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    I am in need of a highly-skilled Python coder with experience in creating and integrating APIs. Specifically, an API for a fingerprint biometric system on the web platform. The ideal candidate should: - Have a solid background in Python programming - Possess expertise in the development and integration of APIs - Have a deep understanding of fingerprint biometric systems and their respective data - Have experience coding on a web platform The end goal is to have a fingerprint recognition system on my web platform that is reliable, secure, and highly efficient. The selected API should be integrated into my platform seamlessly. Looking forward to seeing your bids.

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    Seret & jatuhkan gambar atau dokumen apa pun yang mungkin membantu menjelaskan ringkasan Anda di sini (Ukuran file maks: 25 MB).

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    Perlu mencari url api, scret keys dan endpoint dari mobile banking mereka dengan cari reverse engineering APK

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    Tolong cariin client yg membutuhkan engineering untuk plc, dcs, hmi, and SCADA. bagi hasil berdasarkan presentase margin dari projek

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    Kami adalah syarikat bumiputera dan menjalankan perniagaan dalam bidang Engineering. Kami mempunyai kilang.

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    saya adalah seorang grapich designer, saya sangat menghargai sebuah keaslian design jadi saya tidak akan memakai design oranglain untuk pekerjaan saya, saya kompeten dalam software coreldraw silahkan lihat curriculum vitae dan contoh design saya difile yang saya lampirkan

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    Pekerjaan jasa gambar yang bergerak dibidang civil engineering, piping, mechanical, instrument elektrical, Interior Design & Manufacturing Design dengan diiringi perencanaan, estimation, dan perhitungan anggaran biaya

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    prodip debnath 1/23/F-A, East basaboo, sobojbag, Dhaka Tel : 01819298544 E-mail : debnathpk7@

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    prodip debnath 1/23/F-A, East basaboo, sobojbag, Dhaka Tel : 01819298544 E-mail : debnathpk7@

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a dynamic website for me. This project involves the development of an AI chatbot with membership and payment features. The key objectives are: - **AI Chatbot:** I'm looking to integrate a chatbot with robust AI capabilities. The main purpose of this chatbot is to provide practice questions for exams and engage i...payment. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in developing AI chatbots and membership-based websites, with a strong emphasis on subscription models. Proficiency in Natural Language Processing is a must. Additionally, familiarity with payment gateway integrations and handling of user data securely is a big plus. If you have experience with e-learning platforms or online exam systems, it would b...

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    I'm looking for someone experienced in creating modern, user-friendly e-commerce websites to develop an online store for my silver jewelry business. Here's what the project entails: - The products sold will be earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, all made of silver. - The e-commerce w...comprehensive categorization system. Products must be organized by both their type (earrings, necklaces, bracelets) and collection (season, event). The ideal freelancer for this project: - Has a strong background in e-commerce website design and development. - Possesses excellent UI/UX skills to ensure a modern and easy navigation experience. - Has experience integrating efficient categorization systems to e-commerce websites. Looking forward to seeing your bids and discussing this proje...

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    ...- Internal calls that will be recorded - User and professional profiles - Notifications - Multi-language - Admin management options Ideal skills for this project: - Experience in developing multiplatform apps - Proficiency in creating user-friendly interfaces - Strong knowledge of in-app communication systems - Previous work with location-based services - Experience with developing apps with user-generated content - Multi-language app development experience - Previous work with rating systems and notifications. Más detalles en:

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    ...the field of electrical engineering. This model will be expected to perform the following tasks: - Answering technical queries - Providing tutorial guidance - Generating engineering reports – specifically in areas of Design, Testing, and Failure analysis - Developing and generating PLC code Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Strong background in electrical engineering - Experience working with or creating AI/ML models, particularly with GPT-3 - Knowledge of PLC code and its applications in electrical engineering - Strong writing skills and ability to convey technical information in a clear and concise manner Your primary role will be to guide the training of the model so that it can provide accurate and relevant answers, generate detail...

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    I need a seasoned Laravel PHP developer who can help me integrate and use SMTP for sending reminder emails to companies in my database. Key Requirements: ...need your help to properly integrate SMTP with my Laravel project - Email Sending: Your role will be to set up the system to send emails, in this case - reminder emails, appropriately. Ideal Experience and Skills: - Proven track record in PHP Laravel development - Strong understanding of SMTP principles and its integration into Laravel - Experience in developing and implementing email sending systems in Laravel. Your role is crucial in ensuring that the emails are sent seamlessly and that the reminder system is effective. Please reach out if you are confident in your Laravel and SMTP capabilities. I want the job completed ...

