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    Want a web crawler developed using python. The crawler will visit the list of sites and scrap the required data from it. eg, news sites, weather sites. Once we get all this data the next step will be to rate the data for relevance like location, company, industry, political, market etc.

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    Hi, I need to take weather station data, using the official API: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in detail, I need to extrat that parameters: - current temperature, pressure, umidity, wind (direction and speed) and rain rate - daily min and max temperature, max wind and daily rain I will provide the necessary keys to access to the API.

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    Must have experience with Integrating Firebase to a Web App using Laravel… I don’t care if you are a full stack developer or an expert in WordPress (a trained monkey can do WordPress) so if the respond with anything other than “I have experience Integrating Firebase to a Web App using Laravel” you will be told to ” Fuck Off” and I will report you for spamming m...

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    I have a CSV file that includes the DateTime column. There are approximately 1 million dates and time information between 2009 and 2011 (see attachment for sample time display). For each time value of this, I need information on that day's temperature, rain information, wind information, humidity information, and whether it is snow or not. This information will be written next to the time in...

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me build low cost durable outdoor weather sensors (To start just temperature and moving forward other types). I need help coming up with a creative way to use a mesh network to connect the sensors covering large areas with only one gateway and as inexpensively as possible. Ideally a situation where a customer could buy the pieces as they need and expand to...

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    I am getting a data is ISO time. I need to convert it to a readable format in an array using the php file I already have for weather warnings. The format is JSON.

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    Existing script grabs what we need. We should be able to call Polly ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) in the script. - Let's only update if there's been an update. - Rather than send on the fly, and stream, let's download the file from amazon and convert to wav (which asterisk likes). This should cut down polly requests and time for upload/download. File should be saved to xx...

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    API (Application Programming Interface) is a way for an information system to communicate with other systems. It works similarly to a browser request of a webpage, but instead of the webpage a server returns a formatted data. For example, if your system needs to know the current weather conditions, you can retrieve this information from a weather API. OpenWeatherMap is an example of a weather API...

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    1) Automate the creation and deconstruction of this service. You can use any tool you want, as long as it is expressed in code and/or configuration. Assume the following: • The vpc and subnet already exists • Only local network access is required for all resources • The code/configuration you design will be extended by others. Be prepared to show how your solution scales Network Di...

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    I am currently using a very simple php script to convert NWS cap files for weather warnings to JSON format. There are some additional things that are missing from the JSON that I would like to add. Please inquire before bidding for more details. I will provide all links needed and file for off server work. Access to our server won't be provided for this job. Please ask questions before b...

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    Hello World! My name is Joey and I am currently looking for someone to develop an application for me to use for my business as well as allow other owners in my industry to pay monthly membership fees to utilize the application as well. This application will need to be customizable by the subscribed member as they will need to input their company information into the forms, stats, calendar, booking...

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    I am in need of an experienced mechanical designer that is able to take a concept for a kayak rack and finalize the model so it can be manufactured. This scope of work would include material selection, fastener selection, detailed drawings, and assembly drawings. The design will include a method to retain and lock kayaks ranging from 8' - 14' long, paddles, and life jackets (2 sizes). Th...

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    I need some weather history for Australian Football games from 2015 to 2020. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Cycle through '2015' year above with years 2015 to 2020 to get the web address for each season. Attached is an excel file that shows you what needs to be done. This is a one time scrape, no app is required.

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    Hello to any & everyone reading this I need my website built for my business and I need this done as soon as possible. I want you to submit some of the best professional websites you’ve built and developed previously so I can take a look into your work and further assess weather or not it suites the criteria and skill set needed to create my new website. Please put forth your best wor...

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    Hi, Need a php script that will retrieve the weather information from the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] site. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Example, if we browse to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I would like to collect the parameters available, and store them. We will only use the Temperature weather and wind. The call to the script would be [log masuk untuk melihat URL] KLGA Parameter is th...

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    Weather functioning in different places

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    I am looking for a developer that can expand on the functionality of one of a few existing weather plugins to make it fit for purpose. The plugins we have looked at already feature postcode lookup in the backend, but this is not available to the frontend user. I need a developer than can edit the plugin to allow this functionality in the front end for the user.

