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    Please note: RUSSlAN language (Русский язык) is a mandatory requirement. Our budget is 370 $ We are looking for an experienced developer for building a barcode generator tool that will be used as a part of the user panel user panel on our website. The developer must have an experience in the following fields: VUE.JS + HTML + Laravel 6 Our project manager will test the VUE.JS and Laravel 6 + skills...

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    I need someone who can design a project for Google drive sharing files. Google Drive allows you to share files on the web or the internet using a shared URL. Recently I read one article on creating direct links to Gdrive files or folder. But it wasn't enough and now I am thinking to create a direct download link generator using HTML, CSS, and other codes. So that I can easily share my URL o...

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    This is a power system network construction using powerworld

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    I need a new website Android app iOS. I need you to design and build. Clean and Modern Design Fully Responsive (also in Admin panel) Built with PHP/MySQL & HTML5/CSS3 Frameworks: Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, VueJS Geo location supported (with Maxmind free or pro database) Multi Currencies Support for RTL direction Multiple Languages Available Unlimited Colors Homepage Customization (Change ...

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    Property: Personal website Feel of the website: Simple, Elegant, a bit formal, a bit artistic (in that order) Commercial aspects: This would be a free website. But it would require a prior registration if more resources are to be accessed Purpose: Create a network of like-minded professionals across various domains (tax and non-tax), create a forum for participants to share their views, create a d...

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    I need you to run the simulation for a 3D model of a thermoelectric-enhances air conditioner. The results should tell me how much potential difference I can obtain from the waste heat if a compressor using a thermoelectric generator. I need the 1500 word discussion of the results found. Can you also just write a small method of what you done to obtain the results.

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    Hello for you iOS app I need to add a privacy policy URL, can someone find a free privacy policy generator and make this? Regards

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    The goal is to develop a uC compiler using python. Most of the code (AST, parser, IR code generator...) and also some examples will be available through git. The person needs to follow the details available in the repository and understand compiler design, lexical and syntactic analysis, optimizations, control flow graph, SSA graph.

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    i need a simulation of a thermoelectric enhanced air conditioner. in my project the thermoelectric generator is connected to the compressor of the split AC unit. I need the results of the potential difference and a discussion explaining what the findings are and how efficient it is. I would also like to know how much energy is saved and how much waste heat is recovered.

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    Please note: RUSSlAN language (Русский язык) is a mandatory requirement. Our budget is 370 $ We are looking for an experienced developer for building a barcode generator tool that will be used as a part of the user panel user panel on our website. The developer must have an experience in the following fields: VUE.JS + HTML + Laravel 6 Our project manager will test the VUE.JS and Laravel 6 + skill...

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    ONE DAY DELIVERY ONLY! $30 BUDGET ONLY! / ONE DAY DELIVERY ONLY! $30 BUDGET ONLY! PLEASE EXCELLENT ENGLISH ONLY! USE MY INFORMATION - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need (2) website like this right now! Use this design - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please be sure to include: 1. Have you added sitemap 2. Keywords - I will provide 3. Google website ...

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    PET STORE ONLINE Do we need to make a virtual pet store with this Templaet for the design [log masuk untuk melihat URL] _ga = 2.220790555.2093264115.1586707804-985629882.1568474215 We need to be recommended a payment processor with the following characteristics: - Accept Payments with international cards, Paypal and direct transfer to our banking account in Panama - Withdrawal of money from our b...

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    I need someone that can write some CSS code for me that will work with our platform that we use and then the ability to generate that CSS codes with color options. Ex.) User comes to website, enters the color codes they want use, rounded corners or not, and then when they press generate it spits out the code with all that information. One of the generators I need, I already have the code for. J...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a person who can perform the tasks listed below. 1. Lead Generation (databases including social media profiles and contact details) 2. Web scraping 3. Social Media profile scraping 4. Email list building Leads should be highly targeted to the given topic.

