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    I'm seeking an experienced Industrial Designer for the design of a new product specific to the industrial space. Key responsibilities will include: - Sketching and developing concepts for the new product - Using CAD software to develop detailed design layouts of the product - Identifying potential production challenges and devising solutions The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with industrial product design, excellent problem-solving abilities, and proficiency in CAD software. Strong knowledge of the functionality and design of industrial materials and machinery is a must.

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    ...attractive packaging Ideal skills: - Graphic design - Product design - Knowledge of plastic materials and their constraints - Excellent communication and comprehension skills. As a Concept Designer, you will be responsible for: - Conceptualizing innovative package designs for a variety of plastic packaging products like containers, bottles, etc. based on client needs and market trends. - Sketching concept ideas and visualizing 3D models to bring design concepts to life. - Creating style boards, mood boards and color palettes to set the right direction for designs. - Collaborating with other designers, engineers and clients to refine concepts based on technical, functional and aesthetic requirements. - Presenting concepts to clients and gathering feedback to further develop su...

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    I am seeking a skilled sketch artist who can translate my inspiration board into rough designs for my CAD drawer. This is an exciting project involving the conceptualization of a variety of jewelry pieces ...of other materials such as cubic Eonian and lab-created stones. I do have an inspiration board ready to go. The ideal candidate for this project should have: * Strong understanding of various jewelry designs, particularly in a bold and modern style * Exceptional sketching abilities to allow seamless transition to CAD designs * Knowledge of working with various materials in jewelry design * Ability to conceptualize and communicate design ideas clearly Please only apply if you have experience in jewelry design and sketching. A portfolio showcasing similar work will be...

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    I am looking for a skilled caricature artist who can provide me with a cartoonish color caricature for personal use. I am specifica...Details of the project: - Style: Cartoonish. - Usage: Personal Use. - Color: Full color. Ideally, the freelancer should have: - Profound experience with various caricature styles, particularly cartoon-like renditions. - A creative and imaginative spirit to bring humor and joy to the caricature. - A sterling ability to capture someone's likeness in a cartoonish manner. - Proficiency in color sketching or digital colorization techniques. Your portfolio showcasing previous cartoon caricature projects will be most welcomed. Please bid accordingly, reflecting the scope and complexity of your artistry. Let's make this personal caricature truly m...

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    Currently, I am in the sketching and conceptualizing stage for a fresh streetwear clothing line for both men and women. I need a seasoned fashion designer with a good eye and experience in creating streetwear styles. Your job will include: - Transforming my concepts into detailed sketches. - Advising on fabric selection. - Assisting with color and pattern choices. Skills and Experience needed: - Proven experience in designing men's and women's streetwear. - Strong skills in sketching and conceptualization. - Knowledge on fabric types and accessories selection for streetwear. - Adaptive design eye and skill. Your unparalleled craftsmanship and fashion-forward thinking will be the significant driving forces in making this clothing line stand out in a sea of bra...

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    ...**Versatility:** Logos must be adaptable to different mediums and scales. Whether displayed on a business card or a billboard, a well-designed logo maintains its clarity and impact. ### The Creative Process 1. **Research:** Understanding the brand, its values, and target audience is the foundation of logo design. Thorough research ensures that the design aligns with the company's goals. 2. **Sketching and Conceptualization:** Designers often begin with hand-drawn sketches to explore different concepts. This phase allows for creativity to flow freely before moving to digital platforms. 3. **Digital Design:** Using graphic design software, designers bring their concepts to life. Attention is given to color, typography, and overall aesthetics to create a visually appealing ...

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    I am seeking a passionate artist for a daily sketching project without a specific purpose. The final aim hasn't been defined yet, but it could serve any purpose from personal development through learning new styles, to creating a collection of artwork or even to be used as a teaching tool. What I look forward to achieving: - Continuous creativity and uninhibited expression - Potential for style exploration and skill improvement - Possible creation of a remarkable collection of artwork Successful applicants should: - Have a free spirit and willingness to dive unreservedly into this open-ended project - Showcase their past work and experience - Provide detailed project proposals This project has room for artistic freedom and eventual evolution. If you are an ardent artist ...

