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    I'm looking for structural engineering professionals to design exterior ceilings and soffits for a 12-story St. Regis Resort. They must be experienced in creating designs that meet Miami Dade hurricane codes. Key Requirements: - Waterproof - Fire-resistant - Aesthetically pleasing - Designs need to incorporate steel and light gauge metal framing components I've already secured permits and approvals necessary for this project. The design must strictly meet all local authority guidelines. Prior experience in this area is strongly preferred.

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    ... 1) The reader must read and write password-protected memory blocks in Mifare Classic cards. 2) The reader keeps the password for the RFID cards as a hard-coded constant. 3) The reader has an 4-byte reader ID stored in its EEPROM memory. 4) The RGB LED on the edge of the main board, whose location matches the hole in the antenna. RGB LEDs are connected to the PWM pins of the controller. 5) A waterproof (if possible) speaker must be on the opposite edge of the main board, closer to one side to leave space for wires. The speaker must be connected to a PWM pin of the microcontroller. 6) RS485 interface, half-duplex. 6a) The RS485 command should trigger an RGB LED sequence and the speaker sound effect. The command contains a reader ID. The reader accepts commands only if the reader ...

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    ...experienced graphic designer to create product packaging labels for my medical items. These labels will be for medium-sized packaging, and they do not need to be waterproof. Key Requirements: - Create visually appealing and professional product packaging labels - Prior experience in designing product labels, especially for medical items, is a plus - Ability to deliver high-quality, print-ready designs in a timely manner - Understanding of SFDA regulations for medical product labels is preferred - Experience with medium-sized packaging is important The ideal freelancer for this project should have a strong portfolio of label design work and should be able to demonstrate their understanding of the nuances of designing for medical items. A meticulous attention to detail an...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can help me design an auto-inflating raft specifically for an SUV. The primary purpose of this raft is to prevent flooding in case of emergency. Key components and requirements: - The raft should automatically inflate upon coming in contact with water. - It should be designed to fit under a large SUV without taking up too much room. - The material used should be durable and resistant to wear and tear. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in designing and creating rafts or similar inflatable products. - An understanding of automotive design and constraints. - Knowledge of materials that are durable and waterproof. - Attention to detail and safety concerns, as this product will be used in emergency situations.

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    I'm seeking someone to design product labels for me. The labels should be minimalist, with a clean, modern aesthetic. The design should be simple, yet effective in conveying the product's key information and appeal. Key Requirements: - Designing product labels - Minimalist aesthetic - Strong grasp on layout and typography Please note that the labels do not need to be waterproof. If you have experience in designing product labels, particularly in a minimalist style, your expertise would be highly valued.

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    Video shooting and explanation of swing seat cushion 1. It is best to have a swimming pool or garden 2. Place the swing cushion on a bench or swing. 3. It can capture the fluffy and thick feeling of the seat cushion, 4. There can be a pouring action, and the seat cushion is waterproof. 5. It creates a beautiful feeling when photographed 6. Take pictures of the best and most beautiful girls 7. Shoot a 1-minute video explaining the quality of the seat cushion.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can design a compact, efficient, and reliable battery pack and Battery Management System (BMS) for a body-worn application. The task involves creating a solution with the following specifications: - **Capacity**: The battery should provide a runtime of up to 2 hours on a single charge. - **Chemistry**: The preferred battery chemistry is Lithium-ion. - **Compact & Lightweight**: Given that this is a body-worn application, the design should prioritize being safe to the human, small and lightweight. - **Safety**: Fast charging is needed but the design must include safety mechanisms to prevent overcharging and overheating. -**Waterproof**: The battery pack should be IP65 rated to be usable in the shower -**Excessi...

