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    vector graphic Tamat left

    saya perlu gambar vector seperti contoh dari foto asli

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    12 bida
    Vector editing Tamat left

    Mengubah sejumlah gambar

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    3 bida
    Design project Tamat left

    Mengubah sejumlah gambar editing foto gambar, atau vector wajah menjadi kartun

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    ...rnrnSecara garis besar WPAP adalah gaya ilustrasi potret manusia (biasanya figur-figur terkenal) yang didominasi bidang-bidang datar marak warna yang diletakkan di depan, tengah, dan belakang untuk menimbulkan dimensi. Dimensi itu sendiri dibentuk dari garis-garis imajiner tegas di mana bentuk wajah, posisi elemen-elemen anggota wajah, dan proporsinya tetap sama dengan potret aslinya. Proses tracing kreatif yang digunakan tidak tunduk 100 persen pada apa yang sedang di-trace.rnPada sekitar tahun 1990-1991, Wedha mengilustrasikan wajah manusia sebagai kumpulan bidang-bidang datar yang dibentuk oleh garis-garis. Di dalam proses manual, beliau menemukan cara yang mudah dan makin lama semakin mudah. Tapi semakin mudah cara yang beliau temukan, semakin ragu untuk mengatakan bahw...

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    $3000 - $5000
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    ilustrator adalah seorang yang mengilustrasikan kejadian atau peristiwa kedalam sebuah gambar, bisa juga dalam perfilman ilustrator adalah seorang yang membuat storyboad, ada pula yang menjadi ilustrator penerbit seperti koran majalah dll. saya mahasiswa desain grafis saya ingin sekali menjadi ilustrator dan photografer dan saya pernah membuat karya tugas berupa coofee...ilustrator adalah seorang yang membuat storyboad, ada pula yang menjadi ilustrator penerbit seperti koran majalah dll. saya mahasiswa desain grafis saya ingin sekali menjadi ilustrator dan photografer dan saya pernah membuat karya tugas berupa coofee table book yang berjudul silek harimau yang isinya tetntang silat harimau yang berasal dari sumatera barat ini ada beberapa hasil karya ilustrasi, vector dan fot...

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    My client has a sample of letterhead that they have been using currently we want a nice fresh updated design using their website colors, I'll provide the confidential address and email information once you are selected that will appear on the top of the letterhead. I need to be able to edit this file in Photoshop. It must be set up correctly with all the correct bleeds ready to print.

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    40 bida

    We have a vacation rental. It is a chalet in the Shenandoah National Park area nestled in the woods. It has a name: Whispering Pines Chalet. We'd like some proposed logos and cost. I don't know what other questions to ask. We don't need this immediately, but before March 1st would be great. Deliverable will be web and print friendly logo, PNG format and one should be vector and trasnparent background.

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    About Thirst Alarm : Fire department Brewery , Beer truck. Looking for animated fire hydrant made into a beer tap. over laying maltese cross. or beer tap over laying into maltese cross. Looking to bring Beer tap and fire department together. Its all fire department themed bar. Project Description: I do not want this exactly .I just want a cool beer tap handle into a maltese cross. its called Thirst Alarm. and we are going fire department mobile beer truck

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    logo needed in vector format 6 hari left

    I have two logos I need modified 1 Wizard Pro On the line that now says "Disposable Pen Plater" it needs to say Rechargeable Pen Plater, then centered under that it should say Designed and Built by VM mfg. ( I'm not sure about the word Built). 2nd The Wizard pretty much stays the same but needs the Designed and Built by VM mfg. line added also They need to be made larger as they are going on an extrusion that is 77mm long and approx 40mm wide- I will get exact measurements for you (This is true for the Wizard pro also). Looking to spend $10 to $15

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    Create the signs in AI with layers. - Output files required. o Source file in .ai required (with all individual layers) o Vector SVG o PNG 100 x 100 pixels o PNG 200 x 200 pixels o PNG 1080 x 1080 pixels - Colour Codes shall be as per sample provided. - Name the files as such: o ISO_7010_P014_AI_Prohibited_No_Access_For_People_With_Metallic_Implants o ISO_7010_P014_SVG_Prohibited_No_Access_For_People_With_Metallic_Implants o ISO_7010_P014_PNG_Prohibited_100x100_No_Access_For_People_With_Metallic_Implants o ISO_7010_P014_PNG_Prohibited_200x200_No_Access_For_People_With_Metallic_Implants o ISO_7010_P014_PNG_Prohibited_1080x1080_No_Access_For_People_With_Metallic_Implants

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    I have a dataset, the data set is about labeled users' reviews. I want to apply this to preprocessing of the dataset. Split the dataset into testing data and actual data, then input the data into the next stage which is Word embedding models ( GPT3, GLOVE, Fasttext, Word 2 Vector ...), and then apply the deep learning classification SL CNN, ML CNN, LSTM, BLSTM...