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    I'm on the lookout for a talented illustrator who can create realistic drawings of new food products within our brand image. The focus will be on bread and boxed snacks. Key requirements for the project: - Produce realistic sketching - Experience with food product illustrations. You will need to, in your proposal: - Showcase your past work, ideally displaying food packaging. Attached is an example product that I would want re-drawing with a different brand/colours This project would suit freelancers who are detail-oriented, have familiarity with food packaging design and have a knack for realistic art.

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    ...to read. Consider customizing or modifying fonts to create a unique look. Uniqueness: Aim for a distinctive design that sets the brand apart. Avoid using clichés or overly used symbols unless there's a unique twist. Design Process: Research: Investigate the industry, competitors, and current design trends. Identify what works well and what could be improved. Sketching: Start with pen and paper to quickly generate ideas. Sketching allows for a more spontaneous and creative exploration of concepts. Digital Design: Transition to digital tools (like Adobe Illustrator or other vector graphic software) to refine and finalize your design. Ensure scalability and clean lines. Feedback: Seek feedback from colleagues, clients, or target audience members. Constructive...

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    I am seeking a skilled fashion designer specialized in creating formal wear for adults. My vision is to develop a line that embodies sophistication and elegance, appealing to adult consumers who appreciate refined style. Requirements: - Strong background in clothing design, specifically formal attire for adults. - Ability to translate concepts and ideas into wearable designs. - Proficient in sketching and able to provide technical drawings. - Knowledge of fabric types suitable for upscale formal wear. - Experience in sizing and fit adjustments for a diverse adult clientele. Ideal Skills: - Excellent communication to ensure ideas are clearly understood and executed. - Creativity and innovation in design, staying ahead of trends while respecting classic elegance. - Attention to deta...

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    ...needs to express professionalism and the stark contrasts of Antarctica along with intellectual curiosity. Key Requirements: - A minimalist logo design, mastery of minimalist graphic design is a must. - Proven experience in logo design, particularly in the education industry would be a plus. - The ability to create a logo that impressively communicates professionalism and trust. Note: While sketching the logo, keep professionalism as the main representation of our brand in mind. Each design element should be carefully considered and purposefully used to align with our brand message. The final format should be resizable vector format for various uses. Skills & experience preferred: - Graphic Design - Logo Design - Illustrator - Creativity We are represented by a penguin ...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can transform my 3D STEP files into intermediate-level 2D CAD drawings and create an engaging 3D assembling animation. My project requires a detailed focus on assembly details within the 2D drawings, ensuring accuracy and clarity for manufacturing and assembly processes. Here’s what I need specifically: - **2D Drawings in CAD Format**: One complete assembly drawing along with individual parts drawings, focusing on intermediate-level assembly details. The expected output format for these drawings is in CAD, suitable for interpretation and use by manufacturing teams. - **3D Assembly Animation**: A high-quality animation showcasing the assembly process of the 3D model provided in STEP files. The animation should clearly demonstrate each step o...

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    We are in need of a creative professional who's adept at creating storyboards for our animated youtube channel. The primary objective: conceptualizing a cartoon-style animation. Key Features: • Develop hand-drawn storyboards to visualize a cartoon-style animation sequence that is comedic. • Expertise in sketching animation layouts, characters, and concepts. Ideal Skills: • Extensive experience in hand-drawn storyboard creations. • Proficient in illustrating and imparting character emotions and narratives. • Familiar with the mechanics and dynamics of cartoon animation. Precision, creativity, and a keen eye for details are integral for this task. If you can showcase relevant examples of previous works, it would be advantageous f...

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    ...working with fabric (cashmere) as the primary material. - Ability to blend classic style elements with modern tastes to create truly unique designs (wood, stainless steel). - Keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of the fashion industry's quality standards. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience in fabric bag design, preferably with a portfolio showcasing classic styles. - Strong sketching skills to translate ideas into visible concepts. - Knowledge of fabric properties, ensuring designs are both beautiful and practical. - Ability to advise on the selection of materials and hardware for the production of prototypes. - Excellent communication skills to understand and incorporate feedback throughout the design process. I envision this project as the start of ...

