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    It is to Display a Rotating Cube Using OpenGL in C++. I have more details. Will provide later.

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    Build Instagram Accounts by rotating proxies we need 25K Accounts Must know the laws and rules of instagram so as not to close and band accounts also know how use rotating proxies in linux

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    i need to explain in a small simple 3d video how to take apart 1 product (all squared, nothing cornered), take the insides out, and apply my own product to it (as an upgrade-kit) for the existing product. thats all i have small explaination file ready for you to see. small budget, as im a poor wannabee investor haha

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    A 15 seconds animation of the earth rotating zooming in, then some titles, sun rays and leaves growing for a festival announcement. We are in Mallorca Spain, a little precious and sweet paradise we want to celebrate by coming together for the union of people from all races and cultures. This will be our second edition. To see some of the first edition

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    I need to add some text to a few rotating images that will be on my website. I need to fill in the white space on the left and right side of the image.

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    The goal is to design a gripper that is moving out and grabs a pole. This gripper will be used in a revolutionary robot. More contests will follow. The gripper is mounted on the middle of a base. Picture "base_3D" shows this base. Picture "base_2D" shows the measurements of the base. Pictures "gripper_1", "gripper_2" and "gripper_3" sh...

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    ...for self-directed online learning (even though I already use a moodle site for my courses) • Share buttons plugins Homepage Background Image It would be nice if I can rotate the photos / images for the Main Background — perhaps every month or so. I will provide different pictures. You’ll also need to show me how to change the back-ground pics on

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    Hi, I have a very small job - can be completed in an hour. I have two bots that work fine on a mac and windows. I need to set them up on a linux vps and put them with rotating IPs. Looking forward to completing this over the weekend. Best, Arnav

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    Design project Tamat left

    I am designing a new sports apparel garment. I would like to have a 3D image of my garment designed and placed on a three-dimensional rotating anatomical figure of a human (male and female) I know that there are some three dimensional anatomical figures that already exist that can be used for that portion of the project. However, I need someone that

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    I am looking for software that can send emails to multiple ad listings based on search parameters...be able to email them all an offer, on all of Craigslist in a mass email and be able to send it out once a day or so. Another freelancer I spoke to thinks it will require a rotating IP or something similar in order to be effective against custom blocks.

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    ...setting up an email server (using Interspire / Mailwizz or other) that is able to handle: - at least 500.000/600.000 emails per day - should be able to use MANY multiple rotating fresh IP addresses -We are doing Marketing in Europe (Germany) - Inbox (mostly on free Mails like GMX or [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) must have a high rate - The Server should be with Security

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    I need an experienced android and ios developer to add map rotating option to our app. Fee is negotiable

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    We want to design an ad for a leather jacket (images attached). The ad should be GIF with front & back of the image rotating (just like an example in the attached file). The ad should look great just like the green jacket ad ... price of the jacket should be put as 199.99$.

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    I need a script or a guide on how to obtain/create rotating residential proxies.

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    ...interface. We send commands via buttons in processing. We attach the code as it is now (it is taken from another project). Mostly we need a nice graphic setup (visualisation of a rotating beam according to the sensory data we get from arduino) and we need the following functionalities. And some buttons (true/false of some functionalities we will further take

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    I have in house drone technical abilities, I am looking for someone who can programmed LED, I may want to do something more complicated like, chance the color based on the drones speed, drone. I am looking for these 3 Videos attached as the following links: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please apply if you designed this kind of proje...

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    We need 3 - 3d icons designed that are rotating and can be compatible with Unity 3d for a game. We need them done fast. Please do not bid over the project budget or if you can't start working on this!

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    I have a Magento shop, n...opencart shop. Things that need to be moved into opencart: Template look and feel layout and colors. all categories all products all content pages home page rotating images and menu style Order history is optional but not important. See attached text file for url and details, do not mention URL in comments!

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    ...approved. What is required is for the graphics to be converted into a (3D) Three dimensional rotating image that can be sent in the body of email for the client to view their completed product. The image needs to open as soon as the client opens the email and be rotating when the email is first opened. This would be work on an ongoing basis for each quote

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    I need a script were I can place a list of websites and use rotating proxies to visit the website. The script needs to be able to be accessed via browser, add proxies, add websites and intervals to visit the website along with tracking.

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    Looking for develop 3 rotating banners will go onto slider revolution plugin on a website. Website is Ecommerce website selling audio visual and lighting gear. So 3 banners need to be featuring product that is currently on the website. Big Banner 1: For a set of speakers Big Banner 2: For A mixing console Big Banner 3: A Lighting Effect Have

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    I require consultation and help to ‘Project-Plan’ and also to draft the ‘Term & Conditions’ and ‘Agreements’ required to establish a 'Rotating Saving & Credit Association (ROSCA)'. For this project I will expect the freelancer to possess sufficient faculty of ‘discernment’, ‘foresight’, ‘insight’ an...

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    Hello. I would like to find a professional Freelancer who could design me Rotating Keyboard Stand. Please see the attached pictures, they can be very helpfull to you. Attached pictures are mine own- I drew them.....so you can continue my work or you can do it tottaly on your own. Few indicators that you should keep in mind: - Product

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    Hello. I am new to Freelancer and I have a job for a tallented designer or engineer. I would like to have a and plan of a product. Product is ROTATING KEYBOARD STAND. Attached you can find draft ideas of a product but I would ask you to finish it and make it ready for manufacturing. I need full technical plan of product, technical drawing

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    manufacture a rotating stator generator for me. it should be a contra-rotating generator.

