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    Hello everyone, I need someone to explain how to create a proportional venn diagram in R given the dataset I've created. A quick buck for a somewhat easy job :-)

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    4-5 page pamphlet. I want to venn diagram redone

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    I have 12 images of decision trees and 1 venn diagram both with writing that I would like to be turned into word documents - using smartart or the drawing capacity of MS word

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    Compare and contrast Venn Diagram needed

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for a website Tamat left

    Our website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] needs a logo. I was thinking of using something like a venn diagram (see attached file), but it needs to look better than this. Use this venn diagram as inspiration.

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    Hi , I need to develop a simple 3D game about math logic, with Venn diagrams. The graphic style I would like is like the attached image, low poly. It is a non-commercial project. It was posted before but mostly proposals were for 2D. It is about a character who needs to gather fishes in the sea for an aquarium, it will fill the tanks depending of

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    Looking for someone who can extract data in a certain format for visualisation purpose. Knowledge of Venn Diagram(you should be able to create a Venn Diagram using data from Excel dynamically), Set Theory (Union & Intersection), Macros etc is a must. You should be able to create multiple PDF reports(similar report for multiple entities in the excel)

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    ...about math logic, with Venn diagrams. The graphic style I would like is like your "overlands" project, low poly. It is a non-commercial project. It is about a character who needs to gather fishes in the sea for an aquarium, it will fill the tanks depending of the captured fishes with restrictions in each tank, using the Venn diagram concepts I need

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    ...types. The solution should be fit to read anything from MS Word. 1) Fill in the Blanks 2) Match the Column 3) Single picture in question (normal picture, graphs, flow chart, Venn diagram etc) 4) Multiple pictures in question 5) Multiple pictures in answers, 1 in each option 6) Multiple lines/sentences in question Solution Required: I am looking

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    ...Acupuncture. The first image will use “hand-drawn” type iconography and will be created as a “Self Care Checklist” piece of content. The second image will be “Mind, Body, Spirit” Venn Diagram image. We will need to see 2-3 different versions of each concept before we decide to move forward. Attached is a very detailed brief that will provide clarit...

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    Hi. I'm looking for a good graphic designer that can create some color swatches for a logo I'm working on. I'd like to stick to oranges and browns for this. The design is a venn diagram, so those are squares overlapping with the center square being the area where all of them intersect. I noticed that when the main squares have very pastel or washed

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    Hi June Mario, I have a small project that requires updating an indesign document with edits and then creating graphics (venn diagrams if you know what that is). I think the edits would take about 5 - 6 hours to complete, probably the same or less for the graphics... I'll have other projects in the future if this works out... You would have to have

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    Hello - I need this graphic to be modified using the same colors, however, I need the arrow to be a full circle and show continuation like this [log masuk untuk melihat URL] However, I don't want the three arrowheads at the right of the circle, one at the top left and one at the bottom left.

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    Essay Writer Tamat left

    ...mandatory to have 100% unique content Book - The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People by Alan Brinkley Although can use any valid reference 1. Consider the Venn Diagram of the Great Awakening and Enlightenment. How were each similar and different. How did each play a unifying role in the development of colonial resistance towards the

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    Time Sensitive Project. Quick Turn-around Time. Venn to My Future [log masuk untuk melihat URL] -Change the font-family, font-size, and padding between the titles and descriptions. -The font should match the font in the graphic. -Font-size closer to the font-size in the graphic. -Change the shapes around the text when you hover to circles. *Site access upon

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    ...The solution should be fit to read anything from MS Word. 1) Fill in the Blanks 2) Match the Column 3) Single picture in question (normal picture, graphs, flow chart, Venn diagram etc) 4) Multiple pictures in question 5) Multiple pictures in answers, 1 in each option 6) Multiple lines/sentences in question ...

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    ...The solution should be fit to read anything from MS Word. 1) Fill in the Blanks 2) Match the Column 3) Single picture in question (normal picture, graphs, flow chart, Venn diagram etc) 4) Multiple pictures in question 5) Multiple pictures in answers, 1 in each option 6) Multiple lines/sentences in question Solution Required: I am

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    Hi Meena D., As mentioned, would you be interested in developing four slides as an A4 brochure that can be printed (20sided) and as a 2pg pdf brochure? Also, can you redo the venn diagram (the three concentric circles) as it is clunky?