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    ...get my attention.) My project consists of two items. Part A: Part A has a single function that function is to transmit a signal. The part needs to be housed in a waterproof container and be powered by a rechargeable battery preferably through USB. This part will actually go on a dogs collar. The device can either transmit vi. RF, USB or any other short range signal. Part B: Part B its job is to have two functions. The first function is to receive a signal from Part A, the second job of Part B is to transmit a specified RF signal to Part C when Part A is within 2 to 3 feet of Part B. Part B, needs to also be housed in a waterproof container and be able to be charged via USB. Part C: Part C, is a separate module that is already created its job is when it receives a speci...

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    I’m looking to make a smart controller that can integrate with 12v compressors for inflating tires on off road vehicles. Mainly I need the the pcb and electronics designed and I can make the housing and everything else. If you would also want to design the housing in ok with that. Needs to be almost waterproof. Mainly splash proof and heat resistant. It will be mounted in the engine bay. As far as the controller goes all it need to be able to do is check pressure from a pressure sensor that will be connected in line from the compressor and control a 12v output source(5a at 12v) to trigger the compressor to turn on as well as for deflating need a valve to be controlled to air down to set pressure. Looking for keep it as simple as possible. Only gonna need about 4 buttons...

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    I need a highly skilled engineer to develop a design for a manufacturing robotic tool. The robot's critical function includes a basic motor and pulley system, designed primarily for assembly tasks. The tool should be specifically designed for linear motion. Skills and Experience: - Mechanical Engineering - Robotics - Manufacturing Engineering - Assembly Processes - Mechanical Design This project requires detail-oriented individuals with superior communication. Previous experience or knowledge in robotic tool manufacturing would be a significant advantage. Anticipated turnaround time for this project is crucial; prompt responses and progress updates would be expected throughout the project.

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    Prepared to deliver a Continual Professional Development (CPD) presentation focusing on waterproofing methods specific to bathrooms. More precisely, emphasis on implementation of waterproof tile backer boards on both floors and walls. - Expertise in presenting technical information clearly - Detailed knowledge of various waterproofing methods - Experience in waterproofing in bathroom settings - Prior knowledge in delivering CPDs. - Expertise in structuring a CPD presentation for the Australian market. Interested applicants must be able to effectively break down the process for an audience with varying levels of technical understanding. The preferred candidate will be skilled at communicating complex concepts in an engaging and understandable way. We have all the images, videos an...

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    ...description of my project. My project consists of two items. Part A: Part A has a single function that function is to transmit a signal. The part needs to be housed in a waterproof container and be powered by a rechargeable battery preferably through USB. This part will actually go on a dogs collar. The device can either transmit vi. RF, USB or any other short range signal. Part B: Part B its job is to have two functions. The first function is to receive a signal from Part A, the second job of Part B is to transmit a specified RF signal to Part C when Part A is within 2 to 3 feet of Part B. Part B, needs to also be housed in a waterproof container and be able to be charged via USB. Part C: Part C, is a separate module that is already created its job is when it receives ...

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    I am in need of an experienced professional to help me manufacture high-quality winter parkas and source high-grade materials in India. Key Qualities & Requirements: - Winter Parkas: The ideal candidate should be able to manufacture winter parkas with the following qualities: waterproof, insulated, windproof, and have authentic fur. - Material Sourcing: The individual should have experience in sourcing high-grade materials for winter apparel. The materials should be of top-notch quality and perfect for cold weather conditions. Target Market: The primary target market for the winter parkas will be both men and women. Experience in creating unisex designs and understanding of the preferences in an Indian market would be an added advantage. Ideal Skills & Experience: - P...

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    Project descripƟon (given): Describe design of a simple “weather staƟon”, which measures temperature and humidity and displays the values on an LCD screen. The system is based on one or more Arduino boards and addiƟonal components. Design the structure of the system, select components and sketch the structure of the system soŌware. (Based on Arduino Project Handbook by Mark Geddes, 2016) Note: Not all details are specified in the descripƟon. For instance, we don’t know where exactly the system will work, how it will be powered (baƩery or grid), and how oŌen measurements will be taken. Resolving these issues is leŌ to you as the designer of the system. However, remember that each design decision requires a jusƟficaƟon. 3. General idea of the soluƟon: F...

