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    I need support Responsibilities: Highly experienced C/C++ Developer&server - Understanding how data centers windows application development using Visual Studio VC++ - Knowledge of low-level storage devices, file system - Extreme C/C++ and Mfc programming experience - Knowledge of product based project like trading

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    get this message when entering windows update for my servers some setting are managed by your system administrator tried every registry and GPO settings i know of. Every time i change the registry HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdateAU, it will change back when i use gpupdate /force. even tried to disable all gpo to test. Same result. I need to be able to turn of GPO that ha...

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    I have source code for a windows driver for custom audio hardware which uses Ethernet communications. The driver blue screens when transmitting over Ethernet. The task is to find and fix the source of the blue screen. Must have experience debugging windows drivers at kernel level.

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    We want to be able to grab images from a Basler Dart camera using a PC. We need a single .dll that we can call that will make that possible. Basler provide a SDK so this should be a straightforward task in Visual Studio. I don't have the knowledge to do this myself, hence it's better for me to find someone who could do this for me. The deliverable is a 32-bit Windows .dll (with the a...

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    For example, the public IP of the server is: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] For the Port: 8181, I can connect the server via [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in web browser firefox or google chrome on local computer You can just tell me how to finish it or help me to finish it via remote control

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    Software Name : ”What an ID card by [log masuk untuk melihat URL]” This App should have an patch file (with master password) where I should be able to add/remove MAC address - I mean our software should only work if it holds that system MAC in it. If there is no MAC added or if they do an copy to any other system it should just show an contact screen (will provide details) - no errors...

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    Have merge conflicts needed to be fixed Branch A is on 0.58 with some new features Branch B (main) is on 0.60.1 I need them combined. And deployed fine in Appcenter

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    Cooperation on 3D pointcloud C++ library for a large measurement application (Lidar, laser scanning) - Windows 10, Visual Studio. Preferred is an in place cooperation (Brno, CZ). Very good knowledge of C++ is a must, deep experience with MFC, Qt, OpenGL, VTK is a big advantage. About 50 man days expected.

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    we need a striped down win 7 to 200 MB up to 300 MB as long as we can run 3 programs 1. sip client 2. USB virtual server for windows and this iso can be run with with Limbo pc emulator

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Javascript.

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    I need wordpress re-configured.

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    Hi, I am looking for individuals who can develop android and windows pc app. You don't have to be master in both, I am planning to hire two different individuals. App will be an online service application. More information would be provided by messages

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    Hi! Please check the Screenshot! I have changed some font settings on my OS and now i dont know how to reverse this case. it is not only on chrome like this. It is on all browsers like that.

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    Any expertise in field or familiar with apk drop me a mail!

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    I need a Point of Sale Solution either for IPad or Windows preferably existing It must be able to run two businesses sharing the same inventory and separate invoice numbering and can switch profiles between businesses

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    Looking for someone who is fluent in english (writting and speaking) to set up computers with remote desktop connections, creating virtual machines and setting them up with remote desktop connectio/ ISO systems. It's prefered if person have experiance with dedicated servers, optimizing internet connections and DOS attacks too. (not necessary tho) Paid by number of setups. Hit me up in chat f...

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    i need to setup open vpn on windows 10 and use the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file on client

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    The title is self explainatory. An installation of a WordPRess site installed on a Windows server fails to reach the channel connection to the e-commerce site at BigCommerce. Connection is reached but the channel creation step returns an error. I need a system engineer or network examinar to do a Debuging of the WordPRess to Bigcommerve connection. This is no job for a newbee not experimenter...

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    Hi, I have Maria 10.3 in linux and I want to move this to windows. The size of DB backup (.sql) file is 288 MB. see video [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to understand more about the project. 1. Pls see the video before contacting me as this will give you a good idea about what exactly I need. 2. Pls do not bid anything more to what I have budgeted for this project.

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    Simple mobile app with flutter (IOS and Android) with voice recognition and transmission of data - Voice recognition service free, language portuguese BR, quality like google service - Real time transmission of transcribed text (data) - Transmission of transcribed texts to webapp (already exist) using websocket (need to configure websocket on backend) - Transmission of transcribed texts to window...

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    I have a Lenovo Yoga laptop. The trackpad stopped working but the connected mouse works. There is no option for trackpad in my settings (see attached screenshot). I did drop my laptop and then the trackpad stopped working but there was no visible damage to the computer. You will take over my computer in a screenshare and I will have chat open on my other device if you need to restart my Lenovo la...

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    Scope of Work - Windows 2012 R2 Server administrator account on terminal server logs in with temp profile. Needs to be fixed. - Fix Google Drive, after administrator account logs off and logs back in google drive always needs to be reconfigured. - Setup Exchange server 2016 with around 11 email accounts and 8 shared mailboxes - Setup Outlook for each user - Train in best use for business applic...

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    Need to create remote access for training multiple users.

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    I have a Windows IIS ARR Proxy server installed. Windows IIS ARR Proxy server will handle all port 80 and port 443 requests to different servers inside the network. I want to configure ACME-DNS on CentO/S and work with Certify for DNS-01 challenge. My Network environment: Firewall forwarded port 80 and 443 to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and port 53 to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Windows II...

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    Please feel free to contact me for more information about the project. thanks

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET. I have an application and would like to integrate open z wave to it so I can interact with door locks. C# .net windows I have a biometric sensor I would like to use it to open a door using Z wave.