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    Hi, freelancers. I am building a website and it's built with vue.js. I need gift card generator so that my customer can make gift card by themselves. Budget is $500. Don't bid if you want more. I am looking forward to meeting an expert in vue and giftcard generator. Thanks

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    I need algorithm MRZ barcode generator two & three line. And best font for reading ocr Regards

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    I have a program that I need to implement a Modulo 256 checksum into the data transmitted over serial. I will provide the initial arduino sketch and define what needs the checksum

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    6 bida

    I am in process of simulating a microgrid, having 3 buildings and connecting them to a battery storage and diesel generator for backup purposes only.

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    I would like to generate a word cloud similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] HTML Canvas example that can accept a list of sentences and output a word cloud with the following conditions Additional features include 1. Ability to input multiple sentences (ranging from 1 - 20 sentences) 2. Words in a sentence should not be separated 3. Each sentence should only appear once 4. Scatter words with ...

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    I need database of usa consumer only phone number. Is there any tool or way to generate number of consumer mobile number or land line.

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    Looking for a full stack developer to create a mobile app (across all major platforms, iOS, google play, etc. and all mobile types phone/tablet/iPad) that will allow a user to create a business card by selecting from a variety of card types. When user selects and creates business card the user can then populate this business card with a QR code. The generating user can then add either a 30 second ...

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    Automatic image caption generator Jan 2019 – Jan 2020 Tensorflow, Python Implemented a model to extract features from images and generate captions for those images. This model uses CNN over image regions and Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) over sentence generation. Predicting next character and word Jan 2019 – Jan 2020 Keras, Python Developed a model that predicts the next character or w...

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    7 bida

    The generator of the screw runs on account of the current of running water

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    I want quick prototype app to demonstrate to generate QR code on the user mobile by the app. The app first requests a QR code from the system. The system will response with QR code. The app user will show that QR code to a validator(another user). The Validator App user should able to scan that QR code and send request to server to validate the code. Both of the users will get notification upon...

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    3 bida

    Hi, I need a lead generator, only bid if you are from Europe or the USA

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    6 bida

    I'm looking for a bingo book generator for a WordPress eCommerce site (Woocommerce) plugin, that provides 6 boxes with 10 sheets per book, automatically generated for customers who buy on the site, with a corresponding game to appear on site (I'll attach an outline of exactly the requirements necessary) Please use the following link as the base for the game, if possible. [log masuk unt...

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    18 bida

    I'm looking for an affordable virtual assistant and lead generator. I need someone who can search the Internet for potential new customers and post relevant bids and invitations to use my website services based on my direction. There may be other virtual assistant related tasks or other marketing effort directly related to finding new leads for my business.

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    Hello! We'd like to convert the attached sitemap into an editable CSV format so that each row has a different page e.g. Store Store/apple-hardware store/apple-hardware/ipad The Jpeg image and the beginning of the process has already been started in the attached sheet. I need this fairly urgently, would be very grateful for any help on this!

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    9 bida

    update [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to resemble [log masuk untuk melihat URL] with forms, pdf generator and auto responder and links to [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    18 bida

    Project description The website must have the following functions: For a basketball tournament management process. 1. Database -Load historical data -Build new forms and tables 2. Event registration -accomodation -team totals -team lists 3. Different login -Superuser -Schools -Coaches -Officials -Parents, Fans and so on Extra features -Match schedule generator -Capture scores Social media int...

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    31 bida

    The website must have the following functions: For a basketball tournament management process. 1. Database -Load historical data -Build new forms and tables 2. Event registration -accomodation -team totals -team lists 3. Different login -Superuser -Schools -Coaches -Officials -Parents, Fans and so on Extra features -Match schedule generator -Capture scores Social media integration -Push messa...

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    43 bida

    Hi There, Have a look at this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] How much would you charge for something like this and how long will it take? Kindly note, just like most people, we are also affected by Covid so a fair price would be definitely appreciated. We are planning to continue this project so when things get back to normal, then we can get back to a more 'average market' rate. K...

