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    We are currently developing a financial planning software in the EU market. Therefore, we need a receipt scanning software that has following capabilities: - Use images made by a mobile device's camera - Preprocessing the image for better OCR results - Read out the necessary data: Shop, Address (Street, City, Postal Code, Country), Total Amount, Date + Time - Working for total different rece...

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    Write a Java program that uses regular expressions to determine the phone numbers of each mobile network in a text file, which it is belong to

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    I want to setup affiliate program for my website on wordpress

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    READ THE ATTACHED FILE IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. From Beginner to a Campaign Manager Expert in 6 Months (Fully Paid Program) This is a training program, fully paid, hands-on experience, that in the end you'll be a qualified PPC manager. Are you a talented person that wants to earn an online valueable skill? Is your command of the English language excellent? Are you hardworking, motivated, lo...

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    I need a funnel building software like clickfunnels, with drag and drop fuctions and ready made templates that allow the user to create opt in forms/ landing pages and also allow the user to upload a video to their funnels too! This must be a downloadable product that will work on any platform and installed on to desktops and laptops. I will need my business logo and the products name incorporat...

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    In need of a freelancer to fix a node program that has stopped working suddenly, the fixing won't take more than 10 minutes for sure and I won't pay more than 7 USD so please don't bid if you don't read this post. Thanks

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    I need you to develop some OCR Python code I'll confirm details during our chat.

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    Please be familiar with GIS AND ESRI TO HELP COMPLETE A PROJECT ASAP. DO not contact if English is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] only respond if you can follow basic instructions.

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    I need a program that will allow a debit/credit like card reader to activate( in this case a golf ball dispenser machine at my driving range) an actuator to dump golf balls into a basket. The machine has a card reader on it now to process credit/debit card payments. I’ll attach photos. Needed: 1. reader/writer to assign member numbers to custom cards. 2. A program that allows me to ...

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    ticketmaster Tamat left

    I would like further information on when you created your ticketmaster account and what was needed at the time of creation

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    Hello, I have an application that monitors/analyses stock prices in real-time (from a list of all stocks that a market cap >= 1 billion). The application currently uses Ally’s API to gather stock quotes in real-time. What I need you to work on, is backtesting the core-algorithm that’s being used on the last 2 years of historical stock data, to help prove or disprove the efficiency ...

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    I have a website at idealhoroscope.com. The table on the home page collects birth data of the visitor. After the visitor approves, the table should connect to an astrology service that provides a horoscope chart. Previously, the user data was sent to [log masuk untuk melihat URL], but their support is terrible. Other providers also have either terrible support or crappy content. So I want to try p...

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    i want a program that organize anime on my pc and take database from inter net

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    I need an expert who worked with OCR engines. It has to be an autonomous web app without relying on other ZCR provides

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    I have a software program (Software as a Service) and I need a sales professional/team to help me find clients to use the software. Client profile: 1. Must be an international company and have a minimum of 4 offices in different overseas locations. 2. Must have annual revenue greater than $20M and less than $300M 3. Be located in Europe, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico, or Canada. 4. Must do...

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    Hi fellow freelancers, I need help with my project. My client wants software that will analyze questions of clients, finds the relevant resources and send that to the client: * Based on the program input, the program finds relevant answers for customer's question. * The answers are available in JSON format, are in HTML and comes from a knowledge base and FAQs on the websites. * The questio...

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    I need an attractive online weight loss course to market to my audience. It should include an attractive landing page/portal, meal plans and easy to do exercises. I can provide the meal plans and exercises but must be downloaded to portal by creator. This will be a membership site.

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    I have a 2 page document questionnaire that has been scanned to a pdf, but the OCR does not convert it to text. I need the information re-typed into a new editable pdf with fill-in fields. The work needs to be completed by Sunday 2pm eastern standard time.

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    Looking for light weight & Fast OCR solution for Node JS with more than 95% accuracy. Demo Software required before bid

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    2,000 words rewrite program and only apply if you can start right away. 14 hours from now. Freelancer will update me after 8 hours. Revise it also after delivering initial draft.

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    I am looking for someone how can finish this project fast will looking for hustlers who will work more than 8 hours in a day. Requirements Create a website from coding NO wordpress preferred. I am tired of the restrictions WordPress has. I want to take my current wordpress website and make in into a PHP frameworks Laravel website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Form should be the same or better ...

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    2,000 words rewrite program and only apply if you can start right away.

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    need word document of the attached pdf. The word document must be perfect, and editable. No blocks of words hanging around somewhere and giving later problems when I have to translate.

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    I need a simple account checker to check a few websites. Please respond and will help explain more

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    OCR Project Tamat left

    We need a web-based software. The software will save all fields in the database by reading the CVs uploaded in PDF or MS Word format with OCR. If the software fails to understand which field in the database the read field corresponds to, it will ask the user to save it in the selected field. The OCR library to be used must be free and support Turkish characters. NO PLACE HOLDER BIDS.

