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    I need a dll file that I will send the HWND of the chat window and it will return the conversation text out of it. It must work with win98-XP and all versions of MSN 6. It cannot use the messenger API since this is too difficult for my customers to re-configure their computer. There is a conflict between msn 6 and windows messenger. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working prog...

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    ...and has a green background. Once this button is clicked or presed, it performs the following: - starts capture form a usb video source. - changes to a red background and reads stop. when the stop button is pressed the following happens: - video capture is stopped and saved as a file named by string, date and time. - button resumes to start with green backround

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    ...and has a green background. Once this button is clicked or presed, it performs the following: - starts capture form a usb video source. - changes to a red background and reads stop. when the stop button is pressed the following happens: - video capture is stopped and saved as a file named by string, date and time. - button resumes to start with green backround

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    our website is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 1. We want a more professional cleaner graphic presentation, and one that is consistent thru all the product pages. 2. We want to offer a free report if they are willing to join our email mailing list. 3. We want to have an opinion poll where the visitors can click on which product / service

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    I need a combined screen scraper/text capture facility to 1) poll a windows application and pass changes in the active window to variables in VBA subroutines (Excel and/or Access). The locations of relevant information may vary depending on the application running. Thus, several default formats will need to be pre-coded and selected, and, optimally

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    Rebate Center Tamat left

    Need full rebate redemption website, including back end. Functionality: 1. This rebate center will allow for individuals to file for their rebate claim. The process will require an OFFER CODE. This OFFER CODE is tied to an offer record which will contain the rebate information: amount, client, purchase period, redemption period, required for

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    Hello and thanks for looking. What I need is the following : a small program that runs from the command line, which captures webcam still images and motion to file. Program must be invisible and run in background. Must be able to run from command prompt for example : c:[log masuk untuk melihat URL] -pic w320 h240 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] would take a pic to [log masuk untuk me...

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    I already have the website set up and running. It is just a one page sales letter. But I need to add the following - 1. Exit pop up to capture names and email address 2. Set up an autoresponder to send a downloadable link to a free item, once visitor has subscribed. 3. Database for storing names and emails from pop up 4. Set up download page via Paypal

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    I use Delphi 7 and DSPack (available from [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) When I create a WDM Audio Capture Device, the default capture rate is 48000Hz. I need someone to show me how to use DirectX and set the capture format to any format of my choosing (eg: 44100Hz, 16 bit, mono). The first one with working code (or code that I managed to make work) gets

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    Hello, I need a lead capture page template so I can use it to setup lots of different lead capture pages using different templates, quickly and easily. Lisa

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    ...(alpha sort) should allow person to place their text link in the state-city/town of their choice (pull downs). Their information should also include a hyper link to their website. Choices should allow for bold (extra dollars), also, choices for more towns at additional fee. Also a fee for mug shot or logo to go with text link. (Browse function)

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    Need enhancements on website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Need to register and track Affiliates (called Distributors) and members of software club. Done already: Members pay $99 for 125 software programs. They pay through 2Checkout and we email them an access code to software download. Code lasts 1 year from first use. Members also get another 1 software

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    Hello, Looking for a bright new fresh look for our lead capture pages. Examples of ones that are in use: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Must be able to provide examples of related work. thanks, Colin Taylor

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    Website Design Tamat left

    Nature of business: Financial Website Content will be provided. Web designer will be expected to deliver creativity for a financial website. The general description of the site's "image" will be provided to designer. Designer must be able to deliver the "image" the company wants to portray. Example websites will be provided for guidance.

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    Look for two Windows 98/ME/XP based utilities: 1. KeyStroke Capture / Screen Capture utility This is the sort of keystroke capture / screen capture utilities used to monitor activity on a personal computer. Completed solutions includes an installer that will install the software so it launches automatically on start-up and is appropriately hidden

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    $100 - $500
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    ...recording programs with email send or foward. Must be simple to use with help and help files. Want program to record video with audio from computer screen and then be able to foward info by way of email send or foward. Program needs to remove unwanted screen recordings to reduce the file size before sending email. This file needs to be saveable

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    I need 10 pages of text from a website (which appears as an image on the website) in a word document - This is for a website redo-- I need this done asap! You will get a great rating if done correctly without spelling or formatting easy 10. Thanks Alex

