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    ada projek opensource yang bagus di github, yakni whaticket, dan saya tertarik untuk mengembangkannya menjadi sass program,

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    Tempat mencari jawapan mcm stackoverflow, Reddit dan github tapi untuk students university dan sekolah. Dia tempt untuk bertanya soalan dan beri jawapan dan pandangn jika tak dapat faham apa yang diajar oleh lecture or rakan sekelas..dan tempar berkongsi idea dan pandangan.. bukan tempat meniru assignment atau home work. Dan ad lecture dan student dari tempt lain.. lecture akan menjawab soalan yang ditanya oleh pelajar.. dia mcm google kalau kita tidak tahu kita akan bertanya google cara nak buat sesuatu.

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    OpenSID adalah sistem informasi desa open source (). Kami mencari programmer PHP/Codeigniter berpengalaman untuk mengembangkan modul keuangan yg melaporkan data SISKEUDES. Harus berpengalaman menggunakan git, Github dan terbiasa membuat pull request ke repository Github. Anda perlu paham database SISKEUDES dan mengerti aplikasi keuangan.

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    go-jeck clone Tamat left

    saya ingin membuat aplikasi seperti go-jek/grabbike/uber, untuk diimplementasikan di kota saya. namun pilihan armadanya tidak hanya sepeda motor. mohon disediakan form untuk input jenis armada. kemungkinan : - innova - avanza - becak bermotor - sepeda - sepeda motor pilihan service / layanan sama dengan go-jek, yakni : - mengantar /jemput barang/makanan/belanjaan - mengantar /jemput orang

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    Ada yang punya script atau clone website seperti addmefast atau like4like?? PM me for harga.. Jangan lebih dari 1juta ya gan.. Thanks

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    We are seeking a skilled freelancer to replicate the vendor signup page of and integrate it with our existing backend Java Spring API. The goal of this project is to recreate the functionality and design of the mentioned webpage while ensuring seamless integration with our backend system. Project Requirements: Page Replication: Create a replica of the WeddingBazaar vendor pages, including all the fields, form layout, and design elements. Ensure that the replicated page maintains the same visual appeal, responsiveness, and user experience as the original webpage. Implement proper form validation to ensure the accuracy and completeness of user-submitted data. Java Spring API Integration: Utilize the provided Java Spring API to integrate the replicated vendor signup page with our existi...

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    Fuzzing open source system 6 hari left

    out project is divided in 2 phases.  phase 1  peform fuzzing analysis on a open source system. The open source is public repository and available on GitHub.  the codes are written in C++. We have to to perform fuzz prepare script and create a github for this project.  phase 2  we have to perform Pentest / attack vulnerability from the analysis and outout of phase 1. 

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    stuck on clone html 6 hari left

    I need to copy my html elements because in my application the original will be hidden

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    ...URL. We want to detect human in the live feed. Live feed runs for 24hrs but our hours of importance is only an 8hr shift where we want the app/program to alert us whenever a human is detected in the region of interest. The region of interest will change for each camera and must be customizable via some gui (basic). Whenever a human is detected in region of interest, the program should highlight which camera the human is detected in. Kindly answer, whether you will run an AI program on each unique url (each having 1 camera feed) or on 1 collective page (each having 40/64 iframes of live feed) Required: 1. AI Prog (most probably can take one from Github, many are available) 2. Detection must be real time (no delays) 3. Detection only for limited hours each day, within re...

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    I am looking for a skilled Reactjs and Django developer to help me add 2 pages to my existing github project. The purpose of the new pages is to display additional information. I am open to the freelancer's design expertise, but I am looking for interactive elements such as sliders and buttons to be included on the pages. The ideal candidate should have experience with Reactjs and Django, as well as a strong understanding of web design and user experience. This is the Project The additional Pages are: 1. Add page to scan, Select the stage and then scan the QR code, the QR should have the following details which would be sent to the server 2. Add a page to upload product file which will add to the Kanban automatically, show this as a table

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    Android app customization 6 hari left

    I need and android app (existing github project) to be customized. The app is a messenger client, in C and Java. It can send and receive files. I need to add viewer function so that it can open view 3D STL/PLY/Obj files when it receive them.

