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    I'm looking for a professional in programming with stm32 Discovery Board. the frequency range of audio signals extends from around 20 Hz to around 20 kHz. Output signal tones such as end of program, EAP-Tone etc. via internal loudspeaker (approx. 2-5W). Volume and tone can be adjusted via software and can be saved in the EEProm Serial commands -> USB to UART -> FTDI232 baud rate 3840...

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    I need a specialist to help me unlock the bootloader of a Huawei P9 Lite as well as some help in order to install TWRP and a custom ROM. The phone is needed for testing. All procedures have to be documented and delivered to me along with the links of the zip files that will be used. The job will be done using either Anydesk or Teamviewer through my computer.

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    hi, i search for someone who is good on CANBUS i need the bootloader DATA form the canbus logs.

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    We need a developer to quickly build a custom OS image for raspberry pi for a programming and QC jig for an electronic device we make. The raspberry pi will need to boot up into the application automatically. Once it boots there should be 2 buttons: 1) Run QC Test 2) Flash Firmware Each of these has a set of steps that are required: Run QC Test will do the following: 1) Detect an arduino based de...

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    I need a specialist to help me unlock the bootloader of a Huawei P9 Lite as well as some help in order to install TWRP and a custom ROM. The phone is needed for testing. All procedures have to be documented and delivered to me along with the links of the zip files that will be used. The job will be done using either Anydesk or Teamviewer through my computer.

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    the frequency range of audio signals extends from around 20 Hz to around 20 kHz. Output signal tones such as end of program, EAP-Tone etc. via internal loudspeaker (approx. 2-5W). Volume and tone can be adjusted via software and can be saved in the EEProm Serial commands -> USB to UART -> FTDI232 baud rate 38400, 8, N, 1 Standard commands: Query 'AC? V' version Query 'A...

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    I want to build a bootloader for stm32f446re board where it will be used for updating firmware over OTA and via the NFC.

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    We're trying to secure the bootloader in Pixhawk device. Anyone with knowledge in bootloaders or Pixhawk is required for consultation (Paid)

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    See the attached documents. I have the schematic and a system overview. I will be using an Arduino nano with the old bootloader style board.

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    We are using. PIC18F26K22. Pic18F46k22. we want to do an over the air firmware update of the PIC using BT module connected to it. We will have a 2 applications. Master app. Will load a hex file. Encrypt it. Then can be emailed to client. (App can be mobile or desktop based. Does not matter). Client app. Client receives the encrypted (hex) file. the app connect to the pic controlle...

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    Se requiere una solución completa de Bootloader para PIC 18f46j50 que trabaja normalmente en sleep y comunicaciones LoRaWAN con RN2483 , para que remotamente cuando despierte pueda comprobar si hay alguna actualización de firmware y entonces realizar la actualización automática de los dispositivos, ( puede haber varios grupos de sensores )

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    Bootloader for application updates over USB. Application to be configurable by PC software (we can do this, or you can design this too). PC software to be able to set addresses, bit location to activate outputs on the PCB.

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    I want a software through which i can easily unlock any android phone's bootloader unofficial but with owner permission

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    Hello. I had to manually replace all the files of an ubuntu server installation with the old files I recovered from the dead disk, I now need the grub bootloader to be able to recognize these new files. Attached is the screenshot of the error. Winning bid will need to work thru my computer using teamviewer or anydesk, no other options.

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    Need a bootloader for an STM32F405RGT6 -Processor: STM32F405RGT6 -Firmware flashing from: SD card in FAT32 format via SPI with no card detect pin (with binary file named "firmware") -Rest of memory left for the firmware being flashed -If firmware is flashed from SD, the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file becomes [log masuk untuk melihat URL] once flashed -No status LED's as all pin...

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    Buenas noches Carlos, vi su experiencia y me gustaria saber si le interesa ayudarnos a modificar un programa para un procesador Microchip PIC que ya tenemos pero lo tenmos que pasar de una programacion con bootloader a programcion directa con programador. El programa que se uso para generar el codigo es CCS, gracias de antemano por su respuesta.

