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    gvhncv jhngvhn sedfdh ghj kg kg jgjghjmg gjgj gvnv jn kmh, j khkmvjmn m km, njk ghkghkgcfbv bo; cvl [log masuk untuk melihat URL] sdjhcsdf asj zsdjg sdasvc n mv dasgduisdfwsdb cfbsdfubased asdbASEJKgjhasd basukldgfaseh cjh,as g fj,[log masuk untuk melihat URL] jke bsd j,bsedbfsdjfgvb. sdjkhsdjkg isdgukdrghuylerguilaweghulfwe .aekhfsukdhguylsdghvuylzsdhulc gfilerszghtuoerlg .zsio;junfserphgserkl...

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    Hi, I want a field in members profile in which only admin can fill data and only user can see it. On other page admin can see all members or search member and fill that data. These point will use for shopping and we have mange point if user will use in shopping.

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    We have a kotlin based app which is not showing videos and documents. All API's working fine but poorly integrated into app. Actual system is in php laravel and app in kotlin. need to make a couple of changes only.

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    Urgent: I need a logo and favicon designed. Very Sleek and eligent deaigned logo and favicon for my websites which is based on online news. 1. Website Brand Name: News Mag 365 2. Requirement: Required in 3 colors 3. Animation (optional)

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    I have a horse racing game. It is made in Laravel + Vuejs + Mysql I have it complete with source code to serve as a base. I want to convert it to another site which is done in Laravel + Nodejs + MongoDb I need it done in 6 days. Come with the fair proposals. Only accept it if you really are able to do it. The project is advanced. only for Laravel + Mysql + MongoDb experts

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    (Don't contact with me before you haven't gone through the details as below) I am sincerely looking for a ready made Streaming Website with Studio same as any one of the REFERENCE WEBSITES : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If you have any ready...

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    Hi All, I've large data set of Real estate of Riyadh city, includes Parcels no. and their Polygons, and I have a problem finding which Parcel is a Land, and which one is a Building, is there anyway to know 100% or at least 85% of the type of the property? - I have shared sample of data - I want to know which block is land or building * Please share your suggestions, and if you share it as a s...

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    I have my strategies written on AFL using Amibroker software. I need a software that can link my amibroker to my brokerage terminal to automate my trades.

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    I need a logo designed for "Candystreet" . The logo should have colors, drinks, bonbons, lollipops, and a street. Please find attached an idea in which direction it should go.

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    I am urgently looking for an EXPERIENCED freelancer (PRECONDITION: WHO HAS practical building experience of this kind of LIVE STREAMING WEBSITE WITH STUDIO ) to build me a streaming website as per the REQUIREMENT based on the REFERENCE WEBSITES: 1. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ; [log masuk untuk melih...

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    Hello, Budget 50euros will be preferred. I need a developer which can integrate this package: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] In one file used to get location and mange it. The file already works and was already implemented to get location and to use Google maps. What is missing is that thanks to that package is possible to check if geolocation is enable in the browser and so to implement further...

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    I need a subscription website. Which has my alto stock trading system result and stock data. It needs to connect to my existing SQL server when client query a specified stock data. The client tracking also needs to be a footprint data send back to my database. Need a professional UI, stable & fast query and return for my clients.

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    hi there. I need someone who is expertise on html/css. Need to convert mockup to html.css. The template is already done. 20 min is enough for building.

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    (Don't waste time in useless contact before you have gone through the Details as below:) I am sincerely looking for a ready made Streaming Website with Studio same as any one of the REFERENCE WEBSITES [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If you hav...

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    I have a powerpoint that contains what is referred to as Gantt charts. It is very blocky, lacks finesse and could do with modernising, of course without touching the content. See example to understand the original concept

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    Need help deploying a Django/React app which is using GeoDjango and therefore the environment needs GDAL. Not sure how would be best to do this so looking for guidance. Possibility to use docker/kubernetes maybe? Happy to use either AWS, Google Cloud or Digital Ocean. If you have any questions let me know.

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    Simple dummy project to check, Build a Service using Visual C++ which reads an integer from the registry and sleeps for that many seconds in a tight loop. Write an installer for this service. This should be done in Visual Studios (preferably 2017) and should be bare bones, do NOT use .NET.

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    we have a project with 14 images 6 head shots and 8 group shots we just need the images to be cleaned very well face needs to be touched up and cleaned - all marks need to be removed and skin needs to be smoothened out. We need this today in 3-4 hours One Sample image will be required for us to select the freelancer

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET.

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    I need an a backend api which will use the JustEat Api and Deliveroo api and the backend will get all the orders that a restaurant receives and save them to Firebase.

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    A video has languages, english, hindi and kashmiri. I need someone to translate the content natively without use of software into English.

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    I have two columns column1 which has value as runnable_id, bus_dt and other column2 as 1300,2020-07-07 .we should construct query as runnable_id >1300 and bus_dt >2020-07-07.

