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    Napisanie CV w Word i na LinkedIn.

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    Translate Belarusian 1250 word stucture site

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    saya bisa mengerjakan inpput data entry di ecxel ataupun word, saya bisa mengerjakan pekerjaan yg saudara berikan kepada saya

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    segala sesuatunya akan dijelaskan melalui mesenger

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    Yang berdekatan dengan pembuatan dan pengelompokkan data, mengetik, pemasukan data excel. Membawa, memberikan dan memberitahu hasil dari data secara rahasia, mencari informasi dan melakukan web search.

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    I am looking for channel name and email address based off the following filters - Sub Count Verified Status Channel Category

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    Typing PDF to Word ePub books 6 hari left

    1. Retype 60 page scan pdf book. 2. Link all menus in word document. 3. Convert to ePub or send to me as word.

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    VB Basic () 15 jam left

    deck of playing cards has 52 cards: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9,10, J, Q, K in each suit of clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts. In the game of 21, the player closest to 21 points without exceeding 21 wins. Cards 2-10 have their face (pip) value. J, Q, and K each count as 10 points. The A can be 1 or 11 points as the player chooses. Each player is dealt two cards face up. Then as many more as desired, one player at a time, starting at the dealer’s left. You will play the game against the House plus four other players. Label the six players as House, Playerl, Player2, Player3, Player4, Me. Create a graphic for each card dealt, such as a rectangle of the proper color (clubs, spades = black; diamonds, hearts = red) with the suit and value number/letter in the rectangle, or you may ...

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    Need Landing marketing contact form page for word press website

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    i need c++ 6 hari left

    UNi-Library is conducting a survey to rate the quality of their services in order to improve their services. In the survey, 30 students were asked to rate the ...the quality of their services in order to improve their services. In the survey, 30 students were asked to rate the quality of the service in the library on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 indicating very bad and 5 indicating excellent). You have to store the 30 responses of the students in an array named responses. Then, you have to count the frequency of each scale and store it in an array named frequency. Use the appropriate looping structure to enter the responses and to count the frequency. You are also required to display the percentage of the frequency of each scale. Display the scale, frequency and its percentage as sho...

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    Hi, need someone to help create MS Word document template with cover page, header and footer and custom font styles.

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    Hi Branford, William here. I finally have my first chapter ready to send to you. In addition, I have a Preface and Bibliograpy I'd like you to look at to. The word count for each of the documents is: Chapter 2 = 7,809 words Preface = 1,546 words Bibliography = 791 words Total of 10,146 words x $0.0132 per word = $134 Did I do the math right? How do I attach the documents? William

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    Word - Search App 6 hari left

    Hi, I need a simple app that is of word search puzzles. It needs to be compatible on both Apple and Android devices (think Flutter).

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    Translation LQA and proofreading: grammar and spelling proofreading, semantic corrections (lost in translation meanings) in an flawless, error-free Italian.

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    I have about 20 pages that needs to be split into 4 presentations that you need to create the style and format for, I have the text. Be sure to have your last work in your profile or send me a message with work sample.

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    I have already written the script and show the visual concept. Word Count is in Powerpoint.

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    Hello we have some minor fixes and updates attached is full files and an example file to guide a bug for percentage value showing infinity instead of the actual percentage 1) On the Borda count simulator page we don't need the total column only on the Borda result page should have this 2) when submitting page should be refreshed using ajax so new results are visible 3) submit Pop should advise the user to click on the preferred tab to see the results 4) once input new simulation old one should be overwritten 5) Borda count submit green button should be next to the option blue button on the right-sided by side 6) D'honte percentage column showing (infinity) instead of a calculated percent (check election HTML attached) 7) Add a download button on the result pages s...

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    The price comparison website is fully automatic (not word press template). we need someone to code the entire website, so the website will connect to our affiliate partners and look for the product live and show prices.