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    We have 2 devices (already existing): A master device (pcb) with an ESP32 with a CANBus on it. A slave device (pcb) with a ATmega328 also with a canbus on it. The canbus is linked together and can talk to each other. We want to have a bootloader / sw that can be used for updating the atmega328. The firmware can temporary be stored on the ESP32 spiffs and send over canbus to the ATmega. If possib...

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    System: Arduino Mega 2560 / ATmega2560 with GSM SIM900 attached Needed: FOTA Suggestion, what I would need: - Bootloader capable for FOTA (maybe most important part) - Firmware to integrate into my main project for handling the firmware download from the website via the SIM900 (the hex-file output by Arduino IDE) (medium important) - Rewrite the firmware with the downloaded new version (important...

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    PIC32MM developer. I want to implement OTA, using BLE, in my system that uses PIC32MM. Deliverables: Bootloader App mobile to test update firmware ... maybe could be used the source code on the link below. Could be used EZBL [log masuk untuk melihat URL] See the link with another example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux. #!/bin/sh echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------echo THERE ARE 10 PAUSES IS THIS SCRIPT SO LOOK FOR PROMTS FOR YOU TO HIT ENTERecho --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------echo [*] BEFORE WE ...

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    I am looking to hire someone who is familiar with programming STM32 microprocessor for motor control application. The applicant must be familiar with bootloader and OTA update.

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    I'm looking for someone who can develop an ethernet bootloader using Atmega1284 and W5500 with the arduino framework. The code mustbe 100% functional and easy to embedded to others application. I need the souce code to embed at my main application and some support if needed. What we expect: 1) A web server with forms embedded at arduino, where the user can select the file .BIN file and POST...

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    Atmega2560 FOTA => GSM SIM808 + SPI Flash I have an ATMega2560 with an SPI Flash memory (AT25M02) and I want to do an OTA bootloader. The ATMega2560 main program is written using Arduino. It is need downloading the new binary firmware from the web and saving it on the Flash Memory. and need to writing a custom bootloader to program the mega and then reboot it. I've exported the Intel ...

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    The goal is getting the UF2 bootloader up and running with the SAMD21 Xplained pro development board or a custom SAMD21 board in Atmel Studio various milestones include, adding in features to the bootloader including sleep and wake code, customization of presented mass storage files (txt logs, bitmap image, icons, other filetypes), simple routines for hiding and showing files in the mass storage ...

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    I want an implementation of aes in at-mega2560's bootloader. Also, I want to explain me in complete how: 1. I can pass the key in the bootloader 2. I will lock the bootloader, in order nobody can read the key 3. I will encrypt the code 4. I will update the code In general, what I want to achieve is in case that somone reads my chip, he wouldn't can make another one same. Also, I want t...

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    I need to boot macOS using Clover on VMware workstation pro 16 running on a dedicated server (window server 2019 standard). I access it through RDP I have VMware workstation pro 16 installed Now I need to use Clover bootloader to boot that macOS. to all bidders: Please read and fully understand what I need. Again, it's a VM on Window Server, only accessible through RDP. to the bid winner: ...

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    I have a programmer which programs a [log masuk untuk melihat URL] have a bootloader which sends the encrypted unique ID of the chip to the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] programmer then sends its unique ID encrypted and also the chip unique ID to a server which responds back with the encrypted firmware (I don't know which encryption algorithm is used but mostly AES 128) then the programmer se...

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    Bootloader Tamat left

    I want someone who is good in implementing bootloader and can work on tc387 controller and implement the following features, Support CAN based UDS protocol o Support NVM for internal Flash – EEPROM emulation o Support primary & secondary Bootloader mirroring, the secondary bootloader is downloaded in RAM memory by the primary bootloader o Support portioned flashing o Support software...

