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    Kami memerlukan seseorang untuk menterjemahkan dokumen kami dari Bahasa Melayu ke Bahasa Inggeris. Hanya orang asli bahasa yang dibenarkan untuk membuat tawaran

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    Salam..sis,blh bg fon no x? Sy baru dlm platform ni..sis dh lame ke? byk technical isu yg sy xfaham sgt dlm ni..ingat nak mintak sis guide no fon sy, 0167255524, Nadirah..tq sis

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    I need a translation. Sedang memerlukan pekerjaan yg lepas

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    malayalam to tamil , kanada, telegu , hindi.

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    metro ethernet

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    I need a translation. Translate secara tertulis atau dengarkan suatu percakapan.

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    Tajuk : Minoriti orang Islam di selatan Thailand. ( kesan selepas berlaku ) ** Point + Huraian **5 page ** Write in Malay language Antara Pointnya :

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    I need a translation. Nama saya Mega Oktavia Sari dan saya bisa membantu perkejaan ada dengan sebaik-baiknya

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    Kerja ini di perlukan untuk terjemahkan dari Bahasa English kepada Bahasa Malaysia

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    kerja ini di perlukan traslation english to malay

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    Mampu menjadi translator untuk menerjemahkan dokumen ringan, movie subtitle, email translation. Mampu mengerjakan legal research, membuat kontrak/perjanjian khususnya perjanjian kredit dan jual beli

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    Translation Tamat left

    We are going to do a large translation project, which will require translators in many languages. I NEED THREE TRANSLATORS PER EACH LANGUAGE (Translation will be mostly English to "language"). If you see the language that you speak on the list, please email me a short message with your rates and your name, like this: Albanian -- John Doe -- .05 per word SEND TO: Helena@quicktranslationsolutions FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, so don’’t wait: the three first translators will be evaluated first--I will be contacting you next week. There is still a selection process involved (your credential, rates, etc.), but we'll start with the first three. LANGUAGES: Albanian Amharic Arabic Burmese Farsi (Persian, Dari) French Hindi Hmong Ilocano ...

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    as discussed to communicate with you on the project of translation. 12. Portuguese 13. Danish Thai 24. Czech 31. Gujarati 33. Hebrew 34. Mogaliya

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    as discussed to communicate with you on the project of translation. 12. Portuguese 13. Danish Thai 24. Czech 31. Gujarati 33. Hebrew 34. Mogaliya

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    Overview: We are looking for an experienced Unity3D developer to join our team and collaborate on the development of an ambitious open-world city mobile game. The selected developer will play a critical role in implementing various game mechanics, including vehicle driving physics, 3D character ragdoll physics and animation, shoo...Collaborate closely with the game design team to implement and refine vehicle driving physics, character physics, animation, shooting mechanics, and the shop system. - Ensure that all implemented mechanics meet performance and optimization standards for mobile devices. - Work on debugging, testing, and iterating on game features to achieve a polished and enjoyable gameplay experience. - Provide technical expertise and guidance on Unity3D development best ...

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    Hi Md. Masud R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...frequent cause for removal from an index. Redirection technology (if used) should always display a page where the body content contains the appropriate keywords (no bait and switch). Redirection technology (if used) may not alter the URL (redirect) or affect the browser BACK button (cause a loop). It also may not display page information that is not the property of the site owner without sound technical justification (e.g., language redirects). Pages should not be submitted to the search engines too frequently. simple cron job should be done to submit the indexed urls to the search engines The tags / meta tags used in the keywords can be used as Alt Tags without displaying in the content mention your main keyword at least once at the top of your page. should avoid “duplica...

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    ...regularly. In addition, a proven track record of similar projects is preferred. What we have - We use an osTicket Support Ticket System. - Our team answers 70-100 support tickets per day - Data for osTicket is stored in MySQL database on Azure platform - We have many years of Support Ticket Data, including text data describing the issues, questions, notes, responses and resolutions to customer technical problems stored in the database. - Support tickets are context specific, we work with motorcycles, so Manufacturer, Model, Year are important information that should be used to guide the suggested responses. - There is also additional information stored on the support ticket to classify it as software, hardware related etc. What we need - Feed data from osTicket support ticket ...

