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    Java Programming Project 2 hari left

    Hi, Need help to complete a simple Java Programming project. Additional details can be shared later

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    I recently developed a microcontroller-based lighting controller for an art project with a local artist. It controls 3 x 3-colour LED strips. I also wrote a PC program in JAVA to define how the lights change/fade over time. The PC program has a similar UI to Audacity in that there is a timeline to represent each of the channels (the LED strips).

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    22 bida is most treatable. I would like a simple Image classification program for breast cancer mammogram(x-rays) whereby a user can insert an x-ray image of a breast and the program should check whether or not the person has breast [login to view URL] project should be really simple with an simple user interface and a simple user registration and login. You can

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    Looking for a programmer to take on a semi-ready benchmark for a software engineering project. We want to compare and contrast some software localization metrics from Defects4j software cluster in Java([login to view URL]) to help supplement a research paper. This database will be provided to the programmer already in a virtual machine

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    I need someone to develop for me a very simple "proof of concept" for a machine-learning application. The input file contains the fields: [address addr_number addr_drctn addr_street city state zip dir neighborhd cross_st cmplx market_area community mapcol mappage maprow]. The reference file contains the fields [latitude, longitude]. The two files

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    ...lines Math Project (keywords: algebra, math, linear, cartesian, matlab, plot, graph, algorithm, c++, python, java. Skills: Algorithm, programming, Mathematics, Matlab and Mathematica Skills needed: Basic programming Calculate basic multiplication Calculate intersection of lines Math intersection: I have a math project that needs

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    Objectives The purpose of this programming project is to gain some experience involving the design of a few OS components by simulation. These components include CPU management and scheduling, process management, system queues, system statistics gathering and reporting. Project Summary Write a simulation program in Java for testing the performance

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    CAN YOU : 1. Apply programming techniques to computer security problems 2. Identify solutions to simple computer security problems using a range of software development techniques 3. Review the effectiveness of team work following a team project IF YOU CAN, OUR COMPANY REQUIRES SOMEONE WHO CAN DEMONSTRATE THERE SKILLS ON THE FOLLOWING TASK

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    Hello.I would like a simple Image classification program for breast cancer mammogram(x-rays) whereby a user can insert an x-ray image of a breast and the program should check whether or not the person has breast [login to view URL] project should be really simple with an simple user interface. You can use opencv, tensorflow or any other image processing libraries

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    ...experienced Java Programmer for a short term project. I will need to meet with you initially to set up a Java programming platform on my computer. Then I will provide the details of the program and the algorithms to be programmed in Java. I will need to test these Java algorithms on my computer after completion of the programming. I need a <...

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    The simple program that convert PL / SQL code to JAVASCRIPT code CONVERTING PL / SQL code TO JAVASCRIPT code • Programming language of the project is Java • PL / SQL code is sent to a Java method as a String, and JavaScript code is returned as a String.

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    PLEASE READ THE WHOLE PROJECT BEFORE PLACING A BID: Looking for Tech guy with great understanding of Web development, reliable with great work ethic, big attention to detai. Understanding of the Programming languages that would be of great help: PHP and Javascript. JAVA,Mobile apps development and APIs would be a great bonus but not needed for the

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    Studio Timer Tamat left

    I need someone who can work on my project. It is quite a simple project but requires some understanding. I need it to be completed on Net beans and also Java and Python programming languages are well come. I will provide plans once i see a freelancer which i think can complete my project with good quality, good budget and in good time.

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    Project Description Scope Create a Background Service that will be capturing the position (gps coordinates - latitude and longitude) in each given period, for example every 30 minutes, and send the information to a WebAPI, which will receive the provider's device owner information, such as provider code, token device ID. Restrictions • Java

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    ...minutes, and send the information to a WebAPI, which will receive the provider's device owner information, such as provider code, token device ID. Restrictions • Java Programming Language for Android devices (Android Studio); • Integration with WebAPI RESTFul; • Experience with Android Background Services; Needs 1. Create a Background Service

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    I need someone who have knowledge in Arduino and programming software (specially Java). I want to make timing system using RFID, basicly just like time attendance system. Parts I have is : - Arduino Mega - LCD 12864 - Keypad 4x4 - RTC DS3231 (including battery) - Wiegand RFID Reader 125 Khz - RFID Tag 125 Khz - SDcard module - gsm module - RS232 module