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    I have a wordpress site I'm trying to fix checkout page it doesn't let me add country or state to when I',m checking out. Also I'm trying to fix this rotating thumbnail gallery on front page.

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    ...like to have them striking out on my Web page. GIF width should not be bigger than 150 pixels and height not more than 100 but feel free to make something what looks proportional. Background has to be white (#FFFFFF). Of course, animated GIF should be as small in kbytes as possible as it wil be used on a Web page. Also, maybe, even option is

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    Hi, I am looking for a custom imageview to be scaled, moved, rotated by ontouchlistener. Ping me for more details.

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    Hi, I am looking for a custom imageview to be scaled, moved, rotated by ontouchlistener. Ping me for more details.

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    ...project. I am looking to work with someone to help complete our website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Specific tasks included: 1. update the banner so it is a rotating banner, new banner provided. 2. Add a new item in the top navigation 3. Add Woocommmerce functionality 4. Convert PSD to HTML to Woocommerce templates 5. Create filtering

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    I want to add a couple of thumbnail galleries to the home page of my site.

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    I want to add a couple of thumbnail galleries to the home page of my site.

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    I have produced a concept design and a 3D sketch showing what the final product should look like and its intended purpose. The objective is to produce slow rotating shelves on an A frame that allow the vegetation to get equal sunlight throughout the day. Please advise if you are able to provide a price to produce design drawings. This is to be done

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    I have produced a concept design and a 3D sketch showing what the final product should look like and its intended purpose. The objective is to produce slow rotating shelves on an A frame that allow the vegetation to get equal sunlight throughout the day. Please advise if you are able to provide a price to produce design drawings. This is to be done

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    I want to rotate an XYShapeAnnotation and add it on XYPlot in JFreeChart.

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    ...animation must allow for certain elements (countries/continents) to be clickable and link either to pages on the site or external websites. For this part, the globe should stop rotating when the mouse hovers over a clickable region, the region should be highlighted (eg. the border made bold, the colour changed and the country flag/Name shown). By default

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    ...which are rotating, photos shall be from Cyprus, one beach photo (like aphrodite hills), one picture of Limassol, one picture of Larnaca and one church photo of Cyprus, 1 marina photo -there shall be a small contact form -there shall be the contact details visible on a box on each site -the Cyprus flag shall be used somewhere in the background, maybe

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    I need to add a rotating banner on my open cart website so allow advertisers advertise. Also need to adjust page count which and some 2 line text on the website. This is a large live website so only bid if you are a senior open cart developer available to do this project now

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    Currently have a Web site through godaddy. Need a few text turned into html . Also trying to add a rotating banner to display text and images from sub site

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    I am looking for a coded 3-Dimensional orb for our sample library page. The idea is that our sample thumbnails are hexagon shapes that m...sample thumbnails. When they click on on a thumbnail, it opens a Lightbox in which you can view a larger picture of that sample (I have this part finished). I have attached two images that are pretty good examples.

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    ...few points to highlight are; - Vineyard sustainable practices include, home grown organic compost for all our vines followed by heavy straw mulching. This occurs yearly on a rotating basis. - Our wine barrels; 80% of our barrels purchased from France this year for 2016 vintage were 100% carbon neutral. - No herbicides have been used in our vineyard for

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    kinematics influence, equation of motion, riveting mechanism in dynamics of machinery. it is simple crank and we need to find 6 different parts.

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL]~phao/cg/Labs/ have all labs working and running by 11pm today comment on code

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    ...starts showing a 3D rotating globe where the countries can be seen. In a few countries (where our company have partners) pretty white gift boxes with red bows are popping up. When every boxes have showed up some holiday greeting texts displays in 5 or 6 different languages. In the background under the text the globe keeps on rotating with the boxes. Thats

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    2 hour radio show.. talk and music.. There is “an endless supply” of these and we will be rotating in a dozen or so each content update. If we’re quick enough they will go out as part of the January update. If not they’ll go in March. There are approximately 12 songs per show We have to be able to track how many times each song plays

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    I have a joomla template and need to update my current rotating image to 100% wide screen edge to screen edge. See image for clear details. must stay responsive. mention scout so I know you read the brief sample site here: http://colonialweighing [dot] xyz

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    I need to add a script or php code that has options to add few pop up urls (in new tab) Description: 1) 1st click (on body) - open 1st popup (new tab) 2) 2nd click (on body) - open 2nd popup (new tab) 3) 3rd click (on body) - no pop up 4) 4th click (on body ) - open 1st popup (new tab) *no need for CMS , I can edit the urls inside the Javascript or php * extra option - current tab cha...

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    I am working with an Interspire interface and need someone to load my email letter, (html and pictures) and suppression list and rotating subject lines and from lines.

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    Please take the attached wind turbine file (.dae) (within .kmz) and create a animation so that the rotor turns on its axis at 10 revolutions per minute. The designer should have Sketchup experience, with specific animation experience. The output file should be .dae, which should be sent to us. Once we load to Google Earth, the file should be animated.

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