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    Salam..saya Ashikin drp Melaka. Saya guna Python (fmin algorithm) untuk mencari parameter estimation..harap sudi membantu..saya dh buat separuh jalan tetapi macam tak jadi..

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    Mencari programmer untuk membuat scraper sosial media (facebook + linkedin) menggunakan python + selenium

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    Data processing dan visualization using python and matlab

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    rebuild smtp mass mailer in python using

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    Windows Python Berusaha dan bejerja keras

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    CA memo menggunakan penerbit aset liferay 6.2. Untuk memudahkan webmaster mengemaskini CA memo ke aset publisher fungsi-fungsi dan kemaskini ckeditor diperlukan

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    python automion , sdn,neworkingt

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    make a website ffor my business

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    make a website ffor my business tufytkdftfjghjkhhjvzxlghdluhdfgculkhfsjahushdfuhsDfkhsakjdhfhsdflahfdlgkgfakgsdflkgsdkfgasdlkfggdfgjsDAFKGJagjksfkgafx

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    membuat rekabentuk grafik ,membina laman web ,membina blog ,copying ,menaip ,microsoft office , dan lain-lain..

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    web scrapping using python. Only experts

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    Web designer 6 hari left

    Want to design website. Want a experienced web designer who has considerable experience in PHP, Python , jQuery and HTML.

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    ...16 years experience and i want you to make a or c# software due to lack of time. i am looking for someone to hire multiple times for years to come, that can code at an ok price for me, so this is not a one time project, if you can do it, you will be hired again by me in the future. as a test,i want to make a software for myself (because i lack the time) that scrapes from a website, price etc to an excel file. this is the site, you can right click and translate from romanian to your language in your browser. it must be done in C# or i am not interested in python or others. it's important that you know regex to extract the info details. these are the things that have to get scraped.

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    seeking expert to convert Python files to php files. ,The python codes are from and

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    Hi upworkers I have one medium/large project and need to update UI and backend side. It has been built with Next 13, Typescript, WordPress CMS, Graphql, Prisma, Tailwind-css. I like that you are willing to do a small test task for me. You don't have to code for the test, I just want you to concept a little bit. This way I can see more exactly how you think and how you would approach this task. Afterwards, I will make my final decision. I attached it as PDF file here. This test task is payed one and its budget 10$. Also, if I love your result, then we can go to the main project for next 6 months. I am waiting your feedback. Good luck.

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    Your task is to create a honeypot in cybersecurity of early-stage research project work to include updated project plans ensuring the feasibility/viability of the proposed research and methods; refined research questions, objectives and evaluation approaches; updated social, ethical, professional and legal issues; and personal reflections on early stages of the project process.

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    Hello. I am working on a Python Django code which draws chart from a dataset. I want to add three lines with respect to maximum value, minimum value and average value in the chart. Would you like to take this project?

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    ...section for each venue ( which sections have the most sales at each venue) Sales by number of days listed Average ticket sale price by venue Average ticket sale price by event Sales trends And whatever else you can think of that would be useful information: any trend etc. Skills: Excel, Data Entry, Data Processing, Visual Basic, Data Mining About the Client: ( 0 reviews ) Rifle, United States Project ID: #35239619 Offer to work on this job now! Bidding closes in 6 days OPEN - 6 DAYS LEFT Your bid for this job Your Bid USD Your email address Email Address Bid on this job Set your budget and timeframe Outline your proposal Get paid for your work It's free to sign up and bid on jobs 6 freelancers are bidding on average $97 for this job utrathore3's Profile Pict...

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    Application security support 6 hari left

    Needs support on application security Injections in Python Intermediate Web Attacks for Developers Intermediate Secure Coding in Python Introductory Web Attacks for Developers Intermediate Secure Coding in PHP Injections in Java Intermediate Secure Coding in Java

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    I need a python script that goes to every product page and outputs the following info in separate columns in a csv file. For each product page I would need the following info on a separate row - Brand - Description - Product page url - Product image url - Color - Size - Length (when available) **SEE SAMPLE IMAGE ATTACHED FOR DETAILS*** Notes: *brand appears to be concatenated with description *We need to create one product row for each color+size or color+size+length combination *if the image changes when choosing a color, we need to associate the right image url to the product row CSV output file name should be: everythinguniforms_YYYY_MM_DD

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    I’m looking for a logo. The name is, “Dripped Up.” I would like the top of the letters fractures and to appear to be floating upwards. Or a sort of drip, for example like a goop falling of the edge. But the goop is attached to the letters and flowing up wards. If you need more detail please contact me. It’s easier to explain via spoke communication.

