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    Is there any nIche that you specialize in ; We are looking for auto insurance leads in CT New drivers Drivers with permits Drivers with poor records Drivers renewing with Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Budget will be $ 170- 680 monthly based on quality o

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    $100 AUD Budget per month, we are looking for a SEO agency to white-label under our agency.

You must have good communication, fluent English and be able to work and communicate effectively. Need to include: 1) Analyse the website and will provide us with a website analysis report 2) Analyse competitor and will provide us with a competitor analysis report 3) Research keywords and will suggest ...

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    Hi there, ****Please read the entire post prior to applying to the job!**** We are looking for a developer to build us a simple tool for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] sellers. The tool simply needs to do the following: -Super URL generator for Keyword filtering products on Walmart based on inputs such as product ID and keyword. Here is a link to a pre-existing tool: [log masuk untuk melihat U...

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    Hi there, ****Please read the entire post prior to applying to the job!**** We are looking for a developer to build us a very fast and easy tool for Walmart Sellers. The tool simply needs to do the following: -Fetch keyword data from Walmart and Wish -Tracking keyword rankings on Walmart -Pull sales data and fees from Walmart and Wish -Pull order data from Walmart and Wish -Super URL generator ...

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    Company name and presentation: MBA Center is a platform helping students with orientation and preparation for admission into the best US and European universities such as Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Columbia, MIT, INSEAD, HEC, LBS, LSE, Oxford, Cambridge. MBA Center is looking for a LinkedIn Leads Generator who will collaborate with our sales and digital marketing team. Your job: Are you attrac...

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    Please read the description carefully and only respond if you know how to do this. Please describe your solution in your reply in order to be considered. I’m trying to figure an elegant way to achieve the effect in the link. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Note how the navigation menu links to local pages only. This method is repeated in each city listed in the service area link below. Wha...

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    Role Leadgenerator Book new leads from social media specifically Facebook and Instagram that will be converted into paying costumers. The first step is to find people interested in coaching of training and book a call together with one of the sales closers of Team BFAS. This call is a lead for them to work with. Booking leads will be made through Sebastians social media accounts, facebook, insta...

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    Hello I have a react app using NextJS I have an issue that when I import some images into srcSet in img element they get long string in production instead of their file name. you can see example here in this url: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for image: /_next/static/images/generator-rental... also I post the question here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] need to fix this images importing and ha...

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    I have a small script to generate a CSV file from MySQL to the following format Product code,Price,Quantity,Currency,Vendor,Language 978130290894253499,530,2,USD,XXX,en The majority of products are working fine but I've found some products are not getting correct qty. For example, a product qty is 0 in MySql, but on the CSV file, it shows 1 I need someone to fix this problem.

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    Hello, I'm looking for a freelancer who can make a PHP or a node js script, that customizes a text on an animated picture (GIF). I'm attaching an example. All that is needed: a text box to write the text (The user name or the channel name), then a generate button which will generate the same gif but with the username customized. Also, I will need the documentation on how to add more...

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    Looking for a professional Social Media Marketing and lead generator for our company.

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    I'm looking for an app that can be used to transform unicode characters into fonts to create realistic looking sentences which can be pasted from the clipboard into places like YouTube. Basically, I just want an app version of this website - [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Lead Generator Tamat left

    I'm interested in getting leads for people interested in purchasing life insurance. The leads have to be located in the Unite States. Let me know if this is something you can supply.

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    Website design Tamat left

    I am commissioning a 3D tile based world generation and loading system for Unity. World generation will use 3D tiles and a wave function collapse (WFC) algorithm to generate cave/dungeon/tunnel systems similar to that of Elder Scrolls: Daggerfalls dungeons. World generation should be limited to small chunks so that only parts of the world near the player need to be loaded at any given time. The wo...

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    We need a video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc with backend node.js or php Common Features Banner and Video Ads Paypal Standard Payment Gateway Easy Admin contact Blog Google Analytics Maintenance Mode Sitemap Advance Features Export Redeem Request Details with CSV and XLS Outlines and Statistics Admin Side Notifications Banner and Video Ad Price Management Manage Pr...

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    Hello I need someone to build a sitemap on my shopify site. I just tried doing it but its showing an 404 error .Maybe it needs to be added on google console to work.

