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    ...projects are welcome. Experts in quadcopters, hexacopters or fixed-wing drones can all partake in the bidding process. A commercial drone photography service. The logo should capture the essence of flight and perspective, integrating a drone silhouette against a city skyline or natural landscape. Potential competencies include, but aren't limited to: - Precision in aerial photography - Drone surveillance capabilities - Drone delivery expertise Even though we haven't specified what applicants should include, we suggest the following: - Display examples of your past work. It's beneficial to understand your practical experience in the field. - Express your experience. Tell us how long you've been working on drone projects and what you've accomplished. - P...

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    I need an expert who can perform a detailed analysis of my phone. My suspicion is that it has been under surveillance for around three years now. I suspect that data such as my location, call logs, and internet browsing history are being illegally monitored. - Tasks to be handled: * Discover if my location tracking, call logs, and internet browsing history have been monitored. * Run analytics to determine the possible illegitimate use of my data. Skills and knowledge required: - Mastery in mobile security. - Deep understanding of privacy protocols. - Experience in running analytics on mobile data. - Ability to provide actionable steps to resolve the identified issues.

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    Seeking an individual excited about enhancing and promoting property security. (If you nail a sale, your monitory value increases. Your main task will be helping to distribute an all-inclusive surveillance system, which features pagers, cameras, wires, and more. Responsibilities: - Engaging with diverse customer bases, including business entities, residential homes, and public institutions - Marketing and distributing one complete surveillance system Ideal Experience/Skills: - A background in security systems or similar industry - Proven sales ability - Solid understanding of various customer needs Payment Terms: This job operates on a 'work first, pay later' philosophy. Once the security system, worth over US$4,000 is successfully sold, a payment of $750 via Pay...

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    I need a machine learning model developed for CCTV surveillance image recognition, specifically for detecting objects. Here are some tasks that need to be tackled: - Development of a model that successfully identifies varying objects within a CCTV surveillance environment - Ensuring the model operates efficiently and accurately, with minimal false positive reports The ideal freelancer for this project would have experience with machine learning, specifically image recognition algorithms. Experience working with CCTV or surveillance data would be a significant asset.

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    I am seeking for an expert in lead generation, who could target both B2B and B2C markets. ...industry focus is on the Security and Housekeeping sector. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proven experience in generating leads in the specified industry - Knowledge in targeting both B2B and B2C - Familiar with security services including surveillance, access control, alarm systems - Ability to provide high quality leads that will result in successful conversions Main Responsiblities: - Identify potential leads in security and housekeeping sector - Target both businesses and individual consumers - Focus on leads requiring security services, specifically surveillance, access control and alarm systems. Looking forward to collaborating with a driven professional who can aid in growing ...

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    I am looking for an experienced app developer to create a unique application transforming an old cell phone, specifically Cat S60, into a security camera. This app should not only convert the smartphone into a camera but should also utilize its thermal sensor. Key Features should include: - Motion detection: The app should alert me as soon as it detects any motion. - Live streami...this project. Familiarity with the "Security camera cz" app or similar projects will be a bonus as I would like to incorporate its features that I like. For accessing the camera footage, I would like to prefer a mobile app. So, expertise in mobile app design will be required. This project will be a great chance to show creativity and competence in transforming a smartphone into an advanced surv...

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    ...familiar with Amped Five, focusing on utilizing its capabilities for video enhancement, specifically for extracting details from surveillance footage. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Amped Five software. - Experience with forensic image analysis. - Strong background in video enhancement for surveillance purposes. - Ability to extract specific details from low-quality footage. Objective: The main goal is to enhance surveillance video footage to extract vital details that are currently not visible or clear. This could include but is not limited to, faces, license plates, or specific actions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience working with surveillance footage. - Demonstrated ability to improve video quality and extract critical details. - ...

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    Multi-OS CCTV Monitoring App 1 hari left

    I'm in need of a sophisticated and user-friendly application that allows for CCTV camera monitoring across multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. This project aims to cater to individuals seeking an integrated solution to observe and manage their surveillance cameras from their smartphones or tablets, emphasizing accessibility and functionality. **Key Features Required:** - **Social Media Integration:** To facilitate easy sharing and alerts. - **Market Availability:** Must be available on the Play Store and App Store. - **CCTV Camera Monitoring:** Core functionality enabling users to watch live feeds, receive alerts, and manage camera settings. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in developing for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. - Expe...