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    I'm looking for an innovative mind to design a GPS tracker packaging. The packaging should be compact, waterproof and shockproof. We're targeting vehicle owners, so the look and feel should be appealing to them. Our preferred color scheme is blue. Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Previous experience in product packaging design - Good understanding of material that is compact, waterproof and shockproof - Ability to translate our brand and product personality into visually compelling packaging Any experience or understanding of the vehicle market would also be a great asset. The goal is to create a packaging design that not only protects the product but also stirs potential customers' interest. Let your creativi...

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    I'm looking for someone with the right skills to help me design a schematic and PCB layout for an electronic personal gadget. It's essentially a miniaturized, spherical device. Your work will be key to bringing this gadget to life. I need a skilled engineer to design the schematic and PCB layout for a compact video projector encased in a spherical, medical-grade silicone housing. Here are the specifications for the PCB: - The PCB should be circular. - It must have a maximum diameter of 15 millimeters. - The memory should be at least 10 MB, ideally 16 MB, to ensure ample storage. - The memory needs to be capable of supporting PDF files, though text files or images are acceptable alternatives. - The projector should be able to display content like a standard project...

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    I require a professional with expertise in Electrical Engineering or more fields to design schematic and PCB layout for a mini videoprojector, and a sferic case which I can print.   What I need for this PCB:
- Must be round
- Must have max 15 milimeters diameter (1,5 centimeters)
- The components used should be good quality
- Must have minimum memory capacity of 10 MB (I think 16MB it's more than sufficient)
- The memory must support pdf or text (pdf preferably, but text is also ok or worst case images)
- This minimalistic videoprojector must have an option to project this pdf/text/img in any way (like a normal projector on walls, it's ok if will be smaller projecting final image; or like kids toys, where you are looking into a magnifier and see images)
- I preffer th...

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    I need a US based ONLY skilled hobbyist to assemble and thoroughly test a USB or AC powered, waterproof, ultrasonic device with sensor, capable of sensing obstacles up to a distance of 2 or 3 meters. Adjustable distance is mandatory when object is closer than distance set, then alarm beeps a few times. Minimum distance for alerts 2 inches-can discuss. So if I set for let's say 2 inches and am (my car) closer than 2 inches, buzzer goes off. Only measuring if something is closer than limit set. The sensor should come with a buzzer/beep feature for alerting upon the detection of obstacles in this case my car pulling up too close to garage. **Bugs, weather, rain, changes in lighting should not set tge buzzer off. Should he a solid object that lingers for one second or so.. ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me compare specific automobile accessories on Shoppee and Lazada. Specifically, I am interested in: - Car mats - Seat covers - Phone holders I need someone to compare these products in terms of: - Waterproof - Anti-slip - Universal fit Ideal skills for this job include: - Web scraping - Data analysis - Knowledge of automobile accessories Please make sure you have experience with comparing and analyzing product data from online marketplaces. Responsibilities: Utilize Selenium to scrape data from various websites to identify the top 10 products in the automobile (Accessories) industry from Shoppee and Lazada. Compile a comprehensive activity list for each of the identified products, including pricing, features, customer reviews, and a...

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    More details: What type of coffee packaging bags are you looking for? Stand-up pouches. What style of design do you prefer for your coffee packaging? Modern. Do you need any specific features on the stickers? Waterproof. 1. Please refer my current sticker and words. For some fair ideas. 2. Please refer also my preferred sticker layout colors stuff. 3. I'm also attaching my new logo. 4. I'm also attaching my preferred fonts and sizes. 5. I'm attaching exact size of the bag 250g and the color of the bag. Good luck and thank you in advance everyone!!

