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    Hanya edit file javascript plugin ter-install untuk mengubah animasi dropdown dan mengubah text di halaman payment gateway dan shipping yang terinstall

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me source, buy, and ship Arabica coffee beans from Vietnam. Type of Coffee Beans: Arabica Preferred Supplier: I am open to suggestions, so please provide recommendations for reliable supplier...Quantity: I require less than 10 pounds of coffee beans. Need a sample and then will open up to larger orders. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in sourcing and purchasing coffee beans - Familiarity with the coffee industry in Vietnam - Strong negotiation skills to ensure competitive pricing - Knowledge of international shipping regulations and logistics Please provide a proposal outlining your approach to sourcing, purchasing, and shipping the coffee beans from Vietnam. Include any relevant experience and recommendatio...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me source, buy, and send roasted cocoa from a specific region in Indonesia. Quantity: Less tha...Skills and experience needed: - Experience in sourcing and purchasing cocoa from Indonesia - Knowledge of the different regions in Indonesia known for cocoa production - Familiarity with the process of buying and shipping cocoa internationally Additional information: - The freelancer should be able to provide advice on the best region to source cocoa from, based on their expertise and knowledge of the industry. - The freelancer should have access to a reliable network of suppliers in Indonesia. - It is important that the freelancer has experience in handling and shipping cocoa to ensure the quality and freshness of the produc...

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    ...experience in setting up and configuring Shopify stores - Expertise in shipping and logistics setup, including integration with third-party shipping providers - Ability to ensure seamless integration of shipping and logistics processes with the overall e-commerce setup - Strong problem-solving skills to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the setup process -Experience integrating Printify store>shopify and then connecting to Tiktop Shop and Instagram Responsibilities: - Assist in configuring the shipping settings in Shopify to align with my business needs - Integrate the online store with the chosen shipping provider to enable real-time shipping rates and tracking - Provide guidance on best practices for shipping and logist...

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    ...(Specific location can be discussed) ? *Responsibilities:* - Overseeing the setup and management of the U.S. warehouse. - Managing local procurement and ensuring the timely and cost-effective delivery of products to end consumers. - Developing and maintaining relationships with local vendors and logistics partners. - Ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations related to warehousing and shipping. - Coordinating with the global team to align U.S. operations with overall company strategy. - Implementing and optimizing operational processes and workflows to enhance efficiency. ? *Qualifications:* - Bachelor’s degree in Business, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, or a related field. (Master’s preferred) - Minimum of 5 years of experience in logistics, wareho...

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    ...discounts, promotions, and exclusive deals based on shopping lists or favorited items. - Personalized recommendations based on past orders and preferences. - Seller ratings displayed in the app. - Bilingual support, allowing items to be displayed in different languages with user-selectable language preference. Amazon Associate Program Features: - Product badges (e.g., new, on sale, prime ready, free shipping). - Integration with Amazon coupons if available. - Backend section for setting up and managing affiliate ID. - Cross-selling by displaying related products or Frequently Bought Together items. - Displaying Amazon Reviews for each product. - On-site cart option, enabling users to add Amazon products to their cart and checkout with multiple items at once. - Adding Amazon pro...

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    ...WooCommerce" -Algol plugin in my Woo-commerce website. Requirements: - The phone order plugin should work with WPML site that I have now. - WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses & Shipping () - We need a Shipday also setup and configured to manage / route our local deliveries. () - We also need a way to create a "pick list" for our workers to gather all items on order that need to be packaged. - We also way to print out our gift message that is ordered with our product. Also need a printout for a shipping label. - I am flexible with the timeline for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up and configuring phone order and other plugins in Woo-commerce

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    ...a proof of concept on how to work with Llama2, ChromaDB, and HuggingFace using a Docker structure. It must cover the following: - implement both Llama2 and ChromaDB in a Docker structure using docker compose V2. - streamline the setup for all containers to be used in the LLM - an offline and private way of querying the documents ingested into ChromaDB - OpenAI should NOT be used since this PoC requires that there be no public access to the documents, contexts, and embeddings. Deliverables: - a file with all required containers and their configuration - dockerfiles that will contain all the container configs that need to be started/initialized accordingly - a Python script that is triggered only once and downloads all necessary libraries, files, and structures