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    As a contractor for residential multi-unit properties, I am in need of an expert in cabinet estimating. Your role will involve: - Producing precise 2D sketches of cabinet arrangements - Carrying out detailed counts of the cabinets required per housing unit Your ability to make highly accurate estimates is pivotal as it dire...need of an expert in cabinet estimating. Your role will involve: - Producing precise 2D sketches of cabinet arrangements - Carrying out detailed counts of the cabinets required per housing unit Your ability to make highly accurate estimates is pivotal as it directly impacts costings and installations. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in cabinet estimating, prove adept at 2D sketching, and hold significant experience in the multi-housing...

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    As a contractor for residential multi-unit properties, I am in need of an expert in cabinet estimating. Your role will involve: - Producing precise 2D sketches of cabinet arrangements - Carrying out detailed counts of the cabinets required per housing unit Your ability to make highly accurate estimates is pivotal as it dire...need of an expert in cabinet estimating. Your role will involve: - Producing precise 2D sketches of cabinet arrangements - Carrying out detailed counts of the cabinets required per housing unit Your ability to make highly accurate estimates is pivotal as it directly impacts costings and installations. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in cabinet estimating, prove adept at 2D sketching, and hold significant experience in the multi-housing...

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    ...artist who can bring a small series (5) of photographs to life using pencil, graphite or charcoal as their medium. The final artwork will add a timeless and classic touch to my personal space. The size of the art pieces will range from large sizes of 11x17 inches up to 24x36 inches, offering ample canvas for detailed and expressive work. **Ideal Skills and Experience** - Proficiency in charcoal sketching with a strong portfolio showcasing past work. - Ability to work on large size canvases (11x17 inches to 24x36 inches) with precision and attention to detail. - Experience in translating photographs into detailed charcoal sketches. - A creative eye for capturing the essence and emotion of the photograph in the charcoal medium. **Application Requirements** - Provide a portfoli...

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    I am seeking an experienced professional who can create visually engaging diagrams for an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint presentation aimed at persuading prospective clients. Here's what the project involves: - Sketching detailed visual diagrams with specific technical descriptions. - Organizing content within the presentation in a logical and effective structure to present technical information in a clear, concise way. - Improving the overall design aesthetics to make the presentation visually appealing and persuasive. Ideal candidates will have proven experience in similar projects and have a strong understanding of enterprise architecture. Mastery in designing PowerPoint presentations is a must. I look forward to working with someone who can transform complex technical...

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    I need an artist proficient in hand sketching who can regularly convert pet photos into black and white portraits. - Style: Sketches should be in a realistic black and white style, capturing the likeness of the pet while adding an artistic touch. - Background: The question about the background color has been skipped. So, please propose your ideas based on what would work best with a black and white sketch. - Size: I haven't defined a size for the sketches. Hence, kindly include into your proposal the sizes you're comfortable working with, and we can discuss this further. An ideal candidate will have experience in pet portraiture and can work off a photograph to create a lifelike sketch. Continual work is expected for the right artist.

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    I am in search of skillful artists, cap...these sketches isn't delineated, so your ability to adapt and create various illustrations, from portraits to landscapes and cartoons, is highly desirable. In your application: - Highlight your experience in sketching, providing examples, if possible. Although I prefer freelancers with an intermediate level of experience in sketching, passion, creativity, and adaptability are the qualities that matter most to me. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in hand and digital sketching - Versatility in sketching different subject matters - Intermediate level experience in sketching/artistry - Excellent creativity and imagination capabilities - Strong attention to detail. Looking forward to seeing your work ...

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    I'm in need of a talented artist who can create a realistic portrait with exceptional skill and detail, using wa...5 minutes. The event is a celebration of a life lost tragically. - Style: You should have a strong flair for realism in your artwork, capturing the life-like features of a portrait subject. - Medium: Mastery in using watercolors is essential. - Timing: Pivotal to this project is time efficiency. You need to be able to deliver a high-quality piece in about 5 minutes. Thus, experience in quick sketching or live drawing could also be beneficial. - Subject Matter: You should have expertise in crafting lifelike portraits, capturing the unique characteristics of the subject in your painting. Only apply if these conditions match your skill set. I look forward to seeing ...

