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    Hi I need simple python script - output in console. Script need to watch list of ETH adresses from text file and display alert if there was ANY transaction since last check , this can be done via API to blockchain or via web scrapper to ethscan or bscscan.

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    Need a sample email coding project for class I am teaching. Its just for INSTRUCTION AND LEARNING purposes. Match atexampledomain w/websearch I have a 100 entry spreadsheet of contact data but no email adresses. I would like the program to step 1. Read a CSV entry for example "atsignexampledomain" then go to google search. 2. I want to program to have google search google to dete...

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    HI, I need in a first time to scrap more than 100K FRENCH from FRANCE emails adresses only, BtoB or BtoC, and in a second time to send them every day a marketing email wich link to my landing page (I already have the tempate email and the landing page that i provide you). The goal is to created new leads. But you have be experimented in massive email sending because it is not easy (to not go to sp...

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    I need a PHP code and install it on vps to do verifying bulk list of email addresses and validating them shows scan results with an easy to read report divided into multiple categories like valid, invalid, duplicates, unknown, syntax error addresses. All verified clean email address can be downloaded as CSV or save a clean list in the database for later use from lead management. also login syste...

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    i need someone to help me find a way to extract email adresses from gmail label. Alternativly extract them yourself for set price

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    Build website Tamat left

    I need somebody who is really responsible for creating web site, taking care of hosting and all services which are needed for running web site in sharp version including taking care in future (creating email adresses, solving bugs, updating versions etc.).

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    I need to find a korean company called CTUGAMES, they have little appearence online, and their adresses are not real. Thats why i need someone who can give me names and real and verified adresses of these company, so i can deliver legal documentation to them. Need to be korean person.

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    Hello! We are looking for a developer for a long term project. We want to test you. There is something wrong with the wordpress pluggin that another developer customized and changed the API to another service. This requires you to have VPN to change to new zealand location. This customized pluggin should make the client at the checkout page only choose from suggestions not write all adress hims...

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    envoi de campagne emailing. nous avons créer la campagne, et importé les adresses emails. mais mailchimp refuse d'envoyer l'emailing

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    we need to send information to our customers to inform them about our new e-store we have around 500k email adresses, we need a project of the email and also option to unsubscribe from the list; if the customer is not interested.

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    Hello, I neeed a similiar website as [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but now with the name htps:// For that purpose, I have the following available provider available in Germany (or your might suggest other provider with the minimum criterias): Storage space: 50 GB Max. Domains: 25 E-Mail-Adresses: 250 MySQL-Database: 25 Memory Limit: 256 MB Traffic included, Firewall included, SS...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create for me an interactive excel sheet where I can fill in several informations and the sheets calculates distances and fares for each tour. - Where do the information come from? From one pdf and one excell-sheet where all tours has been summed up in single positions. The tours and routes are fix. Our client has 28 adresses in germany and about 20 deliver...

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    I want you to create a python application that 1. Scans all outlook emails of the current logged in user 2. Applies named entity recognition on them to detect names, organizations, email adresses, urls, license plate numbers and locations. 3. Shows these results in a desktop app frontend. This frontend should have --An area with radiobuttons which will permit the user to select which entity typ...

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    I have a server running ubuntu 20.04 with 2 public ip adresses. The installation is working fine and openvpn client connects to server perfectly, but the client gets the public ipv4 adress 1 when surfing the internet through vpn. I want the client to get the second ipv4 adress when surfing the web. This is probably a pretty easy fix, but since i dont have knowledge with routing or linux i need ...

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    I want you to create a python application that 1. Scans all outlook emails of the current logged in user 2. Applies named entity recognition on them to detect names, organizations, email adresses, urls, license plate numbers and locations. 3. Shows these results in a desktop app frontend. This frontend should have --An area with radiobuttons which will permit the user to select which entity typ...

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    Hi, I have a website where i would like to send messages to most of the members. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Loom video explain it well. Also i have a word file and a data base where i would like to fill up automaticly the name and the adresses to print and send out letter marketing. This loom explain it [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Let me know if you have any question

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    I'd like to add structured data (a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content). I'd like to add my business adresses (there are 5) and reviews.

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    8 bida

    I have a jamulus server runnning. The logfile lists the IP's of users connected. So far so good. 1. I want an email/message whenever a new user logs in. In the email: time, date, IP of user and name (to find in "user/IPlist" 2. I will update The User/IPlist whenever there is a new user. To be made in bash and runned automaticly. PS: There were some questions: - When user logs ...