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    I have CloudFormation template which creates Windows Server 2016 through Autoscaling. Same template also created AWS managed Microsoft AD. I want help from an expert to add this EC2 to AD. I can see there are two approaches available. Either through SSM document and association or Powershell commands. I need this to be done ASAP. Only serious candidates apply please. URGENT HIRING!!!

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    I want experienced freelancer to install windows 7 or 10 on NVME & make it boot. My PC is HP workstation z600 with legacy BIOS ... * PC specs: - Dual Xeon X5650 processors - 16 GB DDR3 Ram - 238 GB NVME with pci card - 250 GB SSD - 1 Terabyte HDD All work will be done using Team-viewer

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    I want to monitor my windows servers remotely. I need somebody who can write some scripts which can monitor the server resources, event logs etc and send alerts in case of any issues.

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    We have a blog site setup in a directory above a static website we have boult in HTML and some small ASP scripts. We added the blog for SEO benefits but the URLs on the windows server won't use /page-name/ URLs it uses the default post?idnumber etc. We have tried to make the changes in the wordpress setting for p%post% etc. but this just breaks the site and the root URL looses the main buil...

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    Hello, I need help with a project that I am working on that includes building a Windows Forms based Desktop Application using C# on Visual Studio 2019. This is a third version of a previously built Item centric application and mostly has the code & connections ready, but this needs to perform better and will vary in some functionality & the back-end connections will be different. I need he...

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    I want a .NET Windows Form App with C# that works as a background scanner of Bluetooth beacons (C# with .NET not .NET Core) in any format but I only want the MAC address and signal strength. The main functionality: 1) Check if the app is license (for development just call a function which returns true or false randomly I'll add the logic later) 2) If license, minimized to tray, call a ...

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    Hi there, I need someone to code so that I can change the height and width of the windows connect app content that is being casted to my pc. I will pay you $50 for this seemingly easy task. Please contact me with your whatsapp details. Best regards Julius

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    Buenas amigos. Tengo un problema particular, en mi red tengo una velocidad de 120mbps de bajada y 10mbps de subida. TODAS las pc de mi red suben y descargan a esa velocidad. pero en mi pc con Windows 10 Pro, solo puedo subir a 3mbps y el dato curioso es que solo me pasa con mi sitio web... en GoogleDrvie etc sube perfecto a la velocidad maxima, 10mbps en este caso. (Aclaro que no es limitacion...

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    Iam looking for program for cooking time keeper in my kitchen see requirements in snap shot attached

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    Hello, for our project, we need to get run Installation of VirtualSmartCard. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Compilation and creation of msi package with help of documentation are failing with several errors. What we need : - Exact reproducible steps to be able to compile and create Driver and MSI Package on - Windows 10 x64 or Windows 7 x64 - Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2017 Possi...

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    Goal. Create software to find ASINs by eBay items from Why? We have four eBay stores each limited to 8 thousand listings. I'd execute this automation twice a week to constantly update inventory. Extract eBay URLs from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] competitors list and not found items list. Paginate competitors and their listings. Find Amazon item by title, UPC, photo, and ...

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    I'm looking a Windows Screen saver with a company logo that I can distribute to multiple PC's without having to install software. I want a nice Windows desktop background image that I can put onto multiple PC's with the company logo. I also want a similar image I can use on the Windows lock screen which will display the company logo when no user is logged on.

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    As you can see the name of project it is about creating a VPN for Android, Windows Desktop and IOS. As I have written for me Android is app is very important then Windows program and at last IOS so if someone can offer me the Android and Windows it would not be a big issue. Of course all 3 toghether satisfies me the most. Some details that I want in the VPN apps: I want it to be in at least tw...

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    Busco quien me desarrolle una aplicación para windows en Visual Studio. - Tiene que recibir coordenadas X,Y, y posicionar el cursor en la pantalla del windows (fuera del form) - Clickear y/o escribir Nada complejo, me facilitan la fuente que yo lo adecuo a mi proyecto completo. Gracias.

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    we need an expert in windows that will 1. strip down windows 7 to the minimum 2. install sip client [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Virtual USB server [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 4. create virtual audio cable between sip client and virtual USB server

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    Hello, I need script for WinDBG / IDA to extract functions callbacks table from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (32&64 bit)

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    We have a working ASP/.NET/SQL web app that has been retrieved from a previous server and we need to deploy it on a brand new Windows Server 2016 (I will give you ZIP archive + .BAK SQL database archive) We have also a Wordpress website that needs to be deployed (zip archive + mysql database dump). I will give you the RDP credentials and you will have to install ASP server + SQL Express Server +...

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    I want a windows software of my design. I am ready all PSD designs and wireframe. It should develop with VC++(MFC) on Visual Studio 2007. I will share you wireframe via private chatting. thanks

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    **PLEASE, NO BIDDING BEFORE READING FULL DESCRIPTION** We require an API for Windows to be developed in ASP.NET, to interact with a board that connects to a computer via USB. The communication with the board is to be accomplished through AT commands. Some of required functionalities 2 types of commands, - Functional - related to the operation of inputs and outputs - Informative - Help List o...

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    i have a problem with my windows internet connection, something is blocking the connection. the windows is windows 10.

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