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    We are using an old ms dos program to make calculations. This needs to be rewritten to a windows based program I attached screenshot , last result and ms-dos program Orbit is the main exe. file .dat, .tub. .pyl and .tbl is 1 slide if you need , I can provide the book with the formula's

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    OCR Invoice Tamat left

    I need an Android app that scans and “reads” it and turns it into metadata that can be used to populate fields in a database. From there the invoice can be brought into an electronic workflow for processing. It should be able to recognize handwritten words too.

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    This project is to obtain the amount of the cash register system and transfer it to our face brush payment device, so that when the cashier operates the amount of the cash register system, the face brush device simultaneously obtains the amount. Need to understand the skills below [log masuk untuk melihat URL] screen capture value with OCR, 2. Obtain the cash register amount through the monitorin...

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    This program is a Proof of concept program I have written today in VCL It makes use of devex cxGrid -db cardView and a FDMemeTable to hold the data I would need to have the same functionality written in FMX (no Devex for VCL maybe TMS has something like this) This should be easy for anyone who knows how to this. Dont bit more then 150.00 and include the word BlueMagic Send offer and I w...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    4 bida

    I need a proof of concept app. This is a minimum viable product. The app must use the iPhone's camera to scan a document (attached). The app must then do OCR and report that data to AWS via two custom APIs. The data must be uploaded in JSON format. The app will have 2 buttons: 1) Scan - Do OCR and upload JSON data to AWS via API 2) Generate report - Call an API in AWS to have a report ge...

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    Hi, Everyday I use a custom list of usernames textfile. I dont want to use same Usernames again. So I need a program to filter and remove the blacklisted (USED) usernames. I dont want to use same username user again. Example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] contains: srer124 XXXXX123 hfg232kv hg6322fd and all blacklisted because they've been used. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 1kk1j4 k...

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    ONLY BID WHAT YOU WILL DELIVER..YOU CANNOT BID LOW ANDTHEN AFTER WASTING MY TIME ASK FOR RIDICULOUS AMOUNT. I need assitance in modelling, simulation and documentation of Cruise Control system of an Electric [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is for uni project so i have a lot to learn. the system is as below: "3-phase 4-pole induction motor" controlled by a "motor controller" whic...

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    I need to install Mouse Recorder Pro 2 on Ubuntu 18.04 or a similar program that works the same.

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    We need an easy landing page with a short questionnaire (for affiliate project)

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    Dear sir/madam, We would like you to fulfill a task for us. For the details you can see the attached file. The price is negotiable and we would like to here from you what the price will be. We prefer to discuss questions and details if needed [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] Sincerely Dylan and Peter.

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    Hello everyone. I do my business making exchanges BTC–>USD, BTC–RUB etc. If you will participate in my referral program, I’ll share with you 15% of each transfer. P.S. Just for people who use Telegram :)

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    I need a script or executable (including sourcecode) that will perform the following under windows: I need to set a timer, after the timer is finished it has to execute a cli command from another program and then start to overwrite “random” bites from selected files as long as the program isn’t terminated. The timer can only be stopped via entering a password. (which has to be en...

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    Send bulk emailing using PHP program and SQL server database with windows service.

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    Need a Trigger email when My sql database inserted a new data in the database

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    i have an obfuscated c# program and need to mock api and change url to accept any response

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    Looking for a program that can pull flight details from Galileo for invoicing. Also it must be able to create vouchers for Hotels / Car Rental / Flights with our company details on and must look professional. With that it must also serve as a fully functioning invoicing program where I can invoice clients and record payments and keep track of the business finances. Below is a picture of the invoic...

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    I have a camera in my android app. with which I can take pictures and send it for OCR using Tesseract. But, the results are not at all accurate. So, I want to reduce the scannable area by customizing the camera view. For that, I need a overlay rectangle, so that when a picture is taken, only the image inside the overlay will be sent to OCR. I need some kind of start.

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    I am looking for a program to replace the traditional circulation of paper between departments This program provides the ability to scan these files, send them to other departments and approve these files or convert them for review.

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    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    I have FRDM-k66 board. I am able to run some test program on this board and display the results on coolterm. What I want to do is. I have another C++ program, I want to run this on mbed compiler and generate bin file. After that it should display result on coolterm terminal C++ - This program reads csv file and display some class value analysing the content of C++ file. Deliverables - Upload...

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    It is to write a program that works with Maya in python, will provide more details in chat.

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    We are looking for a qualified and experienced trainer to write a training program for our field staff. Our company specializes in environmental programs that are designed to reduce CO2 emissions. Experience in training and development is essential. Further details will be sent to suitable applicant.

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    Need to parse title, contents and price from images. And extract to json format. Will discuss for the developer who have experienced OCR enough.

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    developmental, copyediting, and proofreading.

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    Build an OCR in Python to scan major bank statements and list required fields as an output

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