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    I'm looking to generate labels/barcodes in bulk with an api call. The call will contain the label template and a list of labels to be printed. The response must be a pdf with labels formatted to the specification of the label template. Deliverables: Front-end - React component for managing label templates and designs. Functionality: Create/Add New Label Template Dynamic template designer ...

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    We are looking for skilled barcode generator developer. The task is to implement pixel reduction for GS1 data matrix. Please contact if you have expierience.

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    Hi, we are looking to integrate a call service, login/user page, ticket generation, schedule generator and payment service for a virtual tour page of museums (page: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]). There is a video that explains what we need to do. The requirements are the next: - Login/user o It should allow connecting with Facebook/google o It has to have a user page to complete information, see...

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    - SEO & VOICE SEO EXPERT. -SMM SPECIALIST - CLICK/SALES FUNNEL EXPERT. -CONTENT MARKETING STATEGIST Kindly note that we are not looking for companies but individuals willing to grow with us, prove themselves and dedicated. An individual must understand/will to understand the INDIAN Financial industry with primary focus over Financial Planning & role & benefits of Certified Finan...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] column should have at least 1 number, so no column should be completely blank [log masuk untuk melihat URL] column should have numbers from 1..10, second 11..20, third 21..30 and so on to the ninth column having from 81..90 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 15 numbers needed to fill the ticket [log masuk untuk melihat URL] requirement: Every row should have 5 numbers ...

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    I want to develop an automatic poetry generator using machine learning. An ML model will be created using poetries from a lot of poets in different languages. This model will be used to generate poetry based in user input. User input can be :- 1. A complete poem - in this case using model we will suggest some improvements. 2. Some keywords etc - in this case we will generate poem using model based...

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    Hello, I need to make a procedural map generator for a multiplayer UE4 game, similar to the one in "Rust" game

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    The application will generate QR code for a specific sets of data All data will be kept in two places a - tables in the server side. b – embedded in the QR itself. When the server will get a request (based on the QR code) it will return the given set of data (as http or XML) The server will manage a log of all the requests received. Server can be written in PHP/JS or similar. Data will be ke...

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    I have a key generator coded in Java that i need to integrate in a web page. I also need that this web page have a simple design for the generator. And make the path to the generator exlusive from a specific URL. And finally i need that my root domain redirects to another page.

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    Can you make a procedural map generator for a multiplayer UE4 game, similar to the one in "Rust" game?

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    you'll use JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX to make a request of a public API, or Application Programming Interface. Using JavaScript and/or jQuery, you’ll create an employee directory by communicating with a third-party API. For this project, you'll build a web app for a fictional company of yours. You’ll use the Random User Generator API. You’ll request a JSON object fro...

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    i owmn an insurance agency in CT. looking to generate auto insurance live transfers The "Qualified" leads will be for clients who have their auto insurance policies coming up for renewal within 3 months of the time the call was made and are interested in obtaining a quote for their car insurance I will be offering a commision per lead structure, paying for performance. Each lead will ...

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    I run a Ct based auto insurance Agency. We specialize in auto insurance for customers without current auto insurance. We will pay $60 for 15 leads to start $ 4 per qualified lead, once we establish quality of leads we can re-order

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    I'm using Phprunner (Code generator) for creating web application. Those who know phprunner tool alone ping me please. I Want one field to get auto populated based on another field value. Example : Branch/YYYY/MM/1 in this format CH/2020/07/1 next entry to be CH/2020/07/2 , CH/2020/07/3 etc CH is value of one field, rest year/month and number sequence. Refer attached video for mockup Paym...

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    PLEASE SEE SKETCH LOGO ATTACHED. -Abstract robot in centre -Abstract rocket orbiting Hoping someone can make it more professional and clean. Design a logo only Business Information Name: ABJON NTI Tagline: Tech for tech heads Type of business: Technology company Preferred colors: Open to design submissions Brand Identity Characteristics: • Unique • Maverick • High tec...

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    You need to write a file server in django. !!! read everything carefully !!! 1. Upload file. a link to upload the file is required after uploading the file you need sum sha256 and give this file the name of this sum. if a file with this name already exists, then do nothing as if the file is uploaded. otherwise the original filename and its sha256 sum should be stored in the database. ...

