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    ...[login to view URL], log in as 'superadmin' and password 'testsite832.’ Organized admin area with WYSIWYG editor if needed with newsletter capability, WYSIWYG editor for users, ability to set number of photos posted, classified ad posting w/ unlimited categories and subcategories ability, custom logo, security

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    15 bida

    ...needing many articles, so it could turn into a long term project. Article length needs to be about 350-400 words. Articles must not promote any specific mortgage company or service. Articles must not be copied from any other article, it must be original and exclusive. I will probably make changes to the article and put my name on it before I post it.

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    ...needing many articles, so it could turn into a long term project. Article length needs to be about 350-400 words. Articles must not promote any specific mortgage company or service. Articles must not be copied from any other article, it must be original and exclusive. I will probably make changes to the article and put my name on it before I post it.

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    ...links & descriptions for every page on their server. When the user is done making alterations then the changes are uploaded to their server. This is a full service mass web site editor. I have a complete outline prepared of exactly how I need this software to function. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    2 bida create an online newsletter creation service. I have all the pages needed, just need a programmer with expertise in PHP and MySQL (Mambo is nice to know too) to put them to life. Some of the features include: -storing newsletters, mailing lists, stats -creating newsletters using templates/html editor -creating mailing lists/subscriber forms

    $300 - $1000
    $300 - $1000
    35 bida as pdf directory system where members can 'advertise' their business to other members and/or public editing their own site content ... no need to pay for this service down the road I can teach them to do it themselves text-based version of their site (great for search engines, pda viewing, etc subscription based system that will accept

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    ...appreciate you looking at the sites and not sending me a canned reply I want to see a proto type of the proposed site with a proposed logo design. I am expecting a WYSIWYG Editor. Ability to send personalizes email. Ability to limit storage for mailing list, bounces, and unsubscribes. User should not be able to access or influence bounce or unsubscribe

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    ...pages web content review * Customers targeting relevance (B2C service) * English proof, grammar, spelling and punctuation. * Suggestions and changes to target and increase our service sale. * Phone script review (for IVR system, about 10 min interactive phone service) * Usability of voice interface * Voice prompts and menus

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    very simple I want a cool full website template for a **tourism oriented site** such as This page will be enhanced with [login to view URL] (the pro service pack), so I want it to be compatible with it.. It will have a home (presentation page) where an introduction can be presented. Another page where to add pictures of the tour

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    ...a .Net service on another web site instead of using our own product catalogue. For this reason, a .Net service to manage database interactivity is preferred. We use a Windows host so ASP programming is preferred. A MS SQL Server database is utilized for the database. I do not have HTML or ASP programming skills. I use the FrontPage editor and would

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    ...configuration in an xml config file. New features: Full implementation of switch between SMTP server list and local SMTP service (win 2000 or win 2003 server). Currently only SMTP server list works correctly. Simple HTML editor features for headlines, bold, italic, images where first steps are already done. Requirements: Write the source to

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    Html Editor Tamat left

    I need a simple html editor similar to Microsoft front page 2003 without 90% of the bells and whistles. A front page Lite for a lack of a better choice of words. It should be very simple, basic and easy to use. Please pay careful attention to forms and tables. Especially forms as they are the most tricky to deal with. I will need a detailed outline

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    ...on the server, with that bean then exposed to both rmi and web services endpoints. Of course, you will have to provide a simple thick client for rmi and a web service client for the web service endpoint. Finally, I would like the user to have the ability to create and rename folders to which these documents are added utilizing both rmi and web services

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    ...check small ads, such as classified ads, of a specific length of lines or line length. This product will allow you to edit and store all sorts of small ads, and include an RTF editor and a small filter checker to compare the ad to a list of 'bad' words and suggest alternatives. This product will be used by web entrepeneaurs who need to place lots of small

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    7 bida isn't dependant on all modules * Easy template editor for easy branding * Language support * Backend translator function via [login to view URL] etc. * Security (encrypted source code) * Have a shared email system for other operators Now i'm not sure if it can work with MSN Messenger service, and so a operator only needs EXE file + MSN Messenger