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    have a look at our website. We have AI and ML based software and services based on security, surveillance etc. I need someone to promote and sell my brand, my products and my services in India and then Canada and US.

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    ...'Investigating the themes of power and control in relation to modern surveillance systems' in the novel 'Digital Fortress' by Dan Brown. - Delving into the power dynamics and control mechanisms depicted throughout the book and juxtaposing them with modern surveillance systems is the intended focal point. - Experience in analyzing significant texts, preferably Dan Brown's works or similar themes, would be crucial. - A broad understanding of power, control, and surveillance contexts in English Literature would significantly contribute to the quality of research. Your task will involve seeing through the lens of our chosen novel to philosophically explore how power and control are facilitated and enhanced through surveillance systems. ...

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    I require a drone designer to create an advanced Urban Security Drone that incorporates the following specifications: - Live-streaming video functionality, allowing real-time view of the drone's environment. - Night vision capability to ensure the functioning of the drone is not hampered during ...recharging. Moreover, the drone should operate both autonomously, following preset routes, and be remotely controlled as needed. The perfect freelancer for this project would possess a strong background in drone design and building, with experience in live-video streaming technology, night vision enhancement, and GPS-based autonomous navigation programming. Previous experience in designing surveillance or security drones would be a major plus. Let's create a drone that can rein...

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    "Looking for a skilled app developer to build ClearSkyRoads, a cutting-edge mobile application aimed at enhancing road safety and emergency response. The app will feature crowdsourced hazard reporting, drone-based surveillance integration, and vehicle identification chip integration. If you have expertise in mobile app development and are passionate about creating solutions that save lives, we'd love to hear from you. Please provide your portfolio and relevant experience. Let's make roads safer together!"

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    I'm seeking an experienced drone technology expert to configure a high-performance security drone that meets specific requirements for our security company. This drone will be a vital part of our surveillance operations in urban environments. **Key Features Needed:** - **Live Video Streaming:** The ability to stream high-definition video in real-time to our command center is critical. - **Motion Detection:** The drone should have advanced motion detection capabilities to alert us of any unauthorized movements. - **Intrusion Alerts:** Immediate notifications of potential intrusions to enable swift response. **Operational Requirements:** - **Flight Duration:** The drone must be capable of flying for at least 1 hour on a single charge to cover shifts effectively without freque...

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer with expertise in computer vision to enhance our security surveillance capabilities. This project will focus on three key areas: object detection, image recognition, and video tracking. Using Python as the primary programming language, the objective is to develop a robust system that can accurately identify and track objects and individuals in real-time to improve security measures. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Python, with a strong emphasis on libraries relevant to computer vision (e.g., OpenCV, TensorFlow, or PyTorch) - Proven experience in object detection, image recognition, and video tracking techniques - Familiarity with security surveillance systems and the unique challenges they present - Ability to optimize...

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    ...geo-fencing and geo-routes definition project using Google Maps. This system is primarily designed for enhancing security and surveillance capabilities within specified geographical areas. The functionality must include the ability to create geo-fenced areas and define custom geo-routes for monitoring and management purposes. Additionally, the system needs to support real-time alerts for both entry and exit events within these geo-fenced areas. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in Google Maps API for creating and managing geo-fences and geo-routes. - Ability to implement real-time alerting mechanisms for entry/exit events. - Experience in developing secure applications for surveillance purposes. - Strong understanding of location-based services and their implications on p...

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    I'm seeking the expertise of a coder with experience in video analytics for implementing an abnormal event detection system. This system should be designed to identify and alert users about any unauthorized entry in outdoor public areas like parks and streets. Requirements: - Functionality to recognize unauthorized entries. - Capability to handle video f...Functionality to recognize unauthorized entries. - Capability to handle video feeds from outdoor environments. Ideal Skill Sets: - Strong background in image analysis or video analytics. - Proficiency in developing algorithms for pattern recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence. - Prior experience in creating alerting systems would be beneficial. - Familiarity with security and surveillance systems is hi...

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    ...(PCB) for a quadcopter drone. This drone will primarily serve surveillance purposes, capitalizing on advanced technology and innovation. Hence, I am looking for someone with profound experience and a creative mindset to tackle this challenging yet exciting project. Here's a breakdown of the project and what I envision: ### Key Requirements - **Design and develop a PCB** tailored for a quadcopter drone. - Must support **long-range communication** to ensure it can be operated over extensive distances without signal loss. - Implement **high-resolution camera support** to capture clear, detailed images for surveillance purposes. - Integrate **night vision capability** to enable operation in low-light conditions, enhancing its surveillance capabilities around the c...

