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    Hi there - our website, United Remedies - running on SHOPIFY needs a quick fix on a product price code error. I need somebody to look at the product variants and how they're pulling the "compare at price." This product: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] here you can see the sale and non-sale price. We need this function to show also on other products, e.g. [log masuk u...

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    PDF Generator (A4 format) from an HTML5, Wordpress or Custom Application. We would need 5 cover designs to choose from (design layout will be provided), and 8 types of internal page layout (top banner + 2 columns, 1 column 100%, 2 columns 70% /30%, etc...). It will need to be editable as a TinyMCE (or any similar editor)

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    I need a developer who can create a web site to allow an authenticated user to upload a CSV file, choose which CSV fields map to an XML Schema, create the XML, then call a SOAP service with the parsed data. User creation and management will not be needed. Preferred technologies are Java, JAX-WS, JAXB, MySQL. PHP and .NET (SQL Server) will also be considered.

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    I have a piece of equipment that requires an interactive 3D presentation. It must be cross-platform for both android, apple and windows. It must be able to run not only on-line, but also as a downloadable app able to run on the users computer or tablet. There will be three versions. The first version with two week turn around will have the unit in two configurations, open and closed, where t...

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    l need a developer to customize a sitemap generator script to crawl multiple sites and store sitemaps in remote directory with unique names using cron jobs. Background - current script The current script only runs one sitemap per time and the config files caters for one process and one site. And to run next site, l have to edit config settings first, create new blank sitemaps and and run scrip...

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    We have a vendor solution for our manufacturing execution system called cmNavigo. Customization is allowed through a "dynamic execution engine", which takes c# code, and executes it manually or automatically during run-time. We have never tried to customize with a third party so bear with me on my explanation of the request. We would like an action code that can take value 9 values ...

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    1, functional overview According to reference [log masuk untuk melihat URL] demo account: Gao password: Jia Xu, 8538238 1) users in the Taobao place an order; 2) payment to the user Taobao; 3) the website automatically according to the order information Taobao establish account and account recharge and buy the same amount of traffic, Taobao ID, password account name for the user to Taobao tra...

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    W4m code lead neded with high rate and daily payment If you are posting on cl then start biding I'll pay you daily basis. Thanks

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    We need to code the attached image into the top of this page: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It should take up the entire top section of the page, you'll need to code the menu in as well. Pixel perfect design only please :) Thanks!

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    .NET developer Tamat left

    Our client has an older .net application that allow visitors to enter about 10 variables and based off of these (including zip-code radius) their results are tallied and the information is given to all vendors. We need to add a qualifying question as to which vendor is being used prior to collecting the remaining data so that the remaining data can be customized to that vendor. There may be ad...

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    The goal of the project is to create a Quilt Donation website which will enable the client to sell traditional dresses and Quilts all around the world from the home . The client is currently making the goods from home and hence wants a website to gain customers in whole Australia. the website should be made in .net

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    I need some one to help me with my business plan, i am using an online business plan generator called LivePlan, what i need is some one to be able to work with online for the next couple of hours and fill all the info and contents to the plan.

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    .net developer Tamat left

    I am looking for .net development to fix the bugs I am looking for .net development to fix the bugs I am looking for .net development to fix the bugs

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    I've have been building a few websites for my friends and would like to do more, starting with simple website. I'm passionate and approchable. I can work with anybody who don't know anything about IT. I can help guide you through creating your website as a simple project or do it all for you, as well as maintanance your website. I will work with you to create the website that looks ...

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    I have two SQL servers at different locations. One is the main location the other is a backup location. When a new record in updated at the main location I need a trigger to launch a program to replicate that data on the backup server or you can check for changes every 5 min. This will have to be done via the internet. We will provide .bak to test with.... This is only for one database w...

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    Devolope a matlab program to obtain pulse compression code based on a fitness function using genetic algorithm

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    I have a rather simple task (i think). There's a few lines of code that connects to a database, all which of the functions seems to have been deprecated from php and now give error messages when used. "mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in..." I'm not a coder so trying to figure out how to convert these few lines of code i rather just le...

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    Write code for use in Squarespace weppage with following function: 1. Allow visitor to upload video to my public dropbox folder 2. After/during video upload, redirect user to Paypal for payment

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'High Net Worth clients in Japan'

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    We have sound level meter with RS232 output and need the data to be transferred to pc, (commands available) than we need to process the data and compare the data with other data. Please ask more info by email, we don't want to give away all our ideas on the public net.

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    i have a .net web portal project

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    This project for one of my client to provide oauth2 authentication and authorization server. It is similar to spring uaa but we can create a custom project using spring-oauth2, spring-security and spring-cas(for authentication using ldap). The frontend will be using angular js. I initially created a architecture framework to start with. We need to fill the following clients requirement. 1. A...

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    It is a C# | .NET Project. Please see the attached details.

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    Hi there, I need somebody to animate & shade 6 elements to fit into a 10 second scene for my film. The elements will need to rise and fall. I have already bought the objects from turbosquid & have the HDRI mirrorball references to help with the shading. I have a tight deadline of 3 days, there is also a simple forward tracking camera move, so the elements will have to be tracked in p...

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    I want someone to convert an Ox code (around 50 lines of code) to matlab code.

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    Hi all, We would like to designs & integrate with those designs with our source code. Designs should be similar to the hike [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ping option to be included in this application(BB OS has this option). Regards, Ram

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    We are looking for experienced full stack developer (Angular JS , .NET WebAPI , C#, SQL , Bootstrap ) to work on Order processing module for our [log masuk untuk melihat URL] website. We need the procedure of checkout, payment/shipment, order processing system and suggest, modify/re-design them as simple and easy checkout system. *Please no general bid*. Review our [log masuk untuk melihat U...

