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    NOTE: SPAM BIDDERS: IF YOU BID and you are NOT qualified and have not READ and understood the requirements you will be reported as spam bidder. Only bid if you have worked with this and you know your stuff and understand the requirement, Please no spam bids, Thx! Looking for someone experienced with embedded systems embedded linux with u-boot to give me correct qemu commandline parameters to suc...

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    The chip 45 boot3 is a very famous bootloader that is mainly used for ATMEL microcontrollers. All information about this tool you can find in the WEB: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Both the microcontroller source and the GUI is open source and the Sourcecode is available. Unfortunately the GUI is written in C# and can not be used under linux. Aim of this project is to transfer the C# code into Q...

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    Xiaomi Mi Bootloader Unlock 1 hari left

    Need to develop application to unlock Xiaomi Mi Bootloader.

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    I have an ESP32 connected to a SAMD21 based Arduino (like MK0, Feather, Arduino Zero or even Due). I want to use my SAMD21 based MCU to work as a USB to Serial converter. The idea is to implement this in the existing bootloader code (based on Atmel Studio). I hope somebody can help me in this case. I think it could be done with simple code or a library. Perfect would be if you have an Arduino (...

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    Project Overview: Milestone 1: Project Proposal: Value: 2000 USD Propose Components to be used as well as their specifications on the following devices: ECU Keypad 8 Button Keypad 16 Button Keypad 24 Button Keypad LCD Display Add on Propose working of Bootloader via J1939 CAN bus. Propose Windows Based Bootload software Interface Propose Windows Based LAD/Function block software for the ECU/Keypad...

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    Deliverable: Bootloader for embedded device that can download new firmware from a windows PC over a usb cable. Bootloader framework exists, but need someone very smart to modify frmaework and implement full functionality to meet product requirments. Embedded device uses Nordic nrf5x chip, and firware is cross-compiled using GCC C compiler for ARM. One time project, but there could be follow on wor...

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    I am designing a sensor device. I have a problem developing bootloader and application code using stm32cubeIDE. Suggested approach: 1) The application can be copied and modified from IAP example code from ST official website. 2) Download application image to the internal Flash via the UART port 2. 3) Implement the software development on Nucleo-g070 development board 4) Develop the bootloader cod...

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    I have a Samsung S10+ 5G which is bootloader unlocked and I need to do the following on the phone. 1. Modify Kernel/ROM to grant Root access to us on the phone on ADB 2. Add Magisk Root policies or other root policies for applications to have root access Want the changes to be made on stock firmware and make a flash-able ODIN file.

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    I have bootloader code and Windows application code to update firmware with UART for dsPIC33F. I need to convert from Windows application code to android app. If you have experience to update firmware with UART for dsPIC33F, please contact me.

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    Using WSN from BitCloud_MEGARF_3_3_0 we need to transform .c and .h files used for the project into ".a" or ".o" file and link them in order to generate .srec file. This implementation should avoid to use Atmel Studio command line to generate .srec file and protect the code trough .a extensions. The goal of this project is to integrate the WSN code into desktop application and...

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    Hi Persuasive, I see in your profile that you have a lot of android experience. Also in the rooting department :) I have a android 6.0.1 running target. It has the security patch from 2018-08-30 ( so no dirtycow) I would like to get temp root. This so i could adjust some files on the data partition. The unit has locked bootloader, and dm-verity on. It is a 32-bit android system. I do not have...

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    Im having my android mobile with Nougat 7.1 edition and its a device that has 64gb space. the device has gone into a bootloop due to whatsapp doing daily backup and it filled the mobile storage and I thinking that the storage has no room for anyting so it went into shutdown and remained into bootloop. I want someone who KNOWS WELL android recovery. here is the scope of the problem Device isnt on d...

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    Develop source code that allows the AtMega64M1 firmware to be reprogrammed via CAN. There are some examples provided in the attachment. I will make available the Atmel studio project baseline code in which the bootloader code is to be added.

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    I need nRF52840 bootloader firmware. I want to find the developer with experience for nRF52840 DFU.

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    Atmel SAMD11 bootloader/i2c/serial code required. Our Goal: ATSAMD11D14A-MUT MCU to monitor three channel INA3221AIRGVR and report current/voltage reading back using HID or COM class to host computer , we also have three IRQs setup that will need to act as Flags for other MCUs on this board to activate/deactivate based on macro specific readings of current/voltage.. we also would like to progra...

