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    I need a project speaking about trade consecuences for Spain due to Brexit. It must include trade data from spaish statistic institute and eurostat

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    $32 - $268
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    Water Tank level meter IOT 3 hari left

    We need to develop an IOT device to monitor water tank level. It should work store data in a server so user can check the level on the web or mobile app using pwa. Monitoring app should shows the thank level in percentage and well as liters, also a friendly statistic graph which should shows the level based on time. Also we nee notification for specific low or high level

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    i need a statistic test report (time period = 2 hours)

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    A developer with knowledge of football API is required to make some changes to a football LiveScore site. First thing is to add statistic endpoint for fixtures and make some arrangements, secondly increase the website width for mobile, then lastly add a logo.

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    Update a website 2 hari left

    A developer with knowledge of football API is required to make some changes to a football LiveScore site. First thing is to add statistic endpoint for fixtures and make some arrangements, secondly increase the website width for mobile, then lastly add a logo.

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    Individual project 1 hari left

    run a statistic test on SPSS prepare a result discussion

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    Hello, I own a sports website that displays LiveScores, but there are few things I want to be put in place. The first is expanding the sites width, secondly adding the statistic endpoint and thirdly adding the sites logo.

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    Hi am looking for someone who is having access as i need few details of statistic related to my business, if anyone is having access and ready to get me 5reporta downloaded am happy ro pay

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to perform some statistic test. Here is the background. We have Pacemakers (n=44) and we send some energy through them to see if they get broken (they don't). We have created some measurements with them prior to energy delivery and did the same measurements afterwards. I now have 36 values that needs to be compared to 36 values measured after energy delivery. I think t-test would do the trick. But i am not so sure since I am intererested if one pacemaker is destroyed, so it is rather not about the mean or median but about one to one...don`t know if that is understandable. Furthermore I would need some graphs afterwards, don't know if box-lot would be good? Here an example. pacemaker number one has a batterie span of 2.8V, after energy deliver...

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    this is an ongoing project for few hours each week , need someone very good with excel VB macros and c# project is an excel file that communicates with a c# application to do some complex statistic calculation need to correct some bugs on this program and improve it if you are sharp in c# and vb , I have other available contracts to take care of

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    ...Information Page : Contain information to reach my company. with some other information from the external device Automatic Page :`some image with button to access pop up screen. Manual Page Some button to active/desactivate some device. Setting Page Contain 5 settings with toggle switch. Recipe Page Not used for the current projet but I want to show a demonstration image. Report Page Some statistic from the device. Login Page Gonna have a list of 5 username. need to select the name and get log with a password. Alarm Page Gonna receive receive alarm from the device Alarm history Alarm history from the device. Popup page : Language/Unit setup Confirm off mode XXXX Control The program need to have nice graphical look with our company color. the image is an exem...

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    Looking for freelancer expert who can build football betting prediction. Notes: automated predictions with match statistic and analysis website for paid users crypto and paypal method Please bid if you can do this.

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    Index number, financial maths, correlation and regression, probability

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    REQUIRED Hey looking for work with a business that values great blog writing? Up to 1500 word blog at least every three weeks so a longer term arrangement preferred. We will provide source material for you to rewrite....employees requiring Managed IT Services. Tone: professional and accessible (not geeky); customer service focused, educational not sales. FREELANCER You experienced in the technology for business space with writing content that catches reader interest and generates traffic. Your style is conversational and engaging. You have the ability to tell a story and can also weave in significant data or a statistic to bring the point home. You are a champion! APPLY Please include a link to a few examples of your work that is relevant to this job. We look forward to hearing...

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    • State the null and alternative hypotheses. • Check the necessary assumptions. • Report the P-value and the test statistic. • Make a conclusion statement in the words of the original problem. • Copy and paste the Mega-Stat output after each question

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    To make a simple input interface for the daily booking times for a web booking calendar, Just like an admin panel but only certain things allowed, not as the original control panel. Also To Include Location - Information Long & Lat in a text file for Google Map/ Street Map. Original Database preferred to be Not Modified. Also To include a link for the location Google Map at the front end & A counter for total number of bookings according to months to provide statistic.

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    It is mostly analysis that needs to be done but needs to run different tests (such as independent t-test) to properly analyse the data

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    ...looking for a freelancer to develop one project, which is required Laravel and Vue developing experiance of 3+ years. We are start up company, so this project is not for high rate dev. It consists of 2 functions, one being the dashboard/api for the user to build their website content, which pull from the API and present the website, second being statistic board representing our companies top products and top stores by date range. -develop statistic page which contains displaying top products and top stores list - develop store list page / store detail page to make the site more appropriate for stores - Additional themes for the user to select from Materio-Vutify-Template - Pagination and search on some record pages - Date picker (all statistics is displayed by selected da...

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    2 questions for the statistic project by using python to run the result.

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    Hi, Are you familiar with regression, null hypothesis, t-test etc

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    Medical statistic on a sample of about 200 patients affected by HCC aimed to find the overall survival (Kaplan Maier method) of these patients in relation to the stage of the disease, etiology and some risk factors. The work comprises also the multivariate analysis of the following variables: sex, age, etiology, risk factors and BCLC.

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    I have almost completed our new website refresh. There is one line at the bottom of each page that moves at the end like a heart rate - the parts of the line with the spikes move around. However I want the line to be more like an upward trending statistic and still move. Therefore it would remain flat for the same amount and instead of just going up and down and pulsing (moving around), it would go up and down but trending up. Please let me know if you can create something like this. The website is being built in Wordpress.

