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    Animate a 2 min music video.

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    Logo Animation Tamat left

    I have a logo with a transparent background and would like to animate it as a .GIF so that it is a blend of the logo animations attached below. I will provide the exact logo in private message, but it is a simple logo.

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    Form has multiple validated fields. 1) Model (Dropdown list) 2) Site Code (String) 3) ISP (Dropdown list) 4) Site ID Number (integer) 5) ENS Enabled (boolean) After completing form, process is to load all lines from a text file (name of file is selection from field #1). Substitutions are made for fields wrapped in {{ }} based on the answers given in 1-5. I will provide all definitions. A...

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    reat-time streaming speech-to-text application software (widget or gadget) by using Google Cloud Platform applicable for both uploaded audio file and microphone input easy-to-use, simple, like as IBM-Watson demo website. Anyway, I want to have very simple and tiny STT application. 1. I crick the app icon, so the app starts up and a small window is generated. 2. At the same time, automatically ...

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    We are looking for a developer to complete an online design studio application for monuments/memorials/headstones. This is a redevelopment of an existing Flash program. The Flash program can be demonstrated to applicants. No knowledge of the monument industry is required - any related questions can be fielded by our team or the client. The deliverable will be a fully functioning HTML5/JS applicati...

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    We have a new company we are starting and are looking for a CONTENT WRITER to help us create nice content for our agency. We are a all in one services from web development - print - phone service - graphic design - everything for business to run so we need help creating main landing page content...

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    I am looking for a Unity3D & Spine developer with expert experience. I am not looking for someone to learn, but instead someone who can work with me 1-1. I am a 20+ year developer using c# .net. I need someone who is quickly and effectively can write scripts for me on the tasks assigned. Explain the scripts if needed. This person should be familiar with 2D work and will be helping me build ou...

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    Hi there, I'm looking for a animator that is using Spriter pro to create some new animations for the sprites that I already have. I have all the layers/files needed to Animate them in Spriter pro. I need my zombies to dance together in a simple hugging and back and forward type style. Check the attachment for the pictures of the Zombies to get an Idea of what I'm working with. Feel f...

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    I need someone professional to proof read 1500 words in English. This is an easy task. The text is to a children picture book so it must be a childish point of view. There is also a short presentation of the author that needs to be proof read.

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    İ need translation russian - english

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    PHILIPPINE APPLICANTS ONLY!! WARNING: Please read the job post and make sure you have the skills that we are asking. If not please don’t reply. Send a proposal only if you meet with the requirements. We are looking for a FULL-TIME job animator to animate scripts into short videos. Job requirements: -Average video length will be 10 minutes -There will be at least 1 video a week. -Eac...

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    Som una petita editorial amb un llibre infantil de 6 a 8 anys d’edat recentment publicat a la venda a Espanya. Busquem redactors interessats en llegir el nostre llibre (38 pàgines en format A4) i escriure un text promocional de CURTOS d’unes 50 paraules.

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    Hi, I'm looking a native English speaker who can edit a text for me. Your job will be to make sure everything sounds 100% natural in English. If all goes well, we can have a long term partnership. I require to do a small paid test (about 200 words) first. Regards.

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    I have subtitles for a video and I want those subtitles to be animated into simple text transitions. Text will be in white color and important words needs to be highlighted. You can get a better idea on the requirement by seeing the videos below: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want the text transitions same like above reference video. The video is of 30 seconds an...

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    I need to make a cad model of a ship based regasification plant. The goal of the project is to make a video showing different kinds of operations possible within the plant, that end up looking like this video [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Animating the flow of liquid, vapor, air and inerting medium. I'd be able to design the video part of the video, and I have all isometric plans available. ...

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    how to make simple GUI, for example there are button "ON" and button "Download". when i clicked button "ON", then i clicked button "Download" so instruction of "ON" will sent/program to Microcontroller. So i dont need Arduino IDE to program Arduino Board. only use my own .exe to program it. need low cost please.

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    7 bida

    I am creating an animated series and need someone who can vector trace and export each part to .Swf and .Png with a .FLA source. The graphics must be rigid like the image below

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    15 bida

    Hi We have started a new organisation and we need people for multiple Skills. We need people for long term projects. We have projects related to different skills sets. 1) Grahic Design 2) Web Design 3) VBA 4) PHP 5) Javascript and Jquery 6) Software Architecture 7) Transalation 8) Woocommerce 9) .NET 10) Android Development 11) Iphone Development 12) Academic Writing, Technical Wri...

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    Convert 4 Flash Applications to HTML 5

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    I need a t-shirt design with a drawing of an upset child/toddler robot (either face or full robot) and some text. Resolution should be 5000x5000. Background transparent. I would like to use some sci-fy looking colors and maybe green eyes.

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    i need to rewrite this english text...i has to be written by native english (english should be excellent)

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    I don't know the technology that would be needed for this. But I basically need something like this: A talking head (cartoon), that is matched to LIP-SYNC using TEXT INPUT [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I have following requirement -- get me hosting package, now i m paying hostgator and find it very expensive. download my 2 websites and host it on another server on one of the websites, i need to design & add a page -- Franchise Page (design and host) (currently made in joomla) I need to make 3 landing pages i need to run facebook ads, i have some contact numbers and need to upload that...