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    Use case # Want to create a wrapper class on top of my test automation framework, this wrapper should have common PageObjects, reusable functions, utilities that are common across different Node.js based test automation tools. For example, i will create a page object method in a wrapper class, which should be flexible to be called from Protractor, WebdriverIO and Cypress. In a nutshell, i'll ...

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    flask website which used to track price of certain websites. Send email when prices go below a previously user set price. I do have a running website for private use but it is not up to the standard of production usage. I do think you can reuse some of the codes. Main functions: The customer fill in a URL of certain products, set a demanded price which is lower than the current price. Click the b...

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    I would like you to create a script, preferable in Powershell which will use the Broadsoft API to change a specific setting on a user profile, for an example the "caller id". With this script i can let a user quickly change there caller id, without having them to log into their customer portal. This script can be expanded to larger set of functions, but this one is the most important o...

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    I wanna make a site like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Project Details I am sincerely looking for a ready made Streaming Website with Studio same as any one of the REFERENCE WEBSITES 1. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If you have any ready made one of the 5 Reference Website...

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    A website integrated with nbgrader which should do the following: 1. A portal for students to upload their .ipynb files, basic login feature would help 2. The website must run the command "nbgrader autograde --assignment=<assignment_name> --student=<studentid> --force" 3. Update the result in a csv and display the same to the student instantly For nbgrader read [log masuk un...

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    2 csv files from which data needs to be manipulated to obtain solutions to answers for questions given

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    I need you to write the API payment integration code between eCommerce shopper checkout page and different payment methods using Adyen's Drop-in method described below. Once this is done, it is very important to be able to explain to me what was done and how, and make me understand the written code as if I wrote it, as I need to present it. You will find all the needed documentation here: [l...

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    EB Create one New webpage on a live website which is based on Wordpress, to copy existing layout for new page, exact details will be provided in the brief

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    I need a website like this www.color-dragon.tk. The algorithm should be better. Sample output is uploaded .Please check before messaging . You should be based in Delhi(NCR) , India to work on this project.

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - this is the software. Please only conenct if you have used it before

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    HY I started blog writing when I was not so perfect but now I think one of my article in the blog is not proper for SEO but I want to make it so I am here to find a freelancer who can easily make it possible so that article become SEO friendly [log masuk untuk melihat URL] this is the link to the site you can check and also more offers are accepted so visit my blog properly also you can comment y...

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    Hi All, I need to create a sign up and login page which should will have google sheets as database. In Signup page, If the user name is occupied it should come Username already exists. While login it should check the user name and password with google sheets in it. Thanks and Regards, .

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    Hello, I have a small chatbot used for lead generation that was coded in CSML. I’d like users to be able to select the language they’d like to speak with the chatbot and would like the chatbot to translate everything in the language. It seems possible as you can see in this article [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]]. Translations need to be done with the Frengly App, I will provide the ...

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    In the essay “Remember Death” by Jennifer Michael Hecht there are four problems that she talks about when it comes to creating a sense of happiness. The first problem is you're not able to yourself or even the world you’re in. The second problem is you’re controlled by your desires and not only your desires but emotions as well. Another problem is the role to rise or t...

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    need help developing an android app I need basic android app/report

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    a bookshop written in cake php should be finished

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    An online training website which provide many IT courses. The website should be high in content and should have a sign up form.

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    JAVA program which needs a diagram included.

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    I need an app which reads a restaurants just eat orders and add them to a firebase database

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    I want to buy an open PHP script that read a Facebook and Twitter page. And gets the information which I need. But without use of API (like Twitter or Facebook). This script must return data on my server of the following type: - With which profile the visitor of our website is logged on social networks (12 types of networks) For Facebook and Twitter - I want to know more information about one pr...

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    I need you to write a script just modifing a textfile -> you can use your preffered language. so we have an "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" and an "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]". As soon as you take the job I will provide you the files to check your script against (there are more variables but we don't need to know them). important info: Everything an object stores wi...

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    Job for someone with right skills and knowledge. Patch is completed in about 95%. Needs fixing and reviewing (something is wrong with sending). Patch applies to DASH ([log masuk untuk melihat URL] - branch v0.16.x.). Patch (attached as file to project) is based on EPOLL changes. It compiles but sending data is not working (maybe also something more).

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    We are conference company and need the conferences websites. each conference will have separate domain and each conference will have different content and different registration pages and amount. What we really need is that we should have the back end to with a single button we should be able to add new conferences by selecting a theme(out of multiple themes ready to be applied) and giving a new ...

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    I need these questions done for a Machine Learning assignment. The questions are related to K means clustering 1. Write a program k-means to implement k-means clustering. The functions accepts two inputs: a list of N data vectors to be clustered, and the number of clusters, K. The program outputs three quantities: a list of N, group assignment indices (c1, c2, . . . , cN) indicating the associati...

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