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    ...customers monthly. That is, if 4 months cost $400, we can no longer bill $400 up front for the 4 month period, but rather bill $100 per month for 4 months. We currently have a website, but there is no ability to accept credit cards on the site yet. We want to adopt an online system, with some shopping cart and other stuff, but we want to make sure that the

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    ...required from defining field templates for a project, to enable Key, Key Verification, QA process, export of data in various delimited formats and track the progress of the data capture. The software must be capable of receiving the images, should be able to collate / unitize images as documents and renumber images. Must have a built-in image viewer that

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    Design a program which extracts text from two sources: 1. Screen capture bitmap 2. default screen font (can be found from api's) Might require to use a simple image shape recognition or anything else you have in mind that does this task fast. A similar program called kleptomania is available in the market Regards -Tim ## Deliverables

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    5 bida Looking for a complete design and building of a replicating lead generation web site. Programmer must have some knowledge of "MLM" and forced matrix of a 5 by 5 lead capture [log masuk untuk melihat URL],the commissions there will be modified as well as all the wordings in pages will be edited if and when [log masuk untuk melihat URL] will have a different but attractive ...

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    We need either of the following: 1.) Visual basic code that will capture the chat text of an MSN 6.0 instant/message conversation 2.) A compiled dll that can return the chat text if it is sent the IM window's HWND ID As you may or may not know MSN has changed the way a program can get to the text. You can no longer use straight API calls

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    We are looking to create a web-based email newsletter service as an application service provider. The payment system would be integrated with PAYPAL To get an idea of what we want in terms of features, quality and ease of use, The comparable sites would be: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (nice marketing website layout) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (nice preview feature

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    Camera Capture Tamat left

    Looking for someone to develop a camera capture system(any type of standard camera that attaches to a pc, be it a snap and capture or web cam...they all have the ability to snap and capture): Point Detail: 1. Capture shot and store as thumbnail image. Give ability to take up to 6 - 8 shots. 2. When taking picture, real-time image (to-be-captured)

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    27 bida

    We are looking to create a web-based email newsletter service as an application service provider.? There would be two services offered using this application. These services would be hosted on two different domains. The payment system would be integrated with PAYPAL initially but not enabled (choice of the owner). Both services would be identical (or

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    We would like a site with functionality similar to a dating website, but also more of a portal feel to it with relevant article, design, etc for each user. Programmer must be able to show past work on a dating website. Site to be in PHP for Apache with mySQL DB. Developers to be responsible for all backend, database, and most frontend development

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    ...a screen capture to make a picture of the page, for the full length of the page. This means the page must scroll to show the full length of the page. Also, I need the program to be able make this image even if part of the Form is covered, or if minimized. I think the program should get the image from the IE object, not as a screen capture, but I do

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    website Tamat left

    A funky website required by an options trader to be built and the functions required are; 5 pages Links and leads/email address capture to 3rd party websites Photos/Charts even updates of charts Links to updates of indices in the US stockmarket/Australian stock market. Ability for website host to provide trading updates Mailing list Ability

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    4 bida

    I need HTML or PHP code to paste into articles published on my site that allows the users to add a comment (with comment count), email the article to a friend, and subscribe to an article. I create news articles within tables on my site and I’d like to paste code into a bottom cell of each table that the user can click on that takes them to another

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    I am looking for a way to capture the messages in MSN Messenger 6.1. I have tried using the API calls for MSN Messenger but it seems to make my program shutdown at times and not always work. I need another way that i can use in VB 6.0 or call from my program to do this. The messages are saved in text files which specs will be given if your bid is accepted

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    Cam Capture Tamat left

    We require a cam capture code in VB6 which will allow for a webcam to be directed toward a subject and show a 'live' image within an application. The code should : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] able to be added as a 'addon' to an existing VB project. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] with all necessary dlls etc [log masuk untuk melihat URL] user to 'focus' on subje...

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    3 bida

    Linux configuration (via SSH): - Kernel istallation (2.6.2) - TV capture card (Hauppauge) and "freevo" software installation - basic backup configuration Maybe: - PHP and MySQL - CMS installation (eXoops) Extra: - webdesign I need someone to configure Linux on my computer and have some help for doing some basic tasks. Help on websites could be appreciated

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    9 bida retrive three web page's contents to excel a)code b)type c)close d)turnover($) e)Average monthly f)xxxx(issued) 2. and according the value of "code" to capture the text value from the another web page and insert into the cell "XXXX" PLEASE FULLY UNDERSTANDING THE REQUIREMENT OF THE BUYER BEFORE PLACING THE BID ## Deliverables