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    ...required for cases of the Concrete Roof( maybe not used) and thePool no the Roof(maybe not used). All Bedrooms and Living Areas should have Fans. Plans should have optional Penetrations and Plumbing and Mechanical for Second Floor, Solar Power, Solar Water Heating or any Future Possible Upgrades. Plans should have Building Elevations based on Topographic Survey which will be provided. Most of technical description and engineering info are selected and available already or will be provided. - Design should be made in Zero-Net but Minimalistic(cost effective in production) manner according IRC codes and possibly Florida Building Codes. Floor Plan 3.7 - !AvZuNaB9732UgrxEErXT2QgX5_R-JQ?e=d7tzwl - 2 versions(Optional) of 3D Modeling of total 6000FS(2-storey) and 3000SF(1-storey...

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    We are seeking an experienced Payment Integration Developer to join our project. Our primary goal is to credit card t...familiarity with Chase Payments is a bonus API Knowledge: Strong understanding of RESTful APIs and SDK integration. Payment Security: Knowledge of payment security protocols and practices, including PCI DSS compliance. Problem-Solving: Effective problem-solving skills for addressing payment processing issues. Communication: Excellent communication skills to collaborate with remote teams and explain technical concepts. Detail-Oriented: Attention to detail to ensure precise payment transactions. Previous experience with Chase Paymentech integration. Familiarity with mobile app development and mobile payment processing. Experience with version control systems...

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    I am looking for a translator who can translate a general content from English to Indonesia. The content includes legal terminology and requires a looking for a translator who can translate a general content from English to Indonesia. The content includes legal terminology and requires a specific language style. The total word count is between 500-1000. Skills and Experience: - Fluent in both English and Indonesian languages - Experience in translating general content with legal terminology - Attention to detail to ensure accurate translation - Ability to maintain the language style of the original content If you are interested in working on this job please send me a message now on telegram via my handle below ? @Rachel_Charlotte_yes Telegram:@Rachel_Charlotte_yes ...

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    iOS Bodybuilding App 6 hari left
    DISAHKAN experience and exclusive features. 4. Design & User Experience: The app interface must be visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless user experience. The design should resonate with the fitness theme, utilizing a cohesive color scheme and typography. 5. User Authentication: Facilitate user registration and login via email/password and social media accounts. Technical Requirements: Develop using Swift for iOS. Implement responsive design to cater to various device sizes. Ensure data security and user privacy, complying with relevant standards and legislation. Additional Considerations: The app should be scalable, allowing the addition of more features in the future. Provide clear, concise code documentation to facilitate future develo...

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    ...looking for a skilled translator who is experienced in translating technical content from English to Spanish, French and Arabich and in the field of Information Technology. Skills and Experience Required: - Fluent in both English, French Arabich and Spanish. - Strong knowledge of technical terminology in both languages - Proven experience in translating technical documents - Familiarity with IT industry and terminology - Attention to detail and accuracy in translation Project Details: - The content to be translated is in the field of Information Technology. - The client is very familiar with the technical terms used in the content, ensuring clear communication and understanding. - The preferred deadline for the translation is within a week, s...

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    I am looking for an experienced professional to help me design a structure for a residential/commercial purpose. The structure must have a medium load capacity and must be completed within three to twelve months. I need someone with deep knowledge about structural pile design and structural precast concrete design, who can understand the technical complexities of this endeavor and advise me on the best design approach to achieve the desired results within the set timeline. This is a residential construction project for 1400 units which is located in an area with a high water table and on waterfront property. We would like to have all structures on wood piles driven to bedrock about 30 feet down and then have a precast concrete double "T" slab on top of the piles. Conventio...

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    Project Title: Firefox Portable - Step-by-step Installation and Setup Tutorial how to create multiple profiles. I am looking for a freelancer who can create a step-by-step tutorial on how to install and s...A comprehensive guide on how to create & manage multiple Firefox Portable profiles - Explaining the advanced features and functionalities of Firefox Portable, such as tab management, extensions, and privacy settings - If necessary provide live help via teamviewer or any desk Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Firefox Portable and its installation process - Ability to explain technical concepts in a clear and concise manner - Experience creating tutorials or instructional content - Familiarity with screen recording and editing software to create video tutori...

