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    I have PDF file in which some text is written and I want to convert that text data in to Text Format. Please make this project for me. I will give you Good Rating if i get perfect work. I need software to convert the task. This is not a conversion task. ## Deliverables All working source code of the programm with its executables. ## Platform Program should be written in VB 6.0 o...

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    I need a simple questionaaire that sends an email to a specific address when the answers are filled out and saves the data to a text file. My server supports PHP. Thanks. See attachment for # of questions

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    chat software Tamat left

    We need cross between Instant Messaging and a Chat Room for a dating website. A member can see which other nominated friends are online and open up an Instant Message screen to any chosen friend like in MS Messenger or AOL AIM. They can have one to one conversations (like a private chat room) and they can also invite their other online friends into that conversation moving towards a chat toom type...

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    Peal / CGI Script Uploading text and images from a webpage A client side applet to perform the upload. I require a web page (plain) which allows surfers to upload text and images which will subsequently be displayed. You will need to keep a record of the data assigned to each user. Allow for inserts by the webmaster and correctly identify email addresses for output. The input and output files must...

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    Need a simple Text Messaging Application to allow our technical support staff to communicate with client machines. We have control over the machines that will run this application, so .NET framework will be installed and available on each of these. We have hundreds of machines active at any point in time. I would like to display 'LIVE SUPPORT AVAILABLE' whenever technical ...

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    Hi! I have the code for a VB6 program. I need you to make small modifications to it then build an installer out of it. There are 3 modifications to be made in code : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] of app [log masuk untuk melihat URL] link [log masuk untuk melihat URL] this App with two small applications (.exe) that will be launched in installer. You must be an experienced programmer. You ...

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    A small DLL/applet in VB or Delphi to send an SMS Text Message utilising FREE SMS Gateways on the Internet. The DLL/Applet must be able to cope with varying types of gateways, and be provided working with at least three. Before you send me a message, No - I have no idea what ones to use - this is part of your project :o) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) ...

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    This is pretty simple, especially if you already have the script. I need this page: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to rotate through the daily scriptures listed in the attached files. Each day, both the AM & PM message will display together. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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    I need a function in VB using windows API to grab selected text from a window. The window may be simple edit window, richtextbox, and All MS-OFFICE applications. MAy be the function would look like this. **Function getText(byval hwnd as long) as variant/string ** You can use any type of message hookers . If any questions let me know. THanks ALL ## Deliverables 1) Complete...

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    I'm trying to Update a TEXT datatype in SQL 2000 via a stored procedure called from a webpage using ADO. I'm getting the following error: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] error '800a0d5d' Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current operation. /employers/[log masuk untuk melihat URL], line 48 None of the obvious solutions have worked. Please see ...

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    **Newsletter** I need a newsletter script created with a friendly interface and 100% reliability. The coder that accepts to create this script will have to install it on the server, implement it to the current design we have, and test out functionality. I would like this script to include instructions on how to install on any server we chose. Basic email script, with installation to my serve...

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    I was thrilled when I found the AdRevenue software here, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] however, when I started using it my advertisers were complaining that the script use Javascript and search engine can't crawl through it. So, I am back to the drawing board. What I need is more simple than AdRevenue. I want only the admin users to access this script, customers not. At some point I might wis...

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    We are requesting a coding routine to convert an ascii text based BAI2 file into another more flat file format, such as 2 CSV files. The BAI2 file specification will be provided as well as sample file extracts and support by phone in understanding this file format. All code should be developed within MS Access using VBA or as a VBScript in WSH. More information about BAI can be found at...

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    I have a stock software that generates tons of text files but when those files are viewed by the program itself, they are formatted nicely. Each of these files have twelve colums and from no rows to several rows. Sometimes this program generates a report with no rows. I would like to have an interface developed for me that would search all of these files in a specific directory, with directory loc...

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    I'm looking for some one to create me a complete bidding solution similar to <A href="_<http://www.elance.com_">_[[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1]_</A> for companies or individuals to out source their projects and service providers to bid on them. I'm not looking for something as feature rich as the one used by elance but it must have the following = > A...

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    $100 - $150
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    Peer to peer Java Audio Video chat Application: This application consist in 2 parts : server and client Server features : - video and audio streaming - simple chat with private messaging support and other like (Ban, kick on user or ip) Client features : - this part would be something like an Java applet that shows the video streamed by the server and the chat part The site ...

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    I need some clear VB code which will get the contents of a listbox control in another program and make them available to me as an array of strings. I will give you the name of the program. The code will find the window for the program, locate the listbox and make the text in it available for my program to read. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in exec...

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    We have written a simple WIN32API app, that, in addition to being run as a standalone app, we now also want to be able to control from a switch that's a button on the "Standard Buttons" IE toolbar. The app's window currently has a switch in it; the button on the IE tool bar will be a small version of the same icon. The switch is either ON or OFF; clicking on the button in the t...