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    ...Gold Rush. City website - Key Requirements: - Extensive experience in architectural design, specifically commercial buildings. - Versatility in design styles, aptly combining modern aspects with historic elements. - Proven success in designing sketches for commercial buildings used in actual construction. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in various sketching and architectural design software. - Strong design portfolio showcasing a variety of styles. - Deep understanding of modern and historic architectural design elements. - Track record in adhering to deadlines without sacrificing quality. Let's create a unique commercial building sketch design that breathes life into modern architecture while tipping its hat to the past. I have included our

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    ...sketch or artistic style. - Ensure the renderings can effectively communicate the design concept and facilitate the design development process. - Ability to incorporate feedback and make adjustments to sketches as needed. This project is ideal for freelancers who have a passion for creative and artistic architectural visualization and have prior experience working on design development through sketching. Your work will play a crucial role in shaping the future of this architectural project....

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    I am seeking a talented draughtsman to provide a sketch for a wooden wheelchair ramp I aim to build on my beach house. The illustration should clearly elaborate on the following project specifications: - Desired Ramp Width: 4 feet - Preferred Slope: 1:4 - Wood type: Pressure-treated - Ramp will be two levels - The location will be on an 8ft high deck The ideal candidate for this project should possess a solid background in architectural drawing and have a proven track record of designing accessible structures, especially ramps. Prior experience with designing wheelchair ramps, and understanding of the required standards will be highly advantageous. Knowledge of the characteristics and strengths of the chosen material (Pressure-treated wood) is necessary to create an accurate and practica...

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    ...Responsibilities:** - Utilize Wacom Illustrator to execute basic sketches that effectively communicate the concept art's core ideas. - Familiarity with drawing techniques, crucial for capturing the essence of the concept with minimal yet impactful details. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in using Wacom devices and Illustrator software. - A strong portfolio showcasing expertise in concept art and sketching abilities. - An understanding of the principles of design, composition, and efficient use of space. **Project Expectations:** - Deliver minimalist sketches that retain the energy and intention behind the concept art. - Ability to collaborate and accept feedback to refine sketches as per the project's evolving needs. Engaging with this project will not only ...

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    I have devised an innovative design for a hoodie, called the 'Huddie Lance', which features a distinctive front part that detaches and reconnects using laces, similar to a shoe. However, I am currentl...professional fashion sketches. This project will involve: - Discussing the design idea in detail to fully understand the concept. - Creating multiple sketches that highlight the unique lacing feature and overall design of the hoodie. - Revising the sketches based on feedback to ensure the final design aligns with my vision. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in fashion design and sketching with a portfolio of work. - Ability to interpret design ideas into visual sketches. - Creative flair and attention to detail. - Excellent communication skills for effe...

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    ...the forefront of women's fashion. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Proficiency in fashion design, with a portfolio that includes women's wear. - Strong understanding of Kashmiri culture and traditional wear. - Proven experience in selecting textiles, especially those used in Kashmiri attire. - Ability to blend traditional Kashmiri elements with contemporary fashion trends. - Excellent sketching ability for presenting initial concepts. - Knowledge of pattern making, sewing, and garment construction. - Ability to work collaboratively to incorporate feedback and make revisions. **Project Requirements:** - Experience in Fashion Designing, (Share sample work of your previous Projects) - Design a line of Kashmiri-inspired women's clothing that is aesthetically ap...

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    ...and functional design sketches. - An individual with a strong portfolio in residential projects, particularly single-family homes or apartments. - Expertise in utilizing space effectively, blending aesthetics with practical living solutions. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in residential architecture, especially smaller-scale projects. - Strong proficiency in architectural sketching and concept development. - Excellent communication skills to ensure my ideas are accurately captured. - Ability to advise on best practices while respecting my vision. This is the first step in a journey to create not just a house, but a home. If you have the creativity, skills, and passion to help bring my dream to life through your architectural sketches, I would love to hear ...

