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    gamarjoba gaga, me damwyebi freelanceri var da jer ver "davamugame" ra da rogor ketdeba, tu ar shegawuxeb ragaceebi minda ro gkitxo da tu ar shegidzlia arc egaa problema :)

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    Hi Angel L, Here are the details for our next project.

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    Hi Michael P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Please see the pictures attached. We need a piece of metal under the frames of the tables and benches. On the pieces of metal will be 6 bolts welded. The bolts will go up through the holes in the frames and then nuts will be tightened down holding the frames to the piece of metal. I need a drawing to give to our manufacturer. This is what you are bidding on. Thanks, Michael Project Description: I am looking for a skilled mechanical draftsman to create a 2D drawing for manufacturing purposes. Specifics: - The project requires a 2D drawing, not 3D modeling or assembly drawing. - I have all the details and dimensions needed for the drawing, so no assistance is necessary. - The intended use of the drawing is for manufacturing purposes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficien...

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    I am looking for a skilled logo designer to create a logo for our Warhammer 40,000 gaming club in Japan. The logo should have a mix of abstract and realistic elements, and the color scheme should be red and black. Specific elements that we would like to incorporate into the logo are a combination of a Space Marine and Samurai helmet, with a crossed samurai sword/chain sword. We would also like a Tori gate with cherry blossoms integrated somewhere in the background. The ideal designer for this project would have experience in creating gaming logos and be able to bring together the elements of both a Space Marine and Samurai helmet. They should have a strong understanding of color schemes and be able to create a visually striking logo that represents our gaming club.

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    ...project for stock trading using Python. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing algorithmic trading systems. Key requirements and preferences for this project include: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Strong knowledge in developing algorithmic trading systems - Experience in integrating the system with a specific trading platform like trading view, Zerodha, angel broking etc The project will involve coding and implementing an algorithmic trading system for stock trading. The system should be able to analyze market data, generate trading signals, and execute trades automatically. The ideal candidate should have understanding of stock market operations and dynamics... trading strategies, and risk management principles etc would be provided b...

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    Looking for an expert who can 1.) Create an IG profile with required specs 2.) Give me access to it 3.) Boost it to get likes Fairly simple and straightforward job. You need: 1.) Relevant experience 2.) OWN Ad account 3.) Own credit card (I pay for the ad costs) And that's it. Kindly connect with me to get this started! Best, Michael

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    Hi Angel Kaye R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ... and drone specifications. Risk Analysis Form Weather data integration based on location, like UAVForecast. Airspace class and NOTAMs relevant to the flight zone. Population density calculations ( how many adresse or building is there in the flight area and create a averge per km2) and drone selection for operations. Risk Identification Inclusion of Ground Risk Class (GRC) and Air Risk Class (ARC). Real-time data processing for risk analysis and flight recommendations. Final Results and Emergency Information Nearest hospital and airport contact information. Maximum flight distance, height, and potential permissions based on risk analysis. Workflow Connects organization’s account with detailed flight operation planning. Allows defining flight zones via interactive maps or...

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    ...examples of your previous work in creating business pitches/plans and financial analysis for healthcare start-ups. We are a new start up company developing an app for community social networking services in Australia for the healthcare industry. The business requires an expect to develop a successful business pitch strategy/business plan and financial analysis /projection to produce to potential angel investors, grant and tender opportunities. We are searching for a professional that can incorporate our goals and values with the business plan to attract potential customers and investors. The participant will understand the companies business ideas, values,goals,objectives , policies and procedures and the development of the technological app approach. The participants must under...

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    Looking for investors 22 jam left

    Project Title: Seeking Angel Investors for Concept Stage Project Overview: We are currently in the concept stage of our project and are seeking angel investors to help bring our idea to life. Our project has the potential for significant growth and we are looking for investors who share our vision and can provide funding to help us move forward. Ideal Skills and Experience: To successfully secure investment for our project, we are seeking individuals with the following skills and experience: - Experience in angel investing and a strong understanding of the startup ecosystem - A track record of successful investments in early-stage projects - Knowledge of the industry or market our project is targeting - Strong networking skills to connect us with other potential inv...