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    Hello, I need a source code fix to an software written in Google Chrome binary code. I know freelancers fees so dont make stupid bids. I pay maximum 30$

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    I want someone to custom code a website like fiverr. You must not use any clone script. Need it done fully custom. If this is something you can do. Please Apply

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    We need to code the attached image into the top of this page: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It should take up the entire top section of the page, you'll need to code the menu in as well. Pixel perfect design only please :) Thanks!

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    Hi there, We are looking for a website for a food & catering service ( with delivery options ). Most of the site is pretty straight forward, and will be based on an existing design / template ( bought ). However, there are some slight additional developments needed; The website will hold default pages managable from wordpress ( information, about us, contact us, homepage, ... ) but will a...

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    This is an easy job and can be done quickly. I need 10 articles (with titles too) written about the latest PS3/PS4/PlayStation Network games. You might want to read up on latest game titles, etc just to know what's going on these days. Simply use your imagination and write general stuff like how much the game is anticipated, about the graphics, what gamers will like, etc. Anything will do....

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    27 bida

    I have included the excel file that I use to keep track of my betting. I want to convert this and make this web based instead of excel. The function I'm looking for should be password secured so that only me can login and view/edit the information. It should have these files: (the first 4 files are inside the excel file. You can open it and see how these pages look like and how they function ...

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    Imagine that you have been selected by the United States Senate to create a Java solution for managing the voting on motions once debate has concluded on the senate floor. The system you create must accept votes on a specified motion, tabulate Yeas and Nays and determine whether motions pass or fail. No votes can be accepted upon a motion until it is opened for voting. When a motion is clos...

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    We are looking for best freelancers in the following fields : Web Design and development . Net development Cloud developers on Azure Sales and Marketing We want at least a team of 4 to 8 freelancers,In the above areas. As soon as the projects will be handed over to the freelancer, he must be able to start with it immediately. We are looking for a long term relationship. There is no location p...

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    10 bida

    Need to write code to programatically take screenshot of a wkwebview

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    9 bida

    Some matlab code who will do somthing and make gui. I need it in one day. Its easy, you will need 3 or 4 hours to write it

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    1 bida

    I have a wordpress classifides site. On it, free listings go to "pending admin approval". Paid listings go live right away. I need paid listings to go to "pending admin approval" like the free listings do. This is done in the theme's source code, which I will provide. You need to know PHP and HTML to edit this source code.

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    Project Description: We are hiring long term SEO expert. We provide websites, and key words, you will be working the entire process of the onsite and offsite SEO Must Requirements: you need to show your proven track records All you will be doing must follow Google guidelines You are not allowed to use banned sites, gambling, pornographic, violent, illegal sites You are not allowed to...

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    -Main requirements: Website design demo from: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (Our website needs to be responsive & its in Arabic so RTL CSS) PHP backend & wordpress CMS Use your own test server then we will move to our own dedicated server plz -Required Features: Sign up > via facebook, instagram, twitter or email There will be clickable categories where it says 'Most Viral&...

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    I need a C++ expert with experience with Windows native API to modify a firewall ( packet filter ) code in C++. The firewall is based on the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) and uses the WFP API. This firewall code was working fine until Microsoft had to update the architecture of the WFP slightly for Windows 8. Therefore the code no longer works for Windows 8 but still works for Vista and Win 7. ...

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    required a programming code regarding the file

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    I have an Excel spreadsheet that contains data about a name of appliance and a date. The data covers the years 1998 ( 4 entries) through to 2014 (69 entries). See attached document. This raw data needs to be converted into two columns ie one column a name (with hyperlink).and the other column the date. The project is to take the data for each year at a time and convert it into a table read...

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    required a programming code regarding the file

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    This is a fast and easy fix for someone experiences with Javascript and PHP. Should take less than 1 hour. I have 3 advertisment codes that are javascript, and they display fine on my php files. But when I change those codes out for these codes, the script does not show the ads. Need to get the script working in 3 places.

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    I've upgraded to the latest version of woocommerce and now the post code shipping is not working. I need help URGENTLY. need to assign shipping price according to postcode. I have 4 "zones" each with various post codes. Each zone has different price. I have installed various plugins (post code shipping and table rate shipping) but they are not appearing in the woocommer...

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    Hello, I am looking to purchase source code for Android game + Reskin service + Implement in-app purchase + implement ads network sdk. Please bid if you have the rights to sell the source code of the game and have the ability to do the reskin (new icons, graphics, sound, music). Additional Requirements: 1) Entry splash screen for the game (I will provide the graphic for this splash scree...

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    Looking for an experienced web dev to create a website for my startup. Current page can be viewed at It's hosted in Microsoft Azure for easy deployment from Visual Studio and the code base is in Visual Studio Online. ASP .NET and web dev experience a must. Libraries already included are: jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and Angular. Any other OpenSource libraries can be used. I hav...

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    Hi there, I'm looking for someone to review code written for a RFduino and help solve current problems given the code and the components involved. I won't be able to supply a demo unit but can run any changes/updates to the code on my end. Let me know if you want to take a shot at it and I'll give you more details. Thanks!

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    $150 - $150
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    I need a library that can write to a 128x64 Graphic Display having ST7920 controller in it. The Library must support SPI Mode and .Net Micro Framework. The library must able to draw graphics and text(custom fonts).

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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