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    ...hours by restricting them open specific websites and restricting them transfer out of office specific type of sensitive data, and protect us against corruption and industrial espionage due to nature of our business. We are European based company and met all European data protection laws and directives. However short answer is - yes we do our employees video and audio surveillance in all our offices, and computer data surveillance as well, and it IS LEGIT. Budget: will not be disclosed, place best bid to get considered Delivery: - Visual Studio 2022 project (platform toolset v.143) written in C++ (or Rust by your choice), complete source code kit along with all headers, includes, dependencies e.t.c. - source code compiled into PE and DLL, and then tested on your end ...

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    I'm looking to have a high-quality flyer designed for a Security Trailer specifically used for surveillance. This needs to effectively highlight the key features and functionalities of our advanced surveillance system. Required Skills and Experience: - Proven graphic designing experience - A keen eye for aesthetics and details - Ability to communicate and present ideas - Up-to-date with the latest design trends please refer to all the prominent features listed on the given example templates for more details. Designers with prior experience in creating product-based promotional material will be highly preferred. Let's create something engaging, informative, and above all, appealing to the eye!

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    ...definition video quality to meet my surveillance needs. This project aims to safeguard my property efficiently and effectively, providing peace of mind through a well-structured CCTV network. **Requirements:** - Expertise in CCTV system design and installation. - Proficiency in selecting appropriate cameras for both indoor and outdoor environments. - Capability to implement a system offering standard definition video quality. - Knowledge of the best practices in security monitoring. - Experience with optimizing camera placement for maximum surveillance coverage. **Project Scope:** - Assess the layout of the premises to determine optimal camera placement. - Select the appropriate type of cameras, considering the need for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. - De...

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    As a growing technology company providing managed wifi, managed video surveillance, MSP and hosted PBX, we require a freelancer or a team of freelancers to help us with consistently updating and improving our services. Areas of focus will primarily be: - Managed Wifi: Although we skipped the specifics on wifi service improvements, it is safe to say that overall enhancements in performance and reliability are essential. Relevant skills in network security, signal coverage, and user management might be required. - Managed Video Surveillance: Practical experience in IP camera systems and cloud video surveillance would be beneficial. - MSP: Familiarity with IT service management and broad knowledge in system infrastructure is preferred. - Hosted PBX: Understanding of tele...

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    ...financial law with a focus on digital currencies and blockchain technology. Experience in regulatory compliance, particularly regarding securities, AML, and tax laws applicable to digital currency exchanges. Skilled in drafting and reviewing legal documents and contracts relevant to online platforms. Knowledgeable in the legal intricacies of user account verification, KYC procedures, and transaction surveillance to ensure our platform adheres to global standards. Ability to work remotely and communicate effectively with our globally distributed team. A current member of the bar in the United States, preferably in California, to provide authorized legal representation and advice. This role demands a forward-thinking individual who can navigate the complexities of financial regulat...

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    This research paper aims to investigate and produce informative content about the use of supervised machine learning techniques for image classification. The paper demands an in-depth understanding of machine learning, image pro...academic writing Project Scope: - Thorough exploration of supervised learning techniques applicable in image classification - Analysis, comparisons, and potential improvements in the current systems - A review of the challenges faced and developments needed Real-World Application: - A significant section of the paper will be devoted to presenting a real-world use case of such techniques in surveillance. This portion should demonstrate not only theoretical value but also practicality. Please submit your bid if this matches your skillset and area of ...

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    I need a skilled Flutter developer to create a surveillance application. The app will feature: - User Profile Login/ Signup - User authentication - Push notifications - Offline capabilities - Live video streaming -Subscription plan - Alert notifications -Payment gateway . Your role will play a significant part in ensuring personal security via this surveillance app.

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    More details: What specific features would you like the access control system to have? Biometric fingerprint recognition and time and attendance What is the primary purpose of the CCTV system? Surveillance and Monitoring How many access points do you need secured with the access control system? More than 10

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    ...company specializes in a wide range of services including Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Access Control, Network Infrastructure, Intercoms, and other low voltage solutions. We are looking for a website that will effectively showcase our services, expertise, and values to potential clients. Key Features Needed: Home Page: An engaging and informative introduction to our company, including high-quality images and quick access to different sections of the website. About Us Page: Detailed information about our company, history, mission, and team. Services Page: Separate sections for each of our services (Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Access Control, Network Infrastructure, Intercoms, Low Voltage...