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    ...product renderings of a waterproof phone case, for our A+ Amazon listing. Using your own initiative on of the ideas that I already have is appreciated. We require 7 No. renders. Our ideas are as follows. We would be happy for other ideas. 1. Front page photo of just the phone cases. 2. Photo showing the screen size capabilities 3. Photo of multi-use - surfing, swimming, scuba diving, jet ski, sailing 4. locking mechanism with product containing phone and money, in the sand in the beach. (Wording: Robust and Reliable) 5. Phone in case taking a photo of a turtle under the water. (Wording: User Friendly Experience) 6. Photos of the product on a boat. (Wording: Versatile and Essential) 7. Show phone and case in deeper blue water with scale 30m under sea. (Wording: Waterproof...

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    ...can design and build a solenoid for me. The solenoid should be uniquely tailored to perform the following actions: - Pop up and down swiftly in a sequence of three times. - It should have the capability of a digital control for timed activations. - must be able to run on a 12v wiring for long periods of time - solanoid must be held firmly with plate. This unit should be housed in a container that is fully watertight, considering it will be used outdoors with potential exposure to wet conditions. The overall size of the unit must remain within the following dimensions: no longer than 300mm and no wider than 50mm in diameter. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Background in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering - Strong knowledge of digital timing controls - Experience designing ...

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    I’m seeking a skilled professional to conceptualize and design a unique and practical contact lens, equipped to record video for personal use. Essential attributes include: - Night Vision: Must include functionality for recording high-quality video footage, even under low-light conditions. - Waterproof: These lenses will potentially encounter moisture and must continue functioning effectively regardless. - High Resolution: The recorded video must be of clear, high-resolution quality. - Battery Life: These lenses should have a standalone battery life of 24 hours. -Up loadable to cloud using wifi Ideal experience includes previous work on miniature camera technology, knowledge of optics, and strong illustration skills for conceptual drawings. This project demands creati...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned 3D designer, experienced in creating die-cast aluminium prototypes. Your task will be to produce a concept design for a small-sized object that should be waterproof. At this juncture, the primary objective is for visual representation - intricate detailing will be handled in the manufacturing stages. Key requirements: * Excellent skills in 3D designing * Experience with die-cast aluminium designs * Ability to deliver the initial draft ASAP Note: No need for the comprehensive manufacturer's details or dimensions at this stage, just a basic design. Looking forward to your immediate response.

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    ...designs for waterproof labels designated for our skincare products. Labels' design must reflect the luxury of our brand while remaining clear and compelling. Key Requirements: - Design expertise: Profound experience in luxury-focused design is a must. You should know exactly how to meld simplicity and drama to catch the eye and pique interest. - Material familiarity: The designed labels will be waterproof. Proficiency with designing labels that look outstanding, considering the texture and characteristics of waterproof materials, is crucial. - Size skillfulness: Our waterproof labels are small (under 50 square cm), so designers should be skilled at compact, impactful designs. Ideal freelancers should have a strong portfoli...

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    I'm seeking a skilled designer to create custom labels for my products. The labels will need to be waterproof and larger than 3 inches, varying based on the specifics of the product package. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Graphic design • Previous label or packaging design experience • Familiarity with waterproof label materials and constraints • Ability to creatively design custom-shaped labels With your bid, please provide samples of previous label designs, particularly those that are custom-shaped and waterproof. I look forward to collaborating with an innovative designer who can bring my vision to life.

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    I'm in search of someone who can craft a modern and minimalisti...modern and minimalistic logo for a brand aimed at attracting our target audience. I envision the logo to predominantly symbolise the product's (Shuttering Plywood) strong and waterproof nature. The idea is to encapsulate our ethos through a non-cluttered design. Experience in creating effective, minimalistic logos is vital for this project. The designer should understand how to incorporate simplicity with sophistication in order to communicate our message effectively. In short: - Design a modern, minimalistic logo - Use of blues and grays - Attract the target audience - Demonstrated experience in minimalistic design required - Brand name: Plycrete, MasonPly (Whatever suits you) - Plycre...