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    who are professional in statistic please to talk to e

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    Write a method ReadPoints to read the student's grade points in the different subjects. You should save the points in an array When the method is called, the user must enter a number of rating points. The gra...grade F corresponds to less than 50 points You must store the grades in a field (array, vector or list). Write a method print that makes the printout of the grades. Write a method Statistics that will calculate the number of "A", "C" and "F" grades and the total number of grade points. When the Statistics method is called, the grading statistics must be printed. Write pseudocode for this method (statistic). Also draw flow charts(for this method statistics) Following array string courses [5] = {"matematics","swedish",&...

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    Looking for an developer for at least 6-month project. This contract includes multiple sub-projects. Must be experienced with Vue.js, YII2. Please note we are creating a CRM system with statistic, logistic and etc, not a website/blog.

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    Hi, I pos...do these as CCS Styled Radio Buttons 6 Switches On click these switches change. Both switch states are in each layout 7 Switches On click these switches change. Both switch states are in each layout 8 Radio Buttons Please do these as CCS Styled Radio Buttons 9 Column width distribution please set all columns WITH a dot to the same width AND the entire table to 100% of the Screens width 10 Statistic per days please do this so that each Square is an individual icon (not all squares in one large image!) 11 Status Indication These indicators are CSS Styled NO IMAGES. The values are pulled out of a Database. 12 Button Systemcheck CSS Button 13 Sticky Left Area Left side is not or documents that might be helpful in explaining your brief here (Max file size: 25 MB).

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    Consider a B&D queuing system which has a finite number of states denoted by n=0,1,2,3,4. The arrival rates are λn = 4 - n for n = 0,1,2,3. The service rates are μn= n for n = 1, 2, 3, 4. 2.1 Give an example of a queuing system which can be described by these arrival and service rates. Calculate the Probabilities {Pn} of the system states using the general approach. Next, determine the expected arrival rate and the expected waiting time. Consider this queuing system in its steady-rate condition. We assume that if the system is in state n, then the system cost per day, expressed in thousands of dollars, is f(n)=n^2. Determine the expected system cost per day.

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    In this problem, you will use provided excel data about the GDP interest rate to estimate ADL models and an ADF statistic. Stata program must be used.

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    i need virtual assistant statistic financial with a math background

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    Hello , I have some graphs and I need some statistician person to write the interpretation paragraphs about those graphs ( no words limited ). I need this to be submitted at most within 12 hours. My budget is fixed = 10 $ Thanks.

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    More details will be shared with potential freelancer

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    More details will be shared with potential freelancer

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    More details will be shared with potential freelancer

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    1. Mr A and Mr And Mr C 2. Mr A encrypt pasword wifi and share pasword and Location to network 3. Mr B decrypt pasword for Automatic login to wifi of Mr A 4. signups and login by Google or Facebook or send iCloud 5. Dashboard statistic Use MB of Mr B, scale point to Mb ( 1 point =xxMb), statistic Mr A And Mr B, role and administration for Mr C, auto notification 6. Viral marketing for app

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    The PhpTrafficA is a statistic software running with Php and Mysql. The last version is 2.3 ,and is no longer maintenanced by the original developer. Please upgrade it so it could run OK under Php 8.0.x(Must be) and Joomla 4.1. I want it to show total page views for each page of my website(which is built with Joomla v4.1). [You could install XAMPP 8.0.17 / PHP 8.0.17 on Windows and then install Joomla v4.1 ,then upgrade Phptraffic under that enviroment. -----Just my samll advise,i am not a is your judge. ]

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    I need help to resolve a few basic statistic questions

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    The report is about the Electrical Industry, it has to include statistic on death/injury, a case study of the dangers associated with working in the industry, etc.

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    I want to complete the parts mentioned in above file,which are leading to completion of another project.

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    to do a 20 questions statistic maths

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    analysis and rank the attributes according to servqual and qfd . then integrate it with kano and rank them again

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    ...history SO THAT I can see data about my account balance and also see transactions to my account. AS A USER, I WANT to see the list of my notifications SO THAT I will be notified about important events (maintenance, new events). AS A USER, I WANT to see the status and setting 2FA for my account SO THAT I can understand if my account is protected and also change or set the code for 2FA. == Trade statistic LIST OF USER TRADES CHARTS WITH TRADING AND STATISTICS ...

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    Hello freelancers. I have 1000 + pdf files and images that contain statistic data of our company, and we'd like to manage the data using the database to get out of old analog mode. Accuracy is a key problem so we can't use OCR for it, and the manual way is mandatory. I am looking for who is responsible and fast for data entry. Regards

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    Hi Md Masud R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. The following is to program as required below: Create a function that takes the output of each smoother in and calculates its press statistic. Apply each to the data using the parameters given Now create a function that uses a greedy random search to find better values of the adjustable parameters, based on minimizing PRESS

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    Hi Roman M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    i need the statistic Expert for my multiple jobs. Details will be discused

    $7 - $75
    $7 - $75
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    i need the statistic Expert for my multiple jobs. Details will be discused

    $7 - $75
    $7 - $75
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    i need the statistic Expert for my multiple jobs. Details will be discused

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    Step 1 I would like to have the segment: Round History on the site scraped in real time. The collected information will then be analyzed in excel. The idea is to collect approx. 1.000.000 spins and analyze the outcome. Step 2 Alert via mail or some other feature when a certain pattern occurs. For example, when 12 spins of the red/black color in a row, send an alert. It could also be odd/even numbers, 1-18 or 19-36. The exact number until the alert should be adjustable.

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    I need help in Statistic concepts thanks

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