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    !!!Only!!! for devs with experience with WP ALL IMPORT PRO plugin and Woocommerce with good knowledge of PHP. In the plugin WP ALL IMPORT PRO is on the bottom "Function Editor" where you can paste your PHP code. I just need PHP code which will do follow:(example) if XML contain node <PARAM_SIRKA><![CDATA[12.00]]></PARAM_SIRKA> it will print "Šírka: 12...

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    I have written a Java code which I need changed. Currently the Java code calls an API with a single "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" file. The "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" file contains important attributes for eg. duration, licEnd, licStart, assetID, videoDef etc. The program currently works. But if I execute the program, currently only one request goes out, and it is succe...

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    I work as a risk manager in a financial firm. I watch, trade and analyze the financial markets in my free time. I came across this interesting article "TIME SERIES PREDICTION USING LSTM DEEP NEURAL NETWORKS" by Jakob Aungiers [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The full code is available on github: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I was able to run the program, test, train and save the model, how...

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    Our business houses our email on Google. We may have been hacked which has caused us to be unable to send company emails to ONE client in particular. We need to hire someone to solve the problem. It might be as simple as contacting Google customer support.

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    I want to create a Photocopy and Printing Paper Brand for office and study use. We are selling high quality bright white A4 Printing and Photocopy papers in a developing Asian country. The name need to be catchy and easy to remember. also name should be looks better in the text logo. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Also the name should be available on websites. Goodluck!

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    Budget 25$ In Fee Module: Student Fee Voucher, Department Wise Fee and Bulk Import and Export In Exam Module: Teacher Enter marks for the student in each category, submit to the exam and unable to add. Excel import and export User Roles Download and Upload I know Project is little lengthy but budget is limited. Thank You

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    Looking for someone who has programmed with UPS Rating API before. I have the files and documentation for you to integrate it into our website. Currently, the website takes payments via Paypal Payments Pro. You will need to create additional fields in the form for the user to enter his address and then have the API provide a shipping cost and add it to the total. You need to be familiar with ...

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    Hi Kreatix. Its Keukenzone - we have the kitchen web app project running but I'm unable to log in to my account. Aparently I still had this old account and I'm contacting to let you know that I'm trying to get back on that account.

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    Between two lines is the project description. We are using crawlera (of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - the same people who created scrapy) to scrape some classified sites. There are two sites which are are unable to scrape: 1. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (MT, uses distil networks) 2. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (TP) but another site is scraping these sites successfully - [log masuk untuk ...

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    • Strong core PHP/Codeigniter Hands on experience. • Strong Expertise in Codeigniter Framework. • Good Knowledge of PHP5, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, XML • Sound knowledge of database designing and application architecture planning for Core PHP projects. • Good debugging skills. • Expertise in PHP, MVC Frameworks and good technology exposure of Codeignite...

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    we are using custom auth in our website. we have implemented laravel websocket in a small chat application which is a part of our website. in this chat app we are using Echo + vue on front end we are able to use private and public channel but unable to listen to presence channel.. it seems like due to custom auth we are unable to execute the routes in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file Mai...

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    Tenemos la necesidad de conectar con un servicio web de la aeat y pasar datos en xml. pasamos especificaciones que nos pasan. el fichero xml podemos hacerlo nosotros pero necesitamos conectar con siane

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    I would like someone to help me integrate Google Mapping functionality into my website. I need help troubleshooting this. This is on a Word Press site - with either WP Store Locator or WP Multistore Locator Pro plugin. If someone knows this stuff it shouldn't take long... I have setup billing and have API credentials for the site. It appears I need a browser key, which I am unable to inst...

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    I am unable to reply to comments on my wordpress site. I get this error (see screenshot) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If you can fix it, let me know.

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    (01) Upload & Install 1x WordPress Software (02) Upload & Install 5x WordPress Add Ons (1.) Yoast SEO (2) XML Google Site Map (3) WP Optimize (4) Google Analytics (5) ICT Weather Widget (03) Upload & Install 1x PHPBB Forum Software (04) Upload & Install 4x Joomla Domain Files & Modify Admin Logins (05) Assist with private NS (06) Assist with S...