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    ...variables for eBay and Amazon (such as shipping time, buy now, auction price, condition, etc). It should then display each price and we should be able to put the mouse over it and it displays those properties I mentioned above). It should also have be a link. So if it displays the price, and we click on it, it opens up that website page. We should have the ability to have it pull the data and let the user decide. For example, if there is multiple parts for sale on eBay, then it should have a drop down where it listed the different options (price and shipping time). We should be able to click each of them to open up the web page, and choose which one we want within the program. (Under settings, we should be able to choose how it displays, lowest price plus shipping, ...

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    Project Title: Shopify Store Setup for Dropshipping Description: I am looking for a Shopify expert to help me set up my dropshipping store. The store will be selling physical products only. Skills and Experience...Shopify Store Setup for Dropshipping Description: I am looking for a Shopify expert to help me set up my dropshipping store. The store will be selling physical products only. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in setting up and customizing Shopify stores - Experience in dropshipping and knowledge of the best apps and tools for dropshipping - Ability to integrate payment gateways and set up shipping options - Graphic design skills to create a professional logo and branding for the store Note: The client did not provide information about the timeline for completing th...

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    I’m looking for a freelancer to help me out with creating eBay listings and shipping products. My products are autoparts, so I’ll need someone experienced in this field who is familiar with the eBay listing process. I have all the necessary information and photos for each product, so you won’t need to help me gather them. The desired timeline for listing and shipping these products should be within a week. I’m looking for someone who can make this process more efficient and help me get all of my items listed on eBay quickly and accurately. If you have experience listing eBay products, please let me know, and let’s get started!

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    I need a remote session such as google meets to fix the following problem tby your instructions: I have 2 docker images I run 2 containers from them they depens on each other. They work fine in local on docker using docker compose up. : version: '3.8' services: selenium-driver: image: selenium/standalone-chrome ports: - "4444:4444" - "7900:7900" shm_size: 2g networks: - gridnetwork container_name: selenium-driver-container cloud-crawler: build: context: . dockerfile: ./Dockerfile networks: - gridnetwork container_name: cloud-crawler-container depends_on: - selenium-driver networks: gridnetwork: WHAT IS THE TASK FOR YOU? I need to deploy them to AWS as fargate ta...

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    ...brand design. The dieline design needs to be used for any size of shipping box size. I currently have a rough idea for my brand design, but I do not have a logo or any existing brand assets. Therefore, the designer will need to assist me with creating a brand design that can be incorporated into the shipping box template. The shipping box template should be made of cardboard. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Graphic design skills - Experience in brand design and logo creation - Knowledge of packaging design and materials - Attention to detail and ability to create accurate dimensions for large shipping boxes If you are a creative designer who can help bring my brand design to life on a large shipping box template, please reach...

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    Online Store 5 hari left

    I am looking to create an online store for selling physical products and am looking for a freelancer to help me develop this store. I plan to use Shopify as the platform, however no additional features such as inventory management, or shipping management are needed. I am seeking a freelancer who can develop the store to the specified requirements.

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    Looking for a dropshipper to sell my used HP laptop in good condition at a preferred selling price range of under $500. Skills and experience required: - Experience in dropshipping an...accurate product information and appealing visuals - Monitor sales and inventory levels, adjusting prices or quantities as needed to maximize profitability - Handle customer inquiries and provide prompt and helpful responses - Coordinate with the dropshipper to ensure timely fulfillment and shipping of orders - Maintain regular communication with the dropshipper to address any issues or concerns that may arise Note: The dropshipper should have a proven track record of successful laptop sales and a reliable shipping and fulfillment process to ensure a smooth experience for both the seller a...

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    We work in a sector which has a lot of logistics documents. Employees are required to read and get information from these documents. We require a plugin for ChatGPT 4 which has the capability of reading some of the information on the document such as the weight, how many containers are on the document, who is the shipper, consignee, what are the container, seal numbers, and transfer this information onto an Excel with correct categorization. There is an example of the document that will be read by this plugin attached.

