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    I need a freelancer who can assist me in setting up an Enterprise Twilio account. The main use of this account will be for our organization's customer support service and daily calls and SMS/MSM. This task involves: - Configuring the account settings targeted towards national coverage. - Tailoring the platform for highly effective customer support processes. The ideal freelancer for this job would have: - Extensive experience in Twilio account setup. - A deep understanding of customer support processes. - Previous experience in managing national-scale customer support systems. Being certified in Twilio or having a substantial portfolio in similar projects will be a plus.

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    Hi, I have to update my Saas tools developed by Laravel. It's on SMS-based tools and it's asking clients for feedback. Api use on it: twilio lemonsqueezy Now I need to update some sections like my customers can access everything in their business dashboard. they can send sms, access google my business using api, check reports, and Settings [Business details, Logo, address, review url, sms template, Short url] Almost everything have in my tools, you need to modify and re-arrange it. Please bid and I will share a file with you for better understanding. Thanks

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    ...Zoho CRM and Desk setup. 5. Consider scalability and future enhancements beyond the MVP stage, such as adding additional integrations or features. 6. Start with integrating emails and begin working with CRM, while planning to add further integrations gradually. 7. Plan for manual updates between Zoho CRM and external systems until automated integration is established. 8. Evaluate different vendors(Twilio, RingCentral, Ringostat) that offer integrations with Zoho CRM and Freshdesk for telephony options for IVR setup to route calls based on sales or support queries effectively. Inquire about features like phone conversation transcripts and voicemail transcripts offered by telephony the feasibility of integrating existing phone numbers and server information for telephony

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    I’m in need of an expert in Twilio. I'm looking for someone to revamp my current system to allow for the reception of texts directly to my email in plain text format. Skillful handling of API keys, specifically for Twilio and Sendgrid, is necessary. The system should not incorporate any high-security encryption, standard security measures will suffice. Another key feature of this project is the immediate notification via email for each incoming SMS. Effective implementation of real-time alert technology is crucial. Please only make a bid if you are conversant with the following requirements: - Twilio SMS and Sendgrid API setup - Instant email alert for every incoming SMS - Plain text email formatting Be prepared to demonstrate relevant experien...

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    Hi, I would like to integrate the following SMS gateway API into my SMS platform. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH SMS GATEWAY API ! TWILIO and

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    I'm in need of a seasoned PHP and Wordpress developer knowledgeable in Twilio's WhatsApp API integration. Here's...Here's a quick rundown of what I need: - WhatsApp API Integration: Particularly, with a focus on enabling message notifications. While I'm not certain if we've already procured the necessary Twilio and WhatsApp APIs, your guidance on this front would be appreciated. - Non-Mobile Responsive Wordpress Site: I'll need a Wordpress site developed but it's not imperative for the site to be mobile responsive. The ideal candidate for this role should have extensive PHP and WordPress development experience, in addition to a strong understanding of API integrations, specifically WhatsApp's API through Twilio. Your ability to...

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    Hola, Necesito desarrollar un chatbot de whatsapp. al número de WhatsApp al qué se accede desde la aplicación twilio (), donde también estará el código del chatbot en construcción. Este chat tendrá la funcionalidad de tomar requerimientos de personas que necesitan algún servicio, el usuario selecciona una opción escribiendo un número, luego mediante api debemos crear el ticket en la plataforma zendesk (), crear el contacto en la plataforma zendesk, mostrar el estado de los ticket asociados al contacto de la plataforma zendesk y editar el ticket seleccionado por el usuario en la plataforma zendesk Adjunto una imagen con el flujo

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    ...AGREEMENT REACHED BASED ON THE SOLUTION OFFERED. FREELANCERS WITH CREATIVITY TO THINK AND PROPOSE FUNCTIONS AROUND THIS SOLUTION THAT I HAVENT THOUGHT ABOUT WILL BE PRIORITIZED. PLS INCLUDE SOME LINK/INFO TO PORTFOLIO OF PRIOR WORKS DONE IN FIRST MESSAGE. THANKS! I need to check first if the solution can be effective enough for the tasks. Key project requirements: - No third-party services like Twilio should be used. - The solution should be compatible with Android v9 and above. - Preferred languages for development are Java and Python, or other as needed chosen for their stability, simplicity and adaptability. - The programming solution needs to be able to integrate the necessary AI model or algorithm, whether that be Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Dee...