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    Building a mini resort with 4 cabins and two small homes on a hillside in downtown Juneau AK. Excavation requires the mitigation of a debris flow, possibly using check dams, gully net, holding pond and retaining walls to prevent seasonal runoff. Also requires three or four retaining walls (Gabion preferred), back-filled to create level plots for parking and building. Access for small excavation eq...

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    There and back again: Retired ship’s cook tells of a 42 day tanker voyage from San Francisco to Houston, via Panama at Christmas time, and returning to Los Angeles. The story is in logbook style, talks about the daily life of captain, cook and crew of a ship, with maritime terminology, weather and daily positions, with recipes and seaman’s poetry, all sprinkled in as needed. The poin...

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    Problem Description: A new fast food chain is seeing rapid expansion over the past couple of years. They are now trying to optimize their supply chain to ensure that there are no shortages of ingredients. For this, they’ve tasked their data science team to come up with a model that could predict the output of each food processing farm over the next few years. These predictions could further ...

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    bonggoQuery Tamat left

    This is a python package that can help the developer to find out any queries from the internet like, weather reports, location, any scientific name, English Grammer, Mathematical Calculations etc.

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    We are looking for someone to write an Alexa Skill using our weather API. This Skill would tell the user the weather for any historical date such as their birthdate, wedding day, or the birthdate of their child. The user would ask Alexa for the weather on a specific date, and Alexa would respond with weather details based on the results from our API. By default, Alexa would reply based on the...

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    I actually have a question regarding CSS and weather some wording can be changed on a website by using firefox [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Hi There, my name I Fran and I am currently in the process of launching my company and website etc. and I would love to speak to you! I'm looking for someone who can design, set up, and manage ads and ad campaigns for a spend of €2000 per month with copywriting. Moreover, I would like to know whether I should provide images and videos myself and weather there are additional costs such a...

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    Hoping to find someone to write weekly/biweekly blogs on anything related to roofing, gutters, siding, weather, financing for construction projects, material usage, etc for the roofing industry. Audience will be customers, homeowners and association managers. There are a lot of generic blogs out there - hoping to put more detailed and industry related details and facts. Will pay per blog/article.

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    Hey Kelvin. It’s been a while and hoping you can help me. I have been a little under the weather and have been slow to get back at things. Need help with a paper that is both personal reflection and research in one. I will submitted the high level overview. If I can get this by Saturday that would be great. Feel free to use liberty and use personal reflection. Couple paragraphs on each secti...

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    I'd like to see the weather and PV details on a screen in my home. The weather is measured by a sensebox in the garden that is sending data to opensensemap. Next to that I'd like to see data from my solar panels (Kostal plenticore 10.1 with BYD power storage. All of that should be displayed on a wireless eInk Display best case with battery pack. Data that should be displayed: Sensebox -...

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    I want to build a 2 room structure, bathrooms, small kitchen, and a store on 22,500 Sq. Ft. plot, the building should later serve as an annex or a guest house to the main building for a medium-size house which will be constructed later in 3-5 years. I want to plan this in a way that 1- it should be independent of the future main building, 2- should not become a problem in the construction of the ...

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    We have a time series dataset with 45k+ hourly observations of power consumption (load) within specific region from 2013 till 2020 along with weather features (temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, weather category etc.), embedded with duration of sunlight, street lights for particular. 23 features altogether. Observations taken during work days Mon-Fri only thus have natural gaps in it. ...

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    1. From the Internet, search and identify any organization that is dealing with Decision Support System and/or Artificial Intelligence and its Datasets are also available for the case study. 2. a. Give an introduction about how the organization that you chose is making use of DSS/AI in its research and development (i.e. introduction to Analytics Problem) b. Identify, describe and give example of...

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    Need someone to design a slide for who to contact in bad weather. Need it to be more than just writing. need 2 slides in 6 hour turnaround

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    Basic requirements: 1. Use only HOOKS. 2. Choose a city from the SELECT list in order to get the weather data from an external server. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3. You should present AT LEAST the following parameters: name of city country weather[].description temp feels_like temp_min temp_ max sunrise / sunset (according to Israel time) an appropriate icon for the day's weather.

