add, delete, or modify categories of dolls . Add, modify, delete, suspend users . View all or individual

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    I just recently gained ownership of a hardware review website that is programmed in asp. I have a linux I know I cannot transfer the site to my server. What I need: - Someone to recommend the cheapest, yet reliable, windows hosting that could host my new website - Transfer all of the files (which I have in as one zipped file) to this

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    1 bida can provide quality templates with resell rights please provide a separate quote by private reply. Each template should have one main page and one sub page minimum. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] admin must have the opportunity to add a new templates [log masuk untuk melihat URL] template should have few variables like images, base color etc.. that customer can select (please take a l...

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    ...include a *lobby-server* system. Written in Java. It should be nearly a clone of how **Yahoo! Games** work. The following features are required: Quick Loading Handle Many users at once Must log in to play Keeps track of scores and points Use a PostgreSQL Database Has a Top 10 and Top 100 tracking and display Server will consists of

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    The server being used would be running Linux w/ Apache. The script should be written in PHP (or perl, if script would be faster) with a MySQL database backend. (If you think a flatfile would make the script faster and would be just as stable, it's your choice what to use.) Losing a vote/comment or two isn't the biggest thing. I would like to have

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    ...etc..). I am not very particular about which language is used to code this in, my site is currently using PHP on a Linux server with a MySQL backend database. I can also have people code it in as I am willing to switch my server to a Windows platform. I will need the database backend that keeps track of usernames/passwords and products being

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    This is for a game server (Counter Strike primarily)rental site. Only skeleton html needs to be done by you. The backend is what I need coded. There are several aspects to this project. I need an area where a person can enter what game type he wants, calculate the cost, then proceed to checkout. The user has a login and password where he can then enter

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    ...will have the same Header and Footer as the Home Page. Header - Logo,Company name,Menu. Footer, Links to all Main Pages. Company Address. I do not want Frames in the Site. Admin Section - Login. Notice Update section to Add,Remove, Update, View notices. Image Upload Facility to add to notice. Mailing list Email List Add Remove View or any other way

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    ...function • Payment system that uses timer • Photo Gallery • A mini shopping Center for Users • Web Cams (Other users can broadcast their own cams to other members on the site)* • Admin control panel to Add/Edit/Delete functionality for contents ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    ...results based mainly on players skill / fitness rating and manager tactic. Match commentary in text form made up from randomly generated phrases contained in the database. Admin panel allowing most fields to be edited also generate new leagues. Restricted access to certain pages with a payment gateway to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 'Home Page' with manager log in

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    ...Resourcefull 4. OOP (component) experience 4. Located in Northwest [preferred] And if at all possible has; [so I don't have to teach them] any or all of; 5. Network Design and Admin experience 6. Construction [heavy/highway/industrial] 7. Equipment Maintenance 8. Large/Medium Business applications [JC/PR/IN/MF/GL] If you are at all interested in this type

    $5000 - $25000
    $5000 - $25000
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    Php Conversion Tamat left

    ...functionable. The mail script needs to be able to work on a different server that the rest of the site. And be able to add multiple servers to the list on a regular bases through a table in the database called mailservers which needs to be added. iFFA_v2 needs to be set so that the admin can set a cron to send the leads out every 24 hours aotomatically

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    16 bida

    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL]). It should include: - template based design - web based administration - picture search engine - pictures and/or video clips reside in specified directory on the server - subdirectory name becomes name of the gallery on the web page - sample thumbnail near to gallery name, representing it's content - pictures and thumbnails reside in the same

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    16 bida

    I would like an email list where I can have an admin website where I can specify users, the maximum number of contacts on their mailing list, and their domain/account information. Those users can then login to specify which email address they would like to send mass mailings from, and group their contacts to only send messages to 1 group or all of the

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
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    We have a windows media server (v9) and wish to have scheduled show base script that will dynamically create ASX files depending on the time. (UK) Most of the time the net radio station will play a default random play list which is hard coded on the media server. At certain times we want to schedule pre-recorded shows to be played is if they were live

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    2 bida

    ... Experience in securing game/application engines and admin systems and databases. Experience of setting-up server systems that maintain performance levels under high loads of traffic. Experience of coding extremely robust engines to control multiple and simultaneous server events and server responses to incoming (client initiated) events. Must

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ...than one raffle at a time. Admin Area- Allow for easy management of information and raffle numbers. Customer info is keep together and displayed with ease in this area and can be modified or deleted. Admin can add, modify, or delete any raffle at any time, post pictures, put time limits on how long said raffle will run. Admin also has the ability to create

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    7 bida

    I need all websites existing on 3 shared servers moved to one dedicated server box using ensim and linux and mySQL. This is not a simple task. I need all scripts tested and restored properly, and I mean all. There are 6 mysql databases that need to be backed up and restored. there are about 6 or 7 different forum scripts, some need some minor tweaks

