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    I am looking for someone who can create similar application: postsscraper(dot)com It needs to be able to scrape Facebook pages ( public) posts and organize by likes/shares/comments in the program Export to google sheets/excel [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This should be done legal, meaning no limitations and used by the Facebook API so the accounts don't have no risk of being banned. Sin...

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    I need a logo for money lending app. check attachment for reference. also you can be creative and use plant with money symbol growing on palm of hand.. just be creative and use INR icon no USD.. our app background color will be white and light purple which you can find in attachment.. thanks

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    At my file on google sheets i have a list of about 3000 sporting events taking place in italian cities. The names of these cities are constantly changing. i need the function that it must restiture on two columns longitude and latitude of the locality. See example

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    Hello Freelancer, Would you create the following for me for €8?... An XCF file of the Logo that i will send you so that I can work with the layers in GIMP. Would you make the golf ball in the middle look more shiny, and 3D? I also need 4 SVG files... 1. The logo with the writing on the side with the silver background 2. The logo with the writing on the side without the silver background 3. ...

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    It is a long term job, better to say ongoing job. Training will be provided, Amazon scrapping tasks... Per day you need to complete 1k data and monthly you will get 6k (6000 INR) If you handle 3 sheets mean 3k data per day, then your monthly salary will be 18k (18000 INR) Need to work for 8 hours per day, from 10 am to 6 pm. If you completed the task before 6 pm, I don't have issue at a...

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    I am looking for logo designer for my Clinic website. Anything that includes Pounder, leaf, Plus, Yogo sign or any doctor related symbol included with will work. Preference is to pounder and leaf rest anything if looks elegant will work.

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    Looking for a team, who can handle a bulk work. It is a long term work. Amazon web Scraping, easy task to do. (Manuall) Per day you need to work 10am to 6pm, and scrape 1k data per day. Monthly salary will be 6k for each sheet. If you handle 5 sheets then it will be 30k monthly, i.e. 30,000 INR/ Month. Training will be provided. And more details will be shared with the selected candidat...

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    illustrator Tamat left

    Illustrator for coloring pages

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    Descripcion en español: Buscando un logo para una marca de ropa de alta gama. Para inspirarte, mira marcas como Versace, Gucci, Lacoste, Burberry, etc. Sé original, por favor no copias. Cosas a tener en cuenta al diseñar el logotipo: 1-Disander es el apodo del fundador de la marca "Disander" 2-El logo debe ser unisex 3-Queremos que el diseño sea disti...

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    I'm a junior surgeon and I need a personal logo to be used in my personal practice, media/social media, professional photos, powerpoint slides on lectures/congress, business cards The name is Dr. Frederico Cantarino I work with general surgery, digestive surgery, oncologic surgery and liver transplantation. What kind of logos I'm looking for:? - One "full logo": visual elemen...

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    Trophy icon Design an amazing logo Tamat left

    We have recently purchased a new domain [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We wish to create a really cool logo using the multiple M's maybe including a subtle S to look like the dollar symbol somewhere in the background. Attached is firstly an example of our vision. We have also decided on some Basic Hex colours we like. Feel free to use these or to slightly modify them to make the gold r...

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    I have excel with data, it has 6 sheets . Need to in analytics tool (e.g. power BI): 1. Minimal normalization / cleansing 2. Upload data to analytics tool (e.g. power BI, google studio or alike) and create reports/dashboards. Please note the following: 1. Each sheet in excel has primary key to join data. However 2-3 sheets primary key column data need to be matched and normalized (e.g. the ...

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    Dear freelancer, we need to develop chrome extension (prototype to test the idea), which will act like VPN (proxy) and will post-process exact URLs, which we will manage in Google Sheets. Example: - We prepare list of URLs in Google Sheets with additional data for post processing - User installs this extension - User authenticate (Facebook login or Email + Password) - Extension constantly loads ...