    $500 - $2500
    $500 - $2500
    10 bida

    **Hello coders!** I have two software titles: encryption system NLCSystems and HTML Editor SamplePage, which I want to submit to main download sites. You can view them at <[login to view URL]>. I have created all PAD files, possible form submit info, etc. and now I need some solution to submit my products to shareware download sites. I

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    5 bida

    ...2002 to edit my site, and need to be able to continue to use that program, although I believe once the database is set up, there should be nothing I would need to adjust in my editor. Clearly this is the part I do not know. I have heard their database functionality is custom built, but there are some easily found game league scripts available. One is

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    5 bida

    ...troubleshooting and debugging. Some basic coding efficiency in javascript is very helpful since many of our applications do utilized various javascripts like: HTML TextArea editor, calender (select a date) system, etc. We build a variety of coldfusion web based applications and have our own copyrighted admin module software tool which we use for all

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    1 bida

    ...include a WYSIWYG editor for text/html files in FTP. Platform: Windows server2003!!!! Installed programs that you need to know: BulletProof FTP Server V.2.21 Apache NOT IIS Perl PHP Mysql, installed but not prefered. Above installations are default, We have numerous servers with the same configuration already in service therefore please

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    Web based FTP Tamat left

    ...MUST include a WYSIWYG editor for text/html files in FTP. Windows server2003!!!! Installed programs that you need to know: BulletProof FTP Server V.2.21 Apache NOT IIS Perl PHP Mysql, installed but not prefered. Above installations are default, We have numerous servers with the same configuration already in service therefore please work

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    4 bida

    ...146 - Free shipping w/ minimum amount [login to view URL],1245 - low stock report [login to view URL],1435 - order editor [login to view URL],1226/page,23 - gift registry [login to view URL],1973/page,4 - currency exchange update http://www

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    ...Preview + WYSIWYG editor) We have several PNG files that serve as printing templates for the application. What the program will do is load the appropriate template and overlay text into the fields within the template. The trick is to position the text in the correct region on the template. We want to do this using a WYSIWYG editor. We have very specific

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    5 bida

    ...minimum 3. *Implementation of PHP/MySQL dbase to store product item number, description, price and weight (for reasons listed below). 4. Script using UPS's (United Parcel Service) shipping calculator script (which I will gladly provide a module, unless you wish to write your own)to figure out shipping based on a constant origin address (my business

    0 bida

    ...unauthorized traffic like p2p, virii and trojans by dropping anything not specifically allowed. The firewall should not have a GUI and should run as a service. It must use a config file that can be edited with a text editor and stored as part of the user's proile. This firewall should be configured to block all incoming and outgoing ports by default and only allow

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    12 bida editor based in that will allow a client to connect to their webhosting account via FTP and manage and edit their files remotely. The system can use commercially available components (with approval) such as RichTextBox from <[login to view URL]> or rad editor from [login to view URL] for the WYSIWYG interface for the HTML editor and xceed

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    5 bida make the template look as it did in the psd format. My objective is to be able to easily edit the new template in a WYSIWYG editor such as FrontPage. I would like to pay for this service through the escrow service offered here at scriptlance. This way I can inspect the files, and you can feel confident that you will get paid. If you have

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    1 bida

    Hi, This project will allow me to... 1) Send Annoucements using the built in Windows Messenger Service. I can select objects whether they are computers, users, groups out of AD. I can pick a object by double clicking on it, if I select a OU (such as Finance Office), all the computers are then added. I do want to use the built in Windows Command

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    3 bida

    ...membership accounts. We want the ability to change the wording of these notifications on the fly. Therefore, we have purchased an online editor that we want implanted inside our web administration. This online editor will use special tags such as #fname#, #lname# where we can pull the information from our SQL Server to mail merge the items and make each

    $200 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    Hello, I,m looking to implement an Application Service Provider type of solution for a GUI/IDE to develop P3P policies. The following would be written in a combination of PHP/Perl & JavaScript using which ever language is best suited to complete any particular module or task. The GUI would contain a tree viewer to retrieve and examine