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    ...practicality with modern fashion trends to cater to their diverse lifestyles. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of women's fashion trends. - Experience in designing across various categories: casual, formal, and activewear. - Strong knowledge of fabrics suitable for working professionals and mature women. - Ability to conceptualize and design for a diverse age range. - Proficiency in sketching, pattern making, and prototyping. - Familiarity with sustainable fashion practices is a plus. **Must be able to see through the whole process from design to production. **Must be interested in being a part owner in this company. We have a nice sized customer base that has been very successful in the past and we are looking to bring something new to our brand. The cor...

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    ...project, I require an accomplished artist specializing in realistic sketching, with a proficient hand in sketch pencils. Your task will be to generate accurate, detailed sketches of various furniture items which includes, but is not limited to: - Tables and Chairs - Sofas and Armchairs - Beds and Wardrobes The final sketches should emphasize the intricate details and overall aesthetics of each piece. I am in pursuit of a professional sketch artist who can capture the uniqueness and elegance of every item. A solid background in furniture design will be highly advantageous for this role. You need to have: - Excellent skills in realistic sketching - Proficiency in pencil medium - Extensive experience in furniture sketching - They also need to be scanned when fini...

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    I ...infrastructure design. - The design should focus on an industrial park. - While detailed dimensions and annotations are not necessary, the sketch should accurately convey the space and basic layout. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience in architectural sketches, specifically public infrastructure. - Ability to understand and integrate industrial elements into design. - Proficiency in sketching landscapes that include green spaces, water features, and outdoor seating areas. - Ability to convey ideas through simple yet effective sketches. Freelancers with a portfolio that includes sketches of industrial parks or similar public infrastructure projects will be highly regarded. ***We will provide the 3D base sketch that we already have.*** The sketch will fit into an 8....

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    I am seeking a creative freelancer who can COME IN PERSON IN OUR TORONTO OFFICE to help translate our appreciation for our team into a compelling doodle sketch on a whiteboard for Employee Appreciation Day. Tasks: • Create a sketch that celebrates our employees, particularly our Marketing Team • Convey a motivational message Skills needed: • Strong sketching skills • Understanding of composition and design • Ability to portray sentiment through visual art • Good communication to understand specifics This project is a fantastic opportunity for artists with an eye for detail and understanding of company culture. Looking forward to your bid!

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    ...casual wear. **Requirements:** - Proven experience in designing women’s casual western wear clothing. - Ability to translate trends into wearable, appealing designs. - Proficiency in fashion design software. - up to date with current trends - understands colors & can build colour palettes - Creative flair in incorporating unique elements into designs **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Excellent sketching skills for presenting initial ideas. - Experience in creating detailed technical specifications for production. - Keen insight into the fashion preferences of women. - Familiarity with sustainable and ethical fashion practices is a plus. - Ability to work collaboratively with me to refine designs based on feedback. I am looking for someone who shares my passion for e...

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    I am seeking a talented artist whose skills encompass detailed portrait pencil sketching. Required Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in pencil sketching with a mastery of producing realistic human portraits. - Previous work that demonstrates an attention to detail and accuracy in capturing the likeness and characteristics of the subject. - Comfortable working on a portrait size of 11x14 inches. Job Description: - The project involves creating a portrait pencil sketch of a person. - The style desired is realistic. - The final output should be 11x14 inches in size. Preference will be given to freelancers who can share a portfolio that includes human portraits. The time frame for project completion can be discussed upon selection. Looking forward to seeing your work a...

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    ...This project demands creativity, an understanding of current fashion trends, and a deep insight into the comfort and style preferences of women. The ideal candidate would bring my vision to life, combining aesthetics with practicality. Requirements: - Experience in women's clothing design, specifically in nightwear. - Ability to translate fashion trends into appealing designs. - Proficient in sketching, pattern making, and choosing suitable fabrics. - Understanding of sizing, tailoring, and comfort considerations in women’s nightwear. - Ability to collaborate effectively to refine designs based on feedback. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong portfolio showcasing previous women's nightwear or clothing projects. - Expertise in fabric selection, focusing on comfort and d...

