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    Membuat expert advisor sederhana untuk MT4 dapat di aplikasikan untuk semua time frame dengan indikator EMA ... [log masuk untuk melihat URL] buy logic EMA dengan period yg lebih kecil ( contoh EMA 5 /EMA fast ) memotong keatas EMA dgn periode yg lebih besar ( contoh EMA 10 /EMA slow ) eksekusi buy tunggu konfirmasi harga open 1 bar berikutnya EMA 5 tetap diatas EMA 10 , 2. open sell logic ke...

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    nak ea pending oder buy stop dan sell stop serentak yang boleh set stat price contoh stat price 123.000, jarak dari stat price boleh adjust contoh 10pip 123.100 buy stop 122.90 sell stop,layer buy stop dan sell stop boleh adjust contoh boleh set buy stop 20 layer sell stop 20 layer ,kemudian jarak diantara buystop dari layer ke layer boleh adjust begitu juga sell stop, kemudian boleh set take away...

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    $20 - $20
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    melayani para konsumen yang membutuhkan jasa sponsor2 secara online 24jam non stop.. silahkan hubungi jika berminat

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    $250 - $750
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    Cara Reset Printer Canon MP258 : 1. Printer MP258 yang error 5B00 atau P07 dalam keadaan mati dan kabel listrik terpasang. 2. Tekan Tombol STOP/RESET dan tahan, kemudian tekan tombol POWER dan tahan. 3. Tombol POWER masih ditekan, lepas tombol STOP/RESET, kemudian tekan tombol STOP/RESET 2 x dalam keadaan tombol power masih ditekan. 4. Lepas kedua tombol secara bersamaan. 5. Printer MP258 ...

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    $10 - $37
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    EA dengan strategy kalo trade pertama dengan lot 0.01 kalah, trade kedua dibuka dengan lot 0.02, kalo trade kedua kena stop loss, trade ketiga dibuka dengan lot 0.03, dan seterus nya sampe total dari semua trades ini positive dan mengenai target profit.

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    $400 - $400
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    I need a PHP expert, The Task will be. - Our S3 Bucket is stop working. We need developer to look into it and configure or fix current S3 bucket. - We are getting data in our website from an external services, S3 was use to get images from it. We need developer to understand the code and debug it and give us report that, it is working fine or not. - The data is retrieve using corn job, so you m...

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    I am looking to build a small application with few primary functions : 1. Build an interface to facilitate connecting zerodha kite through python. a. Read and store Ticker data into a database 2. Automate request token generation 3. Generate trades based on predefined levels reading from a database, on matching the criteria send the order to zerodha (open order) a. Needs to build flexible appro...

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    Short Animation 6 hari left

    We are making an animated game in video format with two levels. There will be a short journey then the video will stop and you have to choose an answer. If you choose correctly you can continue, if not, a consequence video plays. Approx. Deliverables: * 2x 4min videos - Each level needs a video approx 4 minutes long. * 5 videos that are each 5 seconds long that play as a consequence if you ge...

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    I need a maths script developed. Make responsive PHP please. Overview: Start with a random INTEGER X. If X is EVEN divide by 2 if X is ODD then Multiply by 3, then add 1 then divide by 2 so for X even X maps to X/2 and for X odd X maps to (3X+1) / 2 Part 2: we now need to do 2 things 1. compute the STOPTIME for each number in the interval entered 2. organise them into classes modulo 2 to...

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    Hello, i want to put the youtube cc transcribe and a Chinese Pinyin Generator that using a google translate API into like this website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (you can see the picture if you don't want to click the link) On the image: Left side is youtube player, right side is the youtube closed caption transcription. In the right bottom there's 2 button, the gray one is to adjus...

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    System definition: A connection channel Kafka based between jetson nano (edge device), WIX (user side), and a cloud platform, the code will be split to the 3 platform as: 1. WIX – the WIX platform will be at the user side, we can not assume that the user side and edge device are connect to the same router and we cannot use SSH, the WIX Kafka will hold a consumer and publisher as: a. Consumer...