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    I'm seeking an experienced electronic engineer to assist me in setting up temperature control systems in my wine cooler. - To successfully accomplish this, you wi...- I have a particular circuit diagram available that should guide you in understanding and optimizing the electronic setup of the cooler. - The prime task for these circuits will be to effectively regulate the cooler's temperature. Currently have BOM list and parts ready. I need help with 3 things 1. Reviewing BOM list and ensuring i have the correct setup (inc ensuring certain parts are waterproof) 2. Guide me through setup (connecting parts) 3. Guide me through testing The project is very simple 1. Activate 3 buttons to start motor (each button in 3 different time lengths) 2. charing port (USB C...

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    ...experience. The aim is to create a user-friendly, waterproof, electric shaving brush with a first-of-its-kind automatic lather generation feature. Here's what we need: - Automation: The device should have the capability to automatically lather the soap for a streamlined shaving experience. - Design: The prototype should be user-friendly. It should cater to men who appreciate the traditional art of shaving while seeking the convenience of modern appliances. - Functionality: We don't want to worry about water damage, so a waterproof design is a must. - Interface: The controls should be simple; we envisage a classic button control interface, not touch or motion-activated. Ideal candidates for this project will bring mechanical, electrical, and...

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    I need a duffel bag designed, particularly for gym equipment. Here are the specifics of what I'm looking for: - First and foremost, it must be a Small size bag, around 20-30 liters. - It needs to be waterproof to hold out any gym sweat or dampness from equipment. - I am keen to have Multiple Compartments - to keep equipment organized. - Drying feature - post-workout, this would be extremely beneficial as it allows for sweaty clothes or damp objects to dry out. For this project, freelancers with experience in gym equipment design and knowledge about the dynamics of gym usage would be ideal. An understanding of materials suitable for these specific features is essential. An added understanding of lock mechanics and a strong sense of style for aesthetics would be a bonus...

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    ...prototype on a layouted PCB with preselected devices. We develop already the firmware on it. We require a extremly experienced hardware vendor, who can take this prototype, the schematics and the layouted design to bring it to a final product. We will have different options of the devices (e.g. on radio support and on energy harvesting) The product includes: - ruggerized industrial waterproof case design - radio support for ...- wifi ...- GSM/LTE ...- GNSS ...- satellite communications ...- Bluetooth/BLE ...- ZigBee - internal / external antennas (later with waterproof connections) - powerplug (waterproof connections) - external sensors/actors connectivity - redundant batteries based on our capacity calculation - energy harvesting from PV and motion (...

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    ...646-byentry-90857562 - or you can find One Gobo's page on Facebook to see examples of their videos for projectors that look good I need 3D renderings that show how the gobo projections of these two projectors look: INDOOR GOBO PROJECTOR: OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTOR: TASKS: The main element to highlight is the projector projecting the projection. The projection should take center stage in the scene, and the environment should be visually captivating. The projection can be inside or outside a restaurant, store, real estate agency, or any other preferred location. We want to highlight the gobo projections and our

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    ...-Projection-Motion-Graphics-for-Advertising-2378646-byentry-90858274 (these are supposed to be simple quick animations) I need to create various digital assets to showcase the gobo projections of these 2 projectors: INDOOR GOBO PROJECTOR: OUTDOOR GOBO PROJECTOR: TASKS: The main highlight should be to show the gobo projections in use in real life applications; I need to demonstrate how the projections look. The idea is to create short clips in GIF format for use in emails and in mp4 format for use on social media and as assets for videos. You can use motion graphics to make the clips more engaging. ASSETS: You

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    ...Requirements: - The 3D model should be of high detail, reflecting all intricacies and specifics of an outdoor electronic enclosure. - The design should account for outdoor elements, including ensuring it's waterproof and dust-resistant as per IP67. - The resulting model must be fully compatible with SketchUp software. - A strong understanding and experience with creating designs for 3D printing are essential. Ideal Skills for This Project: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software, specifically SketchUp. - Proven experience in creating high-detail 3D models for printing. - Understanding of IP67 standards for electronic enclosures. - Familiarity with the design considerations required when creating outdoor electronic enclosures, such as durability, weather resista...