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    I need an Ubuntu based boxed solution for Postfix & Postfix admin Docker containers that can be launched from a [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file. There has to be both configurable incoming and outgoing email services. This will be hosted on AWS. 1. Post fix only accessible from it's own ip address 2. Can create email adresses 3. Can create fowards of emails. Expected deliverables. 1....

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    I need someone to copy information from some websites.

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    Bonjour, Je cherche plusieurs personnes parlant français pouvant récolter manuellement des adresses mails sur différents sites internet qui seront communiqués. Travail full time durant 3 à 6 mois. Prix payé par contact recolté et encodé.

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    I'm looking for someone who can fetch e-Mail Adresses from a Web-Page..... search in a directory, open a detail page and copy the email Adresses / kontactinformations and paste it into an Excel. There are currently 4'000 entries on the directory and the most of them have an e-mail. attached you can find the overview page and the detail page where you'll find the e-mail. What wil...

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    We looking for getting Unmanaged server, and someone need to take care of it. we really prefer someone from EU, also for time zone and also for safety. the person will need to be able to set up or to advise on server, prepare for wordpress site, and migrate all correctly, setting up emails, etc( less than 10 email adresses) and if all ok, be ready for maintenance or other things when needed.

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    25 bida

    1-5000pcs Adresses from Website - write in the Excel list in different tables and different excel lists.

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    Contact me ONLY if you can agree on my terms and create the script. I wish a script that can MANUALLY accept existing mac adresses and after specific time automatically my pc can shift mac adress

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    8 bida

    We need services for business development for our corporate business services in UAE and Mobile numbers and Email adresses for Business enterprenurs Persons any person who can provide any one of them or both, we will hire

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    7 bida

    Greetings! In preparation for a big campaign, in which my company wants to cooperate with fresh e-book authors, we need you to do the following. 1. Search for recently (2021) published e-books on Amazon (They must be about business, passive income, online work, etc.) 2. Collect their author name, the title of the book (including the link) and a valid e-mail address, through which we can contact t...

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    44 bida

    Webscraping email adresses and contact details Finance managers/general managers in the mining industry, in south africa email, name of business,mine, designation

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    56 bida

    Sending out Mass-Emails For a huge e-mail database we are looking for a tool/script/solution to send out at least 1 Mio e-mails / Day! 80% of this data belongs to german freemail services (@[log masuk untuk melihat URL], @[log masuk untuk melihat URL], @[log masuk untuk melihat URL], @[log masuk untuk melihat URL], @[log masuk untuk melihat URL], @[log masuk untuk melihat URL], @[log masuk untuk m...

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    10 bida

    Take all the data from installers from this site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Austria (519 pcs), CZ (265 pcs), Denmark (290 pcs), France (733 pcs) Germany (2705 pcs), Greece (244 pcs), Italy (2103 pcs), Poland (419 pcs), Spain (948 pcs), Swiss (561 pcs) UK (2387 pcs) other europe (1464 pcs) TOTAL = +- 12800 pcs. Put in excell sheet such as enclosed .ods sheet for Netherland (yet for adress ...

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    99 bida

    Explainer video: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Hello, I have a bot done for this but it doesnt work properly. I will provide the code to you. The bot is made inside a website and it has the Spotify and YouTube functionality. The spotify part works like this: It sends an email everytime an artist from the list uploads a new song on Spotify. I input artists into the list and whenever these artis...

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    I need a tool that Organize all my gmails adresses in a simple interface. each gmail account will be linked to a proxy, and a chrome profile (to keep cookies). Each time the user wants to open a specific gmail, the tool load automatically the assigned proxy and the assigned chrome profile.

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    5 bida

    Setup ethereum mining pool to mine tx from the specific adresses with no fee

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    6 bida

    Hi, i have an little problem with my ubuntu VPS. I have one VPS with 4 additonal ipv4 adresses (venet0:0, venet:01, venet:02, venet:03). With iptables and Postrouting commands i switch my public ip adress to one of the additional ipv4 addresses. Example, change public ip adress to IP from venet0:1 iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -j SNAT --to- [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This works fine until ...

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    Google Ads API Tamat left

    Hi! I am looking for someone with great experience working with the google ads api. Project would be to implement IP BLOCKING (adding and removing IP ADRESSES from a google ads account). You need to have had experience with setting everything up. I want prioritze freelancer who take the time to read the project description. If you use a robot to automatically send a proposal I will not...