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    I have a Java programming project which I need finished asap. In the current framework there are some main pages (4) and subsequent automated UI tests (3) in Eclipse with Selenium Webdriver. The code is currently using an anti pattern design and I need the code re-designed into a PageObject framework. The code is simple enough and is written around

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    I have a very small project based on programming algorithms for functional dependencies and normalization algorithms. You will have to complete a few methods to implement: closure on a set of attributes, finding a minimum cover, finding the key, and converting to 3NF form. To do this you would have to know about DBMS, functional dependencies, concepts

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    A small simple mips project include Assembly, C Programming, Java, Software Architecture, x86/x64 Assembler

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    8 bida per functional specifications. - Contribute training materials and train colleagues to be experts - Complete assigned tasks on time, to the standard required to ensure project success and to meet business objectives. - Mentor and manage team members. [Entry-Level] - Assist in creating an innovative application based on machine learning. -

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    The goal of this project is to learn about learn the distributed mutual exclusion algorithm: Ricart and Agrawala’s. Your program will use client-server based simple application using sockets in Java programming language. After completing the project, you will have a basic understanding of the working of mutual exclusion, Ricart and Agrawala’s algorith...

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    I am a undergraduate in a university, for our Object Oriented Programming subject we have been given a assignment on creating a simple (not advanced coding) java application. We have to submit the project on Monday morning. We need it by tomorrow night. More details about the project will be in the document i have attached with this.

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    ...task management with a simple workflow and alert mail (i use MS outook). Also connector and import functionalities will be necessary. The database have to be SQL but you are free to propose your preferred programming solution. I want you to propose me: - architecture and programming language you propose to use (NET, java,…). THIS IS IMPORTANT

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    ...relatively large amount of Java programming experience under their belt, to program for me a Java Software Application that will be used in the assisting of Dungeons and Dragons players get the most from there gaming experience. The project will be multiple staged. Starting off the developer will need to create a simple Java Application Prototype from

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    I need a long term developer which is experience in programming android applications using Java programming language. Here is a first simple task: Create a TextView and a Button, in the MainActivity create Two java classes, InternalStorageScan and SDCardScan (create separate classes in different files) once the button is clicked, the InternalStorageS...

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    I need a Java small application written to act as a script that will essentially take in commands in a different language in text files and convert them into their Matlab equivalent. There are about a dozen or so commands so it's very specific and shouldn't take long at all. I just need the infrastructure setup of reading in the text files, storing

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    4 bida my project. I have a java program with source code, to make some optimisation using genetic algorithms. It works very fine. I want to translate to Delphi, I have made the translation first version, but the algorithms in delphi does not work right, it a lot more slower and not accurate , does not get such optimums like the original java program

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    This project is a super expedited, and should be done by Thursday, August 17th, 2pm US eastern time. So that's 18 hours from now. You have a free hand to pick up many of this project outcomes, as long as it has the following- 1. The code should be prepared on Java and can be run on eclipse platform; 2. The code should include simple 3D animation

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    This project is a super expedited, and should be done by Thursday, August 17th, 2pm US eastern time. So that's 18 hours from now. You have a free hand to pick up many of this project outcomes, as long as it has the following- 1. The code should be prepared on Java and can be run on eclipse platform; 2. The code should include simple 3D animation

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    This project needs to be 100% confidential. So I am not sharing any specific details about the project. To brief, I need a program (which got the template class and interfacce available). Implementation is based on JAVA interface and also JUnit test implementation to test the code. I need this working in any Linux environment (either Ubuntu 16.04

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    Website Design Tamat left

    good day, i'm Dev from malaysia. i would like to appoint a freelance to complete my project. my simple requirement as below: *Job/services posting website. exp : [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] *design must be simple and attractive, less flash, fast loading, image button, bootstrap design and not too complicated. straight to the point what we gonna

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    ...this amount of money. Necessary Skills ( more may be needed, these are to the best of my knowledge) -PHP programming -JSON knowledge -HTML/CSS [login to view URL] (possibly depending on how you intend to complete the project) -Java/javascript Knowledge Of- -Poker Mavens/api -Wordpress -Buddypress -MyCred -Databases We require

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    Dear Mr / Ms,I am writing this letter to apply for your job about Data Scientist,programming,…. I want some one to help me to find a job in Qatar or in United Arab Emirates. (please check attached pdf file,it's comatain more informations about me) I am very familiar with that kind of jobs. I hope to find out about this job possibility after taking