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    18 bida

    I have a dataset, the data set is about labeled users' reviews. I want to apply this to preprocessing of the dataset. Split the dataset into testing data and actual data, then input the data into the next stage which is Word embedding models ( GPT3, GLOVE, Fasttext, Word 2 Vector ...), and then apply the deep learning classification SL CNN, ML CNN, LSTM, BLSTM...

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    federalism and immigration 5 hari left
    DISAHKAN understand how federalism has evolved over the nation’s history and an issue or topic from a federalism perspective. Use Microsoft Word to create your document. Your paper should consist of at least 5 paragraphs (1.5-2 pages in length) following this format: Introduction Paragraph: Summarizes the purpose of the paper. 2. Paragraphs 2-3: Provide a summative analysis of federalism, tracing its evolution throughout U.S. history to where we are today. After reading the chapter, you should be able to explain how the U.S. has gone from the Articles of Confederation to operating under dual federalism and cooperative federalism, as examples. Include the catalysts for change. 3. Paragraph 4: Provide an analysis of a current topic or issue pertaining to federalism....

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    Trophy icon basketball uniform design 1 hari left

    i need a basketball uniform design that will look like this with out logos or numbers must be vector able to change colors

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    Trophy icon Logodesign - 04/02/2023 06:13 EST 5 hari left

    Colorchange,,gray background to black,,red texting to white, and red scarf on logo is to be south state/confederate flag. Hd/vector.

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    Redo the logo with Vector Format with High resolution (Transparent photo)

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    Trophy icon Minimap Illustration GTA SA 5 hari left

    Dear freelancers, I am looking for a vector illustration of a minimap in the style of the minimap of GTA San Andreas but with the inlay of my home town. I am already providing the "ring" of the minimap but I need someone who can illustrate the attached screenshot from my hometown in the style of the game. The exact location is @49.0093111,8.4078404,19.37z Attached you find the location from google maps already positioned in the exact direction, the minimap ring and an example of how the map looked in GTA SA.

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    Stock Studio is looking for talent Hello. Our studio is looking for a long-term job to hire a cartoonist graphic designer for the production of similar vector illustrations. - The works must be 100% created by you. Use and/or copying of items for which you do not have rights is not permitted.

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    62 bida

    Can't find logo vector files. Need logo vectorized ai/ps files. I have the jpep/png file, the typeface and font, brand colors etc. Should be a very simple and quick job for the right person. I have consistent logo work for the right person.

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    Trophy icon "Hue" Logo 3 hari left

    Create a MODERN LUXURY style logo for "Hue" interior design company. Try to make it so that “Hue” in english and "هيو" in arabic is combined in 1 word (you can ignore this if you can’t do it) Concept example: IMPORTANT: Please ONLY show your work on a "white background 2D forward facing". DO NOT show your work as 3D, on cards, walls, billboards, side views, affects, etc.) Thank you for your support and cooperation.

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    883 penyertaan
    Trophy icon Logo for Matrimony 3 hari left

    Christian Global Matrimony logo with pleasant / bright colour. Should created using Adobe illaustrator with vector file. Font name should be marked. Logo created using photoshop or other software is not accepted. Accepted only the Logo with vector file created using adobe illustrator. Please dont add any effect like mockup or how it will look like in visiting card or in a wall.. no need of any mockup Also no background for Logo. The logo should be in white/ trnasperent background . also it can be invervted.

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    37 penyertaan

    ...K, local, A); // Remove element from the combination (() - 1); } } // Function to find all combination // of the given elements static void Combination(ArrayList<Integer> A, int K) { // Sort the given elements (A); // To store combination Vector<Integer> local = new ArrayList<Integer>(); unique_combination(0, 0, K, local, A); } } Second Nonworking code: import ; public class SumOfSubsetPrevious { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner sc = new Scanner(); int n = (); int[] nums = new int[n]; for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) { nums[i] = ();

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    Trophy icon NEW Logo for Trailer Company 1 hari left

    We need the current lo-res logo upgraded to a clean high resolution version with or without a mascot Company Name: Plain Ol' Trailers (see attached old logo) We're looking for a horizontal logo without alot of height We will require the logo in high resolution transparent background .PNG, JPEG, lossless vector and square 400x400 Facebook profile version. We will need an all white version and an all black version of the logo. We will also need all source PSD/AI files and color codes. Feel free to either create a horizontal version using the original design or make a completely different one I have included the old logo. We need this right away so we will be awarding soon

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    583 penyertaan

    you need to convert the image into a vector, it takes 5 minutes

    $17 (Avg Bid)
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    24 bida

    I would like some help making this logo text look like it's splashing into water. The logo has to be clean so i can use it with shirt embroidery.

