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    Hello I have 2-3 assignments on stats and numerical analysis

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    Dear Freelancers, Task: we need to improve the PageSpeed of the non-cachable pages of our Wordpress with WooCommerce Website like Cart, Checkout, My Account or Admin Pages. Current Situation: Currently, when checking the "/login" website at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] our grade is an F with the following stats: Performance 31%, Structure 88%, WebVitals: LCP 8.0s, TBT 20ms, CLS 0, wi...

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    We would like to improve our core web vital stats for our wordpress site. The site has rich data and customized theme. We would like to complete the project with in 1 week. We would like t get a quote from you and we can discuss further We would prefer someone with similar experience

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    We are an Australian startup sports tech company with a web application used by sporting clubs across different sporting codes (e.g. football, cricket etc.). Our service allows sporting clubs to select teams, track player availability, generate graphics relating to fixtures, team lineups, results etc. and post these graphic images to a club's Facebook page. Our service also provides 2 way com...

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    I have a fully functioning website hosted at SiteGround. I would like someone to setup my Rasberry Pi 4 and migrate my website as a functioning web server The Pi has already been configured with Fail2Ban, apache, MariaDB (I have no idea what it’s for), and Wordpress. The public_html from the cpanel website still needs to be copied across and re-upload to the pi. I have already set up a stat...

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    linux apache website help 4 hari left

    Hello, I am experiencing a 508 error with my website - too many processes running, when I check my resource stats it reveals "You have reached the entry processes (the number of simultaneously running php and cgi scripts, as well as cron jobs and shell sessions) limit 1340 times"... not 100% sure what is causing the issue, need full diagnosis and fix please. Please advise of time requir...

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    Required Crypto Casino gaming full website with games Fruits slot game is included into this package. Other games can be added by purchasing the following extra add-ons: Multiple slot machines Dice Lucky Wheel / Wheel of Fortune Baccarat Blackjack Casino Hold’em Poker Complete white label casino solution at an affordable price Powered by the most robust and secure PHP Laravel framework Life...

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    Music related web platform which offers services/digital services from music distribution (the user submit his tracks to us to upload them into digital music stores) to single/album artworks design and music / royalties selling. A platform like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but with more services offered. User can sell or buy any track from the marketplace, can di...

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    hi there, I am looking to create an invoice factoring business, in which, my company essentially buys an invoice off a business for eg. at 95% of face value, then I chase up payment and get paid directly from that customer, therefore, making a profit. I think this is the best way for it to work. 1. the customer (independent contractors or small businesses) makes an account with us. they then ...

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    I have 11 datasets of approximatly 530 entries and i need a brief sentence description on the distribution of the each data set for reporting purposes. This is a quick job for someone who knows stats.

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    surgical outcomes 3 hari left

    need someone to run stats on a surgical outcomes paper

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    adjust the file and stats for 2021

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    I require some web scraping to be done on https://greyhoundbet.racingpost.com/#meeting-list/r_date=2021-04-06 All meetings and races need to be scraped into an excel spreadsheet in the format that they appear on the screen. I require the form pages and stats pages for each race (see attached images) The process created to scrape the data needs to be repeatable daily to extract the information (th...

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    I need a thorough business plan for a start up for the above subject Genetics related with some oncology if possible The plan needs to be ingenius, have good numbers and stats This plan will not be used for practical purposes, but more for discussion and brain storming The budget is 250 - 300 USD

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    How the site will work. See image for design -You will fill in the data and chart on the top and the right side bar. Then grab the Twitter feed for safemoon, on the bottom. -The left and middle a user must enter their wallet address to be used in the api call to bcscan. -After a wallet address is entered store that in a db. Every 15 min call the api call to bscsan and store the amount of coin....

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    We are making a market place ecommerce site. It will be a site where computer suppliers can make thier own 'shops' in our site and have the back end functionality like shopify or etsy - to list items, theme it, pricing and to post social merida links. The backend admi should be able to see all the stores made, stats etc and the abilty to manage them. Users will be able to vist each sit...

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    Looking for a Blog writer who can make SEO-oriented content for a new website. Need minimum 7 articles per week and it is a long-term project. Should have digital marketing knowledge along with superior writing skills. Most articles will be informational and news-based mostly. In a later stage, I need SEO of my website so its long term project for you. Also attached any 2 samples of blogs you ha...