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    I am seeking a skilled developer to seamlessly integrate Twilio API to send messages through WhatsApp, triggered by my PyTorch-based AI Detection Model. This integration is vital to enhancing my project's ability to communicate its findings directly via WhatsApp. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in PyTorch: As the AI model is based on PyTorch, deep understanding and experience with this library are crucial. - Experience with Twilio API: The freelancer should have prior experience in integrating Twilio API, specifically for sending WhatsApp messages. - Ability to Send Both Text Messages and Images: The project involves sending not just text alerts but also images detected by the AI model, requiring the freelancer to handle media files proficiently. **Ideal Skills ...

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    I am in need of a proficient Laravel and Twilio developer to enhance the privacy and security of our website's user-to-user communication. Key requirements of the project include: 1) Twilio Masked Numbers Integration: Enable private phone numbers for our Laravel site's registered users. This feature needs to ensure our users' communication is secure and their real numbers aren't disclosed to each other, enhancing their privacy. 2) User-to-User Communication: The Twilio masked numbers should specifically enable communication between registered users of the site. As such, proficiency in building secure communication features is essential. Ideal candidates should have demonstrable experience with both Laravel framework and Twilio's function...

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    I seek an experienced developer to integrate a WhatsApp web interface into my existing app, built using Vue and Laravel 10, with Twilio functionality. In pursuit of enhanced communications, this new feature should enable: - Starting a new conversation. - Sending and receiving messages, whether text-based or in the form of audio, video, or files. The perfect candidate will have experience with JavaScript (specifically Vue JS), PHP (specifically Laravel 10), and the Twilio API. Familiarity with WhatsApp web development will significantly strengthen your bid. This is a brilliant opportunity for someone passionate about enhancing communication tools within an already robust application.

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    A requirement is that you have data analyst experience. The project should be completed by (eob Tuesday 20 Feb). The project is focused on collecting and analysing numerical data to understand competitor pricing. Data to be collected: SMS outbound price / country. You are requested to collect price level data of SMS providers such as (Vonage, Twilio, Plivo, and the other main competitors. Provide the collected data in excel and make conclusions about Vonage pricing of SMS outbound service compared to the other competitors (per country).

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    For my project, I'm seeking a highly skilled developer who is experienced with plugin customization and integrating APIs. Main Goal: - To customize the Twilio addon for Gravity form, and enable it to use the WhatsApp Gateway API instead of the current Twilio integration for WhatsApp services. Required Task Details: - Revise the Twilio plugin code to utilize the WhatsApp Gateway API. - Ensure the custom WhatsApp service successfully sends template messages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced knowledge of plugin code customization. - Proven experience in working with Gravity Form and Twilio addon. - Excellent understanding of WhatsApp Gateway API. - Capability to effectively integrate the custom API to the existing system. This project demands tec...

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    Buscamos talento con amplio dominio en desarrollo web usando Laravel, con fuerte experiencia en la integración de Twilio para comunicaciones y experiencia en aplicaciones de WhatsApp. Habilidad para crear soluciones innovadoras y escalables. ¡Únete a nuestro equipo y haz la diferencia en la tecnología!

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer proficient in Twilio and Microsoft Teams integration. Im already using MS Team but need to set up Twilio and messaging. I also have a Twilio account. I need to enable the text ability and integre it with MS Teams. I need to creat a relationship with the developer for a long relation.

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    ...that running on a server and given a phone number and pin dials in and downloads all new voicemails (saving audio and header information for each one separately). This must be versatile / configurable enough to reliably work with a variety of phone service providers (mobile and landline and business). The current system uses Python Django and Twilio APIs with Deepgram for transcription / recognition. Issues with current code: * DTMF tones drop the Twilio live call socket connection. During the re-connect phase we run into the sync issue and some of the call payload is missed. * Header (timestamp and caller) is not properly separated from message. Success of the project: * Work with the code to figure out how the voicemail call tree could be navigated properly * Figure...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned freelancer to aid in the integration of the MightyCall API into my existing website, for the purpose of automating call handling. Here is the API Documentation: https://ccapi.mightycal...purchase page, notification emails, and all the processes before the point where the call needs to be generated, and then processing after receiving the response back. I simply need the "API piece" that initiates a call, and receives a response of the duration and order ID#. I will provide you with a sample code to start with, and you will basically just fill it in with the API calls. (I added Twilio as a required skill, because I thought that may be similar to MightyCallAPI to attract ) Please let me know a ballpark estimate/range for this API integration ...