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    I need investors 16 jam left

    Project Title: Seeking Angel Investors for Technology Start-up Description: I am seeking angel investors for my technology start-up. Investor Type: - Angel Investors Industry: - Technology Investment Amount: - $1000 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in investing in technology start-ups - Knowledge of the technology industry and market trends - Understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the technology sector - Ability to provide strategic guidance and mentorship to a technology start-up - Strong network within the technology and investment communities - Willingness to take calculated risks and invest in early-stage ventures - Ability to conduct thorough due diligence and assess the potential of the technology start-up - Track record of succe...

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    Hello...Just getting back on line after a botched anesthesia during shoulder replacement surgery on 10/4. Just before my surgery the operating system for my website () was upgraded...leading to "500" error pages. Hopefully the attached screen shot from TMD hosting will provide more larity as to the current issue. My site is 20 years old...the developer is no l... I use the site to sell vintage books and photographs. My guess is that there are probably about 30+ small cgi "Scripts" that comprise the site...from member registration to posting photos for sale and for post-sale processing. I used to run auctions on the site...but for the past 15 years have only been running 'buy it now' events. Hope this is something that you can solve for me...best...mic...

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    FA - Christmas 1 hari left

    Fallen Angel - Christmas design

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    Hi Michael Kofi A., Thanks for Akan ADC project with Cognegica Networks. Sending you offer for payments

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    I am looking for a talented graphic designer who can create an illustrative logo for my nonprofit organization called Just One Angel. The logo should convey the idea that it only takes one person, one angel, to make a difference. The non profit name needs to be in the logo. Style: - I am specifically looking for an illustrative logo that captures the essence of our organization. Color scheme: - I prefer a bright and vibrant color scheme that will attract attention and convey positivity. Elements and symbols: - I am open to the designer's creativity and do not have any specific elements or symbols in mind. I want the designer to have the freedom to come up with unique and creative ideas. Skills and experience: - Experience in creating illustrative logos is a must. -...

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    ...[social media channels/website/newsletter]. A Special Note of Gratitude: Your trust in us is not taken lightly. We are committed to delivering a product that exceeds your expectations and transforms the landscape of financial management. Thank you once again for being an integral part of this journey. Here’s to a future where smart technology and strategic investing go hand in hand. Warm regards, Michael Director ARTech Finance ...

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    Pitch Deck Tamat left

    Pitch Deck for Consumer Product Seeking Funding from Angel Investors - Purpose of the pitch deck: Seeking funding - Target audience for the pitch deck: Angel Investors - Type of business: Consumer Product Skills and experience required for the job: - Expertise in pitch deck design and development - Strong understanding of consumer product market - Experience in crafting compelling narratives and value propositions - Knowledge of investment and venture capital industry - Ability to effectively communicate complex concepts and data visually - Proficiency in graphic design and presentation software - Attention to detail and ability to create visually appealing and professional-looking slides - Ability to conduct market research and competitor analysis to support the pitch deck...

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    Hi Michael N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Michael N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Demat Account Lead Generator For Angel One A/c Target Audience: Individual Investors Preferred Method of Lead Generation: Social Media Marketing We are looking for a skilled professional to generate high-quality leads for our demat account services. Our target audience consists of individual investors who are interested in opening a demat account. Key Requirements: - Experience in social media marketing, with a proven track record of generating leads - In-depth knowledge of various social media platforms and their advertising features - Ability to create engaging and persuasive content to attract potential investors - Familiarity with the financial industry, specifically demat account services - Strong analytical skills to monitor and optimize lead generation campaigns Respons...

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    ...Superhero Style: Cartoon Style I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a captivating comic character and cover design for my superhero comic. The ideal candidate will have experience in creating cartoon-style artwork. can you help me with a comic cover design that i want to get printed and framed for a friends christmas present? It will need main character/hero designing (called "Angel") who is a banker by day and then at night saves women in trouble. Then on the cover a background image of a female lying on the ground having just been knocked over by an ("evil") Uber driver. then the rest of the design will let you direct a bit. I want it to have a real old school super hero feel to it. The main hero will need to be based/look like my...