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    I need android app (existing github project) to be customized. The app is a messenger to client, in C and Java, no server code. It can send and receive files. I need to add viewer function so that it can open view 3D STL/PLY/Obj files when it receive them. The app should support both smartphones and tablets.

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    I propose the following topic: Developing a CMS (similar to WordPress) from scratch using PHP for an e-commerce website. The CMS should be bui...(CRUD) with role management and email account validation Page management (CRUD) with front-end menu management Comment management with moderation or reporting features generation SEO optimization (Title, meta description, etc.) Front-end template management (fonts, colors, etc.) Expectations: The solution should be deployed online (MANDATORY) using a service like GitHub repository Docker for development environment setup Techniques: Namespace Singleton MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture Please let me know if you have any questions or if there are any specific requirements you would like to discuss. Thank you.

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    I wo...needed through only two steps, the first is specifying his location and the second is entering his phone number Then this information is sent to the nearest teams on the road that receive this information through a special application on the phones of these teams that enables them to receive this information (the location and the customer’s phone number).This idea is similar to an application such as Uber or Carriage, but the difference is that we want the request to be through a website and there is no need for customers to download an application important note: If you are interested in this project, you should read the details and send the word “I understand the project” and you can ask questions directly without the need to waste time and repeat all the...

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    Swahili voiceover 5 hari left

    Tuna furaha kuwaletea EXSAV MOTORCYCLES. Hili ni duka la manguo na Vifaa via Pikipiki kutoka Uingereza. Hapa tumewachagulia vitu vya hali ya juu sana ili kuwapatia faraja unapoendesha Pikipiki yako unafurahia. Tunavovileta ni baina ya Harley Davidson, Maeving, Indian motorcycle, Uber bikes, BMW, Suzuki, Shar race pro na mengine mengi. Tembea kwa duka letu, Mita 100 kutoka makutano ya barabara ya Kangundo na bypass, stegi ya Mawe mbili, ama upige namba ya simu 0705263142/0706080416 Kwa habari zaidi, au kuwasilisa.

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    ...Jinja2 to generate an HTML and PDF report. The primary requirement is to enhance both the HTML and PDF report with better formatting and styling. You will be provided some sample reference to improve those reports. You must have good knowledge of Python, Jinja2, HTML, JS and CSS to complete this task. Additional requirement include is to understand the tool well and write the wiki content (in github) to cover what the tool does, various options available, HOPTO guide etc. This is a minor task. The tool is relatively smaller in terms of features and options. If you do a great job, you will have future python projects. Preference will be given if you can share samples of your work with Jinja2 or if you could quickly writeup something in python+Jinja2 to generate reports to ...

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    Fix my mysql db 5 hari left

    We had a power failure and our db crashed we tried innodb_force_recovery from 1 to 6 but can still not get into the db We need some...:0(__GI_raise)[0x7febd3b43387] :0(__GI_abort)[0x7febd3b44a78] /usr/libexec/mysqld(+0x63845f)[0x5609fdfdc45f] /usr/libexec/mysqld(+0x638f69)[0x5609fdfdcf69] /usr/libexec/mysqld(+0x73b504)[0x5609fe0df504] /usr/libexec/mysqld(+0x730487)[0x5609fe0d4487] /usr/libexec/mysqld(+0x63b17d)[0x5609fdfdf17d] /usr/libexec/mysqld(+0x62f0f6)[0x5609fdfd30f6] pthread_create.c:0(start_thread)[0x7febd5414ea5] /lib64/libc.so.6(clone+0x6d)[0x7febd3c0bb0d] The manual page at contains information that should help you find out what is causing the crash. 230527 18:29:17 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/run/mariadb/ ended

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    10 Version 2 issues listed in GitHub project.