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    ...hours by restricting them open specific websites and restricting them transfer out of office specific type of sensitive data, and protect us against corruption and industrial espionage due to nature of our business. We are European based company and met all European data protection laws and directives. However short answer is - yes we do our employees video and audio surveillance in all our offices, and computer data surveillance as well, and it IS LEGIT. Budget: will not be disclosed, place best bid to get considered Delivery: - Visual Studio 2022 project (platform toolset v.143) written in C++ (or Rust by your choice), complete source code kit along with all headers, includes, dependencies e.t.c. - source code compiled into PE and DLL, and then tested on your end ...

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    ...Create a detailed 2D floor plan of a small room indicating the placement of CCTV cameras. - Ensure the proposed camera positions cover the entire room with no blind spots. - Suggest the type of cameras (e.g., dome, bullet) and their positions for optimal surveillance. - Work within the provided dimensions to deliver a practical and efficient layout for a small space. **Ideal Candidate:** - Has a portfolio showcasing previous 2D floor plans, especially with CCTV layouts. - Can suggest improvements or best practices for small room surveillance. - Communicates effectively to understand and incorporate any specific requirements I might have. This project is crucial for enhancing the security of a valued space. I look forward to working closely with a freelancer who can real...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to craft a system that will form an essential component of my workflow automation. Here's what I need: - **Monitoring**: Continuous surveillance of specified directories for file content modifications. - **File Management**: Automatic uploading of modified files to a specified REST API endpoint. - **Configuration**: Ability to configure job settings for individual folders/files. - **CSV Handling**: Special processing for CSV files including validation and formatting. - **System Tray**: A dynamic icon to reflect the application's operational status. Programm running in Background, no open window. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Windows environment - Strong in file system operations and monitoring - Knowledgeable on REST API ...

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    I need a skilled developer to integrate Zabbix with our IP camera surveillance system and enable WhatsApp alerts. You'll be setting up Zabbix from scratch and configuring it to meet our monitoring needs. **Requirements:** - Install and configure Zabbix on our system. - Enable real-time monitoring of our IP camera system. - Set up alert notifications to be sent via WhatsApp API. - Implement data analysis and generate regular reports. **Ideal Candidate:** - Proven experience with Zabbix and IP surveillance systems. - Proficient in setting up alert mechanisms through WhatsApp. - Capable of system data analysis and report generation. **Objectives:** - Ensure seamless surveillance monitoring. - Quick alert notifications for security breaches. - Comprehensive data an...

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    I'm seeking a talented individual to implement a high-accuracy camera analytics system. My primary goal is to create a system that not only identifies and counts peo...recognition. - Intrusion and loitering alerts. - Color analysis proficiency. - Abillity to trigger webhooks / http actions / API (Integrate with NX Witness or DW Spectrum) Ideal Skills: - Experience with AI and machine learning. - Proficiency in computer vision and image processing. - Familiarity with high-accuracy analytics systems. - Ability to integrate complex features in indoor surveillance. - Knowledge of the latest camera analytics technologies. It's critical that bidders provide a portfolio demonstrating their experience in these areas, allowing me to gauge their expertise and suitabili...

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    I'm in need of a graphic designer to create a realistic scene by superimposing an MSI trailer onto a nature background. The final image should be convincing, as if the trailer is naturally positioned in the field. **Essentials** - Expertise in photo-editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom) - Strong portfolio showcasing image manipulation skills - Attention to detail for blending and realism - Creativity in aligning images for natural scenes **Tasks** - Superimpose the MSI trailer image onto a chosen landscape - Ensure the lighting and shadows on the trailer match the background - Blend the images seamlessly to avoid any visible editing **Experience Needed** - Previous projects involving realistic image manipulation - A good understanding of perspective and scaling - Experie...

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled freelancer to develop a comprehensive Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) for a PDF document. The QASP must aim to maintain high standards and flawlessly monitor the integrity of the document. The successful candidate will have to: - Craft a QASP focusing on identifying errors and defects. - Ensure the PDF's compliance with industry standards. - Integrate planning, control, assurance, and improvement processes. - Provide detailed step-by-step instructions in the QASP. Ideal Skills: - Experience in quality assurance for PDFs. - Strong attention to detail and precision. - Proficiency in industry compliance and standards. - Excellent planning and documentation abilities. Experience with software that supports detailed document annot...