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    Hi how are you? I need to promote a website and therefore need several comprehensive articles on the following topics: 1. Salesforce 2. web titan 3. formtitan 4. Article about the Salesforce application 5. Article about titan application 6. An article that refers to the seniority and professionalism of the business. 7. A number of technical articles that will appear as a blog regarding the implementation in Salesforce. Each article should be as original and professional as possible.

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    ...a skilled animator who can create a short animation video in Arabic. Script: I already have a script ready for the video, so you will not need to worry about creating one. Purpose: The animation video will be used for advertisement purposes. Length: The desired length of the video is between 1 to 3 minutes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Fluent in Arabic language to ensure accurate translation and understanding of the script. - Proficient in animation software such as Adobe After Effects or similar programs. - Experience in creating engaging and attention-grabbing advertisement videos. - Ability to bring the script to life through visually appealing and high-quality animations. - Strong attention to detail to ensure the video meets the client's specifications a...

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    20 bida

    I am looking for a and aesthetics is important to create a visually appealing and cohesive website that aligns with the brand and products being sold. If you are a skilled Shopify developer who is fluent in French and can deliver a high-quality website that meets these requirements, please reach out to me with your portfolio and relevant experience. Resume - Shopify developer - french Fluent ( No google translation ) - copywriting skills - graphic design / photoshop skills - knowledge about pagefly gempage or fully custom liquid as preferred by the developer The product sold are electric vehicles such a kickscooter and electric bikes. - other section of site include Contact us About Us Our Mission - footer with branded logo and company infos+ legal info we...

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    16 bida

    ...have technical expertise with experience in the tech industry. Moreover, this candidate should be highly involved in day-to-day operations and be ready to work hard to make sure the company succeeds. The successful collaborator should have a deep understanding and appreciation of the Chatbot, GPT, LLP and AI technology industries, and must demonstrate proactivity, initiative and creativity to make innovative improvements to the product. Technical skills should include software programming, system architecture, database development, app development, hardware design, cloud infrastructure and ability to manage an offshore team. The co-founder should also have some experience in startup business strategy such as valuation of technical IP, demonstrating to investors an...

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    Hi Vsion Translators, Need English to German 77-word translation. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a native English-to-French translation. I have a 77-word document that needs to be translated into French

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    Chatbots Website 6 hari left

    (Repost) Hey! I am a software developer and AI artist. I want to create a website similar to (for example) Everything in terms of design, business model, chat window etc should be almost identical but with my own simplified ideas. My mvp has less features than seen on the example page, only the core feature...must include a solution idea for the deployment). I look for a talented and highly professional full-stack developer that will realize this with a similar quality as the example. Please send me your quote, past projects and your solution strategy. I am very excited for this project. I am friendly and communicative and I understand the challenges of software design, so I bring patience and technical understanding to the table. Looking forward to your bid. Best regards Fi...

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    I am looking for a talented software developer to help me with a project to ...applications. The software should be built on a web platform and designed with the latest tools and standards, ensuring a modern, up-to-date product for my users. The main functionality of the software will be centered around facilitating social media interactions, allowing my users to stay connected and engaged with one another. I am looking for someone who is creative and has the experience and technical know-how to design the most effective and efficient software to meet my goals. My timeline is short, so I need someone who is willing to work quickly and diligently to ensure this project is completed in a timely manner. If this project is something that you think you can do, I look forward to hearing...

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    As an experienced video producer, I am looking for someone to guide me in creating professional, quality selfie videos. I need help with both the technical and content aspects of the videos. Specifically, I need technical guidance in recording, editing and producing these videos, as well as assistance in developing the content that I am to present in the videos. I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable in video production and has experience in providing this type of guidance. I would like instructions for creating 1-3 selfie videos.

