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    1- Load akan dapat supply dari Grid pada pkul 10malam - 8pagi. Dalam masa sama, Grid Source akan charge battery sampai penuh. 2- Pada 8pagi - 10malam pula, load akan dapat supply daripada Bateri. 3- In case, Grid ada masalah antara pkul 8pagi - 10malam (waktu gris supply ke load), bateri akan automatic backup sehingga Grid ok, kemudian dia turn back pada Grid semula. *Battery tu mempunyai kapasiti tuk support selama 14jam (8pagi - 10malam). *nak bagi beza dngan video tu, klu boleh Grid dan Bateri buat series connection compare video tu buat paralel

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    Nama Produk : Jeongsin 정신 (tulisan Korea) Tulisan Warna Gold Background Putih ada Gambar Ginseng Kemasan Luxury / Mewah

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    ...kemasan yang cantik dan eye-cathcing. Kedepannya, Zanana Chips akan banyak berkolaborasi dengan brand-brand lokal untuk membuat produk co-branding bertemakan pisang. Seperti tas bertemakan pisang, baju bertemakan pisang, souvenir bertemakan pisang, dan sebagainya. Project kolaborasi pertama yang akan kami kerjakan adalah membuat iPhone case. Project ini adalah project kolabirasi antara Zanana Chips sebagai brand snack, dan salah satu brand custom case terkemuka di dunia online shop Indonesia. Design yang kami perlukan harus berhubungan dengan pisang, warna boleh bebas. Design tersebut harus SESUAI dengan selera target market kami: 1. Perempuan 80%, laki-laki 20% 2. Usia 15 sampai 30 tahun 3. Gaul, smart buyer, suka berbelanja online, classy, dan yang p...

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    problem solving on spiritual case (masalah spiritual yang kini banyak terjadi yang memerlukan penanganan khusus,kami datang menyelesaikan)

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    Samsung Galaxy s4 superking V4 latest model with 8.86gb internal phone storage ram2gb 15.90gb brighter camera flash the same as ori!! AMO... SPED 4g internet! visit my fanpage - >> if u cans sale my items in 2 day. i will pay you bugget my ass! FREE SCREEN PROTECTOR DIAMOND, FREE FLIP CASE ORI, 2600MH POWERBANK FREE, FREE Postage IN MALAYSIA ONLY!! RM870 FULL SET. Read maximize: √ Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) √ Air Gesture √ Air Browser √ Air Launcher-accept √ Air call-accept √ Motion settings √ S-Voice √ HD SUPER AMOLED Screen Size √ Speed ​​Internet 4G (HSPA +) √ Video Call √ & Personal Wifi Hotspot √ Bluetooth √ Quad Core Processor √ Original Fit Case...

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    We need you to make a case study on the good and bad aspects of former PM's of India.

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    I need a change done to my odoo 15 e-commerce site Let me explain: Stage 1. A customer places an order and adds their name and address and possibly a delivery address. Stage 2 Customer is given the choice to select a paid delivery option which is postal or courier. Stage 3 Both these delivery methods ...to a depot costs less than to the home address so some customers will ask for the shipment be sent to a delivery depot. When the customer selects a depot delivery they need to be able to fill in the address of their chosen delivery address. (some cites have many depots so the customer will probably select the depot nearest to their work address or home address). Stage 4 Payment is done In the case of selecting a depot address the invoice and packing list should show both these ad...

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    Industry Domain- Robotics, Industrial automation, Factory automation, Process automation , Process Control Instruments,IIOT. Companies worldwide create strategic partnerships for business growth. You need to study what has been the core objectives of the companies to form partnerships. You need to create a report of the news, trends st...study what has been the core objectives of the companies to form partnerships. You need to create a report of the news, trends studies and then create a brief report of the key findings. Based on the research report we want to redesign our services and create value. This is low budget project hence freshers with MBA -Marketing shall be preferred who want to learn and gain experience and create a case study .We shall provide a small fees to do the as...

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    I need someone to research (online) topics that I assign, and then give me an information summary, focused on the economic aspects of the topic. For example, in the case of countries; GDP, the balance of trade, inflation rate, etc.