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    Part 1: A clickable Venn Diagram at the front page of a website. Users are able to click on a section which they think they belong, and a follow-up test will show them where they actually belong. Part 2: A counter to show the number of participants and the results

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    Each original article is ~1000 words, the resu...first. 2. Pick a related image from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3. Create a Venn diagram using this template: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 4. Each article is to be delivered in Google Docs with links to the unsplash image and the Google Draw Venn diagram.

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    ...children in the age group of 4 to 12 years. The books are to be developed in a fun way which can keep children engrossed in the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] concepts are to be developed Venn diagram ( each age group with increasing level of difficulty) Network Diagram ( each age group with increasing level of difficulty) Problems on observation skills Problems

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    I'm looking for someone that can create a javascript / jQuery extension which will support the creation of visualising venn diagrams on a html page. The requirements for the extension is that a minimum 4 circles can overlap, anything above that and we are happy. It needs to output the numbers of the overlapping sections within the overlap as such

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    Trophy icon Draw what's in the picture Tamat left

    There is a hand-drawn diagram in the attached picture file. It just needs ...and symmetry of text and shapes. Any software may be used. I just need a tidy diagram in proper resolution, with all the components as shown in the attached diagram (including Venn diagrams, all the shapes, all the texts, etc.). You may provide the file in pdf or jpeg or png.

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    ...than 60 seconds work for someone with a PhD or more in maths. Took me about 2 minutes to do all 3. The relevant questions attached are (g) - highest common factor, (d)(iv) Venn diagram intersection, (e) (ii) probability of selecting an item from a set. For the fee, I would like the 3 answers, the 3 reasons, your name and your qualifications. No

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    Trophy icon Word and Powerpoint Illustration Tamat left

    ...this range of services. The winner of the contest will be the most appealing illustration of the services in the best way to visually understand and comprehend. Whether venn diagram or pie chart or flow chart, which ever gives the best pictorial illustration thats easy to explain and understand. Whatever you do, please make sure submitted work is

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    Designer with a flare for modern, user-friendly design ne...Outline of Design Work: Cover Standard Format for Text Pages Quotes laid over images (image license provided) Call outs on specific text pages 5-10 graphics for charts (Venn Diagrams, etc) Please submit samples of design work and availability to complete the project in February/March.

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    ...valid. Justify your answer by using membership tables. ()()()() 12. Draw the Venn Diagrams for the following set: ()()()() 13. What is the intersection, A, of the set of all the digits that appear in your student number, B, and the set of all even numbers, C. Draw the Venn Diagram for sets A, B, and C....

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    Trophy icon Logo design Tamat left

    I want a logo for my blog. I want a venn diagram with three themes. Economics, wine and data science. I want these to combine. My blog is called 'The data interpreter' which I also want displayed somewhere.

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    Trophy icon Logo of a new company (OA) Tamat left

    We need a logo for a new company. We already have an idea and you can create a better, more professiona...collaborative ways to do policy making, through online engagement, visual dashboard, commentable documents, Logo mockup the logo represents the highly analytical approach (venn diagram), sobriety (simplicity), asymmetry (hence creativity)

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    ...over-promise. Setting reasonable expectations begins with discussing what your client wants to achieve, and comparing it to what you can actually deliver. Think of it like a venn diagram: In one circle, you have your client's dream website, and in the other circle, you have your area of expertise. During the kickoff, it's up to you to find the overlap

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    ...Thinking error No: Tankefeil En: More helpful thought No: Mer hjelpsom tanke En: What would I tell a mate who was in the same situation? No: Hva ville jeg si til en venn i samme situasjon? En: Is there evidence against this assumption or thought? No: Hva taler mot denne tanken? En: What can I learn from this? No: Hva kan jeg lære av

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    ...temp, no dangerous chemicals) - More sustainable (zero wastewater, carbon neutral) - More cost effective (cheaper feedstock raw material) I was thinking something like a Venn diagram with 3 circles and BFI in the middle, but I'm open to more creative ideas. The attached files are our company logo and a bumper sticker so you can see our current brand

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    Trophy icon Need 1 homepage banners. Tamat left