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    Objective: use sensors, smart meter data from commercial building to optimize the power and demonstrate the result on Grafana dashboard Optimization is for power consumption, so you can see from the data that there are power consumption in different process like in power consumption in lighting, AHU(air handling unit),different circuits, and all of them constitute total power consumption Goal o...

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    cad designer Tamat left

    this is just for inquiry weather or not you can do this task

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    adjust wordpress backend to add weather widget

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    Objective: use sensors, smart meter data from commercial building to optimize the power and demonstrate the result on Grafana dashboard Optimization is for power consumption, so you can see from the data that there are power consumption in different process like in power consumption in lighting, AHU(air handling unit),different circuits, and all of them constitute total power consumption Goal o...

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    Project Aim: This project is to investigate unfavourable weather on aerodynamic performance of an aircraft. Objectives: • Describe the 5 types of weather that can affect aerodynamic performance • To evaluate how change in temperature affects aerodynamic performance during takeoff & landing • To evaluate in what way precipitation affects aerodynamic performance during take-off &a...

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    We are looking for a software developer to create a program to dynamically manage and control energy to a fixture based on the amount of energy available in a battery storage system. The program must adjust the power being expended based on not only the energy remaining in storage, but be predictive by connecting to weather forecasts and adjust power according to the amount of Sun that will be ava...

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    we have installed a sensor unit that is collecting data on different weather parameters and transmitting it through an API. we want to see that data on our firebase console. this system uses MQTT protocol.

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    Write weekly or biweekly blogs or articles related to residential roofing, gutters, siding, weather, materials, etc in the midwest. Audience will be customers, homeowners and association managers. Hoping for detailed and industry related details and facts. Will pay per article.

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    Need to have a presentation made, incl one rendering and 11 pages presentation – mood board Txt for 11 page presentation – mood board for the creation of a new range of model Solar Battery system p. 1 Front page KUBUZ By MOEBIUS energy storage systems (c) mchristis p. 2 Form New revolutionary form. Exclusive and recognizable. Precious. Form is unlike any other inverter or ba...

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    A greenfield start-up trying to position a new Weather of Things (IoT) based solution - Its a Mobile Weather Station that captures weather parameters from moving vehicles and then integrated into AI powered weather engine provides businesses with insights and alerts for weather that impact their business operations. The task is to drill into the value proposition, craft a simple animated presentat...

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    This is an app written in device native code that will display a weather map and plot the route of the aircraft and the aircraft's position above it. It will have widgets built for iOS and Android that will show the flight time remaining and if the aircraft is changing altitude. Phase 1: Grab the data. Import streams of time series XML containing flight info from FAA, FlightAware, and Ope...

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    The project is to get the weather information from web sources for the UK capital cities and broadcast it in speech.

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    I will provide the dates (Sun, Mon, Tues, etc) for a 7 day forecast as well as selecting icon graphics depicting sun/clouds/rain/ice/snow etc. I will send the data for the days via an api I use for weather forecasting so it just needs to accept the data. Example of a different companies 7 days forecast is attached "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" The background I want to use but I am wi...

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    Trophy icon Please create art for me Tamat left

    Hey! EDIT: Can the background please be Belgium Atomium! Sorry about that, Thanks again I am managing an artist and looking for someone to help me with custom images for their instagram page. I would like a picture of a big gorilla taking over Belgium. The details of the gorilla are very important. It would be great to see different creative designs, make it your own! Examples of details could b...

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    Need a UAE person who has knowledge about his/her own country's weather

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    Objective: use sensors, smart meter data from commercial building to optimize the power and demonstrate the result on Grafana dashboard Optimization is for power consumption, so you can see from the data that there are power consumption in different process like in power consumption in lighting, AHU(air handling unit),different circuits, and all of them constitute total power consumption Goal o...

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    Hey so I tried freelancer before for a logo for my business but I don't really like the result so lets try again I have attached the old logo, I feel like its really blocky and stumpy I want a logo that is more fresh, young, and sharp, sexy even hahaha My company name is "All-Star Solar" I want you to take inspiration from this website, I feel like these start ups have amazing lo...

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