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    Trophy icon Circular Patch Drawing Remake Tamat left

    I require a skilled artist to recreate a small, circular patch as a drawing. Here's what I need: - Reproduction of a circular patch, less than 10 cm in diameter, as a detailed and accurate drawing. - Expertise in creating realistic drawings. - A keen attention to detail as the drawing should be a close match to the original patch. You should ideally have experience in sketching and an ability to replicate artwork. Familiarity with drawing small, intricate details will be a plus. Remake of this image in a HD digital file

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    Hello designers! I'm looking for creative minds to help create 5 new designs for my casual clothing line to start production. Design Details: - Composing ...production. Design Details: - Composing one item as a men's t-shirt - Completing an original design for a woman's dress - Three other clothing items of your choice Although preferred colors were not specified, we hope the selected freelancer(s) can create appealing designs that fit the casual theme of the clothing line. Ideal Skills: - Fashion design - Understanding of the latest trends - Strong sketching ability - Experience in designing casual clothing preferred Even though there's no pressure with a strict timeline, the task should be completed with focus on quality rather than speed. Let's cre...

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    ...manner. This project demands not just skill in sketching but also the ability to iterate based on feedback, as multiple revisions are anticipated to achieve perfection. **Key Requirements:** - Proficiency in sketching portraits, with a strong emphasis on lifelike representation and attention to detail. - Ability to translate the subtle nuances of a photograph into a sketch, ensuring that the essence of the subject(s) is captured. - A keen eye for detail, capable of identifying and emphasizing the unique features of each subject. - Openness to feedback and the capability to make three or more revisions to the sketches based on my guidance and requirements. **Skills and Experience:** - Strong portfolio showcasing skill in portrait sketching, with prior work on peo...

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    ...is on creating stylish, comfortable, and versatile kurtis that can be integrated into the everyday wardrobe of women who love to blend tradition with modernity. For this project, I am looking for a creative and experienced fashion designer who can bring my vision to life. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in women's fashion design, particularly in kurtis. - Proficiency in sketching and fashion illustration. - Experience working with cotton fabrics and knowledge of sustainable practices. - Ability to translate contemporary styles into wearable designs. - Understanding of color theory and fabric selection for different seasons. - Capability to work closely with production teams to ensure designs can be manufactured within budget and quality standards. **De...

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    I want a talented 3D artist to create a realistic 3D sketch of a couple, intricately incorpo...a talented 3D artist to create a realistic 3D sketch of a couple, intricately incorporating an outdoor landscape as the background. The project entails: - Creating a highly realistic depiction of a couple - Designing an outdoor landscape to serve as the backdrop - Using lighting to enhance the artwork's detail and ambiance Ideal candidates should have in-depth experience with realistic 3D sketching and strong knowledge of lighting techniques. Familiarity with scenery or landscape design will be a strong plus. Attention to detail is crucial for this job. This project is a fantastic opportunity for those who thrive in bringing characters and their environments to life through realis...

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    As an ambitious fashion entrepreneur, I'm looking for a skilled craftsman in the domain of men's formal wear. - CHIEF RESPONSIBILITIES: The key task will be designing elegant and sophisticated clothing for the contemporary man. Your role will include the entire process: from conceptualizing to sketching the final look. - IDEAL CANDIDATE: The ideal candidate needs to have a keen understanding of the latest trends in menswear, as well as traditional styles. A background in fashion design is necessary, with special preference given to those that have previously worked with men’s formal wear. - TARGET AUDIENCE: Bear in mind our target audience is men who value a blend of classic and modern styles in their formal attire. Your designs should appeal to this demograp...

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    Seeking a talented designer to craft a unique Bohemian-style kimono jacket for the discerning woman. With a focus on blending traditional elements with modern aesthetics, this project promises to be both challenging and rewarding. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in women's fashion design, particularly in outerwear. - Proficiency in sketching and turning concepts into digital designs. - Experience in selecting fabrics that complement Bohemian styles, such as lightweight and flowy materials. - Knowledge of current fashion trends in Bohemian and eclectic wear. - Ability to work collaboratively to refine designs based on feedback. Project Requirements: - Design a women's Bohemian-style kimono jacket that combines traditional elements with a modern twist. - C...