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    I need a dedicated professional to perform waterproofing services on my bedroom. Specifically, the work will need to cover the walls and floor due to a current dampness issue. KEY REQUIREMENTS: - Perform moisture testing on the walls and floor - Identify the source of the dampness - Carry out all necessary fixes to prevent further dampness - Waterproof the specified areas to ensure a dry and safe living space in the future IDEAL CANDIDATE: An ideal candidate should have previous experience in waterproofing bedrooms. Proficiency in damp-proofing and moisture testing is also vital. A proficient understanding of wall and floor structures and excellent problem-solving abilities are also crucial for the job. It would be beneficial if you could provide any before/after photos, or r...

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    ...following project requires you to design enhanced brand content for an amazon RV product listing. This would include you researching on the content/description for this product. The logo is attached. The theme should be authoritative, and showcase quality. The listing to be designed would be the following product: You can visit our site for more reference: Here are some examples: Format of design should adhere to amazon enhanced brand

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    I'm in need of skilled experts to construct a highly functional automated robotic mower optimized for handling a large ar...area (5,000+ sq ft). Key Features: - Ability to schedule mowing sessions - Wire free boundary - Remote operation through a smartphone app - Obstacle detection and avoidance - Ability to mow structured lines and patterns - All-Wheel Drive and slope handling capabilities - Rigid design that can endure challenging Australian weather and climate - Waterproof design - Robust engineering to guarantee a clean cut Proficiencies required: - Robotic Automation - App Development - Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Design - Knowledge of extreme weather conditions and ground slopes Experience with similar projects, specifically robotic lawn ...

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    I'm in need of a unique high-tech, waterproof ski goggle design capable of combating foggy conditions while adopting a clear lens. The goggle should include the following: - Automatic antifog dusters for the inside frames ensuring clear, unobstructed vision even in the toughest conditions. - Clear lens, providing a true colour perception and enhanced vision for maximum performance. - A waterproof finish to combat all on-slope weather circumstances. - High-tech aesthetic without compromising the functionality or comfort of the wearer. Designers with experience in product design, mechanical engineering, and expertise in sports equipment will be ideal for the project. Familiarity with waterproof, antifog, or ski accessories product design wi...

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    ...Requirements:** - **Design Incorporation:** Aesthetically pleasing design that fits into a 240 litre plastic wheelie bin for ease of mobility. - **Sound Quality:** Emphasis on superior loudness and bass. A keen ear and understanding of sound engineering for electronic music and live vocals are crucial, as well as loudspeaker design in general. - **Portability:** Despite its powerful output, the system should be easily transportable, leveraging the wheelie bin's mobility. - **Splash-Proof:** While it's not expected to be fully waterproof, the system should handle a bit of splash, ensuring durability through outdoor party settings. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Sound Engineering:** Proven experience in designing sound systems focused on electr...

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    ...care product line—specifically waistbands and shower guards. Having a creative eye for design and an understanding of medical product requirements would be advantageous. Key Points: - Manufacturing locations: UK, Canada, Australia - Product focus: Ostomy waistbands and shower guards - Design specifics: Emphasis on comfort and durability, with a patient-centric approach Requirements: - Experience in medical-grade product manufacturing - Strong track record in quality assurance - Capability for handling custom designs - Fulfilment services including inventory management and shipping Ideal Skills: - Manufacturing expertise in healthcare products - Textile design and production for waistbands - Waterproof materials knowledge for shower guards - Fulfi...