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    Python dev. Algo trading -- 2 6 hari left

    hello freelancer community. We are looking for an experienced python developer to code a screener for our trading system.

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    I have an ongoing project that is very powerful with AI and comfortable to end-users. This project BE is python, and FE is Redux-saga. If you interested with this project then send me proposal. I will check all freelancer and hire 2 developers. Please send message with this "Greeting!". To win you can provide the experience and previous work url.

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    We want to start a new project at our university. We need programmers who can advise us on our project. DARTS Time Series Made Easy in Python PyPI version Conda Version Supported versions Docker Image Version (latest by date) GitHub Release Date GitHub Workflow Status Downloads Downloads codecov Code style: black Join the chat at darts is a Python library for easy manipulation and forecasting of time series. It contains a variety of models, from classics such as ARIMA to deep neural networks. The models can all be used in the same way, using fit() and predict() functions, similar to scikit-learn. The library also makes it easy to backtest models, combine the predictions of several models, and take external data into account. Darts supports both univariate and

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    En Virtual Fly, diseñamos y fabricamos dispositivos de simulación de vuelo y equipos para entrenamiento de pilotos que permiten a personas de todo el mundo entrenar sus habilidades de vuelo. Nuestros productos deben ser fiables, rápidos y duraderos para ofrecerle una experiencia fantástica y valiosa. Como programador en ...representación de datos. Responsabilidades del puesto de trabajo: • Programar utilizando principalmente C# y C++. • Diseñar y programar nextgen software que acompañe al hardware de Virtual Fly. • Colaborar con el equipo de desarrollo para dar forma al software de Virtual Fly. Calificaciones • Graduado o estudiante de ciclo de grado superior o ingeniería técnica. • Experiencia en C++,...

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    Small plastic frame that fits on top of small cardboard box, with 7 matching slits on both sides, which will hold cards (small scenic facade) in place. 3"x6" 3/4 inch depth. With 4 small clips to hold tight to box. See photo.

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    I am looking for Senior Python Developer. The requirement is; - mastered in Data analysis - mastered in Web scraping - experienced in AI - recommended if Golang development Experience If you matched these, plz bid with your last *python project experience & url* and the first line of the bid must "I am python pro".

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    I am looking for someone who could convert my python code to typescript. The code is built about a year ago so I wonder if it would run correctly, so I want you to test the code first and convert. You should have some knowledge about blockchain tech cos this code deals with smart contract. Kindly bid to this project with the word "Typescript" on top of your proposal. Thanks.

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    Python Automation -- 5 6 hari left

    1. Open all links from web page and scrape content. 2. Apply lexicon calculation to scraped data and show metric on web- dashboard 3. Extract and Chain links and create network graph

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    FFMPEG Python Chroma Key Fix 6 hari left

    Chroma Key to remove background from overlay video is not working in Python FFMPEG and needs to resolve it. If you have experience in Python FFMPEG library, it should be a quick fix. Library link:

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    python program extension for InkScape for print merge using all core of PC processor, using csv file or text file saved as tabdelimited on eg:- %1%, %2%, %3% etc.

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    I need help building the security layer. A basic (and inadequate) defense """ This security layer inadequately handles A/B storage for files in RepyV2. Note: This security layer uses , , and Python Also you need to give it an application to run. python [security_layer].r2py [attack_program].r2py """ TYPE="type" ARGS="args" RETURN="return" EXCP="exceptions" TARGET="target" FUNC="func" OBJC="objc" class ABFile(): def __init__(self,filename,create): # globals mycontext['debug'] = False # local (per object) reference to the underlying file = filename+'.a' = filename+'.b' # make the files and a...

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    Senior python developer 6 hari left

    Python,docker, kubernetes, MySQL workshop, elastic search, rest ApI

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    Applying deep learning and transformer models to identify question pairs using python code and QQP dataset.