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    Word Press ecommerce platform 5 hari left

    E-commerce in word press or alternative platform Compatible with mobiles and with common plugins (Payment plugin Social media QR code)

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    90 scanned images into editable word document. Well formatted. Sample attached

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    Create a simple Word Macro that performs 6 actions on a single large Word document. User will enter what to find and replace in the Macro. 5 of the items are very straightforward. Please ensure you understand the requirements of 4 before bidding. 1. FIND & DELETE each occurence of a list of words & phrases (user enters list) 2. FIND & DELETE each occurence of single lines of text (user enters list of starting text to find) 3. FIND & DELETE each occurence of multiple lines of text (User enters list of starting & ending text to find) 4. FIND 2 words, then RENAME each occurence of the third word with text + number a) User enter list of two word starting text b) User enters replacement text (ie "gtw") and startin...

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    Count the number of people in a thermal image. Any method can be used.

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    I Am An "In Pro Per" Beneficiary of My Mother's Trust - This Is A Court Order from The Contra Costa Count Probate Judge (I was working with a Paralegal who had a family death out of State and left the project undone - - we have court deadline) I Already Have the Exact Information Ready to Complete & Mail for My & My Son's; Two - DE-120 Form Notice of Hearing - Decedent's Estate or Trust Two - DE-120(MA) Form Proof of Service (POS) By Mail Two - Amended Objections to the First Accounting of Successor Trustee (Need to Have Filed, After POS Mailing) Courtesy Updated File with Contra Costa Court Clerk Desk) Two - Attached Alameda County UD Motion to Quash Doc's The Above Documents Need to Be Mailed Out to All Beneficiary Parties, Attorneys, and...

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    Microsoft Word Ribbon 4 hari left

    Create two buttons in ribbon in MS word. Each button when clicked will insert some content into the MS word document. The content will include text and form fields. The content should inserted as is with the spaces, tabs etc. intact.

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    The project is small and entails the aid of a freelancer for a software that can help us in watermarking image on word documents without loss of resolution and clarity.

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    We need a freelancer to carry out a simple task. It is about verifying that a shipment matches against a packing list. The Freelancer must go to the factory or warehouse where the shipment is located, count the merchandise and take photos according to a manual that we will send; stay in the factory or warehouse until the container is filled out and take pictures of the loading process according to the manual we would provide

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    Asesoría en construcción de 4 scripts CQL de consulta de agregados (count, sum, avg) en base de datos cassandra. Mentorship on Building of 4 DB cassandra aggregate(count, sum, avg) CQL query scripts.

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    Segera Dimeterai
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    I want design products like in the photo .

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    hello i need a voice over a promotional video, the word count is 250 words.

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    We are facing issues with our WordPress-Elementor plugin - and we are able to open the page in safemode only. Please find the attached error page to checkout the issue

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    I have pdf file . I need editable texts. This is urgent job. I need fast and correct typist. I need all notes from 1page to 12 page. Please check and bid

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    72 bida

    Hello independents. I have a simple project. WordPress CV templates. It will be negotiated with the best provider for the price of ten models of the project provided that the work is not hard and intelligently . (Forsambl in the picture)

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    11 bida

    It’s Urgent! We need do some Fixes in my existing php script and looking for experience , independent PHP Laravel developer . Need to add some functions or fix . for each fix we will pay 100 INR , I have identified good count of Change Request(CR ).If complexity is more then we can increase wattage of CR to 2 CR /3CR /4 CR for billing like that we will go. All source code and related setup must be done at our site. May be you have to work on Any desk or team viewer. My team will do all the testing after you confirm completion . You need to provide before fix and after fix source code, we create document for each fix after testing together we have to make all the things happen. we will assign one Bug (CR) and create the Milestone for that . once that testing over and conf...

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    I have written 23 articles ranging from 500-to 1500 words. The client wants to 1. keep the word count to 500-550. 2. Add one large, free license image 3. Add the image source 4. Add <h2></h2> tags for the subheadings 6. Add 2 <a href=""></a> These six things have to be done on each of the 23 articles. In addition, articles 19-25 (07 of them) are industry-specific and location-specific. You need to modify a bit for the locations and industries. I have the draft for them as well, but they need this additional work to be done on them. For someone who understood all the tasks, it should take not more than 20 minutes per article. I need someone who can do it all in minimal time and minimal budget. I will have continuous work and I am lookin...

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    Hi! I have a Word document (25) pages. There are some parts in text non editable and i want to be editable. I want this document clean and editable. Basicaly you need to transcribe or retype word document, scanned documents pages into a clean text.