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    ...functionality similar to (details will be shared after awarding project) The website should effectively showcase our services, provide clear navigation, and maintain a professional aesthetic. Key Features: 1. Home Page: Engaging hero section, clear call-to-action buttons, and brief overview of services. 2. Services: Detailed descriptions of various security services offered, including access control, surveillance, and monitoring. 3. About Us: Company background, mission statement, and team profiles. 4. Portfolio: Showcase of previous projects with case studies and client testimonials. 5. Contact Us: Contact information, inquiry form, and interactive map for locating the company's office. Technical Requirements: 1. Responsive design for seamless viewing on desktop, tablet, ...

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    Looking for someone who can create a docker container with an open source NVR. I would like it to be a headless system, installed and setup all via config and triggered via mqtt message. There would only ever be a...system needs to be able to handle moderate capacity for short-term storage. We don't need high capacity for long-term storage. - MQTT Trigger: The system should support the NVR being triggered via MQTT. - Video analysis: Although the primary purpose is surveillance, it would be beneficial if the system possessed basic object detection capabilities. Ideal Skills: - Docker - MQTT - Video Surveillance System Set-ups - Storage management This project is ideal for someone who is versed in Docker and MQTT with an added experience in video surveillance sy...

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    As discussed, I will be writing a research paper.

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    I'm looking to get wireless surveillance cameras installed for my established business. The installation will be indoors and outdoors. I want to improve security and surveillance on my premises. Ideal Skills: - Previous experience with wireless security camera installations - Knowledge of state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor wireless surveillance systems Experience: - Handling commercial surveillance projects - Recommendations based on past successful installation projects The ideal individual should accurately cover all indoor areas to ensure prime surveillance. The privacy of customers and employees must be paramount while achieving comprehensive surveillance. Recommendations on the best brand of wireless surveillance cameras tailo...

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    ...through an advanced surveillance system with motion detection capabilities. Here's what I'm focusing on: - Installation of a state-of-the-art motion-detecting surveillance camera system. - Seamless integration with current store setup. - Training for staff on usage and maintenance. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience with retail security systems. - In-depth knowledge of motion detection technology. - Strong technical background in surveillance camera installation and maintenance. Experience Required: - Previous work with similar retail security projects. - References or portfolio of completed surveillance systems. This project will ensure my customers' and products' safety with your expertise contributing to our peace of mind. If you...

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    ...detailed how-to guides for utilizing these technologies. - Analyzing industry trends and news related to AI video tech and cloud video management. The key audience for this content will be: - Forward-thinking business owners seeking tech leverage. - Engineering students on the cusp of entering the tech field. Ideal skills for the job are: - Strong understanding of AI, cloud computing, and video surveillance tech. - Experience in creating content tailored to a professional and academic tech audience. - Ability to explain complex technical concepts in an accessible way. - SEO knowledge to increase visibility and engagement. This job is perfect for someone who's passionate about tech, enjoys research, and loves communicating complex ideas simply. If you have a background i...

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    ...issues related to a company's employees, manufactured products, or production areas. We are looking to initiate the website setup for our company, which will be the practical application of this system. Our initial project efforts are ongoing and parallel to this, we want to prepare the design for our website. We request you to create a design as quickly as possible. Our Company focuses on surveillance systems (such as security cameras) and makes analyses based on that footage. In factories, in offices, in gas stations, on borders, at ports, in shops, in restaurants, and more places. We are creating information about customers and the owners of factories and shops based on our analysis from the cameras. This analysis might contain vital information for the companies and th...

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    Logo name:- Service + Slogan:- multi services Color preferences:-Green Any shape or image:- I sell mobile phones, I do surveillance camera installations and other stuff Nature of Business:- It is a telephone network installation company and I sell other devices

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    Script: 1. Run on windows 2019 server. 2. Start screen recording( use "sharpavi" as framework) if a user is logged in and having a session. 3. Stop recording if no user is logged in and having a session. 4. Have recording software working in background not in the taskbar, in a window but minimized in the notification area of taskbar. 5. Save recording in a folder of choice, AND uploaded to a free cloud storage ( maybe onedrive, google drive or dropbox ( i think dropbox is easiest maybe?) ) 6. Make sure I can set the increments of screen recordings anywhere from 1 minute all the way up to 2 hours. If the videos are smaller, then I need script to combine the video files into 1 video for each session of a user logging in. If video is longer than 2 hours, then break it up into more f...