    $1844 (Avg Bid)
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    18 bida

    ...simple byte proxy which works much like datapipe.c except it runs as a Windows NT Service and initializes the connection itself rather than listening for a connection on a port. This is not just a matter of converting the datapipe.c application to be a Windows Service however since there are some simple commands the proxy needs to recognize and treat

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    8 bida

    This project will include the development of the frontend and backend of a email marketing web service. This service will include a number of features to help an email marketer prepare an email for broadcast. Some of the features will include a WYSIWYG editor for email building, open rate and conversion tracking, and other various email preparation and

    $324 (Avg Bid)
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    14 bida

    I need a site similar to I do not want to charge for the service. I should be able to manually approve or reject each realtor from an admin area. Instead of just sending the lead to a single real estate agent via email, I would rather multiple agents be able to request leads from the same zip codes. Each agent should be able to register

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    1 bida

    ...themselves into an "inactive" status, if they are falling behind for example. ANY changes by the editor should send two emails, one to the editor and a CC to me so I know changes have been made. The ad information will ALWAYS be accepted in TEXT format, but if an editor indicates he has a HTML format ezine, the ad should include basic HTML coding so all he/she

    $280 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida
    Setup ISP Tamat left

    ...requirements above, please don’t bother to bid. Here are some of the many things I will need done: Install Radius Install Billing System Install Email Design Website Install Hosting service I have a breif description of what I want, but it is to long so I will I guess continue it in the Deliverables section: ## Deliverables Here are some of the many things

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    9 bida

    ...would transmit final purchases to paypal ipn system for payment. Upon apyment, the customer would receive an email with information such as toll free access number, customer service number and most importantly the pin code to make their call. All of this information is stored in the database, which is usually uploaded by importing from excel or as delimited

    $700 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    ...information a. Mailing address b. Phone Number c. Fax number d. E-mail address e. Currency prices are listed in (us dollars etc) 5. Website Address and name 6. Type of service (Retailer, broker, winery, auction or wholesale) 7. General terms of condition 8. Text field for a brief description of the clients services 9. Rating field a. This needs

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
    0 bida

    ...Build your templates from scratch or modify the template that comes with Auto Manager. The templates are written in HTML so modifying them is very straight forward. Listings Editor Individual Dealers can add new listings without any HTML/FTP knowledge. Add new listings, modify existing listings or delete a listing. Search through existing listings by

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    7 bida

    ...of switches to be controlled using a name to identify them (for the very adventerous: you may even allow the switches to be "discovered" dynamically from a central naming service). The GUI should check that the username, password and requested switch name are OK and warn appropriately if not. Specification of the Network Element agent (NE) The NE should

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    ...capability for the extract frequency. Data mapping of each form is to reside in a separate location or external file where it could be updated using simple tool ranging from text editor to a plain database tool depending where the data is stored, in addition to the application utility. DETAILS: Public traded US companies are required to file with the Security

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    18 bida

    ...XML schema definitions from web-site XML web service. 2) Display XML schemas in a tree grouped by project. 3) Allow user to click on a schema and pop up a editor like the Microsoft XML editor. 4) Download DTD, constraints etc. Enforce all constraints rules etc. 5) Save data to web-site using web-service. 6) Allow user to chaneg Meta-data/Schema also

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    ...admin section, from a drop down list, we can call up a particular page and this will open in an editor. In a nutshell, a full content management system. o Full mailing list for both customers and coders · Needs to have tie-in with secure online payment service · Same look and feel as Elance: [login to view URL] · Concept - i.e. purpose and business method

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    ...form of online web page editor that builds pages for user’s reports. The site will need a new user account set-up page, login page, update page and delete page amongst others. The design would be based around a site that lets users join the service, be able to login and then build their own Web site/page with an online editor. A similar site to what

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
    0 bida

    ...have an Adult TGP site. (Thumbnail Gallery Post) The site is currently active and in use at this time. I just purchased AutoGalleryPro, which is a submission, review and editor script. This script is currently installed on the site, however it is not currently in use. AutoGallery Pro will take gallery submissions, allow you to review and completely

    0 bida