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    $30 - $250
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    I need product descriptions wrote and attributes completing in a spreadsheet. The description needs to be similar to the following:     This Lasher wheelbarrow is a quality product with a pneumatic tyre and a poly wheel hub, perfect for on-site usage. The wheelbarrow has a 65 Litre capacity and a green 5mm reinforced steel pan with a black 1.8mmmm steel frame. Lasher's products are ...

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    Martingale EA I would like to develop a Martingale EA where I would be able to manually specify the starting lot size, lot size multiplier, pip step, pip step multiplier, Take Profit and Stop Loss Take Profit options: Fixed Pips, Trailing Stop Loss Option: Fixed Pips, Trailing Dashboard Function to show the vital statistics of both Buy series and Sell series: Drawdown : Pips(Positive or Negati...

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    I have a VM on azure, I want to be able to start it and stop it (buttons), see IP address, status (if running or stopped) and history of when it was running I want this to be done using PHP and loaded from a web browser

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    Hi, I have approx 2k products, mainly cushions but also have some deckchairs, lampshades, stools, aprons and tea towels too. - I have an Excel file which needs product data attributes assigning from dropdowns. - You will be making choices from a product image - the link will be in the file. - To enrich the data and make ecommerce website filter be 'best in class', I need two 'col...

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    Cryptarithms 6 hari left

    // Loop over the columns using the assumption that the sum word is at least as long as any addend int carry = 0; for (int i = 0; i < [log masuk untuk melihat URL]().size(); ++i) { // Loop over all the addends int sum = carry; for (int j = 0; j < [log masuk untuk melihat URL]() - 1; ++j) { // Check if the addend has a character in this column if (i >= words[j].size()) ...

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    It is about eugenics. They have a link provided for us which i will provide. It is due by midngiht tonight, the 5th of May, and i will not have the time to complete it. In case the attached link does not work, ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). This is an article in which we need to reference. The paper needs to be in MLA format and have a work cited page. I can sset everything up if you wish to jus...

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    Looking for someone who knows Word Press and GoDaddy, who can Remote to my pc and coach me on working with Word Press, and maintaining it. Also needing to fix several things. You must be able to speak very good English that I can understand by internet phone call and willing to remote to my pc to work together. This website is hosted on GoDaddy. Looking for someone that can fix many problems in W...

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    Create project in c# using extractive text summarization. reads a text file named stopwords stored in the default file location accepts another file reads the file. then removes the stop words. then displays sentences. The code to accept the stop words text and display it is completed and would like the format to follow the same.

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    Key features: 1. Instant market buy. The moment you type in the coin name and your order amount, the coin is instantly bought in under a second, which saves you precious seconds so you can get into the pump before the normies do. 2. Stop loss so that I can easily limit my losses and exit out of the trade at my preset loss level. 3. I need it to connect with my Binance API If you can show Prior e...

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    I have a raspberry PI with Mosquitto installed and connected to a projector. We will call "sensor1" (connected to an ESP8266) the sensor under the monitor and "sensor2" (connected to an ESP8266) the one at the bottom near the door. When a person enters the door, ie in front of sensor 2, a video in the Raspi must start only once and then stop. When a person first passes in front...

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    It's a "simple" project but with some challenges and functions. The hardware is as following: - Arduino Nano 3 board - 2/4 buttons - 1 input signal - 2 relay boards - 2 displays TM1637 Option: LED-strip WS8212/WS2812 The following functions are needed: As the title describes its a time countdown on 2 displays (same time on both displays) with 2 options of time by a press of 1 or 2...

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    Hello, can I get a first person animation where a character is doing a generator I’ve sent pictures to what I want it to look like and can the generator have a small explosion only enough to stop the character fixing the generator and have a heart beat then slowly get louder and then my character turn around and jump through a window again I’ve sent the picture of what I want the windo...

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    24 bida

    I have a crawler developed by me with scrapy to collect information from the site "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]". I am using a rotating proxy but I stop getting a positive response (200) and start receiving 403 responses. I need someone who can help me to fix the little that is missing, I think it will be in small details and that someone who understands the framework will solve this i...

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    6 bida

    I need pancakeswap & uniswap trading "helper" with the following features: 1. placing a Sale order with a limit price + trailing take profit + stop loss (Pairs with BNB or USDT) 2. placing Buy order with a limit price + stop loss (Pairs with BNB or USDT) 3. email notifications with closed/finished orders 4. list of active open orders + history orders (screenshot no need for graph ...

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    looking for somone to create a online software for the everyday email and sms marketer want it to be a one stop shop so this will have to have a few difficult tasks to complete to make it to my liking i will explain further in private messaging but the broad strokes are as follows: - create sms gateway that will be up 99% of the time want it to be my sms gateway this can either be done through ...

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    Prestashop fix for a module 5 hari left

    After upgrading to latest Prestashop version, one of our module stop working. The module is called "Add this to cart" and allow you to create to add items to cart automaticcally upon satisfying rules conditions. Actually the module don't work in any way. We need it fixed anche checked for every situations. For example it should add an item to the cart if cart value is over €77,...

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    15 bida

    hello we run customs made CMS for some project related to streaming and live event the cms was made on php 5 and we can run only on ubuntu 14.4 ... now this has no more support and many thing stop working or allow upgrade so we look for developer to access and and upgrade all to php7 or witch o really prefer to laravel framework

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    47 bida

    "At Borderless Company we are a fast-paced advertising agency with a performing driven focus. We work only with ecommerce clients and advertise on all major platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Google, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc. We work with big and small stores and have managed over US$4,000,000 in ad spend. Creating and testing new creatives is a big portion of our strategy in delivering the bes...

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    16 bida

    Hi ICAD Animations, I noticed your profile and I would like to chat about an animation project I have. It need ti be done in 3 weeks, can you let me know if this is possible after I share more details with you? The brief: "We are making an animated game in video format with two levels. There will be a short journey then the video will stop and you have to choose an answer. If you choose c...

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    Need to implement PID temperature controller with STM microcontroller (NUCLEO-H745ZI)(dual core) need to develop pid logic in M4 processor with stm cube ide , it performance should match with the industrial grade PID temperature controller PID Controller (temperature controller) *Need to develop PID (temperature controller logic) with 4-20 ma (output) loop transmitter. *Need to have auto tuning fu...

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    Conway's Game of Life 5 hari left

    Create an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life. This project will be executed in multiple stages. Your goal should be to submit all stages but partial credit will be given even if the later stages are not complete. The priority (value) of each stage decreases from start to finish. That is, getting the first stage completed is more important/valuable than the last stage Stage 1 – Th...

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    Hi, My project hardware has ATMEGA2560A, sim800 module (for GPRS and GSM), RS485, Rs232, spi interface (based ethernet and wifi) that should talk to modbus and profinet devices. This hardware should work in below 2 modes. Mode-1: From the mqtt cloud, the incoming secured mqtt message of 9 chars length of alphanumeric combination to be received by the Atmega hardware. After mqtt msg arrived at t...

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    1) Change ONLY the colors of existing application based on the screens provided and any other additional screens within the app. No need to change any widgets/components. 2) include items in the PDF generation for selected items only. Stop adding unticked items 3) Construct orthotic Image based on the selection for custom pro items in the custom pro form using various component images and includ...

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    6 bida

    My client's home page has a slider at the top. The content on the page jumps when you scroll down the page in Firefox. It doesn't occur with only 1 image. Occurs with 2. Images are same size. I can make the slider work properly on a new page (no jumping), but there is code/CSS somewhere that is being applied to the home page that (1) Creates this issue only on the home page, (2) Makes th...

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    I have two sites, and each has a Cisco RV345. They are connected via site-to-site (which is bulletproof) but the SSL VPN that it exposes tends to stop working a few times a day, for several minutes each day. I need someone to work with me to troubleshoot the reason the SSL VPN stops working.

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    I need a long-term writer with excellent writing skills able to write easy articles. Bulk work. The rate is $0.5/500 words. Great for beginners that need experience! Don't apply if you're not fluent in English!!! *READ PROJECT DESCRIPTION BEFORE BIDDING! *DON'T BID IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE 100% ORIGINAL ARTICLE *DON'T BID IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE RATE!!! *DON&#...

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    You have to fill the empty data entries in the sample reference sheet attached: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Concerned sheets will be shared separately...The above sheet is to understand the scope of work Data you will find it out from the following source website: Shoppers Stop and Friday Charm Data entries to be filled (Last 3 columns): MRP Sale price and Page URL I will give you a w...

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    11 bida

    We are looking for a Developer SDK to entrust with a development project. It consists of two steps: the first is to allow the Blackmagic WDM audio filter to be set to receive 8 channels when used by a direct-show based capture / player software instead of just 2 channels. The second is to communicate to this software all the characteristics of the video signal (resolution, frame rate, color matrix...

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    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    20 bida

    Hi Guys! I have a new project, actually it involves a graphic you made for us already. Here is the brief, let us know if this is something you are capable of! We are making an animated game in video format with two levels. There will be a short journey then the video will stop and you have to choose an answer. If you choose correctly you can continue, if not, a consequence video plays. Approx...

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    Hi Guys! I have a new project, actually it involves a graphic you made for us already. Here is the brief, let us know if this is something you are capable of! We are making an animated game in video format with two levels. There will be a short journey then the video will stop and you have to choose an answer. If you choose correctly you can continue, if not, a consequence video plays. Approx...

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    Hello, I am looking for error correction in autogenerated Sub-titles. This project has 20~28 hours of videos where i need error correction. The video is highly technical (SAP), should understand the word clearly. The auto generated subtitle are does not have correct spelling or the wrong words, which need to the verified corrected 99%. The files will be delivered an VTT files, can be edited with N...

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    15 bida

    We want to build a mobile app to control mobile phone's camera by voice with requirements below: 1. running on Android and iOS 2. Control mobile phone's camera by voice, with these following instructions: - "OK camera photo": if the camera is available, then answers: "camera shooting" then take a picture and save. If camera is recording a video, then says: "came...

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    32 bida

    Partyzy is a one stop shop for all party decorations. Visit [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for more details Project Details: - Should create 10-15 social media posts using the pictures attached in [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    29 bida

    Looking for someone who can make these adjustments to vMenu for my FiveM server. MENU ONLINE PLAYERS •Player Names - send message - spectate player - teleport to player - summon player (admin) - print identifiers (admin) - kill player (admin) - kick player (admin) - temp ban (admin) - perms ban (admin) PLAYER RELATED OPTIONS •player options - godmode - unlimited stamina - no ragdoll - p...

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    We are looking for a Video Editor to join Airblack. Airblack is building an online learning platform for passion skills. We are enabling people to do more of what they love by giving them access to structured LIVE courses from handpicked experts. As Airblack enters its next phase of growth in building a one-stop learning platform for entrepreneurs and creators, we are looking at building an ...

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    It's an app that includes: - A custom admin system on the web - It is an app that heavily uses mapping features to route users from one location to the next. - Uses a Parse database hosted through Back4App. - The source code is in Github I need a developer proficient in all of these things. If you know Swift but not Objective C, don't apply - it doesn't help me. I'll prov...

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    Trophy icon Logo for Juice Bar 4 hari left

    NOTE: 1. Please submit FLAT designs 2. Do not submit the same design with different colours, backgrounds or 3D art as different designs 3. If you want to submit additional designs, please submit them in the SAME submission, not additional submissions. 4. Final versions MUST be submitted as a TRUE vector format. No Photoshop. If you do not follow the requests above your submission will be REPOR...

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