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    Sun Grid Engine SGE is installed but unable to run a required application on AWS.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who are expert in system admin. I have got a problem with the command that I send through socket. I am unable to send the command on PHP as I am getting an error: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Service Unavailable: TELL commands are not enabled, set the --allow-tell switch. I want you to have a quick look on my server to see what the problem is and if you can h...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 Can't access Plesk through Chrome.

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    we are using custom auth in our website. we have implemented laravel websocket in a small chat application which is a part of our website. in this chat app we are using Echo + vue on front end we are able to use private and public channel but unable to listen to presence channel.. it seems like due to custom auth we are unable to execute the routes in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file Mai...

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    Hello! I have created a prototype for a homepage using Adobe XD. The website is almost complete but needs some major changes. It is a WordPress website built using Divi. I have hired a freelancer who was unable to complete the project so I need you to finish the work. I've attached images of what needs to be done. Namely, the files called desktop-changes and mobile-changes. There needs to ...

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    Hello, I look for somebody unite the me SOAP programs servers in PHP. No soap client only server. Construction: Authentication API shall the authentication method unite token-been based. Before one can prepare an enquiry, a so-called token must be found out with the API user data. This token is from the point of view of time restrictedly valid and you must adhere to every query as a parameter. T...

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    Create 7 images of male or female characters similar to the examples shown. Each image should reflect the names which are given below. The pictures will relate to different strains of cbd cannabis. For example, AK-47, perhaps show a sexy lady or army man surrounded by greenery holding a machine gun. More guidance on the individual designs for the images will be given to the awarded contractor, I a...

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    Im an employee of benitec BIOPHARMA . I need to settle a search box for online purchasing integrated with the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] api/xml database. Im part of the Affiliate Program of Purchasing .com, so basically I wish my customer could search availability only with the company i work with, and find that availability in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] under my ID tracking.

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    Hello, Looking for a reliable freelancer to help me complete a project, - I have been having problems with [log masuk untuk melihat URL], looks like this section is dissalow. _ Also need help with Google Data structure sometimes when I run the test it will tell me the following (The URL timed out. Make sure it is responding in a timely fashion to requests from Google.) other times it will give m...

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    I want to set up a web hosting on my personal laptop just for learning purpose. I have the latest wamp which has the following configuration - Apache - 2.4.37 Php - 7.2.14 MySQL - 5.7.24 I already have one website ready. Need someone to help me with the configuration so that I can host my website over the internet. Internet Connection - GTPL and router are TP-Link. You can guide me over WhatsAp...

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    I would like to build a website that costumers can search multiple hotels in couple of cities in Cyprus. We will get availability and prices from XML. I suppose all we need is good design and xml compatibility and admin panel to see and edit website. İt should be supported to payment gateway aswell. I do not need a custom design templates are welcome but it has to be as good as this link. [log ma...

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    I would like to build a website that costumers can search multiple hotels in couple of cities in Cyprus. We will get availability and prices from XML. I suppose all we need is good design and xml compatibility and admin panel to see and edit website. İt should be supported to payment gateway aswell. I do not need a custom design templates are welcome but it has to be as good as this link. [log m...

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    I Need ASN.1 CDR Decoder With GUI based Structure Definition where i can set CDR grammar setting using some XML or GUI. Also it must have auto/manual serialization option. also i can run multiple instances of it in and for different formats at same time. it should be robust.

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    Please don't automatically bid for this project... I already worked with someone, but he really don't pay attention to detail and he has bad communication. Really everything was clear and so easy for the right developer. However, He did a lot of iterations and it irritated me. I'm not the tester who checks your code. He was unable to do this work at last. >>>>>>&g...

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    Prestashop 1.7 create back up sites of the main site in 2 new domains and install the new theme with the correct set up. Need to set up the new theme and the mega menu like the demo site we have already bought. Need to add bulk alt tags texts to all old and new created images in products and cms pages. The alt tags images need to have as text the same texts like meta title and meta descriptio...

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    Create 10 pieces of infographic style content for Instagram using the background images and text provided. ONLY FREELANCERS WITH EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN CREATING INFOGRAPHICS AND INSTAGRAM CONTENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SHOW ME MULTIPLE EXAMPLES. The winning Freelancer has the opportunity to become a regular designer for our business. The winning freelancer will have AMAZING...