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    Windows Desktop App Developer 6 hari left

    ...network communication. Key Requirements: - Expertise in RAD Studio: You should be proficient in developing and customizing applications using RAD Studio. - Windows Desktop Development: Experience in building desktop applications for Windows operating system is essential. - Database Management: The application will need to handle database management efficiently. Prior experience with database systems is a plus. - Network Communication: The application should be capable of facilitating seamless communication over networks. Knowledge of networking protocols and security is a benefit. Your role will be to bring my vision to life, ensuring that the application is user-friendly, efficient, and secure. Please share relevant portfolio items and experience in your bid. Looking forward t...

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    Product Design and Manufacturing - I can great pleasure in creating 3D models. With ten years of experience in product development and testing, i have gained valuable insights into seamlessly transitioning from computer design to actual product - techniques such as 3D printing , CNC machining, pending, punching and laser cutting Engineering and reverse Engineering 2D/3D Technical Drawing and Drafting CNC and 3D Printing

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    I'm seeking a skilled android app developer to create a clean, professional application facilitating complaint management for a cable TV service. KEY FEATURE REQUIREMENTS: - Complaint submission: Users should be able to register complaints within the app, offering required ...constant information updates they require. - Notifications: Users should receive push notifications within the app for all complaint related updates. IDEAL CANDIDATE: The ideal candidate would have experience in android app development, particularly in designing and developing efficient customer service or complaint management systems. A keen eye for professional design to align with our brand identity is much needed. Familiarity with real-time tracking systems and notification integration wi...

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    I'm in need of a system that generates daily logs in text file format. Key Requirements: - Daily Log Generation: The system should automatically create logs on a daily basis. - Text File Format: All logs should be stored in a text file format. - Customizable Data: The system shou...in text file format. Key Requirements: - Daily Log Generation: The system should automatically create logs on a daily basis. - Text File Format: All logs should be stored in a text file format. - Customizable Data: The system should be flexible enough to include additional data fields in the future. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in developing automated logging systems and be proficient in handling text file generation. A strong understanding of scripting languages ...

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    ...potential hazards. - The sensors should be meticulously calibrated to ensure accurate and timely detection. - The integration should be seamless and robust, ensuring that the warnings are transmitted promptly and reliably. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in programming Studio 5000 V35 is a must. - Previous experience in designing, implementing and testing fire and gas detection systems is highly valued. - A strong understanding of safety regulations, particularly in industrial settings, is essential. - Knowledge of different types of sensors and their optimal use in various scenarios will be a plus. I am keen to work with a professional who can deliver a comprehensive system that seamlessly integrates different sensors and provides early warnings to mitigate r...

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    ...create an advanced Document AI system to revolutionize our book processing operations. This will involve a focus on automating tasks to speed up the process, including: - Text Extraction: Extracting the content from our books accurately, - Page Layout Analysis: Understanding the structure and layout of the pages. Your background should involve significant experience in developing Document AI systems and handling book processing tasks. A strong understanding of both text extraction and page layout analysis technologies is vital. We value precision and efficiency, so we're looking for a highly reliable and fast system. Your ability to implement a system that can improve our document search and retrieval is highly beneficial. Do not hesitate to share examples of similar proje...

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    ...offered by Royal Falcon Holdings: **Our Mission** To be the leading provider of smart city technology solutions, empowering cities to become more efficient, sustainable, and livable for all. **Our Vision** We deliver cutting-edge consultancy, software, hardware, and systems integration services that enable: * **Intelligent Transportation:** Optimize traffic flow, improve public transportation efficiency, and enhance pedestrian safety through AI-powered systems, connected infrastructure, and **Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for comprehensive traffic analysis and network planning.** * **Smart Energy Management:** Reduce energy consumption, optimize grid operations, and integrate renewable energy sources for a sustainable future. * **Connected Construction:*...

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    Technical Autocad Designer 6 hari left

    I'm looking for an Autocad designer to work on technical drawings, specifically in the field of electrical, RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan), and elevations. These drawings are intended for a project that req...electrical, RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan), and elevations. These drawings are intended for a project that requires a high level of detail to be effective. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Autocad software - Knowledge of technical drawing standards - Experience in creating detailed annotations - Previous work on technical drawings is a plus - Understanding of Electrical systems and RCP - Excellent communication and responsiveness The candidate should be able to work with me to ensure the drawings are in line with the vision and requirements ...