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    I want one case is the DELETE operation in Case 2, my program has to prompt for the value of the table key attribute( ID ) to be able to remove a record. SQL Query

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    Require someone with . domain experience to troubleshoot a sudden outage of a . domain name. The .com version of the name works fine but not the . Require someone with Cpanel experience in case there is a server issue

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    Use case scenario Wireframes Mock ups

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    Hey Team, We are a commerical furniture dealer. We change product colours often. In this case we are changing the screen colour of a product. Please see the images below This link here has all the products that require updateing I sample would need to be provided. These must be high quality

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    Song#10 9 hari left

    Song #10 ( The Days Of Wine And Roses) in all requested audio formats

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    Writing a Report 6 hari left

    ...used within an IT business. You will propose a technical solution and identify how this solution can solve the existing problem or improve the performance of the business. A. Phase 1: Project Proposal This is an open-ended project – you are welcome to explore and identify a project of interest in the broad area of Cloud Computing. You are required to identify a problem (or create a scenario/use-case) in a business/company where traditional non-Cloud methods have been used for a long time. Your goal is to propose a modern solution based on the recent advances in Cloud Computing technologies. You are welcome to explore and use open-source Cloud software or commercially available Cloud platforms. You will then demonstrate the effectiveness of your solution and outline your p...

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    ...holes will be in a series like every 6" down the 40 ft side. they have to have enough flow to hit the other wall with some washing effect to blow down. Not much but enough to push smoke in a circle motion. I have a 100 horsepower engine that will run 2000 rpm but would like not to have it at max rpm for long periods of time. maybe a safe 1500 rpm speed. I will need a blower design like the width and diameter and fins I can make with plasma table and build myself. so simple centrifugal design. inlet in center flat blades. So the project is as flows, I need the size holes and distance apart. The plate the holes will be cut into a 1/4 plate and the pipe will be a 24" diameter supply line that comes from pump. This will act like a storage tank and compress air. ...

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    Reality to paper 6 hari left

    I need help with documentation for an application to file to open a case for myself with the CBSA further information with reply

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    Project's purpose is to create a module for both iOS and Android (wh...The Pre-recorded video is usually available in high framerates (ie 120-240 FPS), so that slowing down still looks reasonable. Alternatively, the pre-recorded video is also available in several "speed" or FPS versions, in case it is easier to switch between these versions, but without glitches & they must remain in the same phase. Either solution is acceptable. Attached is the remarks of the developer of the Framework App, who will work together & communicate with the selected Freelanceer (using this account as the master communication channel). Awaiting offers, or in case of any doubt, questions are also welcome. Please only bid if You are confident about realizing the module...

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    7 questions compute present value of a given project compare between the two projects and what is the best project you may select .

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    Designing a unique commercial identity for my project that is not quoted in a unique and distinctive way that expresses my field of work and is attractive to the viewer and sticks to memory The service request includes the following items * Logo for the project * The official lines of the project * Design a pattern for the project * Designing correspondence papers * Design of covers in case of printing files * Business Card Template Design * Design a template for digital ads * Designing a visual identity guide for the project * Preparing identity elements for printing

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    ...between localisation and globalisation better. We analyse the dynamics of the Business Model. How do the different parts relate to each other and what drives revenue and costs? The Business Model Canvas with its nine boxes gives us a static picture but does not indicate the interrelationship between the boxes. For example, the BMC does not show which boxes generate costs and revenue. We use our Case Resources Spreadsheet to create a dynamic model which shows the interrelationships. The direction and number of links between boxes allow us to understand the importance of the different interrelationships and the main drivers of the business model of our subsidiary. Interrelationships help identify Platform Businesses. The steps are 1. Internal strategies: Use BMC analysis to ...

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    A lingerie collection 6 hari left

    This freelance job posting is for individuals who have experience in the knitwear and/or in the lingerie industry. Initiative is always nice but in this case I’m looking for specific individuals who have experience in the above mentioned industry for my startup. My startup, TWOCUPS is aiming to create premium lingerie for the plus size sectors in the Indian market and a bespoke service for breast cancer survivors. So while applying, keep in mind that you’re able and flexible enough for both. I belong to management background so in terms of designing, there will be a lot of autonomy. Once my vision is conveyed, I would expect the individual to make their own decision based on current trends to create a collection. There will be compensation involved, not a large sum b...

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    Firac of CASE 6 hari left

    I wanted you do a breif case with firac method

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    Case Study for Microsoft application from cloud to on prem i want to do a case study for moving Exchange and Active directory from Cloud to on prem

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    Hello, as per our discussion I will redesign 4 case studies for you in Adobe Indesign format as per your requirements.

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    I want a copy of this app crested. I need all origination files and full control of the build. I require it only for me to use for my own business. ios or android only required so you can chose which is faster snd easier to do. i want this in case this app is not supported by the developer in the future.

