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    Adams confectionary wholesalers supplies a range of products to 300 wholesalers in England. Currently orders are recieved by post. The data is then transfered hopefully to our new database. The database must be written in Ms Access and should contain the below fields. The fields are as yet un-normalised however they must firstly be normalised to third normal form and primary keys identified for ea...

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    We need a web server and software for viewing and editing customer work orders on the web. We need the following: 1. Web server configuration, including SSL 2. Web site consisting of work order forms, reports and user help. 3. Database connected to the web site. 4. How-to guide for maintaining the web server, web site, database. The enclosed zip file shows screen shots of a currently used work ord...

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    Web-Address organizer. The application maintains a web-address database which allows the user to: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] an IE-address and paste it into a database record, 2. catalogue the address in various groups 3. add comments, group coding et. 4. maintain a web-visit log for analysis and reports. 5. use the address to open one or several web pages e.g. all news pages or all analysis pa...

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    I have the code already written just need the documentation done for it. THe code itself is very small just i have no clue about documentation Program design documentation, including UML diagrams and written descriptions of each class or module. Note that UML cannot readily document algorithms, so you may have to use PDL, N-S diagrams, or the like to produce complete documentation. Also provide tr...

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    ** Note - this is a resubmission, the previous coder couldn't deliver on time *** I am looking a VB.NET application that can extract information 'objects' from a page. Using regular expressions I want to be able to specify what objects should be extracted. If the crawler errors on sites (can't find objects), it should write out the error to an XML based log file. Further requir...

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    Client App/BHO needed. Also needed with it is a MySQL DB running on Win2k Advanced Server that BHO pulls data from daily for its own local use. BHO main purpose is to detect IE based user queries to specific search engine domains (i.e. Google search), and send silent identical queries to predetermined search engines found in the local config file. BHO will then cause browser to display only it...

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    I need a solution developed for the following problem: I want to add a file to the RichTextBox using the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] method of Visual Basic. However, everytime I use the method, the RichTextBox opens the file, as well as adding it to the RichTextBox. I don't want this to happen, because I want the files to be transparantly added to an invisible RichTextBox, without the user ...

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    I need an UPS integrated shipping program. Nature of the project, program needs to be done by or With the given MS sql server database,UPS developer user name, password and integration documentation provided by UPS; you need to get information from database, connect to UPS web servers in HTTP protocol based on XML format conversiations and print labels. It must also be able to handl...

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    In Brief: This is an AOL Instant Messenger (only for AIM, not AOL), ChatRoom Bot, that responds to /commands and /actions and allows users to hold virtual tournaments. Please see the documentation for further AND complete information about this project. Please do not post a bid request without having read the entire attached document. Also I would prefer someone who: A) Fully understands what I am...

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    I have a functional set of classes written in C#.? There are 3 files in total, that must be converted to VB.NET classes.? I have tried and tried, and cannot get the code to work using VB.NET.? The C# code is copy written, so you will not be able to re-sale the code, and neither will I.? My programming preference is VB.NET, so here we are.? The purpose of the three classes is to provide a custom we...

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    We need a web server and software for viewing and editing customer work orders on the web. We need the following: 1. Web server configuration, including SSL 2. Web site consisting of work order forms, reports and user help. 3. Database connected to the web site. 4. How-to guide for maintaining the web server, web site, database. The enclosed zip file shows screen shots of a currently used work ord...

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    1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. 4)Documentation and basic support ## Deliverables Sales Input 1)Input ...

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    I´d need a small application running on pocket pc 2002 (IPAQ) that collects information about all server side stored movie files (.avi, .mov, .mpg) and transmits the results to the PDA as a selection list. This list should be well designed (UI) and contain all available information about the source files (ID tag). After selecting one of those entries on the PDA, the corresponding file should...

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    Simple Order Total Per Office Per Day ASP Report on SQL Server Current Manual System using Excel spreadsheet to be replaced . . . will be provided to programmer Data Entry Screen 1: We already have a login database for all the offices, users and users’ e-mail set up. The programmer could simply add a drop down field to the form with the following rights: 1 ??" administrator of order sys...

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    Small Web Site Tamat left

    Need small Straightforward Site developed (Approximately 7-12 Pages total). Site must be developed in Dreamweaver and use Cascading Style Sheets. Other Requirements in attached file ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working Web site posted to the IP address we give you. 2) Provide documentation to update 'Hot Topics' section. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyr...

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    Word Processor Tamat left

    I need a program that has all the features of Microsoft Word version 10. It should include a macro programming language, a fully configurable menu system, a spell checker, thesaurus, page formatter, envelope and label maker, and all other components common to MS Word. It should not infringe on any patents, copyrights, or any other proprietary knowledge relevant to MS Word. ## Deliverables 0) Fu...

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    Program will listen for calls on a Dialogic voice board, and answer them using Text-To-Speech (TTS). The board will support Continuous Speech Processing (CSP). When a call is answered, identify caller using name/password. Collect info using phone keypad. Play list of available work orders using Text To Speech. Allow users based on their set of permissions to pre-assign themselves to a job, assign ...

