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    I have a list of 60 websites that need to be analyzed and reported in document and graph

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    It's like Alcohol Breath analyzer we can put in car or public transport that can analyze the level of alcohol of a driver and if it's intoxicated then with the help of GSM message directly goes to nearest police station...

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    Sound Analyzer Tamat left

    I am looking for a single web page which has an audio analyzer for most common web browsers using the web audio API present in the JS library. The web browser should have waves with their intensity proportional to the sound around the mic. The page should also display the approximate intensity (should be real, but like approx value) and compare it to common noises heard in daily life. A similar ex...

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    I need an addon, indicator or analyzer in NinjaTrader 8 whichever makes the most sense to keep track how much I am up or down in dollars during a trading campaign. NinjaTrader 8 seems to only keep track of profit and loss from open positions. I trade by scaling into trades and scaling out to being flat. Trading campaign is defined from opening trade to flat or flat to flat depending how you look...

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    Hi, This project is for the creation of a .dts overlay in latest RaspberryPi OS (kernel 5.4). The overlay has to use the simple-audio-card and the spdif codec assigned on the I2S controller that will act as Master in order to produce an ALSA device. That ALSA device should adhere to the TDM protocol and have 8 slots/channels, both capture and playback simultaneously. So this overlay does not need ...

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    I have two android apps, and I need Japanese translations (from English). It's about 1800 words/app -> ~3600 word total for the 2 apps. For the translation, the translator needs to have some IT/WiFi terminology skills One app is a wifi analyzer, the other is an sd card tester (see screenshots) Please make your offers for the whole project ( 2 apps, ~3600 words). When the translation is...

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    Key words : ASTM, HL7 , Cobas , LIS system , Web based , TCP/IP , DB Web application PHP or for send & receive medical test records from medical equipment(Analyzer). I want to connect analyzer with a host computer(Laptop) with TCP/IP . When I send a request from my host computer to analyzer its send the bulk of patient information with a test result that store in the analyzer system i...

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    I built a python code analyzer, it checks if the code has any "Black listed name" or any "Invalid name " these two options are similar to pylint C0102 and C0103, and now i want to add the function to check if there's a variable used before assignment, similar to pylint E0601 the source code for my kernal and the two implemented checks are available

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    ES: Buenas, necesito un compilador en Java, un Analizador Semántico que contenga las funciones del compilador además de la generación de código intermedio y código objeto. Agradezco su ayuda EN: Hi, I need a Java compiler, a Semantic Analyzer that contains the compiler functions as well as the generation of intermediate code and object code. I appreciate your hel...

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    Project Deadline: Within 1 Hour Server Type: Linux Ubuntu Library to Install & Configure: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 5* FEEDBACK WILL BE LEFT FOR YOU

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    Hi, I'm a new Python programmer developing an application for a CAN Bus. I found an open source project that describes the different CAN Bus packets, but it is not written in Python. I need to convert these packet descriptions to Python. My program is already reading packets off the CAN Bus, and I am parsing the packets, but I'm not sure what each bit/byte does. Can someone let me know w...

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    1-A device that measures antibody level from [log masuk untuk melihat URL], similar to the attached picture 2- Which of the following products do you think has better features? What should we consider when purchasing this type of machine? Which Features should be considered? The best device around $ 3000 to be the best alternative of these products The important thing here; When I go to a village...

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    Spectrum analyzer output for 10 frequency using Multisim.

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    We are looking for a programmer for USB type RF vector network analyzer in API operating driver.

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    Program can be based on either creating tables like Symbol and Literal table , etc from given input or creating Lex Analyzer , etc. Will be small and open to any coding language

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    Looking for a programmer who can program Rasberry Pi to collect inputs from power analyzer via Modbus TCP and create a log file for the user to extract the data table. The programmer to be someone from Kuala Lumpur and many require to travel to the client location(within Klan Valley) for testing and commissioning.

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    We want SEO Analyzer whose having some experience in SEO Analysis. We want to increase SEO for following blog [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    build python static code analyzer with pylint, according to this link [log masuk untuk melihat URL]:e0601 The result of the work is the analyzer binary for Windows or Linux and the source code. The analyzer should be assembled and also launched “in one click”. Documentation Checkable errors with examples should be described. How to start the analyzer should be described. Analyzer inter...