    ...is in Norwegian and it need to be this text on the banner (Will translate in english so u understand the context) Få fast leveranse av den beste maten til din aller beste venn (Have the best food regularely delivered for your best friend) Leveringen er gratis, les mer om leverings betingelser. (Delivery is free, read more about delivery terms)

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    Create a venn diagram creating component that works in c sharp please state "i have read the description" at top of your bid to avoid spammers. Thanks would be a .net component that creates a venn digram, similiar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Logic Inputs [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Outputs

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    Create a venn diagram creating component that works in c sharp

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    ...similares en el mercado como Incommon o Smacktive. Tenemos un nombre y un primer borrador pero necesitariamos algo con mayor impacto visual. El logo está basado en los Diagramas de Venn, donde existe un area común, una intersección, entre dos conjuntos. Adjunto presentacion con idea general. Podemos dar mas detalles en caso de que se necesario. Gracias

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    LOGO Tamat left

    Starting a company, called Maldonado Mediation. Need a ni...don't want to limit the company to that in case of future opportunities. We are based in Florida. The M's in the company name might be a good design option, something involving Venn Diagrams showing common ground might be interesting. Preference for green in the color scheme if possible.

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    Trophy icon Venn Diagram Tamat left

    I want to build a few illustrations for a report that I am writing they are as follows: 1) Venn Diagram: I want a venn diagram with three circles. One of the circles is business, one of them is policy, and one of them is law. I want to put icons in the intersection of the three that illustrate and say the following areas: A) Privacy, B) Health

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    I need someone who can adjust and fine tune the appearance of svg venn diagram and menu buttons in my web site. Need someone on urgent basis. Talented dev will be highly entertained with more joomla projects in the future

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    Report Layout Tamat left

    We're producing a document of around 20 pages for a client. It's a web marketing report. It's almost all text, with a couple of very basic venn diagrams. We have a brand guide and some basic examples of look and feel. We haven't finsihed the work right now—it's critical that we can hand the completed work over at 3pm Melbourne time tomorrow (Fri

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    Design a Logo Tamat left

    I have a venn diagram that we want to create a more dynamic look for to use on marketing collateral, tradeshows and website.

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    72 bida

    Have a venn diagram graphic that I want rendered as an SVG file and create links from elements in the diagram to appropriate descriptions. Had a previous version that used hot spots, but need to convert to SVG with xlinks to be mobile responsive. The current static PNG version of the diagram is attached. The content to link can be found at http://er2inc

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    Het ontwikkelen van syllogismen ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]), analogieen ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) en antoniemen opgaven.

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    Lage et spill. Kombinasjon av snapchat og drawsomthing. Du tar et bilde og skriver hva det er. Sender det til en venn og den personen får et svart bilde delt opp i 9 ruter og mulighet til å skrive hva det er med x antall bokstaver tilgjengelig. Til flere ruter personen velger å ta vekk for å vise bilde får den personen minus poeng av toltalt 9 poeng

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Tamat left

    I've attached some ideas of what we are looking for in the word doc. Essentially, we are ...investments etc.) but understand that money isn't everything and that balance is important - hence the scales idea. Perhaps incorporating both into a logo. We aren't fixed on the venn or scales just looking for something sharp and catchy. Name of org is TMC12

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    ...refers to the prospect's currently available funds for management. I have a Venn diagram of three overlapping circles, labeled E, Q, and a. Each prospect type fits in a shaded area of the circles, and EQa prospects are right in the center. In the video, the Venn diagram would be central and the alphabet "characters" would pop out of them as we

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    I need a venn diagram with 3 circles and some text. I have a PDF file with the diagram - you need to implement this in power-point 2010 (pptx file). I will send the pdf file to bidders with good rating in similar projects.

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    ...of triathlon theme (swim bike run icons, or maybe 2 circles that overlap [see attached] where one can say health, the other fitness, and the middle says achievement) - like a venn diagram? - in the grey/blue/black tones (open to others) - it can be an icon of the side of a face (he is a head & neck surgeon) - super clean, using more icons than words

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    Additonal Venn Tamat left

    similar to other but with 8 categories

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    Venn Diagram Tamat left

    I have a set of data that I need to express in a Venn diagram for that includes 10 sets (i.e. 10 rows and 10 columns). We need to illustrate overlapping metrics so that the venn circles are proportional. The final diagram needs to be dropped into PowerPoint so that we can apply unique colors to each group. Please note this information may not be

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