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    I need the attached logo converted to a vector format (.evs, .svg, and .pdf)

    $21 (Avg Bid)
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    68 bida

    I want to create a virtual space for my business. Thus far, my entire business model has worked on a referral system. But I am hoping to slow down, be a little pickier, and charge more as a result. I feel like this will necessitate a virtual presence. I need a bac...for some of the site design work I am building in Webflow. Please feel free to reach out even if you have little to no experience or work slowly. I expect to have more work in the future and hope to build an ongoing working relationship, at least in the short term. Thank you for your future help, and I look forward to working together! P.S. I have working photoshop vector files, but they are a mess and are too large to upload here. I can share them to help you with the look and feel I am going for.

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
    31 bida

    We want to stitch baby names on baby hats and clothing but we don't want boring fonts. We would rather have logos created from their names. We want them all to be rectangular in shape so please no circle or square shaped logos. You can add elements to the logos that refer to babies if you want. We just want the names to look cute so they will l...We just want the names to look cute so they will look better when stitched on clothing and bibs, etc. The babies' names are below. I will put "boy" or "girl" next to the name so you know the sex of the baby. Please do not include the word "boy" or "girl" OR ANY IMAGE OF A BOY OR GIRL in the logo design. Thanks! Kya Milan (girl) Ezra James (boy) Ellis Grey (boy) Final handover designs must be ...

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    Trophy icon I need an burger Illustration 4 hari left

    I need a burger illustration. I attached files for you to see what style I want. I need it as a vector. I need the illustration to have a face. Similar to these 2 illustrations. Also to have arms and legs. I need two variants. One where he is normal, slightly happy face, and arms normal by the body. The second one is where he is happy and excited. With his arms in the air like he is cheering. Also it needs to be monochromatic. So one color only. No shadows. Edit: I don't need these design that I attached vectorised. Every illustration from freepik, shutterstock, etc... will be rejected. I want a unique illustration.

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    Animation mp4 4 hari left

    Customise animation according to clip. 1. Create a transparent rectangle, which flips from front to back. 2. Add motion logo and place onto rectangle shape. 3. Add laser lines which creates custom lines onto rectangle shape. Video is uploaded for better understanding. I will provide vector logo to be placed onto rectangle section. Milestone - 50gbp Deadline 3 days

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    45 bida

    ...we can use for marketing on the website and for places like email signatures. We have both an Logo and Icon we want animated. Our product, flik, moves information from one place to another. We have a general idea of what we want. We have included a vector and PNG of our logo. files - includes all vector elements - example bitmap please read carefully Submissions should be the RED version only. After a winner is selected, we will have you create several versions with the different colors in the vector example. Part 1: LOGO: Start with red version ONLY. We want the animation to show movement inside the existing logo. Example (but don't limit yourself to this) is to highlight the dot over the i and then the 2 radio waves, one at a time. In some

    $200 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like a minimalistic and modern logo for a company called Kiriakidis Tools. The logo must feature the following: 1. The main design element are the letters AB 2. Second design element is an abstract icon of a wrench 3. Thirds design element is the name of the company, Kiriakidis Tools The logo must have two colours with the following, or similar hex codes #3c434d #d64910 D...minimalistic and modern logo for a company called Kiriakidis Tools. The logo must feature the following: 1. The main design element are the letters AB 2. Second design element is an abstract icon of a wrench 3. Thirds design element is the name of the company, Kiriakidis Tools The logo must have two colours with the following, or similar hex codes #3c434d #d64910 Deliverables should be the final vecto...

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    Trophy icon CLUTCH GEAR 13 jam left

    We request a LOGO design for CLUTCH GEAR styled using the outline of a motorcycle with the letters C and G incorporated into the wheels. All designs should include the words CLUTCH GEAR in small font beneath finished graphic. Letter design may be incorporated into motorcycle graphic outline for the wheel. Must create all vector files. Design should be in Black/White In addition to logo graphic, we require three (3) additional designs: 1. CLUTCH GEAR Logo with APPAREL beneath 2. CLUTCH Logo with CLUTCH ENTERTAINMENT beneath. Do not insert words CLUTCH GEAR on this design. 3. CLUTCH Logo with CLUTCH GLOBAL beneath. Do not insert words CLUTCH GEAR on this design. We are looking for a designer that we can continue developing content with utilizing the winning logo. Please present ...