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    216 bida

    We are a digital marketing agency looking for a few tens of content writers to work on the content requirements as huge as 5-7 lakh words every month. We are going to pay writers on basis of word count. Interested people can write to us at [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    Subscription Management Subscription Operations Termed/Evergreen Subscriptions Trial/Gift Subscriptions Auto/Manual Subscription Renewals Self-Service Portal Profile Management Subscription Management Account Statements Recurring Billing Product/Plan Management One-time Charges Recurring Charges Usage-based Charges Tax Management Simple/Group/Compound Tax Management Avalara AvaTax Certified Integration Regional Based Taxes (GST/VAT) Multiple Charges Fixed Amount/Percentage Coupons One Time/ Limited Availability Coupons Maximum Redemption on Coupons Invoicing & Billing Invoice Automation Digital Invoicing (with Public Checkout Options) Advance Invoices (Projected Invoices) Recurring Payments Online Payment Modes Card Payments Bank Transfers Digital Wallets Offline Payment Modes Cash Che...

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    intellark is an Arabic keyboard that's based on QWERTY keyboard (try here: ) Currently it can be added only on native HTML elements like input and textarea I would like to have it: - added to an HTML editor like tinymice - be able to use it inside Angular applications

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    This project is to make a very simple app that demonstrates the basic functions such as connection and sending data (such as step count and calories) to Myfitnesspal, which is an app from the company Under Armour. Myfitnesspal provides a RESTful APIs. Requests and responses use JSON in a familiar REST style. Clients use standard HTTP methods – POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, to update resources. The link below describes this API. The following link below describes about the API.

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    IOS and Android, User Friendly, Innovative, Sales restriction, max. I want an application with features such as order count determination. Product update features such as price, category, subcategory, section with excel, xml or csv methods in bulk

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    Wix to Word Press Conversion 2 hari left

    I am looking for a specialist who can convert my existing Wix website into a new Word Press.

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    152 bida

    ...and its importance to real-time development. This section should provide a well structured discussion of the implications of your results – What are the implications of programming techniques on RT performance. *REFERENCES* List all publications cited in your proposal. Use APA style. Use very recent and reliable references from journal articles, conference proceedings, books, theses, etc. WORD COUNT: 3000-4000 Words Maximum *PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS PROJECT IF YOU ARE NOT FROM CODING BACKGROUND ESPECIALLY JAVA PROGRAMMING*...

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    Requirements: Paraphrasing, proofreading and referencing. Word count: Not less then 20,000 words (not including list of references) Referencing: APA series 7 Plagiarism: Not more than 7% Timeline: 5 working days Budget: USD 30 I will do half of the project and get back to you for content checking. After you reviewing the project, you will require to pay for the deposit first. Then, I will continue to complete the whole project. Please note that I will only accept 3 times minor amendment per project. Thank you for viewing my proposal.

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    Pasar documento de PDF a Word 2 hari left

    Este es un documento escaneado de 7 hojas y en donde el OCR no funciona muy bien. Es necesario editar el documento para que quede igual que el original incluyendo la indicación del lugar donde hay firmas y sellos

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    ...possible. Program the reload of the content according to the nextReload property Play in loop each media in the sequence provided by the content Play each media the length of time indicated by the property duration You will have to manage and consider the exceptions in the documentation of the app. Websocket Use websocket and specific configurations Detection : The role of the Detector module Count the number of people looking at the camera or in front of it. The Detector is using the camera to measure and send datas to Orangead cloud system via websocket or HTTP API. If we go foward, we will share entire project documentations and digrams ...

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    The content in the attached PDF file (pages 8 to 16 only needs to be typed in word format). Dateline today at 6 pm (Malaysian time). Keep to the same format as in the original PDF document Ignore pages 1-7 Payment is per project: USD 20

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    Adobe / Word Designer 2 hari left

    Hi I have a word document, and I would like to make it really nice looking and appealing to read with lot of graphics (with values to be inserted through the CRM). You do not have to worry about the insert the values from the CRM but need to ensure the graphics you will include allow for the values to be merged. I would like to emphasise that the document needs to really nice looking. For a sample document, please look at these links (starting from page 31 of the pdf file). Please note the content may vary this is just an example.

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    need help in a reflective essay on your relationship with your mother tongue(Hindi).      Word limit: 600-1000 words. should be self written and need within an hour

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