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    I am the Managing Partner of a consulting boutique and would like to update my website. Target: reflect a professional, competent, experienced, urban, timeless image The logo of the company you can find among the pictures. It's called 121126 Layout logo, the font is AVENIR; the colour scheme you can find under 200707 Colour Scheme. I like websites like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Content (...

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    I am launching an exciting poster business that revolves around map art, and I'm looking for someone to use the Mapbox platform and Mapbox Studio to create an online engine to create custom posters/print files. I want something very similar to this store, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that allows the customer to create a personalised map based on their location and address (which is marked w...

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    Looking for Senior NodeJS Developer. UI already done in ReactJS and plugins. User Login (15 pages) : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Admin Login (30 pages): [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Some of features required to develop are: Login, Registration, Forget Password, Profile Pages, Advance Forms, Data Table, PDF Generator, File Upload, Analytics Dashboard (Charts & Graphs), Polls, Settings, Pa...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is a wordpress site that sells all kinds of printing from flyers to business cards to postcards to yard signs etc. Looking to have some seo done to help get the site a better ranking on google need to add sitemap and fix some meta tags as well as suggestions to add more content of some of the pages. I only have a small budget to work with

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    Hi, We need a Website for generation insurance quotes for Car,Medical and etc... Example Website.... [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Quote only experienced the same project

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    Create [log masuk untuk melihat URL], .htaccess and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for our webpage that is created in html5. I can use free online generators but not sure how trustworthy they are. Looking for trustworthy files and developer. Can select and complete today

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    Lead Generator Tamat left

    Role Lead generator Finding new leads from social media specifically Facebook and Instagram that will be converted into paying costumers. The first step will be to get the leads to get on a call together with one of the closers of Team BFAS. Responsibility - You'll be having access to all of Sebastian social media while searching and creating new leads from Facebook groups, likes, follower...

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    Hi I have a WHMCS website, which I require custom report generator for our portal, default feature doesn't have this options: which include search parameter, domain and date range, on that basis a report should be generated in excel Fields included like in this screenshot: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Export details: Client name Client Address Client Email Address Client IP from logs t...

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    The company Scanova (legal name Trycon Technologies Private Limited) is looking for an experienced video editor/animator to create an explainer video for its flagship product Scanova QR Code Generator. Please note: 1. Video length should approximately be between 1-2 minutes 2. Final video script will be provided by the company 3. The company will share professional voice-over audio file 4. T...

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    I need someone who can generate discord Nitro code

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    lead generator Tamat left

    Hey, looking for someone to build a list of leads matching the following criteria: Manufacturing companies in France, +100 employees, +5M revenue. Hey, looking for someone to build a list of leads matching the following criteria: Manufacturing companies in France, +100 employees, +5M revenue. Need: Name of the company Full name of the CEO/ president/founder/owner Valid Email Phone number Link ...

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    Looking for someone with experience with OpenAI GPT3 tool and/or AWS Transcribe & Polly to run some experiments for me. Need to access a large news stream, create stories and then turn those into Video/audio and also turn Video/Audio into text By bidding you agree - To assign all IP rights generated in the work to our company - To provide daily updates on our slack channel - To check work i...

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    We are looking for an engineer to help us design a Nitrogen Generator using the membrane method.

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    I need a bash script that with command "curl" will load alla url in a sitemap with setting option

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    I have got a dashboard panel download from github & i would like to configurated it to my own requeriments: -Login (difference which data have to see if i am the administrator or a client) -Menu -graphics -Connect some db from parse dashboard (mongodb) -To add code qr generator This is the link about dashboard --- [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    We are looking for an SEO specialist for a Canadian website. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Keywords Audit & analysis Initial Analysis of the Website in a Document (Including all important points related to your site) Title Tag Optimization Meta Description Optimization Heading Tags Optimization URL Optimization [log masuk untuk melihat URL] File Optimization Image Analysis and Optimizatio...

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    This is a basic overview of the project and hopefully will give you a better understanding of what the goal is. So yes, we’re designing a GPS tracker that will be connected to the internet via GSM and will also have Bluetooth so both protocols can be used with the mobile app. Below is an overview of the technology we're basically planning to build: 1. Mobile Application with Flutter f...

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