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    Trophy icon Vector graphic smart-city concept 4 hari left

    The goal of this contest is to create a top-down vector image that showcases a smart city and its interconnected systems for managing fresh water, waste water, district heating, and a smart electrical grid. The image should clearly illustrate the following key elements: - pumping stations - waste-water treatment plant - water tower - wood chips heating plant - pipes for waste-water, fresh-water, district heating - How the systems interact with each other and with the city itself to create an efficient, sustainable, and livable environment. The design should be visually appealing and easy to understand, using clear lines, shapes, and labeling to highlight the various components and connections. It is important to clearly show the flow of fresh water, waste water, and heat through...

    $130 (Avg Bid)
    35 penyertaan

    I am in need of a unique and eye-catching logo design for my newly established business, Proxima Supplies. The business is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of products from various categories. The logo should incorporate the business name "Proxima Supplies" or just "Proxima" and convey a modern and innovative feel. I am looking for a design that is...for a design that is distinctive and sets my business apart. Please refer to the attached image for reference. I am interested in having a similar design created for me. Instructions: Design a unique and original logo. Make the logo's background transparent. Use inverse colours in the design (Black, White and shades of Blue). Create a favicon version of the logo. Provide the final design in vector...

    $24 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Logo for Japanese cosmetic store 8 jam left

    The name of the store is Japan Cosme. I need a simple yet elegant logo that has clear Japan theme. Vector only please.

    $60 (Avg Bid)
    Dijamin Dimeterai
    439 penyertaan

    I have a picture need to vector in 2 hrs. need Ai, PDF, PNG and EPS format. My budget 5 AUD

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    18 bida
    Trophy icon Design a logo competition 5 jam left

    Hi I need a logo similar to this but re-worked. I don't want a ring on any fingers. I want slim and simple. Font easy for print similar style. Black and white. Require high quality vector file (Eps). And Ai, png- for social media. Any questions message me! Some comments from your submissions. - hands must be touching- more than one finger touching - image must not be rectangle - black and white only - don't want long fingernails

    $35 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to make me grid layout for instagram like the one I have attached. I want it in illustrator. (vector) I want the same colours and style Please use any images and text for now, I will add my own when ready. I want it to be made in a way that it can continue forever.

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    quick job! 4 hari left

    I have already designed my logo, but I need someone who knows what they are doing to clean it up and turn it into a vector file so that I can resize it for multiple purposes. business cards, t-shirts, and graphic for my real estate videos.

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    39 bida
    Design a Logo -- 2 4 hari left

    I need a professional, modern and stylish logo for my Cabinet making Company and a business card design with the same logo. I would like to receive a final *.jpg, *.png, and vector file.

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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    127 bida
    Trophy icon Vector Performance Logo Design 3 hari left

    We are looking for a logo for our company called Vector Performance LLC (Vector Performance for short). We would like to stick with very bold colors, Silver, Blue, Black, Red or similar. The company is a private investment company.

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    NASA/JPL FD 3 hari left

    I have some artwork that I need into a vector file

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    39 bida

    ...the keyboard. By holding shift and pressing a bracket key you can make the tool harder or softer—softer often makes for more nuanced blending. There are at least 2 strategies to consider to approach this: combining heads/faces and combining body parts. Save as PSD and “save as” a PNG copy of each image (easier to share in class) and also save your PSD for the layers. Techniques used: Masking (Vector) Select a layer to add a mask to by clicking on the thumbnail part of the layer. At the bottom of the layer window, click on the icon shaped like a rectangle with a circle in it. This will create a second thumbnail on the same layer. Click on this second icon to select the mask. Select your brush by pressing b on the keyboard. Painting with the color black wil...

    $185 (Avg Bid)
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    21 bida

    I am looking for someone who can create an illustration for me in Adobe Illustrator as a vector file from a sketch.

    $35 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bida

    I need help get me some Logos from Winerys in a Vector Format. Please research the Logos in best possible quality (Use Google or the Winery-Website-Link i provide) Need the Logos to be placed in the AI i provide (I Already have a lot done) Budget is 25$ Need the Logos in 24 Hours.

    $26 (Avg Bid)
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    63 bida
    Trophy icon Brand logo design 3 hari left

    EDIT: PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY AS IT SEEMS MOST ENTRIES ARE NOT WHAT'S IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW!! Looking for a logo design for a new brand. The brand name is Zero Fucks Given (ZERO F#%KS GIVEN) and the logo should consist of the three emojis (like in the attached file). The f...Facebook, etc). So it needs to be unique in design of the emojis itself (even if only slightly different than in the attached sample). Preferably the design should be in black and white (and extra bonus is also a color version of the same one you design). And the design should be more clipart/cartoon version (like attached sample). The design needs to be made in vector format as the winner will need to provide the source vector files for the design that is chosen. Acceptable form...

    $54 (Avg Bid)
    101 penyertaan