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    SAAS based CRM 4 hari left

    • Customize invoices including logo, notes and more • Send Invoice directly to your Customer from the portal • SMS invoice • Notify to your Customer When invoice paid, due, Payment Reminder • Access from Anywhere with Unique Invoice URL, authenticate via token • PDF Invoice, Customer can download PDF Invoice with Single Click • Printer Friendly, Separate view fo...

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    I have a logo that when uploaded to my landing page it shows up to small and the backdrop does not match. I would like to fix it so that it can fit proportionally to my landing pages and maybe use the new design on my main website. I would also like to have two designs with the phrase next my logo that states "A Financial Services & Insurance Co." and the same phrase under my logo. ...

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    Hi ptiweb, I noticed your profile and would like to request a quote. We will be relaunching a website which is stored as an image snapshot on DigitalOcean cloud. There are a few modifications to do. After launch, we expect to provide ongoing work with the right developer. Please let me know if you're interested and I can send the specifications. Best regards, Guy

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    I have a failed to open a session for virtual machine on virtual box. It happened after deleting files from downloads. I still have my snapshot files and disk file but it won’t run.

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    My application works fine without security rules, but I'm having trouble with my firestore snapshot listeners being denied access by my security rules. Looking for someone to debug them.

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    Lai Yang Algo Implementation 1 hari left

    The Lai-Yang algorithm fulfills this role of a marker in a non-FIFO system by using a coloring scheme on computation messages that works as follows: 1) Every process is initially white and turns red while taking a snapshot. The equivalent of the “Marker Sending Rule” is executed when a process turns red. 2) Every message sent by a white (red) process is colored white (red). 3) Thus, a ...

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    $10 - $30
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    Create a Java project that will create a summary output using the provided files. The two files will be a single snapshot and a text file containing two sets of dates. The snapshot snapshot will be in CSV format. The first line of the file contains the column headers. Each subsequent row/line of the file describes a single course section. Not every column in the snapshot will be relevant to this ...

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    I am planning an startup company and looking for Freelancer who can help me build an operational API for my Video conferencing solution. Our requirements are as under: Sr.# Module Name 1 One to One Video Conferencing (using Webrtc/Mobilertc/??) 2 One to Many Video Conferencing (Group Chat and Webinar) 3 Record, Video meeting (before, during and after the call) Or Snapshot to the local drive...

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    Social media app like MOJ TIKTOK SNAPSHOT filters Ect

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    Cut the reporting periods An accurate daily status snapshot is critical when quick decisions are needed.

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    Hello, I have a hyper-V host that broke. Due to messing around without knowing what I was doing, I have somehow restored it to a snapshot from 2019. I am unable to revert to the present day snapshot of the machine. One of the VHDX drives contains a very important database. Unfortunately, despite the timestamp on the file being today, when I mount the VHDX on a new hyper-v host, it is in fact the...

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    Write and test an ARMv8 program to find Fibonacci numbers. Consider the following C code that outlines Fibonacci function long long int fib (long long int n) { if (n == 0) return 0; else if (n==1) return 1; else return fib(n-1) + fib (n-2); } You need to write a main function that call...

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    Create a C++ project that will allow the user to input a pathway (directories) or a URL that leads to a directory, where it will then read in .csv files and create a summary report using relevant data from those files. Initially, it will need to check that each of these semester directories will contain: 1) A file named [log masuk untuk melihat URL] containing two dates, one per line, in YYYY-MM-...

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    Ditampilkan Segera
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    I'm building a website's front-end on top of Bootstrap and I need some help on the design (and optionally coding, just to make sure it works) part. What I'll give you to work on is a HTML + CSS + JS snapshot of the frontend. I'll also provide you with the pages designed so far so you get a feeling of the project and keep the same style. What you're about to see on the sc...

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    Scope of work Key objective is to provide an infographic presentation (powerpoint) & the data source will be from an excel sheet – this data is for a construction project that is getting completed, the scope includes extracting data from material submittal register that has approx. 134 entries in addition the scope requested will require to develop a table where predefined fields can be...

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    To install the K2 Five software into a non-production environment, configure and additionally set up K2 Connect and make it work within the organisation's on-premises IT infrastructure. To also port a snapshot of production data and configuration to the newly set up server.

    $7438 - $14875
    $7438 - $14875
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    I modified the Nginx server of my original website, which is an erp system for our team. Am unable to restore everything, then trying to use AWS EC2 snapshot to resume everything. After I created new volume and attached, the instance can’t be reached. Now the AWS instruction is we should create a new instance. So now what I need is “create a new instance, everything come back.&rdq...

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    HPEC is a startup company building the future of physician interactions through its mobile application. When you need a doctor in the future you will come to our network, because it is secure, trusted and decentralized. We're searching for a talented and motivated front end developer who has experience building, testing, and shipping apps to the App Store, and Google play. Requirements:  2...