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    I am looking for an experienced Angel Smart API expert to develop an algorithmic application for automatic share market trading. The ideal candidate should have expertise in implementing a trading strategy that follows trends and incorporates mean reversion and breakout techniques. Requirements: - Proficiency in Angel Smart API - Strong knowledge of share market trading strategies, particularly trend following, mean reversion, and breakout - Ability to develop an algorithm that can automatically execute trades based on the chosen strategy The project requires the algorithm to be developed with a moderate risk level, ensuring a balanced approach to trading. The client will provide all the specific requirements and features for the algorithm. If you have the necessary skills...

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    3D Blender Tamat left

    Subject: 3D Storyboard design with 4 frames. • You can think of it like a storyboard of a scene. All 4 scenes should be in the form of a separate frame. - 1st frame - Outside view (environment and house) - 2nd frame - Entrance/Hallway (or you can use your imagination) - 3rd frame - Inside of a room/bedroom (bed/sofa-table-chairs/warddrobe etc.) - 4th frame - Zoom-in to a detail in the room (sword/blade or on the sofa/table etc.)

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to create a small (~3 inches) realistic figurehead made out of resin for a mode...the figurehead should be realistic in keeping with the model ship on which it will be placed. Careful consideration should be given to capturing the character of the design, and depicting a true likeness of the figurehead. It should also be accurately proportioned and have a commanding presence with intricate and fine detail work throughout. The model should be 3 independent pieces (figurehead, sword, shield) and modelled with the intention of printing each piece separately and attaching together after curing. The bow attachment groove in the back of the figurehead must be exactly 6.1mm wide. I would like more detail than I achieved with the model image in t...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with a project involving land measurement using satellite imagery. The purpose of this project is for real estate development. Skills and Experience: - Geo Referencing - GIS - Digital mapping - Arc GIS - Cartography - Satellite image - Experience in using satellite imagery for land measurement - Ability to source appropriate satellite imagery for the project - Strong knowledge of land measurement techniques and tools - Expertise in achieving high precision measurements - Familiarity with real estate development processes and requirements The ideal freelancer should have a strong attention to detail and the ability to deliver accurate and precise land measurements. They should also have the skills to source the necessary satellite...

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    Pet drawing Tamat left

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to help me create a pet drawing of my brothers 2 cats in abstract form. Specifically, I'd like them to do a full body portrait of the cats in an old style setting. I'm thinking game of thrones, Lord of the rings, 300 style. Dragons Sword and armor style. I'm not sure what to have as the background, but I would just like the 2 black cats in there as the focus. No restrictions on medium. I'm open to either digital or traditional artwork, so the artist is free to use whichever they feel best suits their style. While it doesn't necessarily need to be lifelike, I'd love to find an artist who can create something truly unique and special that my brother can cherish forever. If you think you have the skills and can create ...

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    Investor Pitch Tamat left

    I'm looking for a Freelancer to help me put together an investor pitch to secure funding. My audience is angel investors, and I have some existing notes and ideas I can share to help jump-start the project. Once the pitch has been created, my goal is to use it to secure the necessary funding for my venture. All suggestions and feedback from the Freelancer are welcome along the way.

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    Power systems studies (load flow analysis, arc flash, short circuit) sessions and explanation. I am looking for a professional who specializes in power systems studies. The ideal candidate should have experience and expertise in conducting power analysis to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of power systems. Software Requirements: - The analysis requires the use of specific software. - The client has specified that they have a specific software requirement for this analysis. Preferred Software: - The client has expressed a preference for using ETAP software. Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in power systems studies. - Proficiency in using ETAP software for power system analysis. Overall, the client is seeking a skilled professional who can ...

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    The logo i want is : a CRESCENT MOON with its horns facing up and a SWORD in the middle facing up *optionally add a laurel wreath or a crown as a symbol of victory see attached file inspiration from mid journey and bing ai image prompt used : emblem logo of an antique sword facing up and a crescent moon with its horns facing up (brooch style)(minimalist)

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    I am looking for a logo design for my clothing brand, GLM, which stands for " war and fighting against oppression". My vision is for the logo to be minimalistic but still represent strength and resilience. I would like the logo to feature a sword as the symbol, subtly integrated within the name. I have a specific color scheme in mind for the design - black and white. Also, I would like a design ( other than the logo) of a man aiming a gun at another man with a , the format for the logo and design to be supplied is PNG.