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    I have following requirement -- get me hosting package, now i m paying hostgator and find it very expensive. download my 2 websites and host it on another server on one of the websites, i need to design & add a page -- Franchise Page (design and host) (currently made in joomla) I need to make 3 landing pages i need to run facebook ads, i have some contact numbers and need to upload that...

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    Logo animation Tamat left

    To animate the company logo with sound

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    40 bida

    i need someone who can remove text from a jpeg and resize it. I need someone who can start immediately.

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    38 bida

    I am starting and youtube channel regarding battles in indian histroy in detail.I need and animator who can create an video animation on the content provided by me in power point or any other software. [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users]

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    9 bida

    I need you to write some content. Please write 21 texts: Each text has: 3 headllines of: 30 characters each and 2 descriptions text of 90 characters each Based on thematic key words for each text (keywords will be provided)

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    18 bida

    The program must generate source code of any language for the given text. The source code must support at least 10 languages.

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    6 bida

    I need a text-based logo for my Website which shall closely look like the attached picture, but of course in a more professional way. I need 2 versions: a white version and a dark grey version.

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    91 bida

    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    127 bida
    Animated logo Tamat left

    Looking for someone who can animate a few logos for our church and create a bumper video with it once animated. The logos will need to be a file type that can be layered on top of live video.

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    60 bida

    Hi, I'm looking a native American English speaker who can edit some text for me. Your only job will be to make sure everything sounds 100% natural in American English. I'm not asking you to change the structure of the text, only the words and sentences that don't sound 100% natural in American English. If sth goes well we can have a long term partnership and you will get paid a...

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    46 bida

    Attached are the pages that are a photocopy from the original source. I need these typed up into a Word doc today.

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    3 bida

    We need help updating the translation for packaging text into Serbian from the original, which is in English. The total word count for the new translations is approximately is 100 words. This will be crossed-checked by local distribution and retail partners, so please no Google Translate applicants. We will provide the English text for an accurate quotation. There will be follow on work in t...

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    32 bida

    I'm looking for a pixel artist who can draw in the old-school style of pixel art with a very limited color palette. The palette is 24 colors max. Candidates must be able to hand-draw the art as well as shade. Some artwork will be animated so ability to animate is a plus. Here is an example of a similar art style: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We will consider candidates who can draw pixel a...

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    5 bida

    Hello, we are looking for native speaker for translation of the small text on Forex-related topic.

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    26 bida

    I need a script that downloads 20 seconds of video and audio from a live streaming site. I need to be able to run the script from a linux command line. The input should be a URL, the output should be a 20 seconds long video file.

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    4 bida

    Looking for a English-Korean translator for 4-5 pages of text! There is a mix of formal and casual language, describing service.

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    96 bida

    I need someone to alter text of a screenshot in a realistic way.

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    13 bida

    Please be sure to see the attached image; it is important so that you can understand the project. I'd like to find someone who will animate the sun rays in the attached image so that they rotate clockwise, similar to the example in this video: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I'd like the rays to rotate a little bit slower than in the video and the center of rotation in the animation ne...

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    8 bida

    i have many pictures ( around 900) of questions related to civil engineering curriculum. All i want is someone to type those questions from the images to ms word or any similar application so that it can be converted into pdf later. All the questions need to be typed in the same document , does not require different documents for each question. i am uploading few images . only the question part ...

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    55 bida

    Screen should include 1 collection view which will be vertical direction Every collectionview item should scroll item by item (not native scroll behaviour) every collectionview cell should contain FSPagerView (3rd party lib that you can download from github) FSPager view should contain 2 different cell layouts One of them is rectangle video, other one is square video ( for video component you can ...

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    10 bida

    Need to change the style of system emails of my website, and verify all authentications not to be considered spam.

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    32 bida

    We are the r/ComradeSShow Community from reddit and have voice actors and script writers and a community of 2000 members and we are creating a crowdfunded sitcom about Stalin, Hitler, Tito and Freud living together as roommates. It is a parody of FRIENDS called C.O.M.R.A.D.E.S. We are looking for a good 2d animator who can animate all scenes with lip syncing, design characters, etc.

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    15 bida

    We would like to have one ad done. The ad will be about interior designer services. Photos and text will be provided also sample ads to show a rough idea. The ad will consist of a back round photo, designer photo and text.

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    12 bida

    I want to create a site in html5 . I have a flash website ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) example that can be copied . More details will be shared with the right candidate.

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    80 bida

    It's a paper car which you take out of an A4 paper and fold in to a car. What I'm looking for is a 3D visualization of the end result. So how the car looks after it's folded. I want to use this file in Adobe Dimension. So an OBJ-file should be okay. Besides that (if possible) I would like to animate the process from unfolded to the folded end result.

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    Trophy icon Logo Animation 9 hari left

    We would like to VIDEO animate our CCM company logo, we use it as introduction in our videos, so the animation should be 3D, modern, fresh and only a few seconds. For clarification: We are NOT looking for animate just the logo, we are looking for VIDEO animation. We are open for your suggestions, e.g. rotating letters ("CCM") or rhombus. Feel free to make us your best proposal, we are...

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