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    I am a 74 year old widow who lives on the west coast of Florida. My sister in Massachusetts scanned me a very old snapshot maybe around 50 or even more years old. It has several creases in it and was wondering if it can be restored and how much to restore just one......or is it less costly to do three 5x7's? I need this done for me! Thank You......Mrs Schram

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    26 bida

    The UCLan autonomous all-terrain Vehicle (UAAV) is in testing phase, the UAAV has been designed to navigate extremely remote and hazardous locations and as such there will be many times when direct communication will not be possible. With this in mind a system has been designed that monitors various metrics around the vehicle and saves the data to a file. The system saves a snapshot of readings ...

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    ** READ THE ENTIRE BRIEF. WE DELETE BIDS THAT DON'T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ** We need someone that can customize the Teameyo software for our needs: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The project will be broken up into several tasks and milestones to ensure adequate progress is being made in a timely manner. Daily updates (every 24 hours) showing progress are mandatory. FREELANCER REQUIREMENTS: - ...

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    Snapshot ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) is a famous, open-sourced DAO tool for Ethereum. Your task is to fork the Snapshot website including all features like submitting proposals, voting, and administrative functions. The source code can be found at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please be noted that the current Snapshot is specifically for Ethereum, you need to modify it to call [log masuk untuk...

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    In need this website updated. I am looking for a single page site that features three main headings. The background of the site needs to be white (or light), and the contact section at the bottoms needs to be a lot smaller. I have attached the zip file of the entire site. Plus, a page snapshot for the existing site (the format of which is what I am looking for). (Not Wordpress, please). The ...

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    66 bida

    Onde of our Devs accidentally changes the SSH Key from our VPS server hosted at We didnt mind that if the the SSH key was changed, all the data would be eresed or hidded after these SSH modification. And we havent had a Snapshot, what would makes possible a direct recovering. After we called [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Support they said these: > Hello, > > Thank you for con...

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    4 bida

    This position is responsible for the overall workings of the vast range of accounts within the company. From Technology, Entertainment to Product Design, you bring a wealth of knowledge within being able to work with the client from preconsultation of closing a project and getting payment confirmation; to managing the various updated product details and production deadlines and timelines; working ...

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    10 bida

    I have a Demo file that I need to be customized similar to the ExcelMonthlyBudgetTemplate file, but the actual payperiod tab should roll up to the monthly example files and overview. Ultimately the user will be able to get a yearly snapshot of their expenses. Would like the file to be dynamic.

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    21 bida

    Please create a 15 - 20 second video clip. Please read directions carefully and thank you in advance for your time. I want the end product to be clean, modern and very techie. I want to create a quick clip like the one in the example but uniquely our own. (Reference file ExampleStyle) In place of the highlight segment I want a video depicting the price movement of the stock GME. The cart to refe...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    Dijamin Sulit
    15 penyertaan

    *****EXTREMELY FLUENT ENGLISH IS REQUIRED - Hi there, Looking for a young person with fluent English to speak to their career. I'd like you to create me a video 3 minute video answering a few questions about your job as a freelancer. I would appreciate if you're looking at the camera. There is good lighting and that you're seated on a seat using a tie clasp microphone (preferabl...

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    2 bida

    I need an equity research report for a company created (company name withheld, a crowdfunded brewery with lots of publicly available data). The report should include; • Analyst opinion and summary • Key highlights of the company • A snapshot of the industry • Financial analysis • Valuation analysis • Risk factors

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    38 bida

    We need to build an adaptive React (preferred framework) app to take a snapshot (can be retried) from browser’s camera, masking video with a passport/id card area. The solution needs to work at least in the following browsers: • Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari (Desktop) • Chrome (Android) • Safari (iOS) The module must provide a final image in base64 that can submitted to an ...

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    8 bida

    EC2 Ubuntu instance has issues after package upgrade. Need help either fixing that or restoring from snapshot without losing elastic IP. you will be working remotely on my laptop. provide your fixed price quote in AUD.

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    20 bida
    Trophy icon Logo For Helth Centric Company Tamat left

    Hello, I need a logo for my company. Its called A Healthy You. The wording should be vibrant and the word healthly should really stand out. I have included a snapshot picture of the idea Im lookinf for. -The "A" should have a figure of a person intertwined in it - Underneath a healthy you should be the cardiac/vital symbol with like three circles - Each circle with a picture of so...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    26 penyertaan

    We have written most of code in python. A cloud-hosted database table for all Amazon metrics listed in the Reporting Project google sheet scoped and reviewed in December. All metrics must be backfilled to the latest date available in Seller Central (2 years for order data, 60 days for advertising). All countries in NA/EU must be included in the database. Database easily pulls into either Google Sh...

