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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows . CARD SHARING . Share smart card access over internet for multiple access. budget not fixed.  Only professionals please.

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    [login to view URL] Code available here. Use Opensource Espeak TTS , Install Windows SAPI package . Go to control panel,Change to Text to speech to Espeak,It works. I need all methods/class/interface log in [login to view URL] with timestamp. Its simple small task for c++ expert.. Code needs to run on Windows 7+ 32 bit and 64 Bit. You need to write each logs from where SAPI interaction...

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    I need a software and an extension to connect to the SmartCard reader of the A3 digital certificates through the browser. Through this extension / software it should be possible to access the hardware of the smartcard reader, read the token and sign any type of document. It should work as follows: 1. Javascript in the web site that communicates

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    Design a project using an Arduino UNO board, with a GPS module (Adafruit Ultimate GPS) and a Wifi module (ESP8266 breakout), to display the GPS information and the APs' RSSI together on a map like Google Earth(the RSSI can be seen on the GPS track path), and the information can be saved on the computer by several points on the map, and the users can see the information by click or hover for f...

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    ac loading rig Tamat left

    ...current meters. g. Digital display of refrigerant pressures. h. Indicating lamps for compressor clutch, heaters. 6. Set of connecting cables with terminations. OPTIONAL: a. Data logger. b. PLC...

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    The goal of this project is to be able to log audio using a software defined radio (SDR). The recorded audio files are then stored locally until the memory is 85% full, at which points the oldest files get deleted. In parallel, the audio files get sent to the cloud for backup. A webserver must run on the computer (single board computer) to serve a page that acts as the user interface. Local users ...

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    I need an Android application that can read the contactless smartcard & perform live fingerprint capture & matching. Further technical details to be provided to the freelancer who can show good experience in manipulating the different card reading techniques as well as deep knowledge in fingerprint templates capturing. Please don't bid for the project

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    Hack my girlfriend iPhone 6s i think, download a logger that keep sending me everything she do at snapchat, whatsapp, and calls, etc.. I want to know if she's cheating

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    We sell CAN bus data loggers and wish to identify potential agents, distributors, re-sellers etc. for our product. We need a long-list of potential leads incl. key details (URL, contact e-mail, name, …) - cf below table outline. This should be done via internet research based on below criteria: The leads should today sell other CAN bus products (e.g. loggers, interfaces, analyzers, &hell...

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    I need a very simple and cheap handheld, not-connected-to-computer RFID logger. Device need to: 1) read passive RFID tags 2) save them on a memory card (sd card etc) with date and time. 3) work on battery I need not only the software but also the schematics of the [login to view URL]

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    Reading of Mifare Desfire ev1 smartcard using NFC under Android environment to extract certain information from certain application and file which stored in the card. Encryption used is AES. Required files are android software along with source code.

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    ...OtBtNFllupO") called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Session/[login to view URL] line 30 Cpanel::Session::SinglePurge::purge_session(__CPANEL_HIDDEN__, __CPANEL_HIDDEN__, Cpanel::Logger=HASH(0x83c4ec0), undef) called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/[login to view URL] line 81 Cpanel::Session::purge(Cpanel::Session=HASH(0x83c25a8), __CPANEL_HIDDEN__, __CPANEL_HIDDEN__)

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    PCB with two SmartCard Connector, Bridge IC to USB and Uart, based on a SMSC Reference Design.

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    Hello, I need a professional to design an electronic system which include ( but not limited ) the following: - RFID & RFID readers ( or NSF ) - GSM data logger. - control valves - could be configured with flow meters. Your design should include the part specification, logic and design basis + technical drawing and simplified drawing for non-technical

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    Need to create a key logger for Mac OS X which can capture keystrokes , screenshots and send them on a FTP server.

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    i only need a function which the devices can read smartcard ID throught browser, i will paste the function into my CI apps. please reply me with your proposal , what method are you going to use and how are you delivery the testing?

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    saya butuh fungsi CI dimana fungsi tersebut dapat mengintegrasikan devices ACR120u, Mingtech-MRF35, HID-Omnikey ke browser agar dapat membaca smartcard id. jika anda tertarik , harap mencantumkan bagaimana anda menyelesaikan permasalahan ini, dan bagaimana caranya testingnya .

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    Reading Smartcard throught Browser (Mingtech-MRF35 , ACR120U, HID-OMNIKEY) Using PHP

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    Program kecil (SDK) untuk baca smartcard reader di browser (PHP)

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    We are looking someone who can help to make a PHP code for ACR120u, Mingtech (MRF-35) and HID OMNIKEY to read the smartcard on our webapps throught browser.

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    Hello, Hardware specs:- I need a PCB design for the following requirements 1. ultra low power consumption 2. esp8266 included 3. Althinker A6 GSM module included 4. Arduino compatible platform 5. timers 6. IO interrupts 7. Buzzer speaker included 8. micro USB for flashing included 9. booster low quiescent step up included 10. MCU to get reads and saves them and to cut off power ...

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    key logger Tamat left

    i want a good key logger ,virus,i'm ready to pay good money.................................................................................................................................................................................

