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    Hi Muhamad Amin Hakim S., Bro, nampak ada web scraping dlm description. ada task sikit nk bg boleh contact saya balik? whatsapp muaiz - (Removed by admin)

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    Perlu buat simple post-event report untuk dihantar kepada sponsor/funder kepada event/program tersebut. Satu report anggaran 5 ke 8 muka surat sahaja.

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    Menyediakan perkhidmatan copy writting

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    Mencari pembuat laman web yang sudah ada tempate bercoding. Nak buat 2 website simple sahaja. Domain & hosting pakai saya punya sahaja. Few pages sahaja. Guna offline fund transfer sahaja. Cuma nak buyer upload resit, isi no phone, nama & alamat sahaja.

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    Saya mencari seseorang di kota medan yang mengerti membuat app mobile android.

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    Sebuah website sudah jalan, perlu di FACELIFT supaya menarik dan up to date.

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    Saya ingin membuat Logo baru buat olshop saya ! yang warna utamanya hijau , bebas mau di padukan warna lain atau apa, saya ingin logo saya mempunyai nilai mewah dan gampang di ingat , simpel saja logonya ! Glomoda nama olshop saya , kalo bisa di tambah tagline jga

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    Need 1 page simple design adobe illustrator Check the exmaple i need more attractive

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    Hi freelancers, i need someone to do some docx. It easy job and not take you more than 1 hours. So, prefer to hiresome in lowest price. More details will be shared to selected freelancers. Thanks

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    Hello, I would like to write a simple bot (i have already started writing this script) which would go to the specific page (service now) - one page - could be hardcoded and do operations like that: 1. double click on the specific TD in the same row when the specific text occurs (I think this element can be found only by xpath - there is no ID or CLASS) and input text should be loaded 2. enter text into input and unclick this TD 3. refresh the page 4. return to point 1... etc.. only one problematic thing can be I don't have testing environment and I cannot share the code of the environment so share screen session will be only one option to complete this task

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    Make simple Logo 6 hari left

    Need logo similar font with lightning bolt in different location DELETE at home and under add ELECTRICAL I like the green color on white background

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    A simple Android application 6 hari left

    I need an Android application that when the user installs and runs the application for the first time, I can continuously use that user's IP as a proxy with the best quality and without interruption. No appearance is required, you can even give me a blank page. I will give you a server so that I can use the user's IP as a proxy, and it must support at least 30 users (devices) of this application.

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    i have some code done, but i need help completing it. I also have a main file that contains various functions that need to be broken up into different files

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    I uploaded the task with the description

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    I am looking to have an indicator that will plot the time, the duration, of a non-time based bar ( tick, range , renko, ninza renko ) from its open to its close. The plot, the time counter, should be on top of the bar, and will start its count as soon as the bar opens. The increments should be tenths of a second, seconds, tens of seconds, minutes and tens of minutes. Example: A bar that had a duration of 9.2 seconds would be plotted - 09.2 above the bar. A bar that had a duration of 21 minutes and 5 seconds would be plotted 21:05. Once a bar reaches one minute, tenths of seconds will NOT be plotted. Only bars longer than 9 minutes will have four numbers plotted. The count should begin as soon as the bar opens, so every current bar will have a moving timer on it that runs. The a...

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    rhino work detail....................

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    ...PyCharm gradle plugin will have two features: Feature #1 (New Project Wizard of type "STAG") "New Project wizard will include an option called "STAG". Following are the parameters on the wizard Parameter #1 (STAG Name) This is the STAG name. It must end in the word "stag". e.g. petstag, demostag, googlestag etc.. Set default value to "petstag". Parameter #2 (STAG pattern) This is a dropdown menu. Contains two values ==> rubicon, apollo. Default selection: rubicon. Of course, this list must be extensible in future. Parameter #3 (STAG pattern version) Contains two values ==> 1.0.0, 1.0.0-alpha. Default selection: 1.0.0-alpha. Of course, this list must be extensible in future. Parameter #4 (STAG Location) This is basica...

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    Nous sommes à la recherche d’un expert informatique scraping/extraction web de données produits e-commerce afin de réaliser une boutique e-commerce capable de scraper et extraire en temps réel les données des produits de nombreux sites partenaires. Ces données prennent de produits, ayant chacun un titre, une description, des attributs, des photos et un prix. Ces informations devront être extraites des sites partenaires afin de figurer sur notre site à l’identique, en passant par la traduction et certaines transformations nécessaires telles que la conversion du prix (pour ajouter une marge de revente et le changement de monnaie). L’objectif sera ainsi de créer un lien entre plusieurs boutiques ...