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    I'm in urgent need of a professional knowledge in Catia Part Design from Dassault Systems. Key Responsibilities: - Provide assistance in various aspects of Catia Part Design, including but not limited to, sketching, 3D modeling and assembly design, since I did not specify a particular area in which I need help with. - The freelancer should be prepared to deliver under potentially challenging deadlines as I didn't provide specific timing. Ideal freelancer will have: - Demonstrated training or coursework in Catia Part Design is a plus, but not necessary as I was not clear about this in my consultation. Please provide examples of previous work involving Catia Part Design in your proposal. Urgent execution is key, thus freelancers who can kick off the project right ...

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    I'm seeking a talented artist for a minimalistic, cartoon-like sketch of a couple texting. Key Details: - Style: Simple and minimalistic, not highly detailed or whimsical. - Composition: The couple is in two different places—one on their bed and one...Key Details: - Style: Simple and minimalistic, not highly detailed or whimsical. - Composition: The couple is in two different places—one on their bed and one at their couch. - Orientation: The piece should be in landscape orientation. - Medium: psd file format. - Color: Open to creative inputs—black and white or colored. Ideal Skills: An artist with experience in minimalistic design, digital sketching, and experience working with psd files would be perfect for this project. A knack for capturing sentiment in ...

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    I'm currently seeking a creative, experienced Fashion Designer who specializes in modern/modest styles, for my up and coming adult-target...understand the adult demographic's fashion needs in your designs. Key Responsibilities & Skills Needed: - Design unique, stylish, and practical adult clothing - Solid understanding of fashion trends within the modern and contemporary genre - Experience in designing for an adult demographic - Good sense of style and color matching - Ability to conceptualize and sketch design plans - sketching is key for me If you have an eye for modern fashion and a knack for creative and stylish designing, we would love for you to be part of our project. Your portfolio showcasing your previous work will be highly appreciated durin...

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    I'm currently seeking a creative, experienced Fashion Designer who specializes in modern/modest styles, for my up and coming adult-target...understand the adult demographic's fashion needs in your designs. Key Responsibilities & Skills Needed: - Design unique, stylish, and practical adult clothing - Solid understanding of fashion trends within the modern and contemporary genre - Experience in designing for an adult demographic - Good sense of style and color matching - Ability to conceptualize and sketch design plans - sketching is key for me If you have an eye for modern fashion and a knack for creative and stylish designing, we would love for you to be part of our project. Your portfolio showcasing your previous work will be highly appreciated durin...

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    I'm all about first impressions, and I believe that a compelling logo can speak volumes about a business. Therefore, I'm on the hunt for a skilled logo designer capable of understanding and implementing my brand's vision. Here's what I'm looking for: - A creative individual, who can work under their own initiative to provide a pioneering logo design solutio...they have tried but they could not create it. It's required to break it down and understand the ideas and the concepts and draw them separately and then put them together to create the logo. It needs a creative imagination. If you are ready to work hard on it please apply. Requirements : - Mind mapping : Start research and ideation phase of the logo design process. - Transition from theory to sketchi...

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    I'm looking for an experienced artist to create a sketch-style drawing of a puppy wearing a plaid bandana on their head. The image will become a featured design for our dog subscription box company. An example image will be provided for reference. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with sketching from reference photos. - Ability to capture the puppy realistically, yet with an artistically sketched style. - Past project showcasing similar work will be highly advantageous. Please apply with a portfolio of your past work, specifically highlighting any similar projects you have undertaken. We look forward to seeing your captivating sketches that incorporate the detailed, realistic quality we desire.

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    More details: What type of design prototypes do you need? Web design prototype What is your expected level of detail for the prototype? Basic sketching What specific features or elements do you want to include in the web design prototype? Navigation menu,Search bar,Image slider

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