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    I'm in need of an Android app developer to create a social networking app with a focus on messaging. This project will require a deep understanding of Android development, social networking platforms, and user messaging systems. Key Features: - Development strictly for Android platform - Social networking app design and implementation - Focus on messaging system development

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    I'm in need of a skilled and exp...This is a fundamental requirement for facilitating the sale of services. - Appointment system: This is a unique requirement of my project. The system should allow customers to book appointments for the services they wish to purchase. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in e-commerce website design - Proven experience in implementing shopping carts - Experience with creating appointment systems on websites - Understanding of website security and user data protection I'm looking for a professional who can not only bring my website vision to life but also enhance it with their own insights and expertise. this website will be for a window tinting and car wrapping business. Include "CAR" in your proposal so I know you read...

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    I am looking to develop an e-commerce website with the primary goal of selling p...adults to professionals and seniors. An ideal candidate for this project would be: - Proficient in e-commerce website development. - Experience in creating inclusive, easy-to-navigate designs tailored for diverse end users. - Understanding the essence of an e-commerce platform dealing with physical products. - Strong knowledge of integrating secure payment systems, user-friendly shopping cart designs, and efficient delivery tracking systems. The website should not only function as a sales platform, but also hold capacity to inform, engage, and retain a diverse range of customers, emphasizing an intuitive shopping experience. Originality and dedication in providing post-project support are ...

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    Product Design and Manufacturing - I can great pleasure in creating 3D models. With ten years of experience in product development and testing, i have gained valuable insights into seamlessly transitioning from computer design to actual product - techniques such as 3D printing , CNC machining, pending, punching and laser cutting Engineering and reverse Engineering 2D/3D Technical Drawing and Drafting CNC and 3D Printing

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    I'm focused on increasing revenue through a system that will engage the general public. Key Requirements: - Implementation of a user registration and login system on the ...smooth sign-up process - It has to be designed with the general public in mind, being intuitive and easy to use Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in developing user registration and login systems - Strong understanding of user experience principles - Experience with designing for the general public, making the process engaging - Proficiency in relevant programming languages and frameworks to ensure smooth integration with the existing website - A creative approach to encourage user sign-ups and boost sales Proven track record in developing user registration and login systems Ideal...

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    I'm seeking a skilled optical engineer to design a parabolic reflector with an application in LED lighting. The ideal freelancer will have a well-rounded understanding of optical engineering design, particularly in reflector design. Key Tasks: - Designing a parabolic reflector suited for LED light bar - Conducting optics simulation to ensure optimal functionality. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in optical engineering, specifically reflector design. - Strong knowledge of parabolic and LED lighting systems. - Proficiency in optics simulation technologies.

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    I am seeking an experienced optical engineer to take on the task of designing high-grade optical systems for our innovative LED Light Bar project. Tasks Include: - Designing advanced optical systems focused on optimal light transmission - Evaluating and implementing design improvements - Conducting simulations and tests Optical Software: While no specific software requirements were initially indicated, proficiency with known optical design software like Zemax, Code V or COMSOL Multiphysics would be advantageous for the tasks needed. Open to suggestions based on what you are comfortable with. Ideal Candidate: - Previous experience with optical system design, preferably with a focus on LED or general lighting solutions. - Strong communication skills to effectively share ...

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    Flutter Video App Development 6 hari left

    I'm looking for a talented Flutter developer to build a cross-platform mobile application for Android and iOS. This app will fetch video co...in alphabetical order. - Search functionality. - Subscriptions: Allow users to subscribe to channels. - Playlists. Note: The app should not utilize WebView. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Flutter development for Android and iOS. - Experience with integrating APIs and backend services. - Strong understanding of video player functionalities. - Ability to implement user authentication systems. - Knowledge of organizing content systematically in apps. I'm looking for a developer who can deliver a high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly app. If you have experience in similar projects or possess the required skills, plea...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a user-friendly book exchange application for the Web, iOS, and Android. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: The app should allow users to easily sign up, log i...and Android. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: The app should allow users to easily sign up, log in, and manage their accounts. - Chat Messaging between Buyers and Sellers: A secure and efficient messaging system is crucial for users to communicate and negotiate book exchanges. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in mobile and web app development - Experience in creating user registration systems and secure messaging features - Understanding of e-commerce and marketplace app development I'm excited to see your proposals and discuss how we can bring t...