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    SEO Support Tamat left

    I am looking for someone who can help me with a couple of pieces of SEO work, such as fixing up the way my site shows up in google search, submitting an XML sitemap etc. There will be a number of small projects like this over the next month and I want to do each one on a fixed fee basis.

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    Hi! Thanks for looking at this project. I have built a simple 2D game using Unity 2019.1.0f2 on the PC. It has 4 scenes; Welcome, instructions, game and game over. It is similar to flappy bird in that it only has one action performed by the user and the longer they last in the game scene the higher the points they score until they fail and land on the game over scene to then try again if the...

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    Looking for a talented designer who can help create a simple, elegant graphic to be used as a logo for our company. Take some of our ideas, company name, and business concept and create a clean, professional logo.

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    On job support Tamat left

    Need someone who can provide Android support, must have experience working with data binding in xml files and constraint layouts ( must have Kotlin Experience )

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    I have written a csv to xml converter in c under Windows using the libxml2 library. It contains a small amount of file handling like file searching, which has to be adapted to linux. I am also looking for a short description and a make file for other linux developers how to compile this small tool (170kB code). Code and documentation is here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I need a php script that will do the following: 1. compare 2 XML files for changes 2. if there are changes or new nodes on the second xml, create another ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) XML that will have ONLY the changed and new values (including all elements of that node) 3. if there are missing nodes on the new xml, create another XML ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) with missing nodes only....

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    Hello Amayas, On aimerait avoir un support developpement pour développer une API dans le domaine des paris sportifs. 1 - Nous avons à disposition des flux XML de bookmakers français 2 - Nous souhaitons tous les décortiquer et recréer une API ou un autre flux qui nous permette de trier par bookmaker, quels sont les paris proposés pour chaque bookmaker et ...

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    We have a atlassian confluence server and the scroll viewport add-on. We would like to have designed a custom theme for our confluence spaces. We are looking for an experienced freelancer working with confluence that can show us previous themes done with Scroll Viewport. Bids from freelancers without specific experience will be silently discarded. thanks

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    To create simple Android app, capable to read a NFC tag, then send to a HTTP server received ID (using GET or POST method) . HTTP will return some data parameters, and next is to reflect these values on the screen. Will need simple screen with the button READ, and as usual on top corner settings icon. Under Settings: URL to HTTP server; Authentication (will be included in sending); About; Sequen...

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    I need someone to develop a magento website. I currently have Magento Community 2.3 installed on my host server with Porto installed as well. I need the following plus anything else you can think of . 1. Look through the Porto theme and create a list of things that can be changed/added/removed. 2. Work out the content pages: About Us, FAQ, Contact US, Home Page, etc. 3. Set up and tune search fu...

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    I am currently localising a mobile game, seeking someone who can translate the language file into Simplified Chinese. The Language file is in XML format, and includes additional notes to assist with the translations, it contains 108 entries, some of these entries are single words, some are sentences. I also require the store page text translated which is provided as a text file. In the XML lang...

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    on page seo Tamat left

    I need on page seo expert. I need (1) meta title and meta description (2) Xtml sitemap (3) Robot txt (4) Google webmaster (5) Google analytics (6) Google cansol

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    Hello all! So, this is my case: I got an existing production website on wordpress/woocommerce. Multiple categories. Client has some XML files that need to be imported into woocommerce. I know there’s no problem with the nunber of products to be imported. Problem: XML files will surely have product categories in them, that also exist on the woocommerce website. So what I want, is for th...

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    I have a site that was previously hosted in another hosting. Moved it to Godaddy, but i am not able to get the site working. Need someone to help make my website show up online. It is encountering issue as probably because i have not imported the database file. Unable to direct import the MSSQL .bak file due to Godaddy restriction for security reasons. This is one of the solution found online ...

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    Hi, Looking for a someone with good web development skills and understanding of XML feeds and APIS for a website not wordpress. Knowledge of travel industry is bonus!

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    Requiero de una clase en C# que permita generar los archivos XML Ubl 2.1 de la DIAN para Colombia.

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    I am looking for someone experience with both a) publishing books/ebooks using Kindle Direct Publishing and b) Indesign. A currently published book and Ebook have been edited. The edited manuscript has unresolved errors that make it unable to be uploaded to KDP. The manuscript is built using Adobe Indesign and ready to go as it was published on KPD prior to minor content edits. However now KDP ...

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