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    I’m wanting a I’m wanting a website similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] which will show stats of players you can search them up and it will you show loadout along with stats of the popular video game destiny 2. Using the Bungie Destiny 2 API

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    Need a youtube software works. this can be a Windows app but I prefer a Linux app using something that can run from the command line. (There is already an open source program that does it from the command line). ** needs to automatically grab new ips from a text file that will have updated private proxies ** must rotate browser agents ** want the ability to use real accounts and have the bot l...

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    How it works: The program is built using Python and uses both Twitter and Reddit API to stream comments and tweets and spot tickers that are exhibiting accelerated growth. I added sentiment analysis to the findings so as to check the general sentiment (whether what is being talked about the stock is positive or negative). Will need it exported into csv file. view this site as an example of stats...

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    Hi I am working on a Historical Premier League football Stats Database. One of the fields I need in the database is what the Home Team's League Position each game week BEFORE the game was played &, the Away Team's League Position each game week BEFORE the game was played. As a very brief summary, I need to step through the Season at each change in Date & Time of the game update ...

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    I am looking for a list of useful SNMP OIDs list to monitor in Solarwinds. This list should be based on device vendor and OS (will be provided by me for example cisco nexus 9k switches and their OS version etc.). Vendor in scope is mainly cisco, checkpoint and F5. Exclusion: Some hardware stats like CPU, Memory and disk are already being monitored by Solarwinds.

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    We want to optimize our WordPress website's Pagespeed. We want our website to be rated at least B on GTmetrix and 80/100 on Google Pagespeed for Desktop and 70/100 for Mobile. If you can reach A on GTmetrix and 90+ on Google Pagespeed for Desktop and 85+ for Mobile there will be an additional 15€. Current Stats: GTmetrix: E Pagespeed Desktop: 55 Pagespeed Mobile: 25

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    Trophy icon Media kit design for podcast Tamat left

    I am looking for someone to make a custom attractive media kit in Adobe InDesign format for my podcast. Here are my pages for some inspiration- but this design should be original! [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The media kit should include: (see attached file for the content assets) Cover page with logo and title Bios About Offering (Interviewees, bingo, bonus episo...

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    My coworker and I are developing a nonlinear regression model (Mixed frequency sampling if you want to search for more detail) in C++. He used the Libtorch to optimize model parameters but he can't proceed the work because of family reasons. Right now we have finished the data preparation, parameter optimization but we still need need to use the optimized model parameter to calculate regressi...

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    My coworker and I are developing a nonlinear regression model (Mixed frequency sampling if you want to search for more detail) in C++. He used the Libtorch to optimize model parameters but he can't proceed the work because of family reasons. Right now we have finished the data preparation, parameter optimization but we still need need to use the optimized model parameter to calculate regressi...

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    My coworker and I are developing a nonlinear regression model (Mixed frequency sampling if you want to search for more detail) in C++. He used the Libtorch to optimize model parameters but he can't proceed the work because of family reasons. Right now we have finished the data preparation, parameter optimization but we still need need to use the optimized model parameter to calculate regressi...

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    statistic work Tamat left

    Need help with stats question The data below represents the number of dollars (in Thousands) withdrawn per week in all the ATM machines at a Las Vegas Casino (for randomly selected weeks). 153, 104, 118, 166, 89, 104, 100, 79, 93, 96, 116, 94, 140, 84, 81, 96, 108, 111, 87, 126, 101, 111, 122, 108, and 126 Find all the quartiles and draw a whisker plot graph Make a frequency distribution using...

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    Interstellar Consulting project: 1) Optimize all images 2) add the cache plugin 3) Increase the php limit 4) Update WordPress theme and all plugins 5) Add some queries to configuration log 6) Performance to be increased to 80% + according to current stats [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Have an existing dashboard i am looking to add some additional metrics from the firebase db. Home section add a metric bar at the top with stats from the db as shown Add Academy management section - getting user saved questionnaire data, and displaying it in a modal - grid sort and crud. There is already a javascript framework used so it might be easier if you just used that. Should look li...

