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    1). Landing page + Audio text 2). Product page + Audio text 3). 5). Personal recording page plug-ins, Personal recorder require set up on page.. To allow customer to record personal voice script. Reading from 1 of 7 scripts. 4). Lead / capture page to collect customer contract info, Email & Phone / marketing list builder required. - Create back-page marketing SEO - index marketing/key word...

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    Trophy icon Design a Mug Set Tamat left

    I'd like a nice mug set design done for new parents. The design should be: - Simple and elegant - Two or three colors at most - Not a wrap but a picture I have a template for the mug. However, the size is about 200 x 100 mm. Text could be something like "Mummy's Mug" and "Daddy's Mug." Please do your best!

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    Hello, I would like to printout switch case formula from data set on excel or a mysql database. The Case will be unique. Please see attached data set and Case formula Output

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    set dns on my vps all details on private

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    I'm starting a Lifestyle site. Need help with graphic design, set up, and branding. Attempting to do it myself on Wordpress and no luck. More about me at: Instagram: @katiehammers @katiehammersmakeup @branchingbeauty If you check out those 3 IG handles you can get an idea of who I am.

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    fix openvpn server maxin out with around 60 clients but set to more in [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    i have 3 websites. for EACH website i need 1) 200 back-links every month 2) 4 articles to my blog every month i will provide the keywords (no more than 5 keywords for each website) kinda let me know.. quality and expertise important as well!

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    I'm looking for someone to cold call businesses to help me set appointments for my staffing firm. You will call a list of hiring managers and advise them of what we offer. We specialize in recruiting for call centers (contact centers) agents, managers, etc. I'm looking for someone who will get the decision maker on the line (I will provide you name and phone number) and set up a phone ca...

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    Hello, I would like to printout switch case formula from data set on excel or a mysql database. The Case will be unique. Please see attached data set and Case formula Output

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    Hi I am looking to make some changes to a PHP script and to set it up.

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    I need two SQL scripts that query postgres’s information schema tables, finding all the ’attribute’ tables of a given ’anchor’ table, to (1) create a denormalized view, which joins the anchor to it’s attributes, and (2) creates an empty temporary denormalized table which represents the attribute tables joined to the given table (with some additional columns). Pl...

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    Looking for someone to setup a service, configure Servers etc

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    I need to set up this trading bot [log masuk untuk melihat URL] on local machine (OS X ) for FTX exchange and TradingView webhooks.

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    – Need some assistance setting up some Rspec / Capybara system tests for Rails. – Write some basic crud tests for a Rails web app.

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    i need someone who expert on facebook Ads is available right now i'll share screen and voice call to guid me how to set an Ads thro business manger ads on facebook

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    I've written the first draft of a thriller where most of the action takes place in Morocco. But my knowledge of Morocco is very limited, so I need a Moroccan to tell me what I've written that is wrong and what should be changed to make it more authentic. Names of the Moroccan characters, how they act, what they do, etc. Please only bid on this job if you are Moroccan. The current draf...

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    Help me set up and teach me how to handle shipping with Canada post . Also help in advising how to get my business website connected to online shipping . Just basically shipping setup with Canada post .

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    Brand new web build needs google shopping campaign and bing ads setting up and initial optimisation. Not worried about display adverts as yet - just need the shopping set up. API data feed will be uploading to campaign manager from bigcommerce with approx 13000skus

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    We need some experience to Help set up and manage Ads for Facebook, Instagram, google & YouTube. We already have the content but just need someone to set it all up and then report back as far as results.

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    need to create ICO called vcloud that will relate to I have BitPay account and am ready to take recurring billing for subscriptions.

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    SEO, 200+ links a month with minimum 2 article submissions that you write and I check. My budget is $50AUD a month. Please do not contact if you can not do it for this price.

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    Job description Set up 2 ZOHO CRM user accounts, 1 ZOHO SOCIAL and Zoho mail server for the company and 6 mailboxes and do remote configuration on all our computers and integration with zoho CRM. That things are set up ready to use. CRM accounts 1. MD’s account and connect to his personal email account. This will be super admin. He is using mac. 2. Sales team account – this will ...

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    -Need to advertise for a travel company, and think network marketing would be a great way to do it. -Need someone with experience in setting this up and finding people to sell the program.

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    I have a project that is mostly designed, but the architect I was using was taking too long and making too many mistakes. So I fired her. I have the autocad files we were working with, and I need someone to finish the job. That means I want someone who is English-fluent, an expert at drafting, knows autocad, and will get on a video chat with me and do what I tell them in real time. I am not going...

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    I want to set up a shopify store with wokiee template . want to add the pictures an all the options

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    I need a python code which implements KNN from scratch (basic python imports allowed) such as from math import. Based on the data set attached the knn must be able to classify a new voter if he is going to pol conservative or liberal. Something like this but just for my data set. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to make sure the code will classify a "new voter". Also include how well it fit...