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    Complete Back Office set up for Shopify. • Set up all necessary accounts and integrations, including payment processing, shipping, and taxes. • Configure the Shopify store to match the branding and style of the business. • Configure shipping and payment options. • Test the Shopify store to ensure that it is functioning properly. Integrate Dropified App, Salehoo & other Platforms into our Shopify store. • Review and select the most appropriate platforms for the business. • Install and configure the Dropified App, Salehoo App, and other selected platforms on the Shopify store. • Import products and product data from the selected platforms into the Shopify store. Ensure all integrations are functioning properly

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    As an experienced importer, I am seeking the assistance of an import consultant for a project involving importing electronics from China. The consultant must have an in-depth knowledge of import regulations and customs when it comes to bringing goods into India from China. Ensuring that the goods arrive on time and that all costs are minimized. Experience in managing the shipping process, understanding tariffs and other special requirements related to importing goods from China are a plus.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for my fulfillment center. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing WMS solutions and integrating them with CRM systems. Specific features required for this project include: - Real-time inventory tracking to accurately monitor stock levels - Automation of picking, packing, and shipping processes to improve efficiency In terms of integration, the WMS should be seamlessly integrated with our existing CRM system. This integration will allow for streamlined data flow and improved customer relationship management. Overall, the successful freelancer will have a strong understanding of warehouse operations, inventory management, and CRM integration. They should be able to develop a user-...

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    ...ensuring it is scalable, flexible, and able to handle high volumes of orders and inventory. Consider factors such as order processing, inventory management, shipping logistics, and integration with other systems. Automation and Efficiency: Focus on automation and efficiency to streamline operations within the fulfillment center. Implement features such as barcode scanning, pick-and-pack automation, real-time inventory updates, and automated order tracking to minimize errors and reduce processing time. Integration: Ensure seamless integration with other systems and platforms such as e-commerce websites, inventory management systems, and shipping carriers. This allows for smooth data flow and synchronization, reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy. Security and...

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    Hello, I need an experienced PowerDNS Lua developer who can achieve the below requirements: - PDNS Dist listening on port 53 udp/tcp, DoH and TLS. Backend servers are PDNS Recursor listeners on the same node. Selection will be made based on source IP addresses. - 5x PDNS Recursor views or containers listening on ports1053-1058. All 5x views should reference the same RPZ data set in memory for effective memory utilization but not all RPZ zones are enabled on all views. - Recursors will have DNS query and RPZ logging locally in the system with ECS being enabled in the logging. Scenario Example: 1. PDNS dist receives DoH query at port 443 with edns0 client ip address. 2. PDNS dist selects one of the backend Recursors based on source IP and maintains the same edns0 field in the ...

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    Hello Hello Have Portainer installed on a server where I have some other pods running Am using the FREE version for 3 containers? Can you help me get started? Can we share Desktops? (Would you like to do more projects with this?) Questions From command line please share how to add/view/delete that AWS Key and Secret? What is the point that associates the access key to the policy; is it “/aws” or is this a function of the AWS policy ? Do you know Hashicorp Vault ? Have a way we can screen share ? There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $10 possible? Please note $10 is the max total that I can handle for this (doing hourly reduces % fee). Will leave a Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 star...

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    Shopfiy website 5 hari left

    ...for my physical goods. I will handle the product upload and descriptions, so no assistance is required in this area. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in Shopify development and customization - Experience in creating e-commerce stores for physical goods - Knowledge of best practices for optimizing the user experience and conversion rates - Ability to integrate payment gateways and shipping methods - Strong attention to detail and ability to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website design - Familiarity with SEO practices to optimize the website for search engines If you have the necessary skills and experience, please provide examples of your previous Shopify projects and a timeline for completion. Business: toilet rolls and kitchen rolls - current websi...

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    build me a shopify website 5 hari left

    ...I have some specific features in mind that I would like to include in the website. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proficiency in Shopify website development - Experience in creating E-commerce Stores - Knowledge of customizing features and functionalities in Shopify - Strong understanding of user experience and design principles - Ability to integrate payment gateways and shipping options - Familiarity with SEO optimization for E-commerce websites If you are a skilled Shopify developer with a keen eye for design and the ability to bring my vision to life, I would love to discuss the project further with you. Please provide examples of your previous Shopify projects and any relevant experience. The website will need around 5 pages. I have a product range wh...