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    Hi Michael M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I have a specific design and like what you submitted for my contest for CKC.

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    I have a client that needs logo for new business called Angel Assist Transport LLC It is a NON medical emergency transport company. Providing transport for wheelchair bound or have a disability that requires special transport to doctor offices, hospitals, therapy centers and other places. Angel Assist Transport will provide necessary transportation that can assist anyone with a special need . Will be able to have travel locally without calling an ambulance So I need logo in all working files. Pdf , vector art , jpg and etc.

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    ...similar genres - Strong storytelling abilities and the ability to create engaging characters and plot arcs - Proficient in maintaining consistency in tone, style, and character development throughout the book - Excellent grammar, punctuation, and proofreading skills to ensure a polished final product The ideal candidate should be able to work closely with me to bring my specific character and plot arc ideas to life. Additionally, I would appreciate someone who can provide creative input and suggestions to enhance the overall story. If you are a talented ghostwriter with a passion for romance novels, I look forward to reviewing your proposal and samples of your previous work. Here you'll get a very detailed outline(1500-2500 words) for each chapter and all you need to do ...

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    Angel Oracle Tamat left

    Milestone 01 - Functional UI layout from provided FIGMA files - card functionalities Blessings/Affirmations/Extend card Sections - card slot and spreads' functionalities -Tooltips for slot meaning and game instructions - SFX and BG music - Coins and stars features *Earnc...subscriptions, dailies, new decks and news) - push notification for promotional content Milestone 04 - Started QA / playtesting for bugs/fixes/last changes - Tested seasonal events and visual upgrades mechanic - Prepare for store publishing including delete account authentication keys screenshots / gameplay descriptions Milestone 05 - Refined mechanics/VFX/SFX as needed - Bug fixes - Final QA - Angel snap mini game - Handover All project files and assets Documentation of card upgrades and long-t...

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    ...similar genres - Strong storytelling abilities and the ability to create engaging characters and plot arcs - Proficient in maintaining consistency in tone, style, and character development throughout the book - Excellent grammar, punctuation, and proofreading skills to ensure a polished final product The ideal candidate should be able to work closely with me to bring my specific character and plot arc ideas to life. Additionally, I would appreciate someone who can provide creative input and suggestions to enhance the overall story. If you are a talented ghostwriter with a passion for romance novels, I look forward to reviewing your proposal and samples of your previous work. Here you'll get a very detailed outline(1500-2500 words) for each chapter and all you need to do ...

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    ..., etc.) -SFX and BG music (as needed) -Card effects and VFX - coins and star collection mechanics for coin wallet (animation) - store page template (subscribe feature) -collections page template - page for watching ads to collect coins. 1 coin per ad. - rewards feature for playing - ability for author to add new cards easily - scrolling feature for extended card option "Unlock Extended Oracle Angel Card Reading" - card sections 1“Divine Message” 2“Extended Reading” 3“Share the Blessing” 4 “Affirmation Station”. - user instruction "Take a moment to gently close your eyes and centre your thought on your question or intention. Call upon your guides, angels and spiritual allies asking for their guidance. You are about t...

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    ...am looking for a freelancer to conduct arc flash studies in SKM, ideally, holding their own seat license for various size and type facilities. Normal NFPA device types of 100A & 25 hp come under study with facility device counts that range from 20 to 300 (typical). The freelancer will be supplied best available one line diagrams and data complete excel spreadsheets to upload into the SKM tool. The freelancer needs to be well versed in all aspects of arc flash safety, capable of analyzing complex electrical systems using SKM and to initiate the Arc Flash report using the same tool (Including time-coordination curves, short circuit evaluation, and arc flash hazard incident energy output reports). The deliverable includes SKM ready reporting (SC&C, ...

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    Hi there! I'm looking to connect with potential venture capital investors or Angel investors for an exciting new project I have in the works. My goal is to find investors who will have a vested interest in the success of my project and are willing to put in the necessary investments to bring this to fruition. To reach the desired investor, I am looking to primarily follow connection through email, as this will be more direct and easier to manage with multiple parties involved. I want to ensure that the venture capital investors I target understand the potential of this project,the scope of its success, and the potential returns they can expect from investing. I am confident that this project has the capacity to grow and provide great returns, and I'm looking for like-m...