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    Hello , We are a IT staffing firm looking for lead generation , your job is to find prospects on freelance portals and make a pitch. all warm leads , need to have excellent English skills. this is a part time position , I will pay 150$/month plus commission on projects. this might turn into a fulltime position. No auto bidders leave " cyber geek" at the top of your bid so i know you read the description. Looking forward to seeing your proposals. Thank you

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    I produce my url to inpout from other site with this syntax: Everything works perfect. When i hav this link: (T&T)&customer_code=1234&username=bertha OR (T&t)&customer_code=12%20(1&2%20)34&username=bertha(%201%20&%20B) It doesnt work so fine. It the Regexp thats not working so fine. Have this code to make this happen: ---------------------------------------- "use strict"; (function() { /* Ändra här: */ var urlBind = { COMPANY_NAME: 'q1' ,CUSTOMER_CODE: 'q2' ,USERNAME: 'q3' }; jQuery(function() { for (var s in urlBind) { var uval = getParameterByName(s); if (uval) { $PX(urlBind[s]).value(uval); } } }) function get...

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    We need an 1800 word article on "12 Best Deals You Should Look Out For This Christmas" The article should not be plagiarized. Each sentence should not have a word count of more than 15 words. There should be 1 heading "12 Best Deals You Should Look Out For This Christmas" There should be 12 Sub-headings(containing name of a particular deal) ...Look Out For This Christmas" The article should not be plagiarized. Each sentence should not have a word count of more than 15 words. There should be 1 heading "12 Best Deals You Should Look Out For This Christmas" There should be 12 Sub-headings(containing name of a particular deal) Each sub topic should have 150 words (12 sub-topics; each subtopic should have 150 words) Additional job description...

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    Kiosk Software Job Description: Project Details : We need a self order Kiosk Software for Fast food Kiosk similar to the one used by McDonalds, Software User interface : 1 - onto the screen their will be a video presentation of Food items & deals of Fast Food - their is also a message for user to touch on Screen ( Tap To Order ) 2 - User will get two options - Take away and In place 3 - User will get the option to select the Products: menu of items and sandwich. Burger. Fries. Drinks, ETC 4 - Customizations in order items, ( User will get options to customize its food, - for example if they want to add extra cheese and stuff like this ) 5 - offer others products ( offer to user to add some other products / food items before order ) 6 - payment on Kiosk or...

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    WordPress and Laravel Developer familiar with API and mail dripping. Please share your experiences in the bid description.

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    DB error on most of the sub pages and same on the Admin pages. Go to and click on the sub pages to see the error. Server Error in '/' Application. Compilation Error Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately. Compiler Error Message: CS0246: The type or namespace name 'var' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) Source Error: Line 19: using (sahran01Entities db = new sahran01Entities()) Line 20: { Line 21: var buyers = (); Line 22: { Line 23: = ;

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    Add a very small clickable image, with alt text, to the top of the website theme, so it aligns to the left (this can be hardcoded, but please tell me how to change it!). There are two large "button areas" on the homepage, these need to be turned into clickable links, if possible. If not we will turn the two text links into nice looking buttons. There are two pages with sidebars. Remove the side bar and add a new quote form to the bottom (the coding for this is already setup, you just need to get rid of the sidebars, and add the shortcode to the pages). This is a very small project which will only take an experienced Wordpress coder about an hour, maybe not even that! Please type "55" in your quote so i know you have read this. There will be the opt...

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    Requirements: Design and build a database. Deliverables: 1. A list of any assumptions 2. A UML class, ER or other diagram showing the different entities and relationships in your design. 3. A description of how you mapped your high-level design into a set of MongoDB collections to be implemented. 4. A set of 12 MongoDB queries to extract information from the system.

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    Simple web site 6 hari left

    I want to develop a simple web site, which contains a simple database with only one table. It's a simple dictionnary where users can view scientific words displayed with 3 languages (arabic, french and english). User can find any word he want and view it's translation. These words come from a database which only the admin who can update its content via a simple dashboard.