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    I am seeking a proficient Twilio expert who can build an SMS texting bot that caters specifically to my customers. Key Functionality: - Automated Responses: The bot must be capable of efficient auto-reply functionality to enhance real-time customer engagement. - Manages Inquiries: Importantly, it needs to accurately handle different customer inquiries by providing instant, appropriate responses. Primary Purpose: The main objective of this bot is to deliver substantial customer support, thus ensuring seamless communication and, consequently, boosting overall customer satisfaction. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Previous experience in developing SMS texting bots with Twilio - Proven skills in programming languages compatible with Twilio - Experience in using chat ...

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    ...Ocean, ensuring a streamlined and clean installation while removing redundant files. Technical Requirements - Proficiency in WordPress and PHP Laravel, with a strong understanding of their integration and functionality. - Experience with database management, particularly with MySQL, and handling large datasets. - Capability in API integration and familiarity with communication technologies such as Twilio/WebRTC. - Demonstrated expertise in conducting platform migrations with minimal downtime and data integrity preservation. Timeline and Deliverables Aware of the typical duration such projects demand, we have allocated a strict timeline due to pressing business needs. The client website must be completed by February 7, 2024, and the CRM by February 11, 2024. This accelerated sch...

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    I'm in need of a professional to seamlessly integrate Twilio services within my current Mulesoft application. Here's what I'm expecting: - Integrate Twilio to send SMS notifications from my app. - Ensure robust and scalable implementation. - Work with Mulesoft as the primary platform. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with Twilio APIs. - Familiarity with Mulesoft integration. - Ability to implement without traditional coding (no-code solutions). - Problem-solving skills with attention to detail. - Strong communication and timely delivery. By joining this project, you'll help enhance communication capabilities for my users, making the system more interactive and responsive. Your expertise is crucial for the smooth operation of these features.

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    I'm in need of a web-based Twilio (or alternative) application that ties in seamlessly with GPT Chat. The app must have certain features including: - Two-way SMS messaging: Enabling users to both send and receive SMS through the chat interface. - Integration with GPT Chat: A seamless integration that will allow SMS messages to be sent directly through the GPT chat. - User authentication: A robust user identification system to ensure the safety of user data. Proficiency in Twilio API, GPT Chat, and web-based development is required. Additionally, an understanding of user authentication systems will be highly beneficial. Quick turnaround is expected.

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    I am seeking a seasoned Python developer to create a simple customer support system utilizing the Twilio API and for WhatsApp communication. A brief of the project requirements is as follows: - Develop a chat messaging support system (only the backend part to receive message, send message and threads) - The system should solely process and respond to text messages. - Focus on facilitating one-on-one conversations only. Key skills required include Python programming, Twilio API expertise, and experience with chat systems. Understanding of user interface design for streamlined user experiences would be beneficial, though not necessarily required. I look forward to discussing further details with potential partners.

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    Hi, Im looking for a dev team (not freelancers) who's willing to make my website go live and maintain in the long-term as long as im not stopping with it. Converting figma file as making it responsive and smooth is the main priority. Everything regarding requirements and figma...Converting figma file as making it responsive and smooth is the main priority. Everything regarding requirements and figma design is inside the file. Budget is also the max dont ask for more. My project is about 2 things. First thing is account verification with temporary numbers or rental numbers for 30 days. These numbers are being obtained by MVNOs through APIs. Second is SMS messaging through twilio API which is straight forward. If you're willing to work with it send me a message and w...

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    ...successfully submitted, it will notify the company owner by both text message and email. Email will contain the full order or updated order and give indication if it is a new order or update to an existing order, and will include all input fields values. Text messages will have a shortened version of this data due to character limits in text message format. For text messages, we will integrate with Twilio to automate this process of sending text. Also somewhere in the global scope we will need to identify the phone number of the user to make this work. The data will be available to the user to see their past orders up to 60 days in the past, and for the accounting side, it will allow Admin to create invoice based on delivery date data. When an invoice is created, it is stored b...

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    I need an expert developer to create an automation feature within my Perfex CRM, tailored specifically to enhancing lead engagement and data capture, with integration expertise for CodeIgniter, PHP, and Twilio. Tasks: - Develop a workflow to send a personalized link to each lead. - Code must capture additional custom fields and documents from leads. Requirements: - Experience with CodeIgniter and PHP. - Proficient in integrating Twilio for SMS communications. - Familiarity with Perfex CRM customization is a plus. - Ability to handle secure data transmission and storage. Custom Fields: - Creation of a system to capture custom fields and documents. - Ensure fields are easily accessible and manageable within the CRM. Ideal Candidate: - Proven track record with CRM and wo...

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    I need a skilled web developer, ideally one who has experience with or is willing to learn Twilio. The primary task will be to build a new website system that integrates Twilio's voice call functionality. Core Responsibilities: - Develop a responsive web-based system from scratch - Effectively implement Twilio's voice call feature within the system - Ensure system stability and optimal performance Ideal Skills and Experience: - Robust understanding of web development principles - Prior experience with (or willingness to learn) Twilio technology - Versatility and adaptability in learning and applying new technologies This is a long-term project, and you will have an opportunity to grow and develop your skills over time. I look forward to working with a dedicated ...

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    ...construct a straight-forward, easy-to-navigate application that utilizes - chatgpt and twilio. The goal is to create an application that can successfully receive calls and deliver accurate responses to the caller's inquiries. Key Responsibilities/Skills: - Develop a web-based application that is not only functional but also simplistic and user-friendly. - Implement Amazon Polly and chatGPT into the application to ensure smooth and efficient voice interaction. - Integrate twilio for call reception and control. - Devise a caller identification system that collects names and location data. Ideal Candidates Should have: - Solid expertise in web development. - Experience in Amazon Polly, chatgpt, and twilio. - Data collection and management skil...

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    I am seeking an experienced developer with a strong background in Twilio APIs, specifically SMS messaging and voice calls. I have a set of specific requirements to achieve my project's objectives. I am in need of the following features: - Custom Twilio API that can handle SMS messaging - Implementation of Twilio voice call functionality Your responsibilities will include: • Developing the API to fulfill specific requirements • Ensuring smooth integration of the API into existing systems • Running rigorous tests to ensure system stability • Providing post-deployment support I am seeking a professional who has: • Familiarity with Twilio APIs • Strong experience in backend programming • A proven track record with A...

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    I am seeking an experienced developer to create an...project include: - Developing a bot that can effectively manage customer service inquiries - Implementing realistic and responsive dialogue that enhances user experience - Ensuring seamless integration within the WhatsApp environment Ideal candidates for this project should demonstrate: - Prior experience in chat bot development, especially WhatsApp bots. - Familiarity with platforms such as Twilio, Dialogflow, or WhatsApp Business API. - An appreciation of cutting edge conversational interfaces and AI-driven solutions. When applying, please include relevant examples of your past work. Your portfolio should clearly show your capabilities and experience in this niche, which will be crucial to the successful completion of thi...

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    ...see how it's done. This is a somewhat advanced task, knowledge of Twilio API will be useful. Goal: Make and receive a phone call from our app using Twilio phone number to a normal phone. In this manner, two people should be able to talk to each other on the phone in real time, just like a normal phone call. When a phone calls the Twilio number, the phone running our app should ring. The library works on both Android and iOS and the app you build needs to as well. We also need to be able to receive a phone call too which might require push notifications. The problem (making it work with Expo): Use Twilio’s react native library: Use React Native with Expo Use Zustand Do not use

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    Requirement: Video chat integration into my existing system. - Platforms: Some options are Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Agora, Jitsi, Twilio etc depending on what suits us the best. - Maximum Participants: The video chat function should be tailored for a virtual fair context, accommodating initiation of chats with a flexible number of customers. Ideal candidate possesses strong experience with several video chat platforms

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    I'm urgently seeking an expert with understanding and experience in Twilio TwiML and ChatGPT integration. As a part of the project, • You'll need to develop a turn-based bi-directional flow that can transcribe live audio from calls, send this transcription to ChatGPT for a response, generate the reply, and then use a TTS server to convert this response back into audio to be played in the call. • You must be able to handle multiple simultaneous calls. Preparing the system to manage numerous calls concurrently will be an essential part of this job. Having prior hands-on experience with real-time transcription and using ChatBots for the same would significantly enhance your chances of success for this project. A demonstrated ability to handle real-time, multiple...

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    ...check-ins for each person added to their list (ie. weekly, monthly) 4) user reviews and sends text message to selected loved ones notifying them that they were chosen and instructing them to opt-in to ongoing automated text reminders C. Loved ones click a link in the text they received from the subscriber to opt-in to the automated texts D. Automated Text deployment - set up with something like Twilio. Would need to include opt-out and ability for friend to change reminder frequency E. Feature management tools (1. Modify list & contact frequencies 2. show which loved ones have accepted/opted-in, ability to re-invite those who havent 3. Ability to send life updates 4. Modify subscription)...