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    11 bida

    I need help with my business. We need Lead Generator urgently on commission basis. Long term project. Good earning everyday

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    5 bida

    Hi! I need support configurating the Plugin called Immonex Lead generator for wordpress. For some reason its not displaying the way I want and for a developer I am sure this is an easy task. The plugin is already uploaded to the website and connected to the API of IMMOBILIENSCOUT24 + I also activated the GoogleMaps API. There might be an issue with this though, I am not 100% sure and I dont want ...

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    8 bida

    hello brother my website contains attachment files can you make those attachments to post sitemap i am useing yoast seo plugin

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    1 bida

    certificate generator frontend- reactjs backend- Firebase [log masuk untuk melihat URL] this site provide us autogenerated certificate with QR code and by scanning QR code we use to redirect on above mentioned website with pre entered verifivation number. End result is your certificate is verified with date time and name of applicant. as mentioned with attached file.

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    4 bida

    In conjunction with a local chain of restaurants, I need a website to manage food orders for delivery. The restaurants are owned by the same group but are managed independently. The food ordering website I am looking for must have the following capabilities: 1. Buyer front end with login (user/password/email confirm), food ordering, custom payment gateway (this is because we use a local bank), d...

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    69 bida

    Hello, this is a POC, to be built using PHP and Js. We are looking for a php & Js developer to build a system that will do auto interview: 1) visitor have a form - choosing interview type (out of dropdown) and will in textarea - 1 line description. click "Let Start" to prepare for interview. 2) load predefined script from a csv - each line is a question. 3) will load a screen, tha...

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    i have a server with a database of stores, i wand a dashbaord where the admin can generate a webpage template of each store products the page will be linked to a separate folder and domain. the visitor can shop from a single store through it's personal domain. at the and it will redirect to a single payment gateway (already linked). each stores page need to have a small personalization such ...

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    Web Scraper Tamat left

    Hi, I typically have 5-10 projects I need done a week. So, I am hiring multiple developers for this listing. I will pay $50-100 per scraper, depending on the length of the work/requirements. For all my scrapers I require the async library (asynchronous) and aiohttp. We will also need a cache/queue system for all of the scrapers, so we can resume the progress if lost/killed. Output should be csv al...

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    38 bida

    I have a static website(html/js/css) developed and am looking for an expert frontend developer who can add a few animations/sliders as required. I will share the existing codebase with the right candidate. Required skills: - HTML5/CSS and JS animation exp - Knowledge of Gulp, SSG(Static Site Generator, especially Jekyll) - The experience worked with Netlify as deployment

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    It should usually consists a game page,where we have the choices of picking any of color of our choice and bidding on that with real money ,which should have been already recharged in our wallet

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    I need a simple website for my blog. I intend it to look like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and have this websites About us, contact us, sitemap and pricey policy pages make with us. You must check sitemap and pricey policy [log masuk untuk melihat URL] same to same page also need.

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    Hello, I am looking for help on to create Schema Markup for my Website, generating a Sitemap and optimize the speed issue. It is an urgent Project, looking for someone to do it on urgent basis. Thank you.

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    - One Click Generator (Browsing Google sites to increase captcha score for Gmails) - Account Gen for certain sites (must be able to support 2captcha) - Proxy Generator - Auto Link Opener / Auto Discord Joiner (Reads discord channels, and automatically clicks links) - QR Support - OCR Support - Spoof Browser (Able to open multiple browser instances with support for proxies through one...

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    Fix a [log masuk untuk melihat URL] sitemap to address a "show more" issue for a particular site.

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    I'm working on a project for our non-profit using a PHP Generator program. We would like to add a chat section for the community to talk with each others in the way that a facebook group style chat is. At the top, there will be a box to where you can post a message, add images that will be viewable when clicked to make them larger, and OEmbed links and videos from other sites. The administrat...

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    I have a PDF that I want to turn into an HTML template which will then be used to generate the same PDF via a dotnet core console application. The deliverable for this are: 1. Converting the PDF into an HTML template 2. A console application to generate a PDF from the template The PDF is 5 A4 pages long and is mostly text with a number of tables spread throughout.

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