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    Simple data collation, the project is suitable for novices, if you are interested, I will tell you the details in the chat

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    Programming a very simple seasonal trading strategy to which you pass month of year as parameter, and it opens long/short position on first day of month and closes it on last day of month. Only 2 parameters: month of year and position (long/short).

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    An Application having a simple User Interface where Admin and Contributors (users) can post a picture with its download link in its specified category. - must have developed and published apps on the play store & - have knowledge of monetizing apps with AdSense previously. That's it.

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    can we discuss regarding project

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    -Lοοking for native Fijian people(come from Fiji)) for reading / voice record of 180 simple sentences οn an app . -Quite easy task. No need to have any experience. -Need around 35 mins to complete it. -Yοu just need to use your phοne and a quiet place. Payment will be received after checking your recordings. -Voice will be used only for AI training voice recognitiοn technology.

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    I am a meditation teacher. Want to create some animation for my project

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    I am a meditation teacher. Want to create some animation for my project

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    Looking for someone to create a simple text based animation.

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    We are looking to hire developers to write a dynamic automated price optimization algorithm that can respond to market events and to competitors. The product we are asking you to price is available in different local markets and prices can be set each time period. You will be given historical data for a sample of markets: a history of prices, sales, and cost of sales for the firm whose prices you are trying to optimize, as well as an average of competitor prices and a variable summarizing market conditions.

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    I want to add modification on my personal photo such as white background and adding official suit and keep the quality of the photo the same before modifying

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    I need someone to make a simple autocad drawing for me

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    I will allocate content writing tasks on a regular basis to the right person. New freelancer only My budget is perfect as there will be work allocation on regular basis.

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    We have developed already the device that control RGB LED strip for Smart home solutions. We need to develop the mobile app to control the LED strip with our device for android only. Plz refer WLED Project as this one is very similar to ours.

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    I am looking for a Python developer to create a data extractor from Please read the details carefully before you bid. The data must be able to be exported to a CSV file with the columns of information on the independent therapist page. I will provide the expected CSV file format before starting the task. I hope to get the Python code for me to run the code by myself again.

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    Project details include: Producing a high-quality video describing BlueHost's service (about 5 min) The video should address the people to use the attached link Original sound Optimized title Optimized keywords Optimized description An eye-catching thumbnail I'm looking for freelancers with proven experience with generating such videos (affiliate marketing). Please provide links to videos you've produced) Avoiding copyright issues is crucial

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    I need help making a Fibonacci numbers assignment. It compares different algorithms to find the most efficient one. Will share more details once connected.

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    Several co-workers of yours have recently had personal belongings stolen from the workplace, and the company is planning to install high-resolution security cameras to capture footage to make the workplace secure. The company prepared a employee consent form for this purpose. The form asked the employees to provide the names of the friends they hang out with, and sign the form agreeing to the installation of the cameras. All employees completed that form. The forms are stored in a cabinet for an unspecified period. The video footage from the cameras is archived in the amazon cloud as long as the company wishes to retain it. Security experts from a third party company ABC Soft, and your office manager have access to that cloud account. ABC Soft uses facial recognition technology to help ide...

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    I need to complete my project but I can't get to move the data from the "My Devices" table over to the "Added Devices" in checkbox form after pressing the "Initialized" button (see sample image). Also please do the graph as well.

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    Trophy icon Simple logo 1 hari left

    I need a logo made for a new company that incorporates my pre-existing company’s logo. CARS & Co. Would want the words to be the same font as the & Co. Logo + maybe incorporating a car into the logo.

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    Hello, We have a Shopify with Stripe as a payment gateway. Stripe offers Bancontact, Giroypay, and Ideal as payment method, but it requires some coding since Shopify do not recognize these option natively. I need a dev that will be able to add these additional payment methods. You need to be comfortable with Shopify and Stripe API as it's really sensitive and a crucial part of our e-commerce business.

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    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    This website will be used only for mobile , so i dont need desktop version. This Crypto Tracker i will use to convert in app , so need to look like a application. I need to have this features : Spot Markets Trendings Overview Charts I dont need a complex website, something very simple. Please to have a resonable budget. I attached example

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    Hello everyone, We are looking for a webdeveloper for a very simple website. We don’t need it to be secured or anything, it is for demonstration purposes. Please see the attached .txt.

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    Hello, I want to upgrade my steam market scanner, i want to this program go though steam profile ! not in search . remember one thing, im not going to award or milstone since ill see that project done because a lot of people dont know how to do it !

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