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    I'm in need of a web panel desi...supplies in real-time. Additionally, it should incorporate supplier management functionalities to streamline our procurement processes. - **Billing and Invoicing**: An efficient billing and invoicing module that will make it easy to manage customer transactions and payments. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in web development, particularly with experience in building management systems - Database management skills for real-time tracking of parts and inventory - Familiarity with accounting and billing software integration - UI/UX design experience to create a user-friendly interface for the mechanics to interact with. I'm open to discussing additional features and functionalities that could enhance the management of ...

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    ...main functionalities: - A robust event calendar that can help us manage and visualize our bookings effectively. - A booking management feature that can streamline our event organization process. - **Performers Schedules:** - For our performers, it's crucial that we have a system in place that: - Tracks the availability of our performers accurately. Ideally, the software and systems you recommend should also assist with properly routing inbound sales calls, and help in the overall efficiency of our operations. To be successful in this role, you should have a proven track record of improving business operations, especially in the entertainment industry. Your understanding of lead management, CRM optimization, events scheduling, and performers scheduling wi...

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    Job Description: We are seeking a skilled Moodle Developer to join our team on a task-based basis, with the potential for long-term collaboration. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in developing custom PHP modules for Moodle and possess excellent HTML and CSS skills. Respo...responsiveness of Moodle-based applications. Troubleshoot and resolve issues in the Moodle environment. Requirements: Proven experience as a Moodle developer with a strong portfolio of completed projects. In-depth knowledge of Moodle and PHP. Proficient in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Experience with relational databases (e.g., MySQL). Familiarity with version control systems (e.g., Git). Preferred Qualifications: Experience with Moodle theme development and cust...

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    I'm in need of skilled developers to create an innovative cross-platform service application and website. The main goal of this project is to offer a service to users. This service should be accessible to both iOS and Android users - hence, the need for cross-platform compatibility. Key requireme...Design and build a corresponding website that mirrors the app's features and capabilities. - Implement a simple user account system, allowing users to access and customize their experience. Ideal freelancers for this job would have: - Proven experience with cross-platform app development - Expertise in both iOS and Android platforms - Strong UI/UX design skills - Experience with user account systems If you feel confident in your ability to meet these requirements, I'...

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    ...will be conducted in Bengali. I prefer a combination of live online sessions and written materials and assignments. - **Teaching Hours**: The live online sessions are expected to run between 5 to 10 hours per week. Ideal candidates should have: - **Experience**: I'm looking for someone who has experience teaching finance to university students. Must be familiar with the National University curriculum. - **Language Proficiency**: Proficiency in both English and Bengali is a must. - **Engagement**: The ability to engage students in an online setting is crucial. - **Availability**: The tutor needs to start ASAP. If you think you're a good fit for this role, please provide your relevant experience and the teaching materials you plan to use. Bangladeshi, Indian ...

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled developer with experience in creating WhatsApp chatbots For our Esteemed Astrology Services provided by Nakshatra Masters. The proj...Masters. The project involves designing and implementing a WhatsApp chatbot. The specific tasks and requirements for the chatbot are yet to be decided, so I need someone who can guide me through the process, recommend best practices and implement the final decisions. Key responsibilities include: - Creating a functional and user-friendly chatbot. - Potentially integrating the chatbot with other systems. - Ensuring the chatbot meets our quality standards. If you have a solid track record in chatbot development, especially on WhatsApp, and can provide insights into the best approach for this project, I'd li...

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    I'm looking for a skilled WordPress developer to create a professional and user-friendly website for my garden services business. Key Features: - Contact Form: The website s...for me to update and manage. Booking Mechanism: - The primary method for users to book services should be through an online booking form. This form should be intuitive, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into the website design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in WordPress development, with a strong portfolio of previous projects. - Experience in creating websites with booking systems and contact forms. - Understanding of SEO best practices and the ability to implement them in the website design. - Excellent communication skills to understand and incorporate my specific requirements in...