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    1 bida of the country. This is a short term loan, or payday loan website. On each site I need the following done: 1. I need a protected log-on area. 2. There are 4 different forms that I need to have put into a MYSQL database. i will need some of this information sent to an email address. 3. I need to interface with GeoTrust. I can use a

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    22 bida

    I need three one-page lead capture sites for a few network marketing companies I am promoting that need the following: Web Design (Will send samples of what I prefer) Form to Email Script Automated Form Submission Prevention Script. Thank You Page with Links to a continuing marketing site. I will supply all ad copy for each individual

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    ...this website is access by visiting the URL of a reffering pre-enrolle or member. The first page is a lead capture page with a Pre-enrollment Registration. Once the form is filled and sent, that person gets pre-enrolled in the powerline and gets its own reffering website for 30 days. An email is sent to welcome him into the program and an email is sent

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    ...them up on a lighted view box. I would like to take pictures of the xrays and retreive them to a monitor. The steps we need are: capture images from camera and assign to a patient account. ability to capture multiple images and assign them names (names are predefined such as front, back, side, low back) ability to adjust image characteristics

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    Video Capture Tamat left

    This capture software only works on windows 98 and me. 1).I need it to work on XP. 2). I need code for a button that I can place in my Msaccess 2000 program, that will activate the"take picture" button in the capture software. 3). When the picture is taken using Ms Access 2000, it must link to current record being recorded, "TrafficID" in my

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    5 bida

    ...accomplished relatively quickly. **Basic Logic of Application:** 1. Click on a pre-determined area (based on pixel coordinates) on a screen and have the application capture an image of a different pre-determined area on the screen. 2. Once that image is captured, it should float on top of the area of the screen at the location it was

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    24 bida

    I need a complete website design of a job portal for English Teachers around the world. It needs to serve the same purpose as the site [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but has to be way more attractive and less busy looking if possible. The banner layouts should be similar as well. Please have a look at the site before bidding. Please have a look at the job listings under

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    We would like an LPT3 printer data capture driver that passes ascii text sent for printing (from any windows 9x/2000/XP program) to a service program that is normally running. The service program will be written in Delphi 7 and will collect all the ascii text lines. When a memory buffer of ascii text lines is full then the service program will

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    Hi, I need a way for capturing the content of all kind of windows (Explorer, IE, etc.), best would be in real-time, if possible. This is needed for a screen-capture software. Let me know what possibilities exist for this. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    Image Capture Tamat left

    I want a program in, the program has to display the video and capture an image from RCA input on a video card and save it into the Hard Disk with a serial number ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install

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    A template is required for a lead capture page. Just one page with light graphics for fast loading Design is to be similar to current web site but doesn't need to be the same (URL will be provided to bidders on request) Fresh and modern design for a natrual health and wellness product. Only experienced designers with high quality samples of recent

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    I have a submission form to capture email address, name and zip code (for subscriptions, obviously). It was sent to me by a company that creates these things. However, it needs skilled hands to put in on the following page: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The form that is there now was created by another coder, but is non-functional. This

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    34 bida

    ...self-replicating lead capture website with an autoresponder tied in as well. I have an existing website that I can modify but I need to have the script created and incorporated in it and installed. The webpage created would be sort of a clone of: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] What the script needs to do is when someone signs up for a free website through my

    0 bida

    I require a simple website form to be created from the fields I have listed below and have this form installed on my webserver. You are bidding for the design AND installation of the form. The form will accept user input and mail the results in a formatted email to me using the formmail-clone cgi script. The form to be designed is attached

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    23 bida

    **I want to capture information from a live internet program called partypoker at In order to collect this data, the program would need capture the text feed from this program and parse player name, position, card values dealt, status (are they in the game or not), bet amounts, and the event for each player (if they are calling, folding

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    6 bida

    ...had and the total number of sales done by each banner or text links also the ability to capture the source from which websites it came from if it was done by a search engine then it should be able to capture the key words too The sources could be a website or an email or search engines 6) Add/Edit Promotions where our Section will be Motivate Section

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    1 bida

    ...DirectX9 development experience to send me sample code in either VB6 (using the video control) or VB.NET with the 1.1 framework that does the following: 1. Capture a live stream from a video capture card (I am using a Hauppauge 350) to an AVI or an MPEG2 file on the local hard drive. 2. Pause live TV with a configurable buffer size. ## Deliverables

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