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    The requirements of this project is to implement a complete web site in JSP / MySQL with the following features: . admin control panel . user registration with admin approval . file area with search and sorting . user file area where users can upload files and other users can download / rate / post comments . Threaded discussion board . Instant messaging . User profiles . FAQ page You will be requ...

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    Looking for a web-based tool very similar to the one located at... [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The above tool allows you to add things to a list of auctions currently running on Ebay. You just enter your eBay ID, and it pulls down a list of your current auctions. Then, you can checkmark which ones you want to add something to. Once you've done that, there's a ...

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    **_Project Overview_** **Overview** The following document is an overview of some of the features that we hope to include in the CLife project. This is not an exhaustive list. It is our intention that those involved in this project will provide additional input that will help refine this list to help create a better final product. A current Mock-up of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is accessible...

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    I need small scripts and forms for class-ads using text db (flat file). NO MY SQL. The table structure and the instructions is explained in attached file. This is very simple job (just add, edit and display database) and good for your rating. ...

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    I am looking for a developer who will help develop server applications using the Microsoft LCS/RTC Client API 1.2 -- the use of which is described here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Details of the actual work will be specified once a suitable developer has been identified. It is helpful if you are familiar with Instant Messaging and Bots as well as .NET technologies. Language to be used is C# Plea...

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    Reword Text Tamat left

    Hello Bidders. I need your help. I have a text document that I need re-worded. Flip the order of the text around. Have fun, be creative....get the same point across. I'll willing to give $10 for this quick project. Any takers? This should be an easy task for an experienced writer. Bidders- I would also like to have sample of previous writings Good Luck ...

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    This project calls for the development of a robust client-side encryption solution written entirely in Javascript. This is a great challenge for true programmers, especially those interested in cryptography. There are some potential starting points, including some freely available code at the following site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Essentially, we're looking for an even more robust s...

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    I have a client who needs a text exchange created with a twist. It might be possible to just modify her existing script. You can read the project specs in the attachment to figure out the best solution. If you have any questions, just let me know.

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    I need a program/script to edit out phrases in a text file that contains words I specify. For instance, if I have a file containg the following: big red dog small green frog large blue house etc..... What i want is to be able to enter a list of words and the program to remove the lines in the text file containing those word(s). Similar to a "find and replace", but it would remove the ent...

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    **Data File Editor and Application Launcher** **was:** Universal, “Data (Template) Text File Editor?? program **SEE BID REVION# 01 attached PDF file ** A graphical/GUI (but simple) universal, “**Data** T**ext File Editor and Application Menu Interface**?? (Application Launcher). The “Data Editor?? portion of the program ‘saves’ user inputted/updated data ...

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    Looking for a top programmer to work full-time on a project for 2 weeks to 1 month creating phone text message games using the above technologies. I am looking for: 1) A professional programmer who has more than 30 recommendations and scoring above 9 2) Is capable of working on this project with dedicated focus without missing deadlines or making excuses. 3) Is prepared to be innovative and come u...

    0 bida

    This will be the last time I am going to put this project on RAC, I have had no success in finding a reputable coder to finish this project. I would like a clone of "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" with a few additions. Please, please only bid on this project if you have taken on similar to exact work, portfolio of this would be very helpful in my decision. I want a coder that can f...

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    we require a util that is installed on all win platforms that does the following. When an html email is sent using smtp from any smtp client, the util should add a simple text message to the bottom of the email (auto signature ). The text message needs to be configurable from the util. When the email is sent, the util needs to hook into windows and modify the contents off the email to add the...

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    **_Text-Image View & Play_** UPDATE: I have decided to do this project in Flash. I am interested in a program written in Flash for a Web Page, that will do the following: Take a text image or multiple set of text images from a scanned, digital photo or any other sort of image file, show the image on the screen and produce a number of effects. ## Deliverables **_Text-Image View &...

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    This project require develop of Mail Imaging for inbound mails received in Mailbox Store in Windows 2003 Server’s POP3 Service. Must only use SDKs of Microsoft Windows, DLL/OCX's or any components that are freely available for distribution with commercial software. ATTACHED IS A ROUGH DRAFT OF PART OF PROJECT SPECIFICATION, FINAL SPECIFICATIONS WILL ONLY PROVIDED TO SHORTLISTED CANDIDAT...

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    I need a Text To Speech ActiveX for eVB. It needs to be compatible with Pocket PC 2003 and preferably with 2002 also. This is for a not for profit project. This ActiveX will be a piece of a larger project for the visually impaired. The ActiveX source can be written in eVB or eVC++. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source ...