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    1 bida

    ...description under: Remember to not make any changes so that the members/stats data is lost + don't make my site have much down time, I have over 190 members that use my system. Admin Area: -User list New options: - Search for a email(login) - Search user name - Search id (number, ex 1 or 12) -Site List options: - Search for website (anything inside the url)

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    4 bida

    ...integration, as well as ability to only charge once a month and or once a users account hits X amount in fees. There is a mall I had set up with that had a "user friendly" interface admin area, "back-office manager". It has everything from Browse on my computer for picture upload, to, edit html templates (input info, it creates the html). This is along the lines

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    Auction Script Tamat left

    ...below: All functions and features must bee controlled from an "Powerful Admin Management"... I don't know the Admin functions for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but what I want is most of the funktions for the Admin in phpauction XL se following site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (username: admin password: admin). No membership auction script. M...

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    3 bida

    ...:Capture Visitor Data :Daily Request Reports :Runs on Your Server and Domain ~:And host on our server for their domain ~:Window client on tray bar like their winapp options (Delphi or C++) Admin panel: Professional touch, be artistic, it has to be pleasing to the eyes. Clint panel: as above "admin panel". Away feature that will notify the staff by MSN IM

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    We would like to integrate our office operation by building a singe client/server application (preferably in visual basic) that does the following: 1. Customer management. 2. Scheduling. 3. Inventory. 4. Billing. 5. Serial data acquisition. CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT Ability to add/remove/modify customers from a back end database. The database will most likely

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    35 bida from 6 templates design. The admin must have the opportunity to add a new templates. 3. Customer can add site name and can upload their site logo. 4. Customer can add their custom links 5. Customer can add images and their text to the site pages. 6. Customer can add custom made forms or ready for use forms. 7. Admin must accept first the new accounts

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    ...$4.95 to $19.95. Current system setup: ======================== There are two HTML forms that a customer fills out at my site. * Form#1 creates an account on my server in a MySQL database in PENDING status. * Form #2 sends credit card information securely to a credit card processor, CardService International. * I get an email confirmation

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    9 bida

    ...pages(created with seperate dreamweaver template) Must be flexable and willing to see this project through to completion. Project is partially complete. Tables are opperational and PHP admin forms an handicapper submission forms are opperational. All functions to compare submissions to final scors and to track handicappers records are yet to be built. Some administration

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    ...product. 3. Needs to be integrated with an online payment gateway (info ready) 4. Needs to have an admin where the client can easily add, edit, delete categories, products, product description and images. The client really does not need any more admin features than this. Since this is an emergency project, please let me know how much time you'd need

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    PHP Chat Room Tamat left VERY cruicial, I need this ASAP. samples of the asp version of the chat are: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] username: admin password: admin I already have the graphics I plan to use. I dont need graphic work, however if you have something that is premade and would be cheaper to just use what you

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    We are looking for a program to be installed in our server that aalow us to create whole account and user name and and password , there is live site on the internet with multi language English and Arabic , we can have a look how it is working to deside if you can make one for us , and how much you think it will cost [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    34 bida work with a mysql database. We have 2 servers that the site runs on, 1 server for the main website and 1 mail server. The scripts will need to send all mass emails to the mail server while confirmation emails are sent via the webserver. Additionally we would need a full admin area to manage all the lists. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    31 bida

    ...that will take this form (or others I may create in the future) and post the results to a secure directory and e-mail a notice of new entries. I would also like to have an admin script that would allow me to delete entries once they have been processed. I have seen very similar guestbooks and form processor that could easily be adapted to do this, but

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    13 bida

    I need an autoresponder script able to handle multiple users. Something like It would enable the admin to have preloaded letters ready to go for the client. The client would click on a dropdown box when filling out the signup form as to what set of letters they want uploaded into their account. The variables need to be able to be set

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    5 bida

    ...created would give them access for the number of days they purchased. I would also need an admin. area where I can view a list of all the current subscribers and their username, password, email address, and number of days left on their account. Also in the admin. area I would like a form to email all the subscribers at will and add free accounts at will

    $453 (Avg Bid)
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    3 bida

    ...created would give them access for the number of days they purchased. I would also need an admin. area where I can view a list of all the current subscribers and their username, password, email address, and number of days left on their account. Also in the admin. area I would like a form to email all the subscribers at will. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will need

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    3 bida

    ... They have to pay via Paypal / Cash / Direct Debit: we will discuss this payment area in detail later. Once we verify payment, we will be able to click on "release" in the admin page and these files will be placed somewhere for them to download. This download page will be valid for 7 days before it it deletes itself. If we use the monthly system, obviously

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    18 bida

    ...everything worked in the testing phase on their server) on to our server and the scripts won't work. They have provided a work around by keeping the scripts on their server and FTPing results back to us. This solves the problem for today but it's not a solution we want to live with. Our server is running Linux Red Hat 7.2 with Apache/1.3.22 (Unix) mo...

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    1 bida