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    We need a professional who understands well how the search engine on Amazon works with a real project (portfolio) - this is a must! Optimization of product cards on Amazon to increase your search position (US region): 1) Optimize title, shootouts (5 points) 2) Write a product text using keywords 3) etc. product card list (ASIN): B0787GSCXQ RobotDyn AC Light Dimmer Controller Module for PWM Control...

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    I have made a custom PCB based on the Sparkfun Arduino pro mini 3.3v 8mhz where I copy the schematic and made my custom PCB, I am trying to burn the bootloader using the Sparkfun pro mini + FTD232 (YP-05) as ISP programmer. When I try to burn the bootloader I get this message avrdude: yikes! invalid device signature. double check connections and try again, or use -f to override this check. I nee...

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    What we have: - C# WinForms app that, based on some configuration done by a user in the interface, generates a STM32CubeIDE project, fully compilable from the IDE What we need: - C# WinForms app that does the following: - compiles the CubeIDE project (using GCC for ARM compiler) - connects, via USB, to a STM32F407 uC (STM32F4 Discovery board), after a match with it's 96-bit unique IDE ...

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    We need a custom CAN Kernel / Bootloader for a TI C2000 MCU.

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    I want to update Application firmware on PIC16F19197 using BLE (Which is connected via UART). Project includes 1> Bootloader for PIC16F19197. 2> Saving of Golden copy to FRAM (Drivers has been written. Connected via SPI to PIC) 3> Integrate existing Application code to Bootloader (If needed) 4> Update new Firmware on PIC16F19197

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    1. INTRODUCTION We has recently developed a new electronic PCB control interface based on existing PCB product but adding some new features. The purpose of this document is to define the requirements for a new firmware development. 2. PCB HARDWARE PCB is an embedded hardware design based on PIC24 microcontroller. This are the main elements involved in this firmware upgrade: • PIC24FJ1...

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    - Add image size and CRC information to compiled binary image - Integrate image size and CRC information into OTA bootloader Existing OTA bootloader utilizes ANT-FS framework

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    Need to design firmware to build MQTT gateway with following details [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for STM32 + sim800 + SPI flash memory 2. Gateway need to publish data received on uart of STM32 gate way from mother board 3. Gateway need to subscribe topic and when data recieved send that data to mother board via uart 4. Gateway need to check atleast once/twice a day for new firmware available on ...

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    Buna, Sunt untilizator Arduino IDE si doresc sa migrez la STM32Cube IDE pentru a utiliza STM32F1xxx. Am incercat sa inteleg noul IDE dar este foarte dificil datorita timpului limitat. As avea nevoie de cateva sesiuni de training ca sa pot: - Sa inteleg cum se gestioneaza librariile (.h, .cpp) . Adaugare de librarii noi in proiect - Configurare Cube IDE - Configurare ST Link V2 si USB bootloader - ...

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    We need the development of secure bootloader for nRF52840. The hardware architecture needs to prevent threats like side-channel analysis, supply chain attacks etc. It should have provision for secure OTA firmware verification and upgrade.

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    Take file from SD, with ID, and update firmware on reset. Use previous development for the PIC24 and port to PIC32. Also, must implement web upload to write file to SD. Must use MPLAB+Harmony v3

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    We need the ability to plug our device into the computer, pass a BIN file to the device(mass storage device) to update FW. We also need assistance configuring SSD1306 to work inside atmel studio. We'd also like to read a text file from the SAMD21 that was uploaded from the computer(mass storage device). We'd prefer prior experience and don't want to pay for you to learn every bit of...

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    We have developed a Sigfox circuit board using the SAMD21 and a sigfox module. Although this is a standalone board we are using the Arduino bootloader (the Arduino M0 using the SAMD21 chip) as some of our libraries were previously developed for the ATMEGA328 and we want to reuse those. We would like to get the power consumption down very low (the application note says that with the RTC we should ...

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    Hi Tejas P., I noticed your profile and see that you have experience in the SAMD21. We have developed a Sigfox circuit board using the SAMD21 and a sigfox module. Although this is a standalone board we are using the Arduino bootloader (the Arduino M0 using the SAMD21 chip) as some of our libraries were previously developed for the ATMEGA328 and we want to reuse those. We would like to get the pow...