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    Need a basic android app that does the following - Disconnects incoming call - Enters dialled number, incoming call number, date and time into a remote SQL database - Always stays active / auto on even if the screen is off

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    Mixer on plot Tamat left

    Hello, I have a machine and I need to start/stop 3 motors, reverse direction on motors on current overload, and then automati..."YHDCSCT-013-000". Normal current draw 12 A, motor stall 50 A peak. I would like to use Arduino 2560 to control 5v relays that will switch 110v circuit. I would also like to use a SD data logger as well... Thank you Peter

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    call logger Tamat left

    Need a basic android app that does two basic things - Disconnects incoming call - Enters dialed number (incase of dual sim), incoming call number, date and time into a remote SQL database - Always stays active / auto on even if the screen is off

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    Project at hand is a datalogger, or upgrade of existing data logger is a arduino uno r3, its running with 1 temperature and 1 pressure sensor on a custom pcb we made, we need it running with 5 of each, meaning 10 sensors in total all 4-20 mA, and current board must be changed from csv to ftp TO MQTT. ALL must be done on our existing setup, we already

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    ...described in attached picture : Have server pc. SmartCard connected on it. also have another remote pc. need make it connect to that smart card too. On server pc need run [login to view URL] which will establish communication with smartcard. on remote pc will run [login to view URL] which have to emulate connected smartcard devices on pc. also client exe have to conn...

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    I want to make a arduino data logger. I have to use. micro sd card module dht11 temprature modul dsc3231 clock module soil temperature module ov7670 camera modül and arduino uno I want to get sensor data and write micro sd card. camera picture,temprature,soil temprature and huminity

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    ...automotive Data Logger. The function of data logger will be to record the data from vehicle such as fuel, speed, distance, location etc. The data will be recorded by Nucleo-L476RG development board via CAN Bus. The proposed data logger will be able to connect with the Server using access point to upload the recorded data. Data logger will also be able

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    I have to develop a embedded C code for my project. I am using STM32 arm cortex m4.

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    I want a pic micro design with a 2g/3g/4g data connection which can send 1k of data 4 times per hour to a web server. I need hardware design and working code in CCS C. When not in use the data modem must be powered OFF to save power.

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    First time using this site and have little to no experience with programming so please bear with me. For those familiar with Discord API, I am looking for the tools needed to create a log of private message history. It must log existing history, not just new messages. Operating in Discord browser or desktop application is fine.

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    ...the problem statement below: [09-Apr-2017 15:43:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Interface 'PsrLogLoggerInterface' not found in /home/iyounis/public_html/core/modules/syslog/src/Logger/[login to view URL] on line 13 the above mentioned is the first instance of the error, This error is coming from 9 Apr on wards. When we researched on the possible issue, We have

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    ...I suppose it is possible to use already existing software from Github in this project. It is up to you to suggest recommended software. I have earlier made a Bluetooth-logger using Bluelog: (link: [login to view URL]) The final result of this project will be a Raspberry image file for me to download (including this

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    I am looking forward to Built Arduino with GSM / GPRS, GPS, Camera and Reed Switch Module. It is simple GPS data logger and also takes a photo on Opening and Closing Door. All capture data need to transfer to Server via Web Services.

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    I would like to develop modular PLC/data logger Communication: - GSM/gprs/3G/lte (sms) - Wifi - Lora wan -LAN Power 3,3-6 V device should use 2 x lit 3,6 batteries but if needed needs to be easy to connect to power supply with 2 digital inputs saving 1 per/h sending 1 day should work more than 5 years. Inputs : up to 15 INPUTS Modular

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    I need a small c++ application. Kind of like a logging system, but aimed specifically for wechat desktop. The application should run in the background and work as a logger/key logger. Usage will be for company communication and logging.

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    Successful bidder should deliver a Raspberry Pi Data Logger that communicate with field devices using Modbus protocol and store it in DBs (MySQL or Postgre SQL). The data will then send to another server using SNMP or MQTT language. Driver: Modbus SNMP V1, V2C, V3 compatible MQTT V3, V3.1 Features: The software should be written in cross-platform

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    Our company developed a wireless temperature data-logger production using in cold chain transportation. Our customer are mainly focus on global pharmaceutical and transportation enterprise. We wanted to research some question. 1) Which companies are better in wireless temperature data-logger field in global market? Top 5 companies or brands, provide

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    Read Mifare DESFire EV1 card with AES encryption using NFC or the THM3060 module under android environment

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    Hi freelancers i would like someone good at developing android apps to develop for me keystroke logger for android which can record call logs,passwords,simcard pin,text and is able to run in background and can send the recordings to my email account and i can be able to control it remotely.

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    ...alarm is triggered, than 4 other pictures at 2 seconds interval. The pictures are saved on sd card via a Data logging shield [login to view URL], , through an Arduino Uno, then send in Message to the boat owner with Linkit One GPRS ? My offer is for the delivery

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    Successful bidder should deliver a Raspberry Pi Data Logger that communicate with field devices using Modbus protocol and store it in DBs (MySQL or Postgre SQL). The data will then send to another server using SNMP or MQTT language. Driver: Modbus SNMP V1, V2C, V3 compatible MQTT V3, V3.1 Features: The software should be written in cross-platform

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    Please bid if you know how to make an app for ingenico ict 220, 250 models. App is more of a logger mockup which keeps tracks of all the user activities. Further, the app should communicate with the server to send logged data which i can then download from the server. Deadline 2 weeks top (strict) Budget ~ negotiable.

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    Equipment: 1. Hobo Pendant Event Data Logger (UA-003-64) (Logger) 2. Hobo Pendant Optic USB Base Station & Coupler (BASE-U-1) (Coupler) 3. Island Research Passive Infrared Tracker Counter (Counter) ([login to view URL]) Need: To link the Counter to the Logger without penetrating the Counter’s casing. The Counter is a sealed unit. Idea:

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    ...update the data from new uploaded file like RM or AUM or any other data). PAN number can be seen as unique feature. Marked in yellow are fields. 4. We will upload EPBX / logger calling file - attached format. (System should be smart enough to again filter out duplicate records, in case we re-upload the data) 5. RM will enter manually meetings done

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    Need some basic maintenance on a working python system. -minor tweaks to xlrd parsed data -minor updates to logger -modify report generation task

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