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    ...Synchronization: Synchronize patient data and their visit history between the booking system and EDM. 3. Patient Card Module • Creation of Patient Cards: Develop functionality for creating and managing patient cards, including medical history, notes, etc. • Data Security: Ensure the protection of personal patient data in compliance with GDPR. 4. Integration with Twilio for SMS Notifications • Twilio Configuration: Integrate with Twilio to send automated SMS notifications about upcoming appointments. • Message Customization: Ability to customize the content of sent notifications. 5. User Interface and UX • UI/UX Design: Design the user interface for managing booking and patient cards. • Responsiveness: Ensure that the system is responsiv...

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    As a business, we are looking to make our communication more effective through the use of a Fanvil telephone primarily for making and receiving c...more effective through the use of a Fanvil telephone primarily for making and receiving calls. Key Requirements: - The person needs to be based in London - Set up of multiple channels for enhanced communication. - Ability to interface the Fanvil telephone with our existing VoIP system (Twilio). - Provide general assistance in setting up, usage, and troubleshooting. Ideal skills for this job would be: - Deep understanding of Fanvil telephones and equivalent devices. - Experience with VoIP systems (Twilio). - Excellent problem-solving skills for technical troubleshooting. - Experience setting up multiple communication channels on...

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    Website is built PHP, code igniter and i...public find local plumbers for free. We were using Twilio to forward the calls directly to the plumbers and also verifications. Worked well until my developer slipped up and exposed an API of which Twilio took as a fraud.....for months now we have gotten nowhere.....and I hired 2 more developers which also really didnt know Twilio.....and quit, soon the phones will not work....at all. Twilio cannot or will not make any recommendations as to pointing us in right direction to find an expert in there product and fix what has broken....... In my search for a API expert have found that telnyx does what twilio does but they too, don't have any resources to suggest.......so that has me searching the USA for an ex...

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    Necesito un desarrrollador con experiencia en realizar la integración de twilio para recepción de mensajes entrantes a whatsapp. - Tenemos la cuenta creada en Twilio - Hemos validado un numero desde la consola de Twilio mediante Meta business account Solicito: - Habilitar la recepción del código de verificación de whatsapp mediante la configuración de webhooks entrantes - Integración de Twilio con la web realizada en React

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    ...en el proyecto Izing. Es esencial que el candidato tenga sólidos conocimientos en todos los lenguajes de programación .js asociados con este proyecto para la escalabilidad efectiva de funciones. Requisitos: Experiencia demostrada con el proyecto Izing. Competencia en todos los lenguajes de programación .js utilizados por Izing. Habilidad para integrar servicios de SMS masivo, preferiblemente Twilio, o en su defecto, opciones alternativas como la utilización de Android como puerta de enlace. Instrucciones para los Postulantes: Por favor, absténganse de enviar propuestas generadas automáticamente. Busco un profesional comprometido y consciente de los requisitos específicos del proyecto. Incluyan en su propuesta detalles sobre pr...

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    ... Some example Videos: (most liked) (Preferred)...

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    ...expect to handle more than 10 concurrent calls. The scenario is as follows: - The Asterisk PBX is hosted on AWS on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - The asterisk PBX is able to make and receive calls already with the regular dial plan. Based on existing endpoints in conjunction with a Twilio elastic sip trunk. - As a second option we want Asterisk to dial a whatsapp endpoint. - We don't want any 3th party subscription options. - Any information on what Whatsapp Gateway service we can use appreciated. We prefer Twilio. But are not sure if Twilio is offering a Sip to Whatsapp Gateway service - You will build the script / library that enables asterisk to terminate calls to a whatsapp endpoint. - Asterisk is build from source. - A AWS Vps to work on can be provided Here is what...

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    I need an experienced developer to create a call service integrated with AI. Basically the service consists of having a backend to process the calls, my idea initially is to use something like Twilio Voice or some other suggestion. Then create an integration logic where there will be endpoints that I can call to make these calls. Twilio Voice offers various forms of communication, being able to send messages during the call and play audio. What I need is: Twilio integration to make the call -> Receive the audio from the call and transcribe it (I believe Twilio already does this) -> Process it quickly with AI (OpenAI) -> And use a text-to-speech model to transform the message into voice (using stream). Basically the project would be like this, an exa...