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    ...should use artificial intelligence to determine accurate size for the user then it will show the try-on feature on the user itself). All types of clothing items including outerwear and swimwear should be available for virtual trial. If you’re up for the challenge, I invite you to submit a proposal and discuss your ideas. DISCLAIMER - THE CODE/SOFTWARE SHOULD BE YOUR OWN , NOT TO BE COPY PASTED FROM GITHUB,YOUTUBE,GOOGLE OR CHATGPT OTHERWISE CAHRGES WILL BE FINED...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to install the Uber-Uploader CGI Perl Script on my website. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in installing CGI Perl Scripts. Requirements: - The freelancer should have access to a web hosting service that supports CGI scripts. - The script does not have any custom requirements. - No ongoing maintenance or support is needed after installation. If you have experience in installing CGI Perl Scripts and can fulfill the above requirements, please apply for this job. Bid if you have idea and worked on Uber-Uploader to install it on web server. I have Uber-Uploader CGI Perl Script. Here is its link and check before you bid:

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    Step 1: pre-processing - You need to preprocess the train and test data given in the github repo. - make sure at the end you get text and label in the data - after this combined the data (train + test). This is final dataset which will be used for experimentation Step 2: Preparing data for experimentation - divide the data into 5 folds having random_state = 1 - these five folds will go into models Step 3: Training Baselines - Train 3 machine learning model (Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, SVM) and evaluate on 5 folds - Train 3 deep learning model (DNN, CNN, LSTM) and can use any word embeddings which you feel would work. - Train 3 BERT models for text classification (BERT, RoBERTa, DistilRoberta), for this you can use "simple transformers" library Step 4: Reporting R...

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    I am seeking an experienced Python developer to customize the user interface (UI) of Dreamstudio, an image editor that utilizes an API. The project involves forking the StableStudio GitHub repository and reskinning the UI according to a provided template. The ideal candidate should have strong Python proficiency, experience working with APIs, familiarity with image editing tools, and the ability to implement basic functionality for a WebApp. Good communication skills are also essential for smooth collaboration. The project timeline is around 4-6 days,

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    Tester idioma español 4 hari left

    Habailidades que se requieren Diseñar un plan de testing. Automatizar Procesos Dependiendo de los requerimientos solicitados, definir los pasos de prueba, bien sean técnicos, funcionales o no funcionales. Definir las pruebas de integra...registrar el suceso y hacer seguimiento de su corrección. Generar estadísticas en relación a las pruebas realizadas. Participar en el diseño de los sistemas de elaboración de pruebas funcionales. Ejecutar Test de perfomance. Ejecutar Test de aceptación. Ejecutar Test de usabilidad. Ejecutar Test de navegabilidad. Ejecutar Test de instalación. Requisitos. Tener conocimientos de, Notion, trello, Github, contar con dispositivos android y IOS y tambien emuladores android y ios Solo persona...

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    The candidate will develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns promoting the organization's products and services. The candidate will majorly enhance brand awareness, drive web traffic, and acquire leads/customers. Key Responsibilities: . Competitor SEO Analysis . High traffic listing . Rank 50+ Keywords ove...trends and technologies Qualifications: • Degree in marketing, communications, or related field • 6+ years of experience in digital marketing or related field • Strong understanding of digital marketing channels, including SEO, social media, email marketing • Excellent analytical skills and experience with web analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) • Strong project management skills . Strong github knowledge . bakclink generatorion . cus...

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    Hi, I am searching for java backend developer that work with me to create some api services (using spring and mysql) to complete the web app java backend. I want to make sure before we go to interview if u have following skills We need a backend developer (huge plus if you are full stack developer) with 3+ years’ experience, with the following skills and requirement:  Java  Spring  Client-Server communication  Verify phone by SMS (firebase)  SQL language  Object Oriented Knowledge in the following tools is required:  Eclipse, Maven, xampp(Tomcat, MySQL Server), GitHub, Postman I need developer that have all of the above skills and ready to work with them from the first day. If you have all skills above, we can proceed to interview and if everything will go...

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    Website Clone 4 hari left

    one of our websites existing website onto another domain. everything will remain the same except login info

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    An online agent platform with kind of structure and Uber type of operation as it would give room for proper upload of apartment with google map aid for proper suggestion to tenants.