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    need to troubleshoot the below python notebook attached and solve

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    The solution is that one shall be able to state connection data like e.g. "#Table='Customer', RowId=27, Attribute='Name' " as node text in Freeplane. Then this script shall get that corresponding data from MS Access. Freeplane mainly support Groovy but it shall also be possible to use Javascript. There also exists (unsupported) Python libs like "Freeplane-io". However, preferably Groovy are to be used since it is the mainly supported language. Skills requirements: Groovy scripting (preferably in Freeplane), relational databases Good English, Structured and well organized. Please answer with a proposed solution. Note that a fixed, full price for the complete solution shall be given (not hourly price).

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    This is the code that I would like to have a Python interface There is an R version already. We expect the Python version to have a similar interface as the R version, and it has to pass the same test case. The final code should also come with an installation Makefile, so I can install it and invoke it from my other Python code.

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    Hey folks, I am looking for a Designer who is actually a designer and would do a Logo design for me. I am Arnie 36, years old and with 6 years of experience I want to start my own little law firm. So for the moment it is just me. So the Logo has to contain my name Arne Michaelis and the word Rechtsanwalt, which stands for lawyer. I need someone to make a logo just for me, who is able to draw a symbol and knows how to work with Fonts. The Logo has to be plain, professional and showing my everyday contribution to the clients. I don't want any known symbols for law, like jusititia or columns. I just want an abstract that is minimalistic, looks great with the font, and professional. Please feel free to contact me and tell me your price. After that I will show you the logos I had already...

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    I made a video that's under 6mins long explaining how the software is to work. In a nutshell I want you to build a software that will analyze chess games looking for patterns. Tips: 1. There is a standard for displaying a chess board that existing libraries use ( for javascript, for python). It creates an image that looks like the one I used here:

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    I need a script to get a data from a website but the problem there is a slider in the page so i need to get a photo from every slider in every page

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    Looking for a passionate Python Selenium Expert Scraping experience is a Must Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence is a Big Plus Project involves few tasks to be completed, out of a big project

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    ...someone who has ERP platform build-out experience to help put various API integration in the current Dashboard GCP, Python, React, Django, PostgreSQL, Rapid API, DataDog or Integrately API add-on. Seeking a developer who has done API integrations: 1. Set up ADD-ON APIs into our platform for members to use as an add-on outside our offering. 2. Incorporate Free APIs from these tools onto our platform (weather, sports, horoscope, stock price, google translate, travel planning APIs) 3. Support and help set up external enterprise tools based on each module within our ERP platform. Skills needed for this project that was built under: 1. Python experience -- App is written in Python 3.7 with the use of data analytics and finance libraries. 2. Django experience ...

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    Create a main window with ScenarioDF displayed and the icon displayed Have Menu of File, Edit, Options, Help (Under File add Save the rest can have no options but are there for future use) See diagram file to see what the application should look like Create a menu on the left side and display items from Sqlite3 database and table sdf_menu The menu should display like the following: Tasks Upload App Tree Edit App Tree Chores Vacuum Dust Each of the 4 applications will open a tab. Only applications Upload App Tree and Edit App Tree will have functionality. Vacuum and Dust applications will just open black tabs. If the user already has the tab open it should not open a new tab just make that tab active again. App Tree View Tab This tab will allow the user to upload the ...

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    I am looking for 14 prompts to be coded by Friday. Would be simple an individual well versed in Python. Instructions are in the code files.

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    I have a detail to solve on my website, it's really just uploading an image.

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    So basically I have a website which have casino interface in it and he has made sone script of python and and used the technique of web shell and got the c pannel access where he manipulated the result in the card games over there !!! He gets to know the result at the beginning of the game before it gets announced in the website for that he has a link prepared with himself where he gets that data

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    I made a video that's under 6mins long explaining how the software is to work. In a nutshell I want you to build a software that will analyze chess games looking for patterns. Tips: 1. There is a standard for displaying a chess board that existing libraries use ( for javascript, for python). It creates an image that looks like the one I used here:

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    My team is developing a dating site. We need a talent developer for our work by collaborating. Must Skill: Frontend: React.js, PHP Backend: Node.js, Express, MongoDB Other: Python, Django, WebGL If you have experience of development this site, note the label "I am MERN Stack Expert" at the top of bid text. Thanks.

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    web scrapping using python. Only experts

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