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    Coder needed to develop a search engine - related Browser Helper Object (BHO). The app will be a locally running DLL that will interact with local user's IE and also with a remote server DB. MySQL will be used for DB on W2k Advanced Server box. Communication protocol will be tcp/ip via http. In general, app will recognize search queries sent to specific search engines (specified in server DB)...

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    I'm currently writing a Internet reservation application and I'm looking for help to add the following features/functions: 1. When given a property id build a calendar for the current month showing vacancies and occupied dates. There should be links to let them view the next month and maybe a drop down menu to select a new month and year. 2. I would also like a function that looks thr...

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    JOB SITE Tamat left

    I need a JOB SITE Features 1) Candidate Registration 2) Company Registration 3) Job Search 4) Online Resume 5) Job Posting 6) Hot & Featured Jobs Listing 7) Multiple Resume Facility MultiPle Category Site For More Clear Picture Please Message ME People Who Have Ready Product Will Be Prefered Strictly in ASP and MS SQL I Need It Within 1 Week Budget : 200$ ## Deliverables 1) Complete and ful...

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    I need a content managment system in php and javascript. it should be something like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but with more features i need all the features which are there in phpwebed (only the javascript one) and i need following more things 1) a menu tag which i can put in my code to make a editable menu. here i sd have choice of a dropdown menu (sliding) or just a text menu 2) a tag for s...

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    We require an programmer that has expert knowledge in Quickbooks, accounting practices, Visual Basic 6, XML, MS Access 2000. You will be required to create a VB 6 program to upload data from a MS Access database into Quickbooks Pro. Based upon the setup of the Quickbooks Company, you must be able to extract the appropriate data from Access for upload. This is the reason for being a Quickbooks exp...

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    Urgently required: A C#/VB.Net class to layout a database diagram in an appropriate manner. Similar to the the auto-layout feature found in the database diagram system in SQL Server Enterprise manager. The produced software need render nothing to the screen, it only has to calculate an appropriate layout. Inputs: ------- An array of elements giving width (in pixels), height, and a unique identifie...

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    I would like to create one small program that Securely delete a any file or any folder without any chances of recovering it. I have made some samples by writing several times with random strings and erase it, but I still think that could be improve by directly writing to the HDD(data area) and etc. All the code should be inside a class module and I only need to specify the file or folder to delete...

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    ///////////////////////////////////////////////// As there has been a good response requesting more information, I've decided to produce some more detailed documentation which I will post in the next few days. ////////////////////////////////////////////////// A game client for an Internet MMORPG. This client displays Head up Display information, and "through the window views". I wo...

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    CSTA API Tamat left

    Require an experienced coder who has worked with CSTA previously to develop an API for use in a Visual Basic project. Documentation provided. Short listed coders will be required to provide sample working code with 3-4 functions for proof of concept. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Instal...

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    Project involves using PERL to FTP into a host. Retrieve, parse and populate data into an existing mySQL database via DBI calls. No GUI necessary. A non-interactive command line interface is needed since the script will be invoked using cron. DDL, sample data and documentation included.

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    WebForms Tamat left

    We need a web server and software for viewing and editing customer work orders on the web. We need the following: 1. Web server configuration, including SSL 2. Web site consisting of work order forms, reports and user help. 3. Database connected to the web site. 4. How-to guide for maintaining the web server, web site, database. The enclosed zip file shows screen shots of a currently used work ord...

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    Hi! !!! PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED FILE FOR THE FULL DOCUMENTATION AND REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS PROJECT !!! Also note: I do not require this down in Perl, however, I suggested it because there are a lot of already coded Perl AIMbot things, that you could use some of the code from.. Anyway if you want to use any other programming language, feel free. Whatever gets the job done i...

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    8 bida

    Hi there We need someone to create some javascript and generic documentation to help us embed a web-based application into 3rd party external websites. It will work in the following way: The client will open up their own webpage and insert some javascript code. When their page is accessed, the javascript will go to a URL on our server (which is a PHP script) and insert the output. We then need (an...

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    Timer Class Tamat left

    I would like help on creating a Timer Class. I have previouly create my own, but I don't like it(not pro). The Class should be 'multi-task', means I could create a couple instances of them and would not affect my running program(in speed, stability, etc). It use a randomize Var to set the time range(between 3min and 60min) and when the times up, it will execute a 'function'...

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    distance Tamat left

    Program estimates distance between zip codes in a city. This program is in two parts. Part 1 Automate distance calculations using Streets on a Disk program by Klynas software. This is already done, but must be extended to batch process distance calculation for a large number of points. Points will be stored in a lookup table to eliminate expensive computations. Part 2 Create a library for performi...

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    Currently have telephony/fax servers run in several different locations, each generate REAL-Time transmission log in command delimited ASCII text format. I need a robust, accurate and reliable cost reporting software which can link to each of the real-time transmission log to create meaning cost reports in combination of users/groups/recipient phone number/country codes/servers in detail reports a...

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    Require alteration to discussion forum ( version 1.6 downloadable from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ) using php. Require one additional field to be added to relevant table, field to be called 'closingdate'. Require one additional table to hold specific forum id's or another field in existing table to identify forum id's that are to have closing date. When [log masuk untuk meli...