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    Hi, I need a clone of this site. I will provide domain hosting, videos, contents, brochure and some images, need to use good quality copyright free images. Need to develop the home page really stylish and creative. check the reference website's every portion- The header footer about us gallery location contact us and in side contact us portion. Let me once if you can do it.

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    Java script for Adobe 4 hari left

    ...function(msg,uri,e,h){ (msg); } } }); but I getting the following errror NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method. :Console undefined:Exec I can allow the security by going to edit preferance but I need someone who understand the privillage to set up a script I posting to post all the editable fields back to a webservice I looked on github it should look something like this ajax = (function(fURL) { (); ({ cVerb:"GET", cURL:fURL, oHandler: ajaxCallback}); (); }); // process the response ajaxCallback = { response:function(msg,uri,e){ var stream = msg; var string = ""; var error = e == undefined? 'No HTTP errors' : "ERROR: " + e;

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    We are currently seeking a reputable Android developer company to collaborate on our product, an application akin to Ola/Uber. Our platform is facing a few challenges related to GPS and other technical aspects that need immediate attention. Essential Qualifications: A minimum of 5 years' experience working on Android development, specifically on GPS related functionality. Proven track record of creating and managing location-based applications. At least one application on Google Play Store with over 30,000 active users. Job Description: Rectifying existing issues with phone GPS in our application. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of GPS functionalities and issues related to accuracy and updates. Sending continuous location data, maint...

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    Dimeterai Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    ...para aumentar a segurança e facilitar as transações. Outra funcionalidade que estou interessado em adicionar é a capacidade de lançar novos tokens diretamente na plataforma. Assim, os usuários poderão lançar seus próprios tokens e nós poderíamos fornecer uma espécie de "launchpad" para novos projetos. Também planejo cobrar uma taxa por cada transação de lançamento de token. O projeto p2pix no GitHub () pode servir como uma referência útil para o tipo de funcionalidade que estou procurando. Além disso, será necessário desenvolver um painel administrativo para gerenciar as transações e o lançamento de tok...

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    I am looking for a mobile application developer to create an an app similar to Uber for both iOS and Android platforms. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing mobile applications using react native and a database of their own choice. The app must have all the basic features for an Uber like app, user UI, driver UI, admin dashboard, payment, map.. etc The developer should be able to deliver a fully functional mobile application. The developer or the team should communicate the total cost and time frame to deliver.

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    App like Uber Eats 3 hari left

    Briefly, I am looking for a developer to create an app similar to Uber Eats for both iOS and Android platforms. The app must include in-app payment functionality using Stripe as the preferred payment gateway. Specific features required include: - In-app payment - Reviews - location locator - 6 app with 1 admin panel - Delivery tracking Ideal candidate should possess experience in developing similar apps, knowledge of Stripe payment gateway and expertise in both iOS and Android app development.

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    We are an ESports Broadcasting company, ESports County, focused on delivering high-quality live broadcasts of competitive gaming events. To enhance our production workflow and streamline the live broadcasting process, we seek a skilled freelancer to develop a software s...and MongoDB, we invite you to submit your proposal. Please include relevant examples of your previous work and any additional insights you can offer regarding the project's feasibility, potential challenges, or suggested improvements. We look forward to collaborating with a skilled professional to enhance our live broadcasting capabilities and improve the efficiency of our ESports broadcasts. Github Repo: Please find a sample GTZip for VMix in the attachments.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to customize a fully responsive HTML CSS JS, one page website. Major modifications will be required. The ideal candidate should have experience in HTML, CSS, JS, Next js and have the ability to make modifications and customizations to the website.