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    I am looking to find a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) supplier in China to consolidate my items from different vendors and ship them for me. I need someone to help me determine the best location for the supplier. My estimated volume or weight of items that need to be consolidated and shipped is less than 100kg. I have a budget of 3% of the merchandise price in addition to the shipping cost for the service.

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    I am looking for a consultant who can provide guidance on drop shipping. Here are the specific aspects I need consultation on: - Finding suppliers: I need help in identifying reliable suppliers for my drop shipping business, with a shorter shipping time - Marketing and advertising: I am seeking advice on effective marketing and advertising strategies to promote my online store and attract customers. - Adding products: I would like assistance in selecting and adding products to my drop shipping inventory. - Market zone: I need guidance on identifying the target market and determining the geographical area where I should focus my drop shipping efforts. Requirements: - Experience in drop shipping and a deep understanding of its various aspects. - Kn...

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    Shopify Product Sourcing and Research I am looking for a freelancer who can help me source and research more than 20 products for my Shopify store. I need a person who can find the HOT items that are selling on e-commerce and then find the distributor that would sell them to me for my Drop Shipping company. I have no retail store it is Drop Shipping only. Target Market: I am targeting everyone, so the products should appeal to a wide range of customers, including teens, young adults, and adults. Skills and Experience: I need a person who has done this before for clients. - Experience in product sourcing and research, particularly in the E-Commerce industry. - Knowledge of popular and trending products in the market. - Ability to identify high-quality and reli...

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    Development 8 hari left

    Zoho Creator customer application development related to shipping

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    Make no-code Allegro Scraper 5 hari left

    Looking for a freelancer who is able to make a no-code scraper through our browser extension Important! Please register on and familiarize yourself with the tools before offering your candidacy. Register at User specifies product and category URLs in a created or selected table (either selected or together). Flow follows the link and parses the product information. (Important: if a link to a category is specified, you should set a limit of 30 suggestions from the category) 3. The output is the following information (in the google spreadsheet): - URL to the product - Product title - Price - Shipping price - URL of the first image - Rating - Seller with rating - Number of purchases - Parameters - People bidding - Condition (New/used) - Available units (Quantity)

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    ...mirrors the excellence and functionality of Autobahn Automotive ( ). Project Overview: Website Type: Dynamic Website Inspiration: We seek to emulate the design and features of Autobahn Automotive. Platform: WordPress with WooCommerce Key Features: User-friendly product listings and navigation Secure payment processing User account management Integration with shipping and inventory systems Mobile-responsive design SEO optimization Requirements: We are looking for a developer with: # Proven experience in building e-commerce websites on the WordPress platform. # A portfolio that demonstrates expertise in WordPress, WooCommerce, and related plugins. # Proficiency in both front-end and back-end development. # Knowledge of web security best practices and PCI

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    box Desgin 4 hari left

    ...Packaging Design Experience: Previous experience in designing shipping boxes - I am looking for a talented designer to create a visually appealing and functional shipping box design for my product. - The box size required is medium, so experience in designing boxes of this size is preferred. - As I am open to ideas, the designer will have creative freedom to come up with a design that captures the essence of my brand and product. - The design should be eye-catching, professional, and stand out among competitors. - It should also reflect the quality and value of the product inside. - The designer should have a good understanding of packaging design and be able to create a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for shipping purposes. - The final de...

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    Shopify-Plattform 4 hari left
    DISAHKAN to assist me with store setup and configuration. Here are the specific requirements for the project: Store Setup and Configuration: - I need assistance in setting up my Shopify store and configuring it according to my requirements. - The freelancer should have experience in creating and customizing Shopify stores, including adding products, setting up payment gateways, and configuring shipping options. - The goal is to have a fully functional and optimized store that is ready for business. Specific Theme in Mind: - I have a specific theme in mind for my store and would like the freelancer to use that theme during the customization process. - The freelancer should have experience in working with Shopify themes and be able to customize them to match my branding and design ...