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    Looking for OpenStack Trainer 6 hari left

    ...requirements (outcome: requirements document to agree with the customer) - Opensource and its components information with version which the candidate executed (openstack is one piece of opensource) - Kolla Ansible method of installation - OpenStack services and how they communicate with each other like Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Glance, keystone, Octavia, Heat, others - Troubleshooting in case failure – like with logs and commands. - Base integration with Openstack like AD/LDAP, Storage, Network, Monitoring, Logs management tools, others - OpenStack Day 2 Operations - Working skills with Kubernetes deployments, CSI/CNI integration and sample application deployment - Familiarity with other opensource tools like Ansible, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, others Hardware: -...

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    ...remediation and new user interface requirements. We have some static content as well as a complex web application interface that needs a refresh. Most of the web application's APIs should stay the same, though our engineers are ready to adjust the AWS-Python-Lambda-based API services to accommodate the new requirements. We'll need to work off a priority list of tasks and finalize requirements together in case any of the new user experience designs will have issues with the limits of React and Material UI. There will be milestones throughout the project based on the agreed work/effort level per page. Mostly complete Figma is available as a reference, but not to the point of prototyped/mocked behaviors. Code repository is available on AWS Code Commit and milestone complet...

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    ...previous project. ➡ Client Obligations: The client understands their obligations and agrees to provide timely feedback within the suggestion review period. The client understands that the final delivery date is contingent on timely feedback. Upon final delivery, the client agrees to release the milestone payment(s). Suppose the client is unresponsive for 7 days or 168hrs from project delivery. In that case, the client agrees the project is considered complete & approves Support to release the milestone & close the project. ➡ Terms, Conditions, and Timelines: By awarding this project, the client understands and agrees to the entirety of the scope of work. Additionally, the client agrees to deliverables, milestone payments, and client obligations outlined above....

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    ...newer/revived website I've set up. Here's what I'm looking for. - RSS Feed: My site for whatever reason can't generate its own RSS feed properly, so that is high on my list of needs. - Sitemaps: The site is set up for Google Search Console but I want to make sure my sitemaps are feeding it properly and often. I THINK the sitemaps are set up but again, a freelancer can check and ensure this to be the case. - Correct Metadata: i want to be sure that the correct metadata (image etc.) shows up for each post when shared on Google/Facebook/Twitter/social etc.) Right now it defaults to the site logo if anything at all rather than showing off the Featured image. Twitter Cards aren't showing the proper excerpts or images despite having that set up. - SEO: Obvi...

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    As mentioned in the subject, I need a freelancer who is capable of conducting a case analysis of a particular brand (based on a pdf file (about the brand) will be sent later), where this case analysis shows the situations the brand has faced, how they managed to handle the these situations and make some recommendations on how to handle these situations beside showing what will be the result of these recommendations. ** The PowerPoint presentation must cover all the essential points mentioned in the pdf file ** ** The freelancer must be familiar with the fundamentals of business administration since this case analysis related to "Brands management" ** ** The presentation must be delivered on 17/5/2022. In case of delay, each day delay decreases the co...

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    Hello, I have a quite unique question I think. I would like to have a statement from a lawyer about the recent complaint that the company Riot Games filed against the company Moonton for copyright infringement. I have this unique request because I run a YouTube cha...company Riot Games filed against the company Moonton for copyright infringement. I have this unique request because I run a YouTube channel that is making videos about the game that the company Moonton published and I would like to make a video about this topic which should include a statement from a lawyer about this case. I would like to know how are the chances that either Riot Games or Moonton will win the case and what will happen most likely if for example Riot Games wins this case. I hope you ca...

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    ...can check details of the Shipment like Sender, Receiver, Payment amount of filter, Size and Weight of Shipment and Tracking URL ● New Shipment ○ Shipment from: User can select from senders address. User can also create new sender from the same ○ Shipment to: User can select from Recipients address. User can also create new Recipients from the same ○ Package Details: User will add Length, Width, Height, Weight of the package. User can switch the Unit of measurement from metric to imperial. ○ Rate Table ■ User can see list of service provider and rates of each provider ■ User can see saving amount in % if they will get service from us ■ User can see also see rates for direct pricing from the provider ○ Order Summary ■ User can see of order summary with details of the S...

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    I've made a rough draft off all we object to but need help putting into writing. Its for a juvenile court case regarding my mom being granted legal custody of our 10 month old.

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    Trophy icon EDIT AN ESSAY 1 hari left

    Need the essay edited in a **critically analyzed and problem-solving** tone. (Plagiarism free) Need not change any content. Attached are the instructions and reference materials (in case needed). Please make sure to follow what is asked. More work assured in future if we like it. Keep it to UK english. JUST TO HELP: Judge your answer with the following questions: 1) Are you convinced that you have critically analyzed the situation and what studies say about it? 2) Does it have a proper solution set with reasons? 3) Are there too many definitions which you can turn into a solution or answer to the question rather than a straight definition. 4) