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    itlog boto tae linti diputa tae linti puta 100 gid ka letra dapat daputa ya munay boysit linti mark ilove u mwuah tsup tsup oh baby baby baby oh baby baby baby daputa kulang pagid anu pagid ha daputa ya linti boysit dugay ma tapos..bwahahahaha.... nyahahaha... nyehehehe....hihihi...

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    Wall Flask 2 hari left

    I have a product I'm trying to get manufactured and the company that I'm going through gave me a ridiculous quote to take my rough draft design and turn it into a professional design that is ready to be manufactured. The product is very simple its a water bottle for your wall basically that consists of a hard rough draft design and turn it into a professional design that is ready to be manufactured. The product is very simple its a water bottle for your wall basically that consists of a hard plastic bladder with a lid and a camelback-type hose and mouthpiece that comes out of the bottom. I would also like to have an indention in the back that can hook onto a command strip hook. The flask will hang on the wall via the command strip hook. I will attach my r...

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    ...people to grow their own mushrooms 4. people need to be able to see what a grow kit looks like when the mushrooms are growing out the side. Either by a direct image of it, or some other creative method. 5. Has some attractive design flair 6. It needs to grab people's attention and help convince them to make a purchase. 7. Color scheme in line with current box designs. 8. There is an instruction strip that will feature on the glass door. This will remain, as it is the same instruction panel from the size of the box. If you feel this instruction will be better somewhere else. please feel free to be creative. 9. Needs to be an illustrator or photoshop file that can be printed from a sign writer. The designer who designed out boxes put together a basic draft of the fridge w...

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    1. This is a project based on a circuit board. I will provide the schematic diag...components. Each connector has 6 wires: Gnd, two output for dc motor, ws2812 data, 5v, and a switch trigger. 4. Whenever a switch is pulled to ground, it will trigger the motor to pull for 1 second. 5. Whenever a motor is pulled, the ws2812 will start to light up. 6. After 20 seconds, the motor should reverse back. And the Ws2812 strip should light off. 7. Whenever a certain CAN signal is received (will be provided), all the 4 motor should pull for a second. All 4 ws282 strip will light up 8. The WS2812 effects will be based on WLED, we only need to port the effects. 9. BLE module should be able to update the STM32 firmware and also do settings to the STM32 (light effects, motor pull duration,...

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    Create a game with the following specifications using OpenGL library: 1. The game starts with a menu that has the title of the game, then two buttons as seen in figure 1. Note that the two strips of squares at the sides of the screen are animated. Left strip moving downward. Right strip moving upwards.

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    I need a strip of about 5-9 frames of a ninety-year-old individual discussing the basis of his/her good health with a new acquaintance, "My wife and I are both showing little signs of aging even though we are both over 90. I play tennis once a week and golf 18 holes twice a week. I read the New York Times every day and I often write a local newspaper a letter to the editor. My letters get published surprisingly often. My wife tells me I act like a youngster in bed and that she is glad that she can keep up with me everywhere. I think it is because we breathe even cleaner air than our car's engine breathes. That fresh air system and filter was installed when we were only 65. Apparently, the MERV 14 fresh air filter traps all of the PM2.5 and toxic particles to keep them out...

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    design the art for my photobooth event. i attached a sample from a previous event so you know what i need.

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    Hello klarna payment is not displayed in my shop, there is an error message in my stripe account file below. It seems that I need to code this in stripe so that klarna is displayed at my shopify checkout. Who can fix this in my stripe account so that klarna is displayed at my checkout?

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    Led controller Tamat left

    Hello i'm looking to make a RGBW led controller for rear lights on a car/truck . It will have 12-32v dc inputs for triggers that then make the led strip do the functions that are requested .eg tail light , stop light , left/right indicator , reverse light and also a waning strobe function with pattern select . I will attach a link to the strip I will be using and the max length of the strip will be 4 meters long . There will be a strip of led for each side left and right so there will need to be two output on the board for me to solder the wires to . Also the board will need to fit in side the following enclosure . example of warning strobe

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    We need to create user friendly, website fresh produce. List of around 60-130 products, as fresh produce not much description needed. Mobile friendly, social media integration, as well few other applications integration, order list with google sheets to easily understand orders. - payment gate way with strip - shopify or Wordpress - mobile friendly - social media integration - google sheets integration

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    Make production 3D drawing of the staircase as attached in Solidworks. The profiles on the side are UNP200. See also attached an beginning with the UNP200 profiles, 100x100x4 tube and wood stairs. The wooden stairs lay on a small strip on both sides, welded on the UNP200.

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    The Ta Bra Tamat left

    This is a patent pending, single-cup bra for women who do not wish to wear a prosthetic. It can be done in any size and with any fabric. It has a silicone strip on the "blank" side to keep it in place. I would like to have an example of what you can do and create a small inventory as well as take in custom orders. Please see The Ta Bra by For Sale by Inventor on YouTube. I want to sell on-line until I (hopefully) get a licensing offer. I would also like to move into swim suits. I need to start on the cheap, without being insulting, and would be happy to increase the hourly or by piece rate if it takes off. In other words, if we have success together, I will make it worth your while. Thanks so much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

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    we want to use individually addressable led light strip in our arcade game want to make some preset programs for them to be triggered by games micro controller or via unity serial port (or arduino)

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    ...added together. Add the End-user Features, Developer Features, Billing Features and Master Admin Features to recreate Social Network App with following features below, from the code you strip from Analytic, rank, And Report apps, which developed all in the same wire frame and php lanugange! All-in-one Social Profile Account. - Social Profile - Analytic Profile - Rank Profile - Report Profile - Developer Profile - Account Profile - Plans Profile - API Keys Profile - Account Profile - Setting Profile - Master Admin Profile & Setting added to the overall social master admin - Here Base Socia App to add strip code to: 1 - Add PhpShort to User Social Profile Dash and master admin dash added to social admin https://codecanyon

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    Thermal simulation and analysis for a LED strip PCB

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    4 vertical comic strip like outlaws from different time periods example- less cringe Robin Hood, gunslinger (cowboy), oni samurai, gangster. Comic strip layout but realistic design of each not cartoonish

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    I need help creating a very simple retro looking controller. Imagine a small midi controller with 80's space ship aesthetic. The controller will play synth noises and cue led strip lights when the buttons are pressed.

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    I need help creating a very simple retro looking controller. Imagine a small midi controller with 80's space ship aesthetic. The controller will play synth noises and cue led strip lights when the buttons are pressed.

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    Produce a Rebar Schedule for R. Residence. Must contain the following columns, in order from left to right: Host Category (Strip Footings, Isolated Footings, Slab on grade, Beam on grade, Suspended Slab, Beam, Column, Wall, Lintels), Host Mark, Bar Diameter, Shape Image, Development Lengths A, B, C, D, E; Length Each Bar, Quantity, Total Bar Length, Weight (lbs). Units: Imperial Units, feet and inches, fractional Standard: USA

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    need two things for windows in python3 Take a text file a) strip all carriage returns b) convert to base64 with needful for rsa ssh key Will test on windows computer at work let me know your thoughts and any questions There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $12 possible? Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars My funds are low but will pay quick and leave 5 stars. Please give your best possible for your bid ? (something reasonable?) Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Look at feedback on my profile, feedback I left for many others. Here is the project: SINCERELY WOULD BE NICE TO MEET YOU PLEASE ANY THOUGHTS ? Please not...

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    Should open straight to the front facing camera like Snapchat. As soon as a...soon as a face is recognized, it should scan for signs of being high, red eyes, squinting, slack-jaw smile, etc.. Depending on the results it should pop up and say "Consider eye drops.." or "You're not fooling anyone." or "Bro, clean it up." On the other side something like "Nah, you're good!" or "You look good to me!" Should have a re-evaluate button at the bottom of the results." Would like a strip for ads somewhere not too annoying but noticeable enough to capture a stoners attention. Obviously this isnt a very serious project but i would like it to function decently and look nice. Not too complicated in terms of overall function, but the...

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    11 bida

    Need Mockup for 12 capsules in blister strip

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    5 bida
    Strip Tags Tamat left

    Hello, I want to remove strip tags from text

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    12 bida

    Hello, I want to make a joke to a friend by taken off an emoji from a picture he put on our group of friends, of course just to have a photoshop with similar body size. Basically we need to strip him off ;)

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    19 bida

    I'm going to have a comic strip usually consisting of three panels. There's not a certain theme or Genre. I want it in Black and white. I will be posting to Social Media and publishing eventually when I have enough strips.

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    39 bida

    Hello We have one page project to play video with scrubber in SwiftUI. There, user should be able to move the thumbnail strip around to seek through the video. We need to customize scrubber, which needs to update the video as it scrolls over the thumbnails. And as the video plays, the scrubber needs to fast forward the video frame by frame continuously. I am looing forward for individual swiftui expert only, If you can resolve it today, please bid with 'swiftui' Thanks

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    8 bida

    Hello We have one page project to play video with scrubber in SwiftUI. There, user should be able to move the thumbnail strip around to seek through the video. We need to customize scrubber, which needs to update the video as it scrolls over the thumbnails. And as the video plays, the scrubber needs to fast forward the video frame by frame continuously. I am looing forward for swiftui expert only, If you are good fit, please bid with 'swiftui' Thanks

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    28 bida

    ...MFCreateVirtualCamera API (). Microsoft provides a sample app for this API (), but it is considerably more complex than what we need. We're not Windows developers, much less Win32 programmers, so we're looking for someone to take their sample code and strip it down to just the bare essentials. Specifically, the job is to write a command-line application that meets the following requirements: 1. When the app starts, it registers the virtual camera with the OS. 2. The virtual cam should support (only) 8-bit RGB data. 3. The "name" of the virtual cam should be configurable (a hard-coded string in main() is sufficient). 4. The app should contain

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    I have quick job. I will provide you a list of database columns. I have a form with the same columns that a user will submit. I need you to create php code that will: 1. Dynamically loop through _POST object create a dynamic mysql insert statement to insert all values into database in a single query insert statement. Could quick things: 1. A form value could be blank. Please strip any characters that could cause sql error like apostrophe, etc. 2. Please include connection error checking and display error message if you canot connect to database.

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    14 bida

    Comic strip created for fun with wife on date night please have as fun with it as we did. ? please turn into what we envisioned it would be. ( we are far from artists) was meant to be fun and silly. The first box had to be Chinese. Box 1 is at a bar with friends. Box 2 is our first home together with our daughter. Box 3 is finding out we were pregnant with twins and box 4 is at our new house with twins in their car seats in our hands. Our oldest on her scooter. We are imagining our large garage that we are building and a lennar hard hat on my husband.

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    50 bida

    I'd like to sketch out 2 sets of fonts (upper case/lower case and 2 versions) to be used in my own comic strips, and would like someone to convert them to fonts and files that I can install in photoshop to use. I see on youtube there are ways to create fonts, ie:

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    42 bida

    2.59 acres on a main highway in Navarre Florida. Additional access road is being constructed now. With such a large space, I am envisioning office space in the front (south side) of the lot, maybe in a strip mall design. Behind I am wanting a multilevel storage unit with space for RV and boat parking in the rear of the building. This is just an idea and I am open to others. I believe this concept would maximize the income for an investor.

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    We need a refresh for an informational website about our business. Simple design with an identifying home page, contact page, what we do, and links to our auctions on various auction sites such as eBay. We had this before and tried to set up auctions on our own. We want to strip auction functionality from our site and just refer to external sites. We have all text and images ready to go. Currently a WordPress site but not required.

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    118 bida
    Comics Strip Tamat left

    Person is required to sketch comic series of 4-6 blocks

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    11 bida
    Trophy icon Logo for IMOB DJ Tamat left

    We are the hardest dj in the strip club. Straight from Memphis TN . I'm the C.E.O. OF THE COMPANY AND IMOB IZ DA MOVEMENT On the logo: I want the logo with like a man and the mob like sum turntable and the dj like a chain on the I neck

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    Hello, I need help with a review paper, preferably from a civil engineer or an expert in pavement. Paper title: Review on Additives and Admixtures to Improve the Resistance of Asphalt and Hot Mix Asphalt against Moisture Damage. You are requested to write for me one section of the paper (section 5): 5. Additives and admixtures used to mitigate moisture damage 5.1. Liquid anti-strip agent 5.2. Mineral’s additives I have attached 23 sources to be used, and an excel sheet which summarizes all the information in each source. I have also attached the paper which you are required to continue and write section 5. Please follow the same format used in the paper (write the reference in a different color after every thing), and please make sure the plagiarism is 0%...

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    Hello, I would like an experienced scriptwriter to read over my short — emphasis on short — script, and edit, and rewrite it as you see fit. Some details about my script: - It's intended for a comic strip, hence, why it's short. - It's intended to be a cliche story. - The script follows the summary of the story to a tee.

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    35 bida
    Trophy icon Design A Business Card Tamat left

    Design an editable business card, i've attached our logo and previous card below, this one does not need to have a signature strip as its not just for members

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    application web comprenant différentes fonctionnalité Code: REACT et firebase un market place une section client une banque d'Exercice un e section clavardage un centre de création d'outil création d'un site web systèeme de paiement strip Le projet et déjà partielement démarré, nous cherchons quelqu'un pour le continuer, idéalement une petite équipe

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    15 bida

    Hi, we need someone to strip all colour palettes from each colour tab at this link. Total: 30,000+ colours! Steps: 1. Go to that link above 2. Click "Add Colour" tab 3. Click the 3rd tab displayed called "Colour Groups"

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    33 bida

    Need to add strip to a website. It is not easy for some reasson.

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    75 bida
    Write an Essay Tamat left

    ...Supreme Court considered whether it had jurisdiction under the Detainee Treatment Act (DTA) of 2005 to consider the habeas corpus petition of Salim Hamdan, who was being held at Guantanamo Bay. Although the dissent argued that the court did not have jurisdiction, a 6–3 majority Supreme Court decided that it did, and proceeded to rule on the merits. a) Suppose that the federal government wished to strip the Supreme Court of jurisdiction in all habeas corpus petitions of all individuals being held at Guantanamo Bay. Discuss what actions the president or Congress could take to do so. Discuss the potential basis for such power. b) In the context of the scenario, discuss how such actions by the federal government would promote or interfere with the separation of powers, and di...

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    13 bida

    Useing thin heat strips inside a lithium ion battery with its own internal thermostate to keep the battery temp. to not go under 30 degree F ,

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    12 bida

    use a MenuStrip control and some other controls of your choice (e.g. list box, text boxes, etc.) with the following menu strip items: 1. DisplayAll - opens the text file created/appended in Form1 for reading, reads all students’ data (ids, names and corresponding test scores) and displays all data on this form within a control of your choice. 2. AverageScore – computes and displays the average test score of all students on this form. 3. Search – searches for an id (entered by the user) in the file and displays corresponding student name and his/her test score. 4. Exit - terminates the program.

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    I am Having a Pre Build Website in Symfony framework. & Running on AWS Server. It is having 2d payment gateway of Stripe . I have to coonvert the coding and framework from 2d to 3d payment gateway which is provided by Strip on its portals.

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    Trophy icon Picture for Twitter Tamat left

    I am starting a twitter page and would like a caricature of Myself for the profile pic. Needs to be along the lines of @realestatetrent Strip Mall Guy or Cardealership guy @guydealership. This means it is like a cartoon but u can’t really recognize me. I have included a photo of me for inspiration purposes only. ideally like car dealership guy poring wine or serving wine or customers or at a bar or some sort of action. It needs to be really like the 2 I have mentioned, even with winebarguy in the picture. Thanks

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    Need send a code from a serial port ( PC with Windows ) to an ESP32 board and control the customizable leds from the strip. For instance, when i send by serial 1 , only the 5 first led will be on in red. When i send a 2, the leds from 6 to 10, will be on... and same for all the led strip. NeoPixelBus will be a good option...

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    21 bida

    I'm looking for someone to strip backgrounds from pictures, as well as refine images, remove scratches, and prepare products for posting online. This work may be expanded to include advertisements at trade shows, in magazines, and on online social media. I was paying 5$ per image for the service, unfortunately, the artist was caught up in the Ukraine invasion. I am looking for a similarly priced artist, capable of doing 100-150 images a year.

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    49 bida

    Develop a code for ESP32 that can light each led and color of LED strip according to user location, between two Fixed ESP32 (Mobile ESP32 of user is in the middle). User location is provided by ESP32 GPS module (Not phone gps) Each led of LED strip have diferent gps coordinates stored in fixed ESP32. Example: X-ESP32 > LED coordenates in memory LED strip > Each led have coordenates Y-ESP32 > LED Coordenates in memory UserESP32-GPS is in the middle The algorithm compares the user´s coordenate with the LED coordenate in fixed ESP32 memory and lights up where the user is. Note: Addressable LED strip

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