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    ...is shirts, pants, shorts, and bibs/foul weather gear tailored to professional anglers. My primary vision for this line include: Bibbs must include: Black, waterproof, breathable, lightweight Logo and Name Hook emblem for every zipper Drop Bottom for restroom Cell Phone pocket Zippered pockets Easy clip straps Adjustable waist Seam piping and slimming features Velcro at ankles Shorts: Board shirt style 3”, 5”, and 7” inseams Logo and Name Hook emblem on every zipper and snap if applicable Lace up button closure Slit on side legs Slit in back waistband Seam piping and slimming features Pants: Black Logo and Name Lightweight, waterproof, performance Hook emblem on all zippers Adjustable waist Boot cut with zippers Seam piping and slimming features Sh...

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    I require an expert freelancer to design and build a customized micro switch that will match my specific requirements: - The assembled switch must be Waterproof: Featuring an IP67 rating, the micro switch should be capable of being submerged up to 1 meter without any damage or compromise in functionality. - The switch should feature a High Load Capacity: it should endure heavy use without any faltering in performance or loss in durability. - The ideal activation method for the micro switch is Push Button: the operation of the switch should be simple and easy, using a push-button mechanism. The freelancer chosen for this project should possess extensive experience in switch design and a proven track record in the development of waterproof and high load cap...

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    this is to design 3 concepts for an elderly emergency pendant. you will design with provided step files provided to you in order to achieve: - IP67 waterproof - Smallest possible size - Easy assembly using no screws - material: PC - the pendant will have buttons on the sides (both sides along the length of the pendant), which will allow user to squeeze the pendant for help - sealed design with battery inside, as well as a speaker. size will be provided - able to be used with a lanyard to hang on the neck - some styling to differentiate the look with high-end design cues. must look great and feel good to wear around your neck I suggest two halves of the housing have a feature to receive a tape all round, which will seal against water as well as allow pre...

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    ...eye-catching, waterproof packaging design for my soap product. Here's what I envision: - Material: The packaging should be made of durable plastic that effectively keeps water out. - Functionality: Waterproofing is crucial as the packaging needs to protect the soap from moisture. - Dimensions: Exact dimensions for the packaging will be supplied, ensuring a precise fit for the soap. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in packaging design - Familiarity with waterproof materials - Proficiency in design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator) - Ability to work with precise dimensions - A portfolio showcasing previous packaging designs - Attention to detail and creativity I am excited to work with a freelance designer who can bring my vision to life...

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    I am seeking an innovative designer with experience in safety footwear, specifically aimed at catering staff. The ideal candidate will understand the unique requireme...ideal candidate will understand the unique requirements of this profession, and be well-versed in creating designs that offer: - Basic toe protection: to guard against fallen objects; - Puncture-resistant sole: to protect from sharp objects on the floor; - Waterproof: to ensure comfort and dryness in a potentially wet environment. Experience in designing men's, women's, and children's footwear would be advantageous. This project will require a strong knowledge of current safety standards and adherence to them in the design process. Your creativity and knowledge of practicality and fas...

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    Lockable Airtag Band with Waterproof Airtag Case. The AirTag should not be able to be removed while in use. I am building this for my 6 year old son with autism. I am looking for a freelancer who can create a design for a lockable airtag band with a waterproof airtag case. The band should be made of potentially a silicone material or a composite that is hard to break or tear, providing durability and comfort. See attached images for potential locking mechanisms and an image with a general idea of potential bands. There might be many better ways to go about this but I thought I'd include some ideas I have thought of. Key Requirements: - Silicone or composite material for band - hard to break or tear off - Waterproof airtag case – airtag cannot be r...

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    I am in need of a specialist who can boost sales for my Etsy shop. I sell custom handmade, waterproof dog bed covers targeting customers from North America. - Main Objective - increase Click Rate My product is being found on searches within Etsy as evidence by "views" but currently I am experiencing only a 1% click rate. I am averaging about 300 views per day and a 1% click rate with these views - Secondary Objective - Increase views Increase traffic to my listings that result in at least 1000 views per day - Identify Effective Online Marketing Channels Knowing that my product caters to a specific geographical location, familiarity with North American market trends, online shopping habits, and advertising channels is a must. - Improve Product Listings Ideal...

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