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    Trophy icon Build me a set of graphic images Tamat left

    We want to create 6 pieces of digital art to produce a warehouse illustration online. All images should be from a birds eye view and are of different parts of the warehouse according to the sketch. Simplicity is the key for all art. The Conveyor belts, house and package doesn’t need that much detail for example. The Full brief including graphical examples can be found here: [log masuk untuk...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed.

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    Hi there, I have approximately 20 transactions, and I would need you to enter them and then generate the journal entries, a bank and credit card reconciliation, and a trial balance . You are required to prepare this in Excel (I will provide you with the necessary template). You may also be required to explain your work. I am looking for a detail orientated person who takes the time to understa...

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    I have purchased textnowbot, I have successfully installed, but I do not know how to properly set up it to start working. Need to add proxies and some more info here to start it. Need someone with knowledge to set up and launch this program.

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    2 bida

    I need someone to help set up a site to site VPN using Strongswan on Linux(Centos)

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    10 bida

    The idea is to kickoff a shell script from cron job

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    26 bida

    Hello, we are a small tutoring company. I am looking for someone to help me set up a server (virtual) so that my team and i can share/store files, set up emails, host our website, vpn, and in the future set up a data base. Can you help me figure out which product to use and how to set it up?

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    26 bida

    we are looking for some one who can develop CAD assembly and manufacturing drawings for the attached sofa set.

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    28 bida

    I currently have an activewear website running over a year and it has good traffic flow I would like to create a platform to upsell on it, so when the customer is about to check out it gives offers on alternative items that might go with what they have in the basket at a discounted price.

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    set-up of infomir ministra server and STB for reception of UDP multicast within local network, lock STB menu to allow only channel selection and avoid access to other settings or set-up modification and modify STB boot logo.

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    9 bida

    Sendy Job 1. Set up Sendy (we have the license key) on AWS SES (we already have the account). 2. Also set-up an Amazon S3 storage server that works with Sendy. We would like to upload documents and send out links to those documents through Sendy. 3. Provide up to 2 hours consultation on using the system after it is installed.

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    9 bida

    How there I need to set up my dedicated server. Create cpanel and install magento. Add ioncube, imagemagik and inkscape to the server. Install a back up of my site.

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    48 bida

    For our premium clothes store , We are looking for a freelancer that can: - Setup our Instagram page. - Take photos of pur products. - Setup, manage and improve campaigns.

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    7 bida

    Hi I am looking to make some changes to a wordpress theme i bought.

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    143 bida

    We need assistance with setting up properly the shipping alternatives for our webshop. We got 3 shipping options for our webshop that got maximum weight and sizes. Shipping option 1: Letter , maximum weight 100 grams Shipping option 2: Door delivery, maximum weight 2000 grams, maximum package size is 35x25x12cm. However we can add several items inside of the same package, but the weight can�...

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    18 bida

    A retailer offers a rewards program to its customers, awarding points based on each recorded purchase. A customer receives 2 points for every dollar spent over $100 in each transaction, plus 1 point for every dollar spent over $50 in each transaction (e.g. a $120 purchase = 2x$20 + 1x$50 = 90 points). Given a record of every transaction during a three month period, calculate the reward points e...

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    10 bida

    Hi, I am starting a marketplace and I am currently working on getting vendors on board. I have purchased a multi vendors website with CS cart and have looked into setting up everything myself (design, creating multiple pages, setting up automated payment system etc..). I find it a bit overwhelming and would like someone to help me set up the website the way I want, no major design work (yet), and...

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    13 bida

    Hi, We are launching our company Canva site at the end of the month and need someone to help us with creating the designs in Canva. We already have existing designs in Indesign files which we can provide to you to replicate in Canva.

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    14 bida

    Please start your proposal with "Hi K John" so I know you are not just a bot.... I am looking for a Facebook ads professional to set up and correctly target one or two facebook ads for my business page. Target should be small business owners within South Africa with an emphasis on Johannesburg. (The right person will have continuous work going forward) NB: ONLY EXPERIENCED PRO...

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    29 bida

    I need someone to set me up an online talk radio station. I will have a co host. During our radio show, we will like to have the ability for people to call in and answer questions.

    $25 - $50 / hr
    $25 - $50 / hr
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    My company needs to make calls from the UK with VOIP. We will need multiple numbers to call from (we currently need 5). We currently use callrail for our US numbers but their UK numbers always give us issues. We also need to have one number for Germany set up if possible. I do not know exactly what we need to do and we may require some consultation. We can use an existing service if you know o...

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    10 bida

    Everything is set up but the correct pixel, need someone to correctly set it up and teach me how to use it Also need help setting up google advertising

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    26 bida

    Looking for someone who's an expert on WordPress premium and business and can help me set up my blog

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