    $38 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    9 bida

    If you have experience with cdk, cloudformation and lambda, do bid. Step-1. Use this GitHub Repo [log masuk untuk melihat URL] , build the same using cdk given Step-2 (below) Step-2. See if the code can be reduced (modified) to include only the Cloud Formation Stack and Lambda Functions (the 3rd lambda function instead should delete the RDS-Snapshot that we exported to the prod account after it i...

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    6 bida

    I'm looking to build a simple, functional and aesthetically attractive website for an individual/personal brand. The purpose of this website is to be a store of the individual's body of work including articles, posts, videos as well as provide a snapshot of their background, key skills, interests and contact details. We like the simplicity, speed and authenticity of sites like the one ...

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    105 bida
    Trophy icon Design a digital magazine Tamat left

    We need page designs for a digital magazine for a government entity, including layout, colors and iconography. Each page must also have some creative and integrated movement (look the video in attachments). The design must be original, novel and surprising, disruptive, without neglecting that it is for a government entity. As deliverable we need to get in PDF or PNG format the design of the next...

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    Step-1. Use this GitHub Repo [log masuk untuk melihat URL] , build the same using cdk given Step-2 (below) Step-2. See if the code can be reduced (modified) to include only the Cloud Formation Stack and Lambda Functions (the 3rd lambda function instead should delete the RDS-Snapshot that we exported to the prod account after it is restored). We don’t need alarms, SNS-Topics, Cloud Watch cro...

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    6 bida

    I am in need of a regular PERL expert affordable on my budget. For current task I need to add the line _XT to the end of an Emb video code so it pulls up screenlist instead of snapshot. code_embed Sampe of it added <a href="[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" target=_blank>Chamelion</a><br> <div style="position:relative;padding-bottom:56%;padding-top:20px;height:0...

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    Following up in Freelancer regarding the Team Quotas Project. Team Quotas (by VP) - Each of the three VPs will have their own record. That record can contain a manually entered currency value showing their current quota for the current fiscal year. - Once a year, the COO would go into each of these three records and manually update their quota. - All of the calculations on that record would be a...

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    Due to confidentiality, I am not able to expose the details of the project. However, it is expected to have a timer camera, and it captures snapshot every n minutes and send it to a remote storage over internet.

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    Need an experienced resume writer to review and re-write the resume of a senior level management in IT industry with 30 years of experience in various roles. A draft resume with previous work experience is available. Writer must be well versed with IT technical management positions, targeting Senior Management / IT Director positions. Expected deliverables: 1. A job Description which fits above ...

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    Hi, I need help with a few lines of code on Google sheets Apps Script. It currently reviews a full TX history between cryptocurrencies, and outputs a total amount for each crypto in the wallet at the end of the history. I want it to do the same but on a loop (i.e. output a wallet snapshot when it hits a "Withdrawal" when going through the range ; start over until the next "Wit...

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    We are looking for a new developer to continue developing our software. The code is very neat and organized and we have been developing it for almost 3 years now. We are looking for an agile, hardworking and smart developer to join us for long term, which has at least 10 hours a week. We are looking for you to have the following skills: web scraping: JSON parsing, html parsing, AJAX, selenium, etc...

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    Need an experienced resume writer to review and re-write the resume of a senior level management in IT industry with 30 years of experience in various roles. A draft resume with previous work experience is available. Writer must be well versed with IT technical management positions, targeting Senior Management / IT Director positions. Expected deliverables: 1. An Executive Style Senior Managemen...

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    29 bida

    As an example, I use a simple select statement to return how many times a team has played on a rink. The available rinks in my example are 4, 5 and 6. I have attached a snapshot of the table rows returned. select Team, RinkNum, max(PlayedOnRink) as RinkUsedNum from Algorithms_RinkUsage where RinkNum = 4 or RinkNum = 5 or RinkNum = 6 group by Team, RinkNum order by RinkUsedNum desc I al...

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    Attached is the snapshot of design. All icons should work with static data, no backend integration. On hover of user icon, a dropdown will come with tags (Signin/ Signup, profile, orders, payment history). Sign in sign up page also required ( with remember me and forgot password). Note: use only functional components or arrow function with hooks (No class components). Add necessary freeware librar...

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    6 bida

    I have an demographic image and snapshot img captured from an tool. Need to extract accurate data from both image and compare it for spell check

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    4 bida

    I would like to get a portrait made of a snapshot of a person.

    $8 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    Hi Tanushree C., I noticed your profile and would like to get a portrait made on illustrator of a snapshot I have of that person.

    $8 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    Ethereum TimeMachine Mining Calculator Make a website, or Block of Code for putting into a website, That calculates retro actively, The actual daily rewards that would have been mined on Ethereum given a particular Hashrate. Please reference the below link and other mining calculators/Online resources for TYPICAL calculators, inform yourself on the math that can be used to estimate mining reward...

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    3 bida