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    Espire Sports 3 hari left

    We are a new sports facility and need help in an overall branding identity starting with a logo using "Espire Sports" and using a slogan of "Eat - Stay - Play" - Our focused sport is Pickleball (pic attached) we would like to see that incorporated into the logo as maybe a ball that has bounced (pic attached) so to create an independent piece of the loge like NIKE did with thei...

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    Trophy icon New Logo/Design Tamat left

    Contest for a graphic designer to submit original artwork for new uniform/jersey company Game Day Apparel. I am wanting to incorporate small insignia on each jersey (ie: Nike swoosh, UA , 3 stripes, etc). This is a very short contest. Good luck to all!

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    65 penyertaan

    Hello, I'm looking to have a logo designed for an upcoming sportswear/ athletics brand. The main focus for the brand right now will be producing women's leggings and tops. The target audience is women for now but as the brand evolves the designer will add pieces for Men as well. The brand's designer is very involved in the gym/ sports world. The look and feel for the brand should b...

    $65 (Avg Bid)
    275 penyertaan

    I am looking for a logo for a vending machine company. I want it to be a collegiate design with the text “Since 94” as the main text, a big swoosh beneath the words, and the word “Vending” in the swoosh.I also want an English bulldog beneath the logo.

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    21 penyertaan

    Hi there - you entered a logo contest for Oceania Managed Services and I loved your logo. I want you to recreate it but for Oceania Entertainment. Replace “managed services” with the word Entertainment. The concept that I like had a swoosh going all the way across the word Oceania. I can send you a screenshot if you don’t remember.

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    1 bida

    Hi there - you entered a logo contest for Oceania Managed Services and I loved your logo. I want you to recreate it but for Oceania Entertainment. Replace “managed services” with the word Entertainment. The concept that I like had a swoosh going all the way across the word Oceania. I can send you a screenshot if you don’t remember.

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    1 bida

    I have a scanned image of a two part "swoosh" design that I have hand traced. This scanned image of my hand-traced drawing will be meticulously converted into a native Adobe AI and EPS File with the following requirements: Here are some VERY important details: The Adobe File MUST mimic EXACTLY the physical size of the scanned image... which is approx. 65" long and 12" tall. ...

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    Trophy icon Finalize our logo Tamat left

    Hi, We need help to finalize our logo for our new company, La Finca. Our logo should consist of the Barcelona tile on top, the word LA FINCA in capital letters, and below it in smaller capital letters BARCELONA, SPAIN. See attached: 1) The inspiration for our logo of a company called Capella. 2) A first draft of our logo to give you an idea of what we want our logo to look like. 3) The Barce...

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    121 penyertaan
    Logo Design Tamat left

    PLEASE READ ALL PROJECT DETAILS ONLY RESPOND IF YOU CAN CREATE THE REQUESTED TYPE OF LOGO The most important issue, I am looking for is Quality not speed. The end product is more important to me, than how fast you can throw something together. I want someone who will take the time to understand this request. I want to see example of Brand Marks or Pictorial Marks you and or your firm/co...

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    Trophy icon Small Re-Design on A Simple Logo Tamat left

    Hi, I just need the SHOOTING STAR re-drawn so it's higher resolution and the lines look cleaner than the original. You don't have to re-draw "Hype Club", it's just there so you can understand my vision for the brand the star is apart of. Imagine this star being used in fashion. So.. on the sides of shoes, repeating pattern on sweat pants, as the logo on a hat. Similar ...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    82 penyertaan

    We are seeking a new logo for our chamber of commerce. The current logo/ brand identity can be seen on the website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The brief is: - Three colours. Our preference is to use colours that demonstrate the transition from the land to the mountain to the sky. The colours are heritage green, blue and red. - We like a font similar to "North Wave" that can be found ...

    $69 (Avg Bid)
    20 penyertaan

    We are looking for a logo to be designed to start a small travel company. The idea has been formed but things like final colours and fonts haven't yet been determined. We've picked some logos we liked, and mashed the idea together and attached as a brief. The concept is that it looks a little like a poker chip, with a swoosh of a 747 / jumbo jet flying around it with the world in the mid...

    $128 (Avg Bid)
    129 penyertaan

    easy $10 dollar work 1. yangers logo using the original dodgers logo script as the building block, i want yangers instead recreated. keep the "gers" and the "swoosh" the same. recreate the "Y" if you're able to. i would like to see other samples or work from what you see. the hook of the "Y" should be the same as the hook of the original &quo...