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    ...implementation of my app idea. Payment will be on an hourly basis and I for-see up to 100 hours of service in total. I already understand the fundamentals of programming and and most proficient in Java. The candidate will help me to: -Set up a web server for the app to use in its function -Program the server such that it delivers the necessary information

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    This should be a very simple task for someone who knows Spark programming in Java. This is time-sensitive! This must be completed and delivered within 48 hours of accepting this project. Environment Requirements: - This must be fully written in Java (assume Java 8). - Must run on Windows 10 - Must deliver as a ZIP file containing one root folder

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    I need a programming task done which involves making a small game in java. It uses the program processing and uses coding, simple coding like pixels and variables, conditionals, functions, arrays and strings. It's not that difficult of a project, and should take only about a couple of hours or less.

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    Hi, I need someone who has a good skillset with Java and Netbeans to help me finish off a project that i am currently working on. It is a simple job, because most of the work is done and the application as a whole is very very simple. Basically I want my application to be able to do the following: add an employee list employees serach for an

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    This is a 3d OpenGLES 2.0, project for iPhone and android. The requirement is to create a program for mobile devices, which draws a 3d mesh with reflection and refraction. The mesh should rotate so we can see the reflection and refraction working. There should be an environmental mapping based on a sky texture. Therefore you should have at least a

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    ...of such contact services available online and mobile applications (some functions are not needed, like trucking jobs, or submitting quotes, or job status follow up, and some simple additional functionality as conversation log and "to do" reminders on the side of professionals are required). Native apps will be needed. Basic Functionality: 1. Signup

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    ... But here's the deal, we don't just want to re-write our apps in Java. Everyone knows that's incredibly difficult to maintain. It's bad for us, and it's bad for our clients. We also knew we wanted to write fully tested code using the principles of Functional Reactive Programming. And so we created this little framework: [login to view URL]

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    Create a small programming language as well its compiler that will focus on simple arithmetic calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). The project must be done using Java, Eclipse (Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers) [login to view URL] and ANTLR. Everything you need

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    Looking for somebody who ...Diagrams, Class Diagrams, State Diagrams, Software Testing using JUnit, Swing GUI programming, Java Programming and Technical Writing (Report) for a one off simple project. Need somebody who can work on the project full-time and deliver within 7 days. Detailed project requirements will be provided to interested candidate...

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    Description A java cmdline application (no GUI) that creates, based on input (PDF/A file and several string arguments) an output (PDF/A-3 which contains embedded XML). For the sake of this description, we call the application "pre-convert". The job consists of creating a working "pre-convert" application and delivery of the full eclipse IDE (currently

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    ...with experience in Amazon API and Microsoft Excel VBA programming to develop a VBA that downloads a report e. g. settlement report for Feb. 2017 to an excel spreadshett. This should be fairly simple if you have experience in this area so please respond only if you are capable completing this project in a timely manner. Please give only bid if you

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    ...CloudSight receives a lot of questions asking for an example of how to build an application using our API and/or existing CloudSight libraries for Android devices using the Java programming language, fully commented and with a small number of tests (if possible). We re looking for a basic, completed API framework, approved by CloudSight's engineers, to be

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    In this project, you will implement a simple simulated file system. This project will let you get familiarwithimportantdatastructuresinafilesystem,includingi)volumecontrolblock,ii)thedirectory structure,iii)openfiletables(system-wideandper-process),andiv)FileControlBlock(FCB).Youwill also learn how basic file operations, such as open(), interact with these

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    Warning: This project is only for experienced c++ template programmers that are willing to understand the home grown move semantics implemented in RapidJSON. Please do not bid if you don't qualify. Cereal is a great serialization package for c++. [login to view URL] It is header only, extremely efficient, trivial to use,

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    This project is about some simple programming tasks at basic level with java for stationary units that communicate over the Internet

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    We am looking for a developer or a group of developers that would like to help build an innovational fitness website and mobile app. This is not a simple website project and will require ongoing support. Therefore, the interested party should be interested in becoming a permanent fixture(ownership stake) with the company as it grows. Here's a high-level

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    I require a simple java simple app to track the progress of production items. I have already partially built the app and have a dist that I could provide the developer in order to get the project finished off. It is unfortunately beyond my programming realm. The project incorporates 4 stations which are fully independent from each other. Data input

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