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    I am trying to integrate a dating script with php-nuke 6.0 using the same username and password of phpnuke. I would like to port this script as a module without modifying phpnuke code for furture upgrade. It is not a hard job for those who already familier with *nuke system. This is not a job coders that writing the whole dating script package, the dating script has all the feature I need, just a ...

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    WE have a .NET application in need of several Crystal Reports (Invoices, Stats, etc...) We need an individual with a good concept of vb.NET and Crystal Reports. Willing to pay per report. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run ...

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    Web Auditer Tamat left

    OCS Inventory is an open source inventory tool to manage your IT inventory/Software licenses etc. It can be found at. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Using this engine (or others) we are after a web driven version which has the look and feel of our current web site ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). This version must be designed to give users on the web free access to audit their workstations/servers ...

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    *Programming language: C *Simple linked list database *In-program documentation explaning functions 1) program must run from the MS-DOS prompt 2) data must be read and placed into a linked list 3) user of program should be given choices to manipulate the data (insert,delete,search,display,exit) 4) "goto" statements not allowed See attached specs. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-...

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    *****VIEW THE ATTACHED FILE***** You will be assisting me in making a point of sale application for a few of my companies. I am trying to link them together. Attached is a file which describes what I want you to do. I want it to be programmed in Visual Basic so that I can see the forms and edit them if I need to change graphics or something. Must support serial pole display (logic controls), usb/p...

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    Generate a Digital Signature for binary streams of data varying from 800 bytes to 3.5K in size. I am told that a digital signature of about 50 bytes in length can be generated with a key size of 1024 bytes. I would prefer a signature that follows the US federal DSA standard, but am open to suggestions. Diffie-Helman, RSA or others will be considered by me. 1. The component will have to genera...

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    belsys Tamat left

    Please only coders with previous similar development experience reply. 1- Design and implement a complete e-commerce site with ability to create sub-sites ( copies of the main site) 2- Connect and auto populate products from major supplier 3- Back office bookkeeping solution. 4- create DB for affiliate service Partners. 5- End user fulfillment by rating Service Partners. Please contact me so I can...

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    I am looking for a compression routine that will take facial images of about 30K and compress them to selectable size from about 500 to 800 bytes. This can be accomplished using lossy compression, likely using fractal routines. A suitable routine might be called FICA. It might be described similar to whole image compression using inverse cosine transformations. (This is from memory, I might not ha...

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    1) The project should first generate 2 100 digit prime numbers. (Now the Unix environment in our school does not accept more than 32. The professor suggested that we could use an array but since u have used ur own data structures it would be fine as long as it works. 2) Then it should check if the generated number are prime numbers. 3) Encrypt the 2 prime numbers generated and then decryprt is bac...

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    I am running a small internet Auction site and am looking for a programmer with a good knowledge of Perl/MySQL databases and Image Magick. I want to be able to thumbnail/resize either uploaded images or take pictures from relevant URL's and resize them to 3 pre-determined sizes. These are to be linked to the auction item (saved to HD) On the item close the relevant pictures are to be unlinked...

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    I'm looking for someone to write a script to use the web based WYSWYG editor bar that accesses the MSHTML built into Internet Explorer 5.5+ browsers. Microsoft's documentation details how to activate the contenteditable function which is the easy part for me to just use their sample code. However I also want an administrative security script on who can access and save what pages/domains....

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    Loans Site Tamat left

    This is a bid for a home lopans and refinincing site. I need a site with similar functionality as [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need a clean and inviting site that will mainly collect information from users based on a form that I will provide. Once the information is collected, I wanted stored in a database (Access for now). I also need email automation for the purpose of sharing the information...

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    Dreamweaver MX designed website: Univercity project very simple, but lots of documentation needed!! (25 pages) Project: Design a website for an fictional online encyclopedia , the website only has to contain the entry for 'poster' (the history of the poster) with pictures text & info and a picture gallery relating to the posters history usefull facts and definition. A search box is n...

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    We need a 10+ man years, or 20,000 manhours, project done. We have prepared detailed functional design which we will provide to the vendors. The work will be done using C++ in a Linux based environment. All bidders must have previously demonstrated capabilities in programming under Linux environments (please include details of at least 2 Linux programming projects in your first response). We will ...

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    Develop host device driver for our iSCSI host adapter (both Windows & Linux): a) Windows 2000 & Windows XP device driver b) Linux Red Hat 7.2 device driver (this driver already exists but needs to be "productized"). The code needs to cleaned up, tested, with parts may be re-written. You can use the existing Linux driver (which is in demo form) to create the Windows based driver a...

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    DB2 specialist Tamat left

    This project requires someone with a great deal of experience with DB2. The person will provide technical support in the form of answers to questions related to DB2 security protocols so that I can complete documentation related to ISO compliance. Anyone with experience with that process would also be a plus. ## Deliverables 1) Complete Q and A related to DB2. 2) All information/answers related...

    $95 - $100
    $95 - $100
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