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    52 penyertaan
    Logo Designer Tamat left

    I'm a fine jeweller specialising in aviation-themed pieces. I need some help designing a logo which incorporates the aviation theme while keeping the brand looking elegant and arty. I'm thinking a swoosh or two reminiscent of air displays (Red Arrows etc) interacting with the brand name: Lucy Bowman Aviation Jewels

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    111 bida

    Seeking simple elegant logo creation. For a luxury travel firm I need a logo that is sophisticated, elegant, professional and clean. I have an idea and just need it to be created so that I have the option of changing colors/name/etc. The Canva palette primary color is #50a2af. The secondary color should be black or black and grays. This is the start. To complete the project I need the orig...

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    101 bida

    I need some 3D graphic design on a boat the design is very simple I will provide the photos of the boat along with the design he wants. We will be printing this design on vinyl to wrap the boat. He just wants a swoosh going Across the boat from light to dark... the design HAS to be scaled and ready for print using the measurements that we have of the boat. The first 2 pics are tw customers boat th...

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    13 bida

    A logo is a name, mark, or symbol that represents an idea, organization, publication, or product. Typically, logos (such as the Nike "swoosh" and Apple Inc.'s apple with a bite missing) are uniquely designed for easy recognition. Don't confuse the plural form of logo (logos) with the rhetorical term logos.

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    37 bida
    Trophy icon Create a fitness brand logo Tamat left

    We are looking for someone to create a logo for a personal fitness brand named: GRHEIND. It is a play of words, a mixture of the urban use of "grind" and the German river "Rhein". If you have any other ideas on how to visually distinguish the word "Rhein" from the rest, but still keep the word "Grheind", feel free to be creative. The brand aims to repres...

    $66 (Avg Bid)
    56 penyertaan

    I have an idea of what I am looking for but would like my idea finessed and customized to make it better and more unique to me. I'm creating a YouTube cooking channel called Vegan Adventures. I have a font style I want, very retro and adventuresque. I created a bit of a swoosh on the 'A' of Adventures but I'm open to your own creative interpretation to make the logo come ...

    $59 (Avg Bid)
    57 penyertaan

    Sew together 1x small faux fur bag. Provide dimensions and written/photo process of construction. The bag will have a faux fur outer, a material lining, and drawstring closure. The internal lining of the bag must be large enough for an average adult hand to fit inside. This is part of a prototyping process, which will lead to an end product that has a natural shape and swoosh, similar to a real ...

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    5 bida

    Hi Guys! Printeez here, we're an apparel decorating company and we are releasing our new website at the end of this month. We would also like to freshen up our image with a graphic element similar to nike swoosh, lululemon circle, adidas stripes, etc... We have two french bulldogs running around our shop. The black pup is named Henry and the red fawn is Thruster. No need to incorporate them ...

    $199 (Avg Bid)
    768 penyertaan

    Needed: Someone with perfect written English and an eye for detail. We have subtitles for 18 videos on YouTube but the person who did them made lots of mistakes so we're re-doing them. Job: Take our auto-generated subtitle files with time code (example attached) and... 1. Use proper sentence case. 2. Retain all the time code. 3. Use closed captions (CC) e.g. - If Josh plays bass add: [bas...

    $187 (Avg Bid)
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    43 bida
    Trophy icon Design a logo Tamat left

    I'm starting a new fitness business and need a logo Sapiens - Fitness for Human Beings Logo doesn't need to include 'for Human Beings' Target demographic is 30-50 years old. Regular people not elite fitness Needs to be easily printed on to merchandise I've seen circle logos and liked them. Also script style fonts seem more playful I hope that's enou...