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    Need to implement Bluetooth and RF propriety bootloaders for wireless project using Nordic nRF52840

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    I need to implement an OTA DFU bootloader for the MSP432P401R or the STM32L452RE microcontrollers to update firmware remotely, services such as Mongoose or any other cloud or media (USB pen drive, SD card, etc.) can be used

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    Hello stathisv, we are working on a project with Yocto-project and rauc, we need assistance in order to integrate a script on a bootloader compilation and make it work.

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    Descripción: La interfaz en la pc debe ser capaz de enviar nuevas ordenes al microcontrolador ( algo parecido al bootloader) el programa en el microcontrolador recibirá las nuevas instrucciones desde el pc Instrucciones como: 1.-Nombre a mostrar en la lcd 2.-Secuencia de pulsos a generar (Parpadearan 3 led de manera programable) Nota: Estas ordenes deben ser guardadas dentro del...

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    Embedded Linux Tamat left

    Hi, I am a software developer, please I need anybody good knowledge in Embedded Linux in order to provide me some tips, explain and hands-on about the subjects below: 1 - Interdiction to embedded linux . 2- Embedded linux architecture. 3- Bootloader . 4 - How to start and installation. 5 - Best Resources. Let me know the time please? Thanks for you.

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    We are looking to design sensor network using RFM69HW. We need the design of sensor node. You are required to design the schematic and PCB using Altium as to meet the requirements described below: Sensor Node: 1. The sensor node will consist of RFM69HW module with ATMEGA328-SMD uC. 2. The node is to sense temperature and humidity only. 3. Choose the sensors that will be used and confirm with us. 4...

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    HI, I have a redmi note 4 xoami, The system cyrrently has lineage installed There is already bootloader and TWRP installed. I would like you to either talk me through the install via messages or teamviewer. I would like to install anything from android 7 or newer. Immediate start

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    hi, developers I am looking a master of nrf52 programming. Need to program bootloader on BLE. 1 . download hex file from cloud 2. OTA programming between nRF52 devices Only bid on experienced freelancer We can discuss more on chat. thanks

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    Should accept firmware in binary format through USB. Should jump to firmware on microcontroller power up. Bootloader should check the signature using public key stored in it before updating the firmware. Bootloader should prevent firmware downgrade. Microcontroller could enter into bootloader mode by setting any GPIO to high state. Microcontroller could accept firmware upgrade through a web applic...

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    Need for Business Start a separate operating system for small hardware server in assembler / C where I can execute Java bytecode. a) Bootloader load kernel b) the kernel start the "console" and start the virtual machine. c) we want run single Java-classes or excecutable jar files. d) The Source Code are free and we need no licenses for bootloader / kernel. Is Project is a template for...

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    -create bootloader project, which Will load a Bin from USB. -create a project that Will be loaded through the bootloader. -Document and preferably use HAL_ST and TrueStudio Atollic.

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    I need an Android device built custom to these specifications: - AWS LTE, 4G, 3G (UTMS Band IV / HSPA+ / transmits at 1710–1755 MHz and receives at 2110–2155 MHz.) - Regular GSM 1800 MHz - WiFi @ 5.8 GHz & 2.4 GHz (Dual Band) - Bluetooth - USB C - Octacore processor - 4GB RAM - 64GB ROM - Unlocked bootloader - Pre-rooted, preferably custom OS The device should think th...

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    hi, developers I looking a freelancer who is experienced on bootloader programming. A mission is to test simply for pic bootloader. lets discuss on chat.

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    I want someone to teach me how to program atmega 1284p microcontroller using arduino uno, including how to install the bootloader.

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    I need you to write some articles. How to unlock Bootloader on Redmi note 7 pro

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    Requirements for Arduino application with multiple infrared senders and receivers I want to make a system based on Arduino. I will make most software myself, but because of lack of time I need help with building some basic functions. I still have to decide which Arduino hardware I will use. But the choses are limited because I have these hardware requirements: * 2 UARTS * 1 USB * 16 digital IO ...

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    The job is to design and route a relay board with Ethernet connectivity. We will do the high-end programming. Attached is what it should ressemble in the end. Below are some example Arduino schematics to get inspired: - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] -> for the ethernet part - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] -> for the processor part - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] -> for the relays part ...

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    Hello. My MCU is a ATSAMR21E16 of Microchip company. My board was already manufactured and there is only one MCU as CPU. I am going to look over the boot load method using USB port which is directly connected to the MCU. Of course, I have a main firmware and if you can deliver the code of USB bootloader, then I will combine them. Regards.

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