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    Mình cần build project mã nguồn mở từ github Ngôn ngữ: c và c++ Platform: Windows Chi tiết liên hệ mình sẽ gửi thông tin chi tiết Liên hệ Zalo: (Removed by Freelancer.com admin)

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    Need to embed stock and crypto chart with buy and sell markers Need buy and sell marker added to the chart provided in a MYSQL chart Tradingview charts can support both stock and crypto. Ideally would like to use Websocket Tradingview data or have solution for OHLC data feed for stock or crypto historic candle data. Need to embed chart in a Laravel environment

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    Hi Sreeraj V., You did a small project for me coupe of years back. I need to upgrade Moodle. We currently have Moodle 3.2. I need it to upgrage to 3.9 and then to lates stable 4. The site is life, so you will need to clone to subdomain or just have a copy in a differend folder with new database (we can discuss) Once the copy is upgraded and tested to ensure everything is working well, migrate to live. Let me knwo if you are up for it and the price

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    **Please note, if you want me to consider your proposal, send me a reference to a WordPress project and a Angular project, preferably a link to a GitHub project.** The objective of this task is to rework the WordLift plugin setup flow for whitelabel customers. The new setup flow is simplified, asks for very few details and requires a redeem code to perform the plugin activation. The redeem code is exchanged with a WordLift key which is stored in the WordLift plugin settings in WordPress. See the attached project requirements for more details.

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    Looking for Go Mechanic clone 3 hari left

    I'm in need of a similar app like Go Mechanic , both on the web and in a mobile app. I'm looking for a platform that is focused primarily on booking and scheduling, with payment integration and customer reviews and ratings. I require no customization or unique features, just the standard features that come with the platform. Ready-made solution is also welcome

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    Chatting and dating app similar to streamkar or live streaming like mico

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    I need to limit the google maps autoplace results in my flutter app to just my city (my budget is $35) i can send you the source code of the app or i can add you to github to check it :) remember oly $35 in budget

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    Hello, I am looking for a freelancer to create a food service system with delivery services. The project requires a combination of custom-built software and integration with existing platforms such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. The food service will offer restaurant dining, takeout/delivery, catering, and grocery/retail services. The business will have both a physical location and an online-only delivery option. The ideal candidate will have experience with developing custom software systems, as well as integrating with third-party platforms. They should also be familiar with the food service industry and have a deep understanding of order and delivery management. Key requirements: - Combination of custom-built software and integration with existing platforms - Restaurant dining,...

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    I need a React Native app developed for Android that can act as a feature similar to Truecaller, with a message popping up on the screen when an incoming call is received. This application is for personal use, not for an existing business or for starting a new enterprise. Basically, I am looking for an app that will alert me with a message on the screen whenever there is an incoming call.

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    I need and android app (existing github project) to be customized. The app is a messenger client, in C and Java, no server code. It can send and receive files. I need to add viewer function so that it can open view 3D STL/PLY/Obj files when it receive them. The app should support both smartphones and tablets.

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    We have launched the worlds first online television channel exclusively for the travel industry. Our aim is to secure a small percentage of the billions of dollars spent globally in booking fees every year. We are currently looking to fund the development of an...first online television channel exclusively for the travel industry. Our aim is to secure a small percentage of the billions of dollars spent globally in booking fees every year. We are currently looking to fund the development of an online reservations and booking platform capable of handling a significant volume of traffic originating world wide. In a nutshell What Airbnb was to hotels, what Uber was to taxis, The Travel Channel is to old TV networks and the travel industry. Take a look:

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    ...information paragraph. Add an image tag (<img>) for your photo. Include contact information, such as email and phone number. Create a list of skills using an unordered list (<ul>) and list items (<li>). Add links to your professional networking site profiles (e.g., GitHub, LinkedIn) using anchor tags. Projects section: Inside the "Projects" section, create multiple <article> elements to represent each project. Include the name of the project as a heading element. Link the project name to the GitHub repository or the project's GitHub Pages using an anchor tag. Add a screenshot of each project using an image tag. List the skills or technologies used for each project. Footer: Create an appropriate <footer> element. Include...

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    Scrape Food Delivery website 2 hari left

    Scrape Uber Eats website to obtain restaurant names and menus. No real-time updates required. Ideal candidate must have experience in web scraping and data extraction. Familiarity with Python or other web scraping tools is required. Attention to detail and accuracy is essential. We are looking to get: Menu items Prices Ratings Delivery fee

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    139 bida