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    I am seeking a skilled marine mechanic experienced in mechanical steering systems for yachts. The existing steering system on my yacht is mechanical, and it's experiencing delayed responsiveness. I'm looking to make it more efficient and responsive while maintaining its current system. Here's what you'd need to do: - Diagnose the cause of the delayed steering response - Propose a solution to improve the steering responsiveness - Implement the suggested solution This project would perfectly suit someone with a thorough understanding of mechanical marine steering systems, with a problem-solving attitude and a meticulous eye for detail. Having successfully performed similar tasks in the past would be advantageous.

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    ...Implementing solutions that reduce energy consumption in the building. - Water Conservation: Suggesting and implementing water-saving systems and technologies. - Renewable Materials: Utilizing materials that are eco-friendly and have minimal environmental impact. - Carbon Emission Reduction: Strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of the building. My main objective is to comply with green building standards throughout the complete lifecycle of the project. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven track record in sustainable building practices. - Expertise in energy-efficient design and technologies. - Sound knowledge of water conservation systems. - Experience in sourcing and utilizing renewable materials. - Proficiency in carbon emission reduction s...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to expand my current website onto a .Net Maui Progressive web app. The aim is to provide a seamless user experience and encourage engagement via a sophisticated online booking...sophisticated online booking system. Key Requirements: - Migrating existing website to .Net Maui Progressive web app - Implementing a robust and user-friendly online booking system - Ensuring integration of the booking system with the existing website Desired Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in .NET Maui Progressive Web App development - Previous experience in implementing online booking systems - Strong understanding of web integration - Ability to work closely with existing website structure and design - Good communication skills to discuss and implement a sea...

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    I am seeking to employ a proficient firmware developer who has comprehensive knowledge and experience in pcileech DMA firmware creation and PCIe device emulation. - The primary purpose of this project is to develop a DMA firmware based on modification of Ulf Frisk's pcileech fpga project that could replicate the device, a genuine PCIe donor ...experience dealing with Artix chips, DMA, PCIe, and TLP. The firmware created through this project is expected to not only accurately emulate the functionalities of a traditional PCIe donor device, but also be recognized by windows as if it was donor device and successfully load the manufacture's driver. Your ability to accurately understand, replicate, and perhaps, surpass the operations of original systems will play a critical r...

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    I'm in need of a mobile app developer to create an Android app for live Satta Matka results. The app's main purpose is to offer users a platform for accessing the latest Satta Matka results ...Registration/Login: The app should have a user registration and login system which would grant users access to the live notifications and other features you may suggest for the app. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Android app development. - Experience in creating apps with real-time data updates. - Ability to design a user-friendly interface. - Knowledge of creating secure user registration and login systems. Please note that the app's primary focus is on displaying the live results and offering a stable, user-friendly experience. Your expertise in these areas would be highly v...

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive, custom-built system that can handle both channel management and hotel management. This system should be able to ...reliability and functionality. Deployment: Deploy the application on a suitable hosting platform, considering scalability and performance requirements. Monitoring and Maintenance: Continuously monitor system performance, address any issues, and implement updates as necessary. Ideal applicant for this task should have: - Proven experience in developing channel manager systems - Previous experience working with hotel management systems - Knowledge of the hospitality industry - Proficiency in integrating with major online booking platforms - Strong UI/UX design skills for an intuitive user interface - Ability to deliver a scalab...

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    I'm looking for an experienced software developer who can create a comprehensive POS system tailored for restaurants, compatible with Windows OS. Key Features: - Inventory Management: The software sh...levels, ingredient expiration dates, and generate alerts when supplies run low. - Customer Loyalty Program: I need a system that can track customer purchases and offer loyalty rewards and promotions. Integration: - It should be able to seamlessly connect with a receipt printer for customer transactions. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Windows software development - Experience in developing POS systems, particularly for restaurants - Knowledge in integrating external devices such as receipt printers - Previous experience in developing inventory management and customer loyalty pr...

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    To create your phone message for Entuitive Structural & Civil Engineering.

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    I need a custom calendar that incorporates both the Hijri and Gregorian date in a ...to switch between Hijri and Gregorian dates seamlessly. The design should be unique and based on specific requirements that I will provide. Key Requirements: - Develop a custom calendar in Word format - Include both Hijri and Gregorian dates - Ability to seamlessly switch between the two date systems - Design the calendar as per my specific requirements, with a unique touch Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Word format customisation - Strong knowledge of Hijri and Gregorian date systems - Experience in developing custom calendars - Ability to translate design requirements into a unique and functional calendar - Strong communication skills to understand and implement specific de...

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