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    8 bida

    Hello, I search someone who can extract email adresses from Facebook pages/groups For example : email adresses of a cooking group members Thanks

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    51 bida

    HI, i need you to extract the data of a list on wikipedia website and make an excel dokument where you insert all the email adresses you find. There should be round about 2053 contact adresses in the end. For more instructions pls contact me. Have many of these projects.

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    59 bida

    We're looking to make a long -list of Venture Capital funds investing in European (Belgian) healthtech companies with a strong hardware component. We've found about 95 ourselves, but are interested in a second pair of eyes to scan the market. Next to the names of the VC funds, we would need relevant names and email adresses of a person to contact at that fund

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    Hi, We are Truck logistics company. We are looking for Amazon brokers' email contacts for working together as a partner And We need someone who can help us to find the list of minimum 200 brokers' email adresses Please chat me if you have any experiences with this job,

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    5 bida

    Hi! I have generated a list of 100 articles. I'd like you to find and compile a list of email adresses to the journalists that have written these articles. I understand that some might not be found, hence I will pay 50 cent per found email adress. Please enter the info In the columns J,K,L in the file (see the headlines) Need to be finished in less than24h Thank you!

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    52 bida

    Hello, I need a bot done on Python where i can just Input a contract adress and it will buy when price is on x and sell when price is on y. The best would be when i can put more then one contract adresses so it trades more coins at the same time. It should always refresh the price like every second and instant sell and buy without delay.

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    Hello, I need help with buing shipping labels on UPS and USPS, because my card declined. I need 4 labels (2 labels each). I'll provide adresses. Each label cost near $10, I'll pay for 4 labels + $10 for work. Thank you

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    We need a solution to send an email via a Salesforce API from an external system but using selected eMail adresses (that belonsg to salesforces accounts) as the true sender, and not the eMail adress that's logged via the API. We need it to be attached to a caseID, and we need attachements. One solution could be to create a salfeforces application, send a special eMail adress a Dummy mail, wi...

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    Hi, i am looking for something to extract all the email adresses of the yellow pages search results. When i perform a search, i get up to 50 results on one page. To see 10 more i need to click on a button at the end of the page called "Mehr anzeigen" (Show more) all the time. Any ways or tools i can show all results once or extract all email adresses of all results once, without clicking...

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    Hi! I have about 6500 doctor's adresses in my mysql database. I want to show all of them on the map with nice looking icons and radius. I have the select query already. Ex.: row['name'] -- output ( Dr. John Doe ) row['address'] -- output (2800 Tatabánya, Sárberki ltp.301.) When page loads, should find browser's location and center the map there. I need...

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    I'm a single operation in the world of customer service. Here is the brief description of what I need so that you can give me a bulk figure of how much this work to be done can cost me: Here is the problem I want to solve:I have two excel files that In need to be worked with. I can not supply an attachment at this point as these email adresses are precious to me. Therefore, here is what I n...

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    Hi I would like to migrate from Siteground to Starthost. I have about 25 email adresses (starthost has a migrating tool) 5 websites. I have started myself, but somehow there is something wrong when I migrate the email addresses. I can sent emails but not receive them. The names are registred on namecheap, it might be something with the MX record. It would like to leave this in competent hands to ...

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    18 bida

    Hello and Marry Xmas, I am looking for someone with good server skills and fast to migrate 2 e-mail box from a server2 to server1 and redirect the mail DNS (webmail, pop, smtp, map, etc, etc...) for correct destination. Server1 is running under Plesk and Server2 is running under Webmin Both mail box are running under Roundcube. Server1 is running roundcube 1.3 and Server2 is running roundcube 1...

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    Hi, I have maps from different city in a pdf format. Each maps are separated by groups. the pdf map does not includ the adresses but only lots that are separated. I have all the adresses of that city I would like to seperate all the invidual lot and get the group qualification from the pdf file and add a collum in excel that identify witch adress belong to witch groups You see the PDF in questio...

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    63 bida

    Hello, This project is about to create a windows and mac software that counts the copies or prints done by users. It shall be able to integerate atleast about 30 Machines in total for the purpose. Requirements: 1. Reading and reseting of meter for each user doing print or copy job 2. Easy to see and read prints and copies from different users. 3. Prints from different computers (users ) can be ...

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