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    I'm looking for a talented mobile app developer to create a prototype for a word game for iOS. This simple to play game will have a specific list of features that I'll provide. At the end of the day I'm NOT looking for a "clean and shiny" finished product ready for distribution in...finished product ready for distribution into the marketplace. Instead, I want a working model demonstrating features and potential of the game and it's playability. I'll be using this prototype to knock on doors to see if there is any interest in developing it any further. Therefore, I'm not budgeting a large amount of money for this project at this time. If you love games and have the technical know-how to develop an iOS game prototype, then this project m...

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    Enviromental engineer 6 hari left

    I am looking for an environmental engineer who specializes in water resources and can provide consultation for my project. The ideal candidate should have experience in analyzing and managi...members and stakeholders to develop an effective water management plan Skills and experience required: - Strong background in water resources engineering and environmental science - Proficiency in data analysis and modeling software - Familiarity with relevant environmental regulations and standards - Excellent communication and presentation skills to effectively convey complex concepts to non-technical stakeholders If you have experience in water resources engineering and are passionate about environmental sustainability, please apply with your relevant experience and a proposal for the con...

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    ...Experience Required: - Fluency in both Indonesian and Vietnamese languages - Proven experience in translation - Strong attention to detail and accuracy in translations Project Description: We are seeking a talented translator who is fluent in both Indonesian and Vietnamese languages. The project involves translating more than 1000 words from Indonesian to Vietnamese. Ideal candidates for this project should have a strong command of both languages and have experience with translation projects. Attention to detail and accuracy in translations is essential. If you are a skilled translator fluent in Indonesian and Vietnamese, we would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your previous translation work and your rates for this project. If you are intere...

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    6 bida

    Hi <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"> Kaynak Tercümesi </font></font>, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    1 bida

    Hello there, I am looking for a writing freelancer to help me complete a project. The project requiresTechnical Writing expertise and would require at least 100 pages of content. The content must be converted into Microsoft Word format for easy editing. This project requires someone with excellent writing talents and a good eye for detail. The technical writing should be clear and concise, and the final product should look professional and polished. I need someone who is committed to delivering a high-quality result and is reliable and dependable. I am looking forward to seeing examples of your work and will consider it when deciding who to hire. If you think you have the necessary skills, experience and credentials required for this project, then please get in contact with me. I...

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    42 bida and product teams in an ethical manner, while being capable of working independently to deliver functioning software. This is not just a short-term contract role. Successful delivery of the MVP can lead to an ongoing position with our team at competitive compensation. We have an urgent deadline today, but see this as a long-term partnership with someone who can become a core part of our technical team. Requirements 8+ years experience rapidly prototyping complex backend systems and machine learning models Mastery of Python, TensorFlow, PostgreSQL, container orchestration, and AWS cloud services Ability to absorb and implement complex logic with minimal guidance Strong system design skills to identify and implement only essential MVP features Meticulous attention to detai...

    $2 - $125 / hr
    Ditampilkan Dimeterai
    $2 - $125 / hr
    18 bida

    I am looking for someone who has the eye to design PPT to let the words talk by the design, the purpose of this file is to present a technical proposal as a consultant strategy. the work should be done in 12 hours

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    78 bida

    Technical Company Logo Design - Hamxi

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    Website for club management 6 hari left

    I'm looking for an experienced web developer to create a website for my club management. The website must be built with modern design elements and should be mobile-friendly. In addition, If you feel confident that you have the technical skills and web development experience to put together such a website, please reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    ...working on a Java Spring project and I've encountered a bug that requires resolution. I am seeking assistance from a skilled developer to fix this issue. GitHub repo: NOTE: Please refrain from extensive testing of the email functionality, as there are currently usage limits in place. Project Overview: The project is a full-stack freelancer search platform. Technical Details: Front-end: React Back-end: Java (using Spring, Maven) Database: mariaDB Current Functionality Implemented: A user can register by clicking the "Sign Up" button. During registration, the user provides: Username Email Password Role (either Client or Freelancer) Post registration, an email confirmation is sent via Amazon SES. The email confirmation works correctly; when a user clicks on

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    technical report 6 hari left

    Technical report on reforming of other hydrocarbons/alcohols with co2 capture

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