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    ...$current_user_group = b2bking()->get_user_group(); // Search price tiers $price_tiers = get_post_meta($product->get_id(), 'b2bking_product_pricetiers_group_'.$current_user_group, true ); // if no group tiers, get regular tiers if (empty($price_tiers)){ $price_tiers = get_post_meta($product->get_id(), 'b2bking_product_pricetiers_group_b2c', true ); } Lastly, shipping costs would need to be added and this should be determined by WooCom shipping rules. In the second stage of evolution, we need to store the setup costs and print prices for multiple decoration methods. This data should be automatically generated. This will allow the appropriate pricing based on the chosen print method to be applied for that product line or supplier. Integration...

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    69 bida

    ...developer to integrate the USPS PHP API into our new project. The main functionality we require is the ability to print shipping labels directly from our website as well as address verification and delivery and tracking. Specific requirements for the project include: - Integration of USPS PHP API code to enable printing shipping labels - Seamless integration with our new project, without the need for any existing systems or platforms - Utilization of PHP as the preferred programming language for the USPS API code Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong proficiency in PHP and USPS API integration - Experience in integrating APIs into new projects - Knowledge of shipping label printing processes and requirements If you have the necessary skills and exper...

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    27 bida

    ...clients and logistics companies. The platform should have the following features: - Facilitate RFQ or Quotation - Clients should be able to upload their shipping data to get quotations from multiple Logistics Service Providers on demand. - Track and Trace functionality: Clients should be able to easily track and monitor the progress of their shipments from quote to delivery. - Real-time notifications: The platform should provide real-time updates to clients regarding the status of their shipments, such as when it is in transit or has been delivered. - Online document management: Clients should be able to securely upload and manage their shipping documents online. I prefer a user-friendly and simple interface that is easy for both clients and logistics companies to navig...

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    ...factors such as quality, durability, cost, and any specific needs or preferences of the athletes or teams who will be using the equipment. Use a Table view in ClickUp to compare and evaluate different equipment options and make an informed decision. 4. Develop a budget Create a budget for your sports equipment project. Consider all the costs involved, including the purchase or rental of equipment, shipping and handling fees, installation costs, and any additional expenses such as maintenance or repairs. Make sure to allocate funds for unexpected expenses as well. Use custom fields in ClickUp to track and manage your budget, ensuring that you stay within your allocated funds. 5. Write the proposal Now it's time to put all the information together and write your project pr...

    $250 - $750
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    $250 - $750
    32 bida

    Hello! We dropship on eBay, Amazon and Etsy and need a small warehouse in the US and labeling service. In fact we need a person who will receive the packages from marketplaces repack and put labels on it and ship to fulfillment center. Sincerely, Angelina

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    I am in need of expert assistance with my Shopify logistics tasks as soon as possible. Specifically, I need help with inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping and delivery. I currently have a Shopify store set up and am looking for someone to assist me in completing these tasks within a week. If you think you meet the criteria to execute such a project, I would love to hear from you. General Traffic and improvement is needed for the website.

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    78 bida

    Hi Looking to hire someone with shopify experience to amend the Order Fulfilment email and what data is being sent. We want this in the style of an invoice type design - but with different details. The email needs to be sent to the shipping company We need the following details added. (Some of these are added already) Our Details Order information Title, SKU, QTY, Shipping Details The Items we want to show and have some issues with are: - Cost Per Item - Cost per item Total - Total Order $ (Set at cost per item) So basically we need an invoice design, with the cost of what we have for the product

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    15 bida

    Fix an issue with New Address for the shipping address in the checkout process

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create an ecommerce website using WooCommerce. I have a specific list of functionality and features that I would l...of functionality and features that I would like to include. The website will be selling less than 100 products. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong proficiency in WooCommerce and WordPress - Experience in creating custom themes and plugins for WooCommerce - Knowledge of responsive web design and mobile optimization - Familiarity with payment gateway integration and shipping options - Understanding of SEO best practices for ecommerce websites - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines. Basically required Quick service and if required we can do theme based system as well, it will be all COSMETI...