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    Any new trading position and details will be sent and stored in Mongodb (DB is ready). We need to get the new trading message from DB, message contains open and close position, exp data, symbol and etc. All Buy/Sell order just depending on the message to buy long or short position. Close the order if it reached the cut loss or profit price.

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    I require a google sheets dashboard that graphs pricing information of products over a period of time and is able to identify trends.

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    I need some logos made that I can use on hats, t-shirts, sweaters, clothing in general. I have a basic idea for the logo just need it flashed out to make it more professionally done. I also have some sayings or catch phrases that I'd like to use for different gear as well. The basic logo is a Beehive turned upside down and a mustache on top to make the shape of a beard. Id like to be able to ...

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    Need a program which can do Clock in and Clock. Do Facial Recognition and Do Time Sheets

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    Hi, My name is Tim and I'm designing a tabletop role-playing game. I would like to make some custom six sided dice with laser engraved icons on the square faces. These icons would need to be single colour, simple enough to be engraved on a 18mm dice face, and bold enough to be clear. I'd like the general style/feel to consistent with a Viking/Saxon theme, perhaps slightly dist...

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    I need a calculator it can be in spreadsheet form excel, google sheets etc or just a software calculator. Calculator will do 5 steps in the calculations. It will need to perform "Mean", "Percentage" and "Subtraction". This is an easy task for someone that knows how to make calculators or spreadsheets with calculator. I will send you step by step of calculation i do...

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    I need a teaching schedule developed in Excel, that can perform several consolidated reports. Using one workbook with sheets that have lists of teachers, classes, groups of students, and rooms, I want to generate three primary reports: 1) a Teaching Schedule that organizes and consolidate the data by teacher name 2) a Group Schedule that organizes and consolidate the data by group of student 3) ...

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    I am looking for an excel expert that is capable of handling macros and having sheets auto generated/populated based on another pages data. I would like this to be finished in under a week. I really need it to be visually stimulating so its easy to read. I am looking to enter in daily data and would like it to create another page compiling the data into a weekly sheet. This will not be the only j...

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    Trophy icon Logo for a story Tamat left

    Need a logo for a story that will be adapted into a visual novel. The logo should evoke similar look and feel to logos from classic horror and adventure movies from the 1980's. The logo is "The Conduit" - you have creative license to present the text as you see fit. THIS IS NOT A CORPORATE LOGO, so please be creative! The Conduit is a story about a machine that creates conduits i...

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    A bracket order will be placed at market price when diff in percentage of buyer and seller reaches 25 or below. This 25 value can put in symbol config table; can be modified too. Also wish to receive Telegram alert when order is placed. Order placed based on Trend. Target and SL for Bracket Order can be pre defined in symbol config. There can only be max one order in a day. In case one order is p...

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    We have a requirement for someone to build a realtively simple stock control and inventory spreadsheet quickly for us in Excel. Sheets will be required for Starting Stock levels Daily Sailes Current Stock level Doesnt have to be fancy but we want it easy to use for non-IT persons - shop records daily sales on the Daily Sales sheet and it automatically updates the Current Stock Level sheet throu...

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    looking for someone to make a simple script i can use for my google sheets. I am looking for an auto find and replace. In column A find "1" and replace with "Ontario" find "2" and replace with "Alberta" In column B find "1" and replace with "China" find "2" and replace with "Canada"

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    I would like to use the oroborus symbol to draw the initials of my name CS for my logo as a fashion designer

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    Trophy icon Design 2 flyers 11 hari left

    Design 2 flyers where 1st is 5th Anniversary and the 2nd is a Combine2Buy initiative. Winner is selected based on 2 flyer submission. Corporate color is Sky Blue. Corporate logo will be given once design selected. Do keep a space for it. Looking for flyer designs that are captivating and attractive. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    I am looking for a clerck in copy past from given files to word and excel sheets . Details would be provided to you guys after you place a bid.

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    I own a CrossFit Gym and have a HIIT Class called Just Sweat. I am looking to get a logo for this class. I do have a basic idea of what I want the logo to look like. I also will attach our CF logo for our coloring and fonts.

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    I would like to automate a Google Sheets process: 1. Copy rows from Sheet A to a New File, in a defined Google Drive Folder 2. The New File has defined Column Headers 3. The columns from Sheet A need to be mapped onto those New File Columns 4. The copied rows from Sheet A should be marked as copied 5. Only Rows which are not marked as copied should be copied to a new File 6. Each Process should c...

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    Trophy icon design me a logo Tamat left

    i need a small 2d logo that represents health/medicine. this is a medical company. symbols succh as modern twist on a heart or the medical logo are good. something that represents health but will be a logo for clothing etc as well. something you would want on your clothing such as the ralph lauren polo symbol. i've attached some images of ideas to go by. some more inspiration: infiniti sy...

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    Hi, I have two excel spreadsheets that I would like to merge together. The merge field that is the same on both sheets is a name. Would require some data validation as some entries may have a dulplicate name. Samples included below. Approx 3000 entries.

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    Video editors Tamat left

    We are planning to shoot a couple of short films , dance videos so looking freelancing Video Editors. Skils PREMIERE PRO and After Effects and coloring helpful

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    I need to create two marketing spec sheets for 2 product lines that can be used as sales materials to be left with interior design offices as reference materials.

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    Hello - I would like some code written that removes the names from comments in Excel. You can write the code to delete everything including and left of the first colon in the comment. The code will not work if you write it to delete the first row. Please also include a pop up box for the user to select whether he would like to run it on the active sheet or on all sheets in the active workbook. ...

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    Hi! I run a digital marketing agency and I am looking for an assistant that is proficient in google sheets and lead generation. Essentially, you would be finding cold leads (phone numbers) through google and linkedin, and adding their info to the google sheet in an organized manner. (Don't worry, you don't have to call them, that's my job!) Important things to note: - Please find ...

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    Trophy icon Improve Graphic Design Sheets Tamat left

    Lots of content needs to be delivered in a readable and good looking format. Logo is only graphic that needs to be on there but it can be sized placed wherever you feel looks good. Clouds can go if needed/wanted or new/different clouds can be added. Sky related themes are all available (airplanes, clouds, rockets ships, etc) also electricity is available as a theme item (light bulbs, transmission ...

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    I need a google sheet or google excel expert to create a locking loop sheet. You must be an expert with google scripts or VBA to be able to complete project.

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    We are a small Qatar-based digital marketing agency looking for a well-rounded copywriter cum social media manager to join our team. While most of our tasks/deliverables for clients are based on templates we've created, we are looking for someone who can independently think on their feet and deliver client-specific results whenever necessary. Most of the work is based upon researching and bu...

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    I want a Logo Tamat left

    I want Logo to be design, the logo will have a title Vespucci Family. I will upload a file for understanding. The logo should have Salvador Dali mask and Illuminati symbol camouflaged in the LOGO.

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    I have an idea. I have 200 customers who give us data monthly (all different formats). We need a system that takes in the data, then Our current process is to modify the data with excel formulas and lookups, then paste it into the same excel file (with 200 sheets). We then run functions on the sheets to calcluate the report we need. We have hidden and visible cells, and the output needs to b...

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    Hi Disha , I am a business coach and I am looking for someone to create questionnaires and activity sheets that I can use with my clients. I do not know how to contact you other than 'hiring' you, so please ignore the budget I put in. This is simply an enquiry at the moment. I can attach an example of the kind of thing I am looking for (not to be copied but just to give you an idea of ...

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    Fishing Business. Need a logo similar to the one attached, like the movie Nightcrawler in caps, with a lightning bolt style symbol.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    Word files containing MCQS to be converted to Excel sheets.

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    Apply only if you have very good experience creating tableau dashboard. We already have all the individual sheets built. We only need someone who can edit the UI and make it professional. Please check the attach files

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    Loading up to 10000 items onto our website first stage is 3500 items and will grow from there. Stock will be from ftp files and others from spread sheets

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