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    On Site Project in Noida for 2 weeks , Experience Required - 3 to 5 years Scope of the work includes modifying a existing python code for the drivers of the Keysight etc devices for AC power source, Electronic DC load, Oscilloscope, RF signal generator, RF spectrum analyzer, power Amplifier, temp chamber, Data acquisition unit (Data logger

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    For this project you are to create a C#/.NET console application that analyzes sales data contained in a comma-delimited data file and generates a report that answers a set of provided questions that is saved in a text file. The path to the music sales data file and the path to the report text file are provided to the program as command line arguments. If the user runs the program without supplyin...

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    design a finite state machine in Verilog to control the taillights of a 1965 1 Ford Thunderbird1 . There are three lights on each side that operate in sequence to indicate the direction of a turn. Figure 1 shows the taillights and Figure 2 shows the flashing sequence for (a) left turns and (b) right turns. Figure Design, Verilog entry, Simulation, Hardware Implementation, Logic Analyzer and Slow C...

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    template like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] website for broker and trade analyzer website with: - base colour library for change colour from css - blogging section - video section - market for sale website packets - responsive - with inline comment (in the HTML codes) - with 5 various reliable page (means user friendly and make trust the viewer to website ) for interview the services - absolutely ...

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    We are developing the software for an biology analyzer. We have to develop data parsing, storage, graphing and communication. The application will use the Dashboard capability of Node-Red. The software will run on a FrienlyARM linux device name Neo plus2. The kind of graphic and preprocessing is described here : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Data acquisition is already performed. Data format to ...

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    /*************************In C language ****************************? Purpose: Development of a Parser, rewriting the grammar and adjusting the tables. ❖ Assignment consists of two tasks. Task 1 is related to rewriting grammar and Task 2 involves the PLATYPUS 2.0 Parser implementation. In the end, you will be able to have a rudimentary a PLATYPUS interpreter. ❖ The Bonus (3% bonus) is optional an...

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    string de-duplicator (so that HUGE amounts of strings can be stored in the heap), as well as a log analyzer

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    Hello, Thank you for your attention. -Lexical Analyzer, Yacc Analyzer and Abstract Syntax Tree logic will be used. Therefore, someone who has knowledge or has worked on these subjects will be preferred. -Someone who has worked with OCR or has knowledge of image processing is wanted. This will be the beginning of the main project. There are several examples of this project. If I need to express...

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    We need an Outlook Plugin which analyzes entered text while composing an email. This plugin must analyze entered words and phrases. The plugin should check and highlight prohibited words and phrases via an offline dictionary and recommends alternative words or phrases. The plugin must sync the dictionary with an Application Server and should use the dictionary offline. The plugin must check the n...

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    I will be implementing this on Vivado 2019 using a zynq xc7z020-1clg400c chip. 1. Create a Parameterized Counter Design a parameterized binary counter module that counts from zero to a value given as a parameter, and then resets to zero. Include a count enable input cen that enables counting only when asserted. In the example module definition below, a second parameter WIDTH is defined because th...

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    We have C # code which needs to be build using dotnet msbuild utility within Azure Devops pipeline. We are using sonarqube scanner for analysing the cs code, though the scanner is finishing successfully, it’s uploading empty reports.

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    To experience the design issues of advanced computer architectures through the design of an analyzer for a simplified MIPS CPU using high level programming languages. The considered MIPS CPU adopts the CDC 6600 scoreboard scheme to dynamically schedule instruction execution and employ caches in order to expedite memory access. Project Statement:: Consider a simplified version of the MIPS instructi...

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    Hello! I'm looking for someone to prepare a C# Visual Studio Solution with a function that allows me to enter audio frames (eighter float array or double array, mono only - stereo not needed) and a samplerate. The return of the function has to be a 2-Dimensional Array with X-Axis being time and Y-Axis being frequency, and the output values being the strength of the frequency at a given tim...

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    1. Create a code that allows you to create an ordered list of tokens. This code should take in a file as input and process that file for the following lexemes: • Perl style identifiers • Literals: – Java-Style string literals – C-Style integer literals – C-Style character literals – C-Style floating-point literals • Non-Alphanumeric special symbols that denot...

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    1. The project should cover a real case. You may study and collect data for a real case system (e.g. clinic, production line, bank, private or governmental service provider , ....). The selection of the system is left for you but you have to take the instructor's approval on the system chosen before proceeding with the project. 2. The project should consist of system description and data anal...