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    I want to use arduino as HID keyboard and joystick. I want to toggle it with a switch. Complete details in chat.

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    Hello, I have a order to write code (bootloader) for the Arduino Micro Pro, which in Windows would be displayed alternately as a keyboard or as a joystick - not simultaneously.

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    I need a developer to unlock the bootloader got a Redmi Note 8T - the miunlock tool is not working flawlessly and i need a secondary method for development purposes. ideally the method Mi uses on there other devices via CMD.

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    I need some to help me to install bootloader in my arduino board.

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    We require a serial/USB bootloader for a electronic device that currently uses an STM32 microcontroller, the idea is to send the firmware files to customer without giving the original binary file.

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    Subject of this task is to create a bootable usb with uefi loader. Loader should not leave any memory modifications after booting, which could make it detected in the future. Only one task of loader is to manual map in kernel space a driver and then continue execution of Windows. Source code must be a Visual Studio 2015 project. I pay for fully working and compilable source code. Hints: - [log ma...

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    We have a couple of Android devices, which the bootloader access is factory-disabled(adb reboot bootloader command is not working.) We need to unlock the bootloader for SHARP AQUOS sense2, so I would appreciate it if you could send me a patched pre-rooted boot image for this model so that I can test them out and get the root access.

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    In this project we would like you to find a way to extract the original firmware from an Android phone and flash it to the different device but same model. Here's the phone info: - Model Name: SHARP AQUOS sense2 (originally sold in Japan) - Model Code: SHV43, SH-01L (both are the same device but sold from different carriers and they have different firmware.) We will provide you one sample un...

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    i have an electronic board with pic18f45K50 and usb. I need a bootloader to load the firmware via usb (and not via ICSP). For the bootloader I can choose between CCS, MPLAB with CCS and MPLAB with C18 (rev3.47). I also need a dummy firmware in ccs (blinking led) to be loaded via usb to test that everything works. Obviously I want the sources to compile and assistance if something goes wrong.

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    i'm looking for someone familiar with STM32F105 security and encryption and also familiar with disassembly so we can work on a secure bootloader together

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    Hi, i need a software to protect windows by adding a password to bootloader, which will allow me from accessing to the system once i type the correct password. thanks.

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    Develop pcb for atmega32u4 with USB A port And pins available to perform flashing of the bootloader Pcb should be in a format of usb pen drive Files should be ready to order via jlc pcb All source files should be provided

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    Bootloader, device-tree, and linux customisation and compilation.

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    Secure bootloader for performing OTA DFU, custom BSP, cleanup and performance optimizations in existing codebase. This is the first phase of this project and we can have a call to discuss more detail.

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    Need to develop bootloader code using stm32cubeIDE which shall support reprogramming the application area in the MCU over UART ports. STM32G070 can be invoked to BOOT mode by Master controller.

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    I already developed an android app that communicates with a USB device (bootloader). I'm not an android developer that's why, Now I need to have a very good looking green energy concept design & logo The app will have only one page one button for connection. 3 text fields for displaying information 1 radio button group with 2 radio buttons for selection 1 slider for setting anothe...

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    Hi Freelancers I need a Bootloader for Siliconlabs C8051F120. Please bid if you have done the same Thanks

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    Instalar botloader hackintosh catalina

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has Good experience in freertos and PIC 16bit MCU. requirements as below 1. Port Freertos V10.x on PIC24FJ256GB206 2. Project should be compatible and working with USB host bootloader of microchip EZBL 3. A sleep function should be implemented to make the mcu sleep and can wake-up from defined external interrupts

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    Specific bootloader is needed for STM32F103 micro-controller (Bluepill board). The bootloader should make us able to program the chip via its USB pins (which is identified as Serial Port in the PC). But the keypoint is that the programming protocol should be exactly the same as the programming protocol for Arduino Uno board (ATMEGA328P micro-controller). In fact, assume that we already have a soft...

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