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    I am looking for a developer who can connect our SMS provider, Twilio, to our GHL CRM using the API. We already have API documentation from the SMS provider, so the developer will need to use this to set up the integration. Our GHL CRM is already set up to integrate with APIs, so no additional setup is required. This should be done in two different GHL Subaccounts. Skills and Experience: - Experience working with Twilio API - Familiarity with GHL CRM and its API integration - Strong understanding of API documentation and ability to implement it into the CRM system

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    I am looking for a developer to create a SMS gateway application or service using the Twilio API. The ideal candidate should have experience in the following: - Python, Java, or PHP programming language - Ability to send/receive SMS messages - Familiarity with managing contacts and groups - Knowledge of scheduling SMS messages - Experience in developing applications for the Windows platform If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal. Thank you!

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    Integration of Ezlynx API and Other Development Tasks Project Description: We are seeking a skilled developer to assist us in setting up and utilizing the Ezlynx API, as well as provide expertise in other related services such as Twilio and Vonage development. The primary focus of this project is to integrate the Ezlynx API into our insurance agency operations, specifically for adding, deleting, updating contacts, and policies. We are also looking for assistance in configuring the token and secret required to access the Ezlynx API. Scope of Work: Token and Secret Setup: Assist in setting up the necessary token and secret for accessing the Ezlynx API. Create an Applicant: Develop a Postman collection with working examples to create new applicants in Ezlynx. Update an Applicant:...

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    ...area. We have attached a project overview as its pretty basic in operation but it is important that it just works and the matching algorithm for when a new user submits a lead via our frontend form it successfully submits into our business user platform and matches with the correct users. Then sends out an alert for a new lead matching to their business. We'll use both email and SMS using the Twilio app. The thing is we have 5 of these websites to build but they are each a copy of each other except the category of work changes so limited amount of work to replicate. budget is $500 for the first platform then $50 bonus milestone payments to copy and change name of each website. budget will be $500 and then the additional milestones will be made. We are building the...

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    Twilio Developer Needed for Voice Calls and SMS Integration Skills and Experience: - Experience with Twilio API and integration - Proficiency in web-based application development - Knowledge of voice call and SMS messaging functionality - Familiarity with Twilio's platform and capabilities Project Details: - The client is seeking a Twilio developer to integrate voice calls and SMS messaging into a web-based application. - The ideal candidate should have experience working with Twilio's API and be proficient in web development. - The project has a flexible timeframe for completion, allowing for efficient and thorough integration. - The developer will be responsible for implementing Twilio's voice call and SMS functionality into the client's web app...

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    I am looking for an experienced computer engineer to create, develop, and configure a connection using Telnyx, Twilio, or other similar platforms. The project is for personal use and requires both voice and SMS capabilities. There is no specific deadline for completion. Skills and experience required: - In-depth knowledge of Telnyx, Twilio, or similar platforms - Expertise in configuring voice and SMS connections - Strong understanding of computer engineering principles - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to connection setup and configuration - Good communication skills to ensure smooth collaboration throughout the project

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    ...button [ send / share ] :: App has a second page the works as a web browser and shows the link ### Third part library ( GPS location ) : :: Use flutter_background_geolocation library ( ) :: ### Third part library ( sms phone number verification ) : :: We will use Twilio Verify product ( ) ### Terms of use Here is a sample of Terms of Use of another App that we yhink that is nice: ### Our web server ### Project Duration: The initial task is expected to take 6-8 days ( but there is no problem if it take 15

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    Project Title: Twilio Set up - Advanced SMS Messaging Integration I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with the following requirements for my existing system: Specific Twilio Services: - SMS messaging: I need assistance in integrating Twilio's SMS messaging service into my system. Integration with Existing System: - Yes, I have an existing system: The freelancer should be able to seamlessly integrate Twilio's SMS messaging service with my current system. Level of Customization: - Advanced (completely customized): I require extensive customization of the Twilio services to meet my specific requirements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Twilio's SMS messaging service - Proficient in integrating third-party ser...

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    Project Title: Twilio rate limiting Description: I am looking for a developer who can help me with rate limiting to prevent SMS flooding attacks on our Twilio OTP service. The ideal candidate should have experience with Twilio API and be familiar with rate limiting concepts. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of Twilio Messaging API - Understanding of rate limiting concepts - Experience in troubleshooting and resolving rate limiting issues - Ability to provide both temporary fixes and long-term solutions - Familiarity with Twilio Voice API and Video API is a plus Please note that rate limiting issues are encountered rarely, so the focus of this project is to find a long-term solution rather than temporary fixes.

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