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    70 bida

    I need some more minor work done to my website on the cs cart platform. Some of the things I would like to change are: 1. remove top search bar on one particular page on website 2. add ups shipping option instead of fedex, for some reason I can never get it to accept the ups shipping option 3. change checkout so that can get a shipping quote before filling out all information, and also make it so that if billing and shipping are the same, they don't need to re-enter the information 4. shipping calculates super high for some reason especially on smaller items, not sure why, but would like to fix this May have a few other minor changes as well as we work through it. CS-Cart proficiency a must.

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    62 bida

    ...Android test execution using TestNG, Docker, and efficient resource utilization 2. Create base Appium test image with iOS/Android SDKs, Appium, and test framework 3. Dynamically create simulators/emulators in Docker using capabilities 4. Use Kubernetes for test orchestration and auto-scaling 5. Implement test retries, clean simulator state, consistent setup/teardown 6. Distribute tests across containers via TestNG parallelism 7. Consolidate test reports into unified dashboard 8. Keep base image updated with latest SDKs from host 9. For multiple hosts: Maintain version consistency, share base image, use volume mounting, utilize Kubernetes config, prevent test overlap, group tests efficiently, abstract platform dependencies 10. Follow best practices like Docker Swarm for cluster ma...

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    11 bida

    ...dedicate at least 4 hours a day to assist us in preparing shipping labels for an online e-commerce business. Tasks: Responsibilities include reading emails, preparing shipping labels, saving them as PDF files, and subsequently sending the PDF files back to us. Our in-office staff will then print the PDF files and fulfill the orders. The primary software required for preparing shipping labels is Software/Tools: Excel Word High speed internet Computer with windows 10 or newer. Requirements: Attention to detail Strong work ethics Daily availability, with the ability to work a minimum of 4 hours per day. Extended hours may be necessary when required. Salary: Compensation is $0.5 per shipping label. Estimated hourly rate is ...

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    38 bida
    Shipping consulting 3 hari left

    I am looking for a short-term consulting partner to help me with a specific shipping issue related to e-commerce and international shipping. My store has been experiencing some increased shipping costs along with delays in package delivery, and I am hoping to find someone who understands the complexities of e-commerce shipping and can help me create a solution to get my expenses and timeliness back under control. Thankfully, I'm not looking for a long-term partner; I'm just seeking help on this particular issue for a short period of time. If you are an expert in e-commerce shipping, I would love to hear from you. I look forward to working together to successfully mitigate the current shipping problems I am facing.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    48 bida

    Chicago area, only. I am looking for an experienced computer person with a background in textiles and vintage clothes and antique clothing and linens to sell off my collection of 800 pieces online . Must research each one. The primary focus would be on online marketing to a target audience of customers based in...only. I am looking for an experienced computer person with a background in textiles and vintage clothes and antique clothing and linens to sell off my collection of 800 pieces online . Must research each one. The primary focus would be on online marketing to a target audience of customers based in the United States. I need assistance with product photography, and online marketing, packing and shipping. MUST BE IN WISCONSIN, USA. MUST BE PHYSICALLY IN WEST BEND TO WORK IN...

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    shipping bill knuckle guard samples

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    LOOKING FOR SHOPIFY EXPERT I'm looking for someone who is able to work on our shipping side of our SHOPIFY store, someone that can work on setting up the shipping side of things and help input date to make the shipping side of things work better.

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    I am interested in getting a we...payment options 4. Product category page 5. Product description page 6. About us page 7. Terms and conditions page 8. FAQ page. 9. Shipping and delivery page. 10. Social media section 11. Contact us functionality 12. Shopping cart and checkout 13. Search bar 14. Mobile friendly/Responsive design 15. Ability to start and end promotions. 16. Ability to create promo codes. This business is based in India that would offer shipping and payment services that work locally in India as well as offer international shipping and payments in different currencies. I would like someone who has experience setting something like this because I am unsure of the kind of shipping methods and payment systems to use. I also need help selecting a te...

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    223 bida

    Artikel Komuniti shipping containers Teratas