    $55 (Avg Bid)
    77 penyertaan
    Trophy icon I need a Logo Symbol only Tamat left

    Like Nike has a swoosh, I am looking for just a symbol for our Logo. I have dl a pic of our logo and want a symbol with an anchor similar to the one in the logo. Color can be one or all blue, black, gray

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    61 penyertaan

    Make 3D coin for AR. 3 different colors: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Blue. One side of the coin will have the Nike/swoosh logo and the other side of the coin will show the "Just Do It." logo Need complete in 24 hours

    $53 (Avg Bid)
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    25 bida

    Need a simple 1-color or 2-color logo design in Adobe Illustrator EPS format. BLACK or WHITE with Pantone Color 5483 only. 2-D design for print only, please do not submit 3-D looking logos. Design can have a simple swoosh or shape. Logo must contain the words "CBG" or "Custom Brands Group" or both like the samples attached.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    104 penyertaan
    Trophy icon Logo for New Products Tamat left

    We are starting up a company that will produce and sell chiropractically-themed products that are marketed to chiropractors. The name of the brand is ChiroSwagger. We are looking for creation of a log that embodies the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic as well as the uniqueness of the chiropractic profession. I am looking for clean lines, striking, simple but powerful ideas. The logo ...

    $129 (Avg Bid)
    757 penyertaan
    Trophy icon T-shirt design Tamat left

    I want to do a Just Drill IT shirt design . doing a nike swoosh look alike but having a drill rig at the end of the swoosh , The have just Drill it under that , And have a drill bit at the bottom of the i in drill it . just need this 1 to 3 colors no more

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    74 penyertaan
    Custom Logo Tamat left

    I need help designing a logo for my company. We are going though a rebrand at the moment and have no idea what the symbol for the company should be. We are in videography at the moment but opening new divisions in Clothing, Music, and Design. I will need help discussing possible concepts and will need someone do be very creative in their thinking. My goal is to have a final product that is as si...

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    31 bida
    Trophy icon Logo Contest for Map Gapper Tamat left

    I need a logo designed for the organization Map Gapper We’re looking for a creative design showing how people can bridge the gap in our community. We like the idea of a mapping system (like Google Maps). We want a logo with no more than 2 or 3 colors (we prefer Gold, Aqua, Blue, or Black). See the attached global image for the color scheme. We also attached a sample image to show you a...

    $67 (Avg Bid)
    140 penyertaan

    Cop Coffee is a direct to consumer/prescription based coffee supplier similar to the Black Rifle Coffee Company model. The difference is BRCC targets military consumers primarily. Cop Coffee targets law enforcement. I like simplistic, unique designs. I want it to embody law enforcement, warriorship, and servitude. One idea I had was the "C's" in Cop Coffee illustrated with open hand...

    $56 (Avg Bid)
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    76 bida

    Need to create a one colr vinitage shirt design. 1) Would like something SIMILAR (but the same) as this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2) Circular text should read "A ROCKY MOUNT TRADITION" 3) The word "THE" should not have wavy letters like the example 4) Middle scripted text should read "Mills 5k" and should include some "swoosh" style underneath. 5) ...

    $68 (Avg Bid)
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    58 bida
    Logo design Tamat left

    Mobile app driven location based service to find a providers of a specific product. Via the app the users can see the providers on the map (secondary information - know more about type of outlet, other products and services on offered) and then navigate to the chosen provider. A minimalist design that communicates that that this is about location, map, to find and then visually depict the specif...

    $17 (Avg Bid)
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    21 bida

    I am starting a Ministry. Its called "Clothed With Power". I want a simple outline of a dove with flames for . The dove represents the holy spirit and the flames represent Baptism by fire. The the should be flying down. I have something in mind i found on a website but i dont want copyright problems lol. I want this to be something people can see and know that its Clothed With Power. Som...

    $31 (Avg Bid)
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    71 bida

    I need a vector logo designed, 3 - 4 color max. Must be in Vector / EPS. Simple letters with swoosh type design. Nothing complex. Must have "Illustration" skills and not just use templates found online. Need to see your portfolio examples.

    $53 (Avg Bid)
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    26 bida
    Design logo Tamat left

    I need a vector logo designed, 3 - 4 color max. Must be in Vector / EPS. Simple letters with swoosh type design. Nothing complex. Must have "Illustration" skills and not just use templates found online. Need to see your portfolio examples.

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    83 bida
    Trophy icon Make Us a NEW Logo Tamat left

    Our company name is Swimm. We are a swimming pool company that services, constructions/renovations swimming pools and we have a store front where we sell unique pool floats & toys, bathing suits etc. We are looking for someone to revamp out logo and give us a new fresh look. We are looking for something modern and simple. We are envisioning a wave or a simple "swoosh" and some how fo...