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    Google Cloud instance with 8gb ram 4vcpu and SSD PD with some basic and probably incomplete configuration needs a final touch. The most minimal ''ab'' 10-20 request test for example makes netdata stop showing stats for a short period until the test stops. The server is also unresponsive during this test. Your job will be to troubleshoot and figure out what's the real cau...

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    build casino games that works with credits or tokens, purchased online or a cash office. looking for about 3 different algorithms that about 80 games can be built on. with back end crm and stats system. must be able to control % payouts

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    Grey product Tamat left

    I am looking for some stats on how much grey market products in bearings and power transmission products come out of china into the Asia Pacific region. I would need to see $ values by year and volumes. It would need to be graphically with some wording

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    My project is a research paper and it is due march 29 11:59 pm. It is two pages, NEED TO BE APA STYLE and the topic is depression. Focus on logic, creating a clear line of reason Create paragraphs, each about a single topic that helps support your thesis (your point) Explain support information (facts, stats, examples, etc.) in terms of how and why it helps make your point Include in-text citation...

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    Trophy icon Cartoony Golf Theme Template Tamat left

    See picture below. Looking for a cartoony golf theme template. There will be black spaces for me to put in two graphs as shown in the photo. The other two boxes will be for Text. I want there to be a box where I can put in text with a opacity filter so still see the back ground image. I the "Weekly Yardi Report" to be cartoony bubbly lettering. Anything you can do to make it fun. On ...

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    Looking for a statistician to provide MLB pitching stats daily.

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    Hii , I need a ad network system. from where i can serve ad to publishers. Ad click , Impression stats . example - Google Adsense [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I run a sports betting consulting platform and need some help promoting the business. I would like to start with some instgram, snapchat, tiktok and twitter influencers. I need list compiled of the best insagram influencers to use to promote my business. In this this I will need the influencer's platform, stats and type/price for promotion. An opportunity for ongoing projects.

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    I need someone to do research on how I can program a realistic web-based e-commerce simulation. Requirements The system should realistically model the way customers will shop online to calculate estimated revenue. The system shall be able to take a list of products and estimate the potential revenue. The system shall allow users to perform a "what-if" analysis for different products ...

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    Hi I created an app in Flutter to learn about the tech last year. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to work on it anymore, but I would like to not see it "dying". It is a free app to analyze a specific video game statistic screenshot and extract "estimated" additional stats of the player. Then I compare the player stats with other players. I use Firebase for anonymo...

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    The app must be a replica of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please provide me similar project you did An application that allows restaurants to create their menu and receive orders online. The application is composed of 3 parts: 1) Customers Orders View (For orders): PWA (Progressive Web App ) Must be very reactive and easy to use based on javascript framework (Vue.js & IONIC) compatible ...

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    Trophy icon New App Main User Screen Tamat left

    We are looking for the design of a screen for a new mobile app. I am looking for very creative ideas, innovative layouts and an easy to use UX experience. The app is based around audio interaction where we have one host and 2 guests. There is no video – only audio. This screen is the main screen of the app where users interact with one another The screen needs to be the visual version of a ...

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    sports log Tamat left

    I have a question about excel and sports... hoping you are versed in basketball and scoring, at least a little bit. I made my own excel sheet for keeping stats for basketball I would love to have a page within my workbook keep a running log of what i enter in on the scoring page... like a chronological diary... so when I type a 2 (for a made basket) in a certain players score column on the first ...

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    Award Pool allows your users to participate in challenges, earn points, Rewards and redeem prizes through an easy-to-use platform. Project Overview We’re looking for a developer who can assist in the development of a windows application based on the Overwolf SDK. Overwolf's SDK unlocks in-game app development. The application will collect various game stats and post them to our Game ...

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    My family are independent historians of Castleford Rugby League Football Club, we have created a database in Microsoft Access and we now want to launch this database on the Web. The data at the present time is Seasons 1926-1927 to 2020 Fixtures 3668 14 columns per fixture line Cas Players 53941 12 columns per line of entry Opp Players 53836 12 columns per line of entry This will increase ...

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    I have a YouTube channel here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This channel focuses on music with Binaural Beats and Law of Attraction. A lot of original music and other Law of Attraction content is in pipeline. There is a sustained google ads campaign running, which is promoting this channel. I plan to let this campaign run non-stop for many years to come so this channel would see sustained growt...

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