    $5000 - $10000
    $5000 - $10000
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    Hi Angel L., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    My name is Michael and I am looking for a logo for my medical scribe business, Scribe Services and More. I'm open to all ideas of colors and styles, but I would prefer a modern and minimalist, monochromatic look. I'm confident that the right designer out there will come up with a logo that will be perfect for my business. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! In my head I am imagining maybe a person in med scrubs with a patient chart(book style chart), writing or documenting in the chart. I don't have a slogan right now, but you are free to make up a slogan for my medical scribe business and put it on there. I also really like the caduceus. I attached the logo I currently purchased off or BrandCrowd but it's very basic. I'm open to this...

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    ...setup and managed. So, that is where someone like you comes in. The Company: We are a growing Christian company who’s mission is to raise Gods kingdom and subdue wickedness for those that we love. We do this by helping the people we serve build Godly habits, breaking bad ones, and supporting different Charities and organizations that align with our Values. Our Values: Our values are the Acronym SWORD. They are Sociability, Wisdom, Operative Leadership, Righteousness, and Diligence. Sociability - We strive to be well connected with those we do business with and server. We have a cohesive team that understands each other, and works together in unison. Wisdom - We place a high value on continued growth and learning to deliver excellence. Operative Leadership - Everyo...

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    Project Description: We are on the hunt for a distinguished freelancer with a knack for storytelling and design to craft an investor-focused pitch deck for our innovative seed-stage company specializing in AI-driven active noise cancellation technology. Objective: Our goal is to develop a sharp, concise, and visually engaging pitch deck that will resonate with venture capitalists and angel investors. This pitch deck is the cornerstone of our upcoming funding round and is critical in showcasing our groundbreaking technology and business potential. Project Deliverables: • A complete pitch deck with 10-15 slides that compellingly presents our company's vision, technological edge, and business acumen. The slides should articulate the following elements with clarity and impa...

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    We are looking for an expert to help us with a welding simulation of dissimilar materials plate, specifically copper and stainless steel. The desired outcome of the simulation is to evaluate the volume fraction and velocity profile of the weld anf haz. We plan to use arc welding as our method. As such, we need someone with expertise in welding simulations and knowledge of arc welding to be able to complete this project. We understand that this type of simulation can be complex, so it's important to us that the person we hire is skilled in this area. We look forward to working with you and creating a great simulation.

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    We're seeking multiple freelance iPhone photographers to collaborate on an exciting project involving product photoshoots right at the grocery store. Professional experience is not needed These images will play a pivotal role in enhancing our food ordering app's visual representation of restaurant offerings. If you own an iPhone 10 or newer, possess an eye for capturing appealing product images, and are ready for a dynamic experience, we're excited to connect with you! Location:7464 Gaetz Ave #1, Red Deer, AB T4P 1X7 Date- NOV 13, NOV 14 Pay- Per image (Document will be shared) Equipment: Your iPhone 10 or newer, and a lightbox shipped by us. Process: Following our established guidelines which would be supplied to you, you will capture product images using the...

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    Tempatan Dimeterai Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
    $200 - $400
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    ...traditional 2d animation This is the storyboard for the trailer (almost one minute): Introduction (5 seconds): A picturesque landscape appearing from the dark screen: a village, a castle, fields. Peaceful life in full bloom. Life Up Close (8 seconds): Close-up shots of everyday life. Children playing in the streets; a merchant selling his wares in the market; an old blacksmith is sharpening his sword; a young couple strolling through the village, showcasing the people's life. Omen (7 seconds): People start to look back, something is happening, the sky slowly turns red. A child points to the sky, an old man squints, a blacksmith stops his work. Last scene is pointed at the red sky. Dark Awakening (5 seconds): A sudden fast darkening of the screen, a really close-up shot ...

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    I'm a startup business looking for someone to help me prepare a professional pitch deck presentation to help me raise capital. My business is currently in the startup stage and my primary objective is to use this pitch deck to obtain investments from angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporate investors. I need a freelancer who is experienced in preparing pitch deck presentations for funding to create a presentation that will showcase my company's potential and showcase why investors should take a chance on us.

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