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    $-1 - $4
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    PHPBB Problem Tamat left

    I have a problem with one of my files in phpbb. when an user tries to update his profile, they are taken to a blank page and no update takes place. I asked for assistance on the phpbb website but got no response. Then I asked for assistance in another website and I was told to make a clean reinstall and something about the table prefix, but I didnt understand how to fix it. All I want is for ...

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    I have recently purchased an instant messaging solution and I wish to make some changes to it so that it integrates with my dating script. The software is produced by [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and it's called worldwide instant messenger. The tables in MySQL are created by the server jar file with a command similar to this one. /path/to/java -jar [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [hostIP] [db...

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    I have thousands of text,RTF, and Word files. Each file is unstructured and contains information about an individual which can be categorised under various fields - name, gender, date of birth, phone, address, email and some other information which can be classified various headings. I want a tool to help me convert each file into a record. ## Deliverables Please read the additional file - Pars...

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    I need a way to fire off the Windows Messenger Service on a remote computer. This would have to be done using UDP ports 1026 thru 1029. An excellent example is located at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] . I believe the NetrMessageSend .api is used (or duplicated) I prefer a Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 module, but will accept any type of code that will work with Windows NT 2000, XP. ...

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    I need a PostNuke module developed. Only programmer well-versed in the functions of PostNuke need bid. This module will be my property once completed, and I may distribute as I see fit. None of the code will remain the property of the programmer. The purpose of the module is to provide a standard PostNuke plug-in module employing the PN API functionality to convert an existing PN site to an Affi...

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    Hi, I have a script currently (freeware) which was developed a few years ago. I need it modified with a couple of features. First off, I would like this script edited, so when I change the layout ont he main page, it changes the layout for all the other pages. Second, I would like it so when people are private messaging...it all occurrs "real-time" instead of leaving the messages in t...

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    A dating site (ready built)which needs the features required for a dating site implimented the main features being search and browse profiles ,webcam,inbox,email,private messaging,chat rooms,profile with pic [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to the system used at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] not a large project and will purchase the packages if needed the main thing is gettin the scripts implimented ...

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    This project involves experience and knowledge in development of programs in the Symbian Operating System. The product has already been developed in another OS so this will just be porting the same product onto the Symbian OS. However, no previous code will be provided. This project will involve the program going to the internet at predefined times and at user's request to grab information th...

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    A custom Palm OS application is required to automatically receive incoming SMS text messages and print them on a dot matrix printer (SP200). The custom application will likely be written in C++. An API (funSMS) is available that allows the custom application to easily send and receive text messages. The application will be used as a component of a conceptual artwork. Please refer to detailed spe...

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    Hi, I have a simple script that needs to be programed. I'd like to have one of my software, Neoticker, createing an ascii text file. Neoticker uses windows script interface. Vbscript, javascript, or delphiscript can be used. Here is the detail of what I'd like the script to do: If the linked data series is 1 then create an ascii text file with a line of text and save it at the specified ...

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    --JAVA Applet to work on OS9 and OSX-- Please do not bid on a dhtml editor I need a full-featured WYSIWYG text editor applet ASAP. In your bid, please let me know what functionality you will be able to include. At the absolute minimum, I need font, text size, b/i/u, alignment, numbering, lists, in/outdent, text color, tables, images, code view, and 'breakout.' It needs to ...

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    The program needs to have 2 functions: 1) Retrive a list of alle websites that is listed at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (a Yahoo-like directory) 2) Visit each website and check for specific strings in the html source, example: src="[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" ...and provide us with a list of all websites that matches the search. ![][1] We will like to check fo...

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    Need a DLL (CDLL) created in C++ to handle networking, must be able to support 200-400 connections. It can be done in either UDP, TCP/IP, or DirectPlay. It must work fast. Features it needs are message stacking, user group messaging, guaranteed messaging. The DLL specifications are attached. Bidders, make sure you are capable of creating this program. Must be C++ If you can include...

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    Hi. This is a very simple project I have redesigned a site and just need someone to help me copy the text from the current site to the new template. The html and graphics has already been created so it is just a copy and paste situation. I am using some buttons I created in flash and will need you to add buttons with flash the same way. You will not be creating the buttons for they have already be...

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    We are in need of a web application designed around developers. It will give a small development shop or a freelance developer all of the tools he/she needs to effectively run the business. This will include: 1) Contact Management 2) Customer Management 3) Bug Tracking / Issue Management 4) Internal and customer messaging through the site 5) Public and private notes 6) Public and pr...

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    I need a program that runs on Windows 98, NT and XP and contains a listbox and a textbox within a dialog box. The listbox enumerates the windows. When I click on a listbox item then the text of that window is captured using CTRL-A and pasted into the textbox. The program needs to be in C. The dialog should have an OK button that closes the dialog and exits the application. Thank you. ## Del...

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