    $190 (Avg Bid)
    200 penyertaan

    Initials: JC Brand Name: Jinih Creations Tag line: Creative - Quality - Design A unisex fashion brand which deals in overall four product categories: 1. Leather Items: Laptop Bags, Messenger Bags, Belts, Wallets, Jackets, Hats, Pants, Vests, Trousers etc (All Products in Unisex) - Primary 2. Fabric / Denim Items: Jeans, Shirts, Wallets, Belts in Fabric, Vest, Trousers, Pants. Moreover, we are ...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Tamat left

    See attachment. About Renosity provides construction financing for homeowners who would like to renovate or upgrade their homes. Logo The logo will need to make Renosity recognizable without word Renosity appearing, like the Coke ribbon, Nike swoosh, etc.

    $125 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi! I need 10 different versions of the attached logo created. It is for a heavy steel company and they would like the blue "swoosh" to look more like a steel beam. They told me to get "creative" with it. Their colors are red / white / blue but they like the font in grey - though would be open to seeing different colored versions too. I've attached a pic of steel beam exam...

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    Trophy icon Design Simplistic Logo Tamat left

    We are an established equestrian brand and currently have 2 logos – giddyupgirl for the childs range and giddyup for our teen/young adult range. We want to modernise and simplify our teen/young adult logo. Our demographic is teen to young adult horse riders. The giddyup brand has 2 different logos - one (with the horses) we use for print and advertising and the other (GU with crown) we use t...

    $71 (Avg Bid)
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    Unique Business Logo and Brand Icon (Ex: Nike and Swoosh icon, Apple and Apple icon) Minimal - simple and recognizable Used on website and printed materials (papers - merchandises) 2 sets

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    24 bida
    Trophy icon 3D Logo Creation Tamat left

    I have a logo that I need a 3D version of. I have uploaded the logo as well as a reference picture that I would like it to look like. The reference picture is an octopus that has it's tentacles coming in and out of the lettering. I like this look and want to incorporate it into our logo (maybe with the blue swoosh through the "O"), while at the same time giving our logo a slightly 3...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    10 penyertaan

    Hi we require a simple graphic I have already designed an example so you know exactly what the design should look like it just needs to improved upon!- you need to change the simple underline we have (in the example) for a “swoosh underline effect” as per our “swoosh examples” The graphic is for a wrap around podium TOTAL GRAPHIC (IMAGE) AREA: 1820 x 898mm VISIBLE AREA (f...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
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    33 bida
    Trophy icon NEW LOGO PROJECT Tamat left

    NEW 2 LETTER LOGO - PM Probably need to use the correct font that matches our long thin logo (professional_muscle) image which is called 'Uninsta Bold Italic’. Open to options; The logo represents Professional Muscle, a body building company with a large forum and a complete online supplements range. The idea of the ‘swoosh’ (screenshot) is that it hints at an actual gym...

    $71 (Avg Bid)
    67 penyertaan

    Title: Investigator meeting identity Brief: Background Global Development is responsible for the conduct of clinical trials across the entire Company X portfolio. The portfolio consists of compound development projects within Diabetes, Obesity, Haemophilia and other chronic diseases as CVD, NASH and Kidney Disease. The activities in scope for this project include primarily investigator meeting...

    $116 (Avg Bid)
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    58 bida

    I need some graphic design. I’m creating app that will change the way we view inbox emails sent by businesses. Traditionally we have standard inbox with subject line and sometimes am emoji. Companies will now be able to fill that space (Tile) with logos branding and their offer. Before we would have open email to see offer, now we can view it right in our inbox. Need designer to look at thei...

    $54 (Avg Bid)
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    13 bida
    Cheetah Solar Tamat left

    We are a solar energy company. Focused on sales. We are looking for a "stand alone" logo of a cheetah. Minimal/Modern. This will be our "Swoosh" compared to the Nike brand. In addition to the "icon/logo" we want the word "Cheetah" in a font similar to that of a Maserati/Porsche/Bel Air of the 1950's. Fast. Sexy. The word "Solar" should be in a...

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    War Horse Logo Tamat left

    Need something very very unique. Description: Will be used on product for fitness. Think: Men and Women, Fitness, Starting off with Protein powders and supplements, Moving into clothing, water bottle and workout gear. Clean Simple But unique!!! using WS Warhorse Supplement So client is thinking WS with some sort of Swoosh - like nike Another version WH WarHorse Supplements So here are a few...

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