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    I require an experienced tech professional to develop a Raspberry Pi Camera project to enhance my bus security. The primary feature of this project is facial recognition. - Installation: The camera will need to be installed both inside and outside the bus to ensure comprehensive monitoring and maximize security measures. - Main Function: The facial recognition feature is particularly crucial. The ability to instantly recognize and register passengers as they board or exit the bus is what I'm seeking. - GPS Tracking: Implementation of a GPS tracking feature is secondary but still important. Prior experience with Raspberry Pi Camera systems, specifically those with facial recognition and GPS capabilities, is highly desirable. An understanding of installation techniques for secure an...

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    I urgently require an professional with extensive experience in Software Management to rename and configure software on my server. The current software is named iSpy and I'd like it to be rename it Skills & Experience Required: - Proficiency in Software Management - Experience in renaming and configuring server so...current software is named iSpy and I'd like it to be rename it Skills & Experience Required: - Proficiency in Software Management - Experience in renaming and configuring server software - Ability to work diligently under tight deadlines - DevOps - Coding Please note that this project needs to be completed ASAP and any proposals should reflect this urgency. An understanding of iSpy or similar surveillance software would be an added advantage. I loo...

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Precision Cup-Ball Surveillance'

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    I'm seeking a dedicated professional skilled in live monitoring of video feeds. This task will specifically involve: - Monitoring 6-10 live feed cameras concurrently. - Specializing in security surveillance, looking out for potential threats or suspicious activities. The ideal professional for this task will have extensive experience in security surveillance and excellent attention to detail. Proficiency with multi-camera monitoring setups and a keen eye for identifying subtleties in live feeds are also highly desirable. Your role will be pivotal in maintaining the safety and security of the premises.

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    I am looking for an experienced private detective based in Nashik city, well-versed in personal surveillance techniques. The primary service required involves carrying out discreet surveillance to investigate a suspected illicit affair. Your tasks will include, but not be limited to: - Observation and tracking of individuals without raising any suspicions. - Meticulous documentation and updating of all activities and findings. - Ensuring confidentiality and discretion throughout the process. Candidates with proven experience in handling similar cases, background checks, and a solid understanding of local areas in Nashik city will be preferred. Your strong observational skills, attention to detail, and well-developed ethical sense are crucial for this job.

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    I'm seeking a talented User Interface Designer specifically experienced in website design to revamp the UI for a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) app. Key Tasks: - Conceptualize and implement a design that combines a modern aesthetic with functionality and ease of use. - Incorporate key features such as real-time monitoring, alarm management, access control, and video surveillance. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in modern website design principles. - Prior experience designing interfaces for security apps. Your bid should include examples of your previous website design work. Experience with PSIM or similar app UI design will be highly favored. The final product should be a blend of modern design principles with user-friendly functionalities.

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    ...proposals. Leveraging their skills and creativity, they will adjust the store to reach optimal functionality. Store will contain two things: 1. Automatic product import from amazon to the word press store page category we are starting with these category structure Category structure Shop -Desktop -Laptop -Tablets Phones -Samsung -Iphone -LG -Xiami Surveillance Equipment -Surveillance & Security Cameras Switches Access points Accessories -Dongle and Docking Station -Laptop cooling pad 2. AutoBlogging of said product to Blog page can be schedule by me every week, day or month Key Requirements: - Must provide a comprehensive project proposal outline each stage and object with timeline - Experience with WordPress and Amazon store

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    Domain = (SLOGAN - Psychological War on Crime) <--- Not sure about this one yet CONCEPT Allow neighbours to form a private video surveillance network within there street HOW? Allow neighbours to connect 1 ip cam each to a private channel. Each neighbours one IP cam should face the street Infront of their own house. The live feeds from each cam will be displayed on a private cam wall where all members of the private group can watch the live feed of the different areas of the street simultaneously. MAIN REASONS FOR THIS PLATFORM Current security systems do not deter criminals WHY? Because the criminal attacks when no one is home or when occupants are sleeping. He knows that although he is being recorded...No one is watching. He feels safe Even with expensive

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    Artikel Komuniti surveillance Teratas