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    I want someone who can do this Topic “Hello world” for microprocessor circuits. Phase 1 Connect with a microprocessor ram and rom on the media you created in the previous experiment. Phase 2 Run a loop program (hello world equivalent) that you compiled from ASM or C that you will write. Phase 3 Draw the time plot of the address, data and control paths on the virtual logic analyzer ...

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    your job will be a virtual assistant you will help me in searching , analyzing and writing Regards

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    MDT EXPERT Tamat left

    Need to resolve hot keys installation issues deployed via MDT Have lenovo, dell, hp models where hot keys are not functioning properly. Need an expert to fix this issue ASAP. Must be familiar with MDT workbench, Apps creation, app packaging, Drivers management, Scripts writing skills in Powershell. Logs analyzer, troubleshooting skills, Root cause finder.

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    Develop a software that performs the tasks of syntax review and management of errors for a subset of the standard C language - Data types: int, char, float. - Use of variables - Instructions: conditional if-else - Declaration and definition of functions - Comment handling - Keywords or reserved words: char, int, float, return, void, if, else - Five arithmetic and five logical operators

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    Hi dear, We are interested in developing an app that would read data from many instruments and report information to end user. The app should be apple to interact with many instruments as; 1- water level sensor , 2- water flow meter, 3- water online quality analyzer, 4- Air online quality analyzer, 5- Other instruments that’s will add up later during the progress of the app. This project ...

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    SAP BW4HANA Tamat left

    BW4HANA BPC 11.01 SAP HANA cockpit – system administration tool SAP HANA cockpit manager – metadata management tool SAP HANA database explorer – catalog browser and SQL console SAP HANA SQL Analyzer – execution plan analysis

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    Syntax Analyzer and Intermediate Code Generator The project is to create Version 2 of compiler. More specifically, your compiler has to do the following:  Compile the variable declarations (integer only, so no type checking)  Handle simplified expressions;  Handle Assignment statements  Handle I/O calls (at least for reading and writing numbers).

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    Simple data analytics done in python.

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    Shielding Tamat left

    I need to create a blanket out of metal alloys to cover my body from emf. I also need something to cover my head from elf waves , in the brainwave region. I also need to know what an electronic scrambler is, and a audio octave analyzer. I need to shield from an emf weapon.

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    I need an Android app that can analyze these topics in real time: - Network - System Traffic - Process List - App Registry - App Permissions - Registry Changes For detailed information: - It will create a network map of the applications running on the system. - It will create map of system traffic in peripheral devices. - It will analyze the list of ...

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    I need an iOS app that can analyze these topics in real time: - Network - System Traffic - Process List - App Registry - App Permissions - Registry Changes For detailed information: - It will create a network map of the applications running on the system. - It will create map of system traffic in peripheral devices. - It will analyze the list of pro...

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    Hello there, I am looking for a passionate Quality Control/Quality Assurance engineer to test my two web based application [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and You must be hard working, dedicated and offer the best possible optimal manual testing strategies. Design testing Requirement testing Functionality testing Test the design in all browsers and devices, viewed via different br...

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    Design and implementation of improved parallel lexical analyzer phase of computer design using OpenMP on Multicore Machines Tools to be used for implementation 1. OpenMP tool for Parallelizing programs 2. Multi2sim for simulating multicore architecture 3. Intel Vtune Amplifier for analyzing the performance of the software in 32 and 64-bit machines.

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    Customers who apply for a loan submits a bank statement that is analysed for creditworthiness. I want an algorithm that can analyse bank statement provided in Json for credit appraisal.

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    Amazon analyzer 1. Estudio de Mercado en Amazon - Potencialidad del/los Productos. Acciones a Realizar - Analizar el segmento de mercado para cada producto en Amazon - Conocer los rangos de precios del sector. - Estudiar los reviews y comentarios de los clientes. - Analizar la demanda actual del segmento y proyectar la futura. - Estudiar las posibilidades de colocar el producto en cuestión...

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    Hello i would like to route some extension to other internet source if possible like .iso /exe / mp3 /mp4 / npk /rar and other kind of downloads

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    Looking for experienced C Programmer who have good understanding of Lexer Analyzer, Parser, Symbol Table, Symantic Analysis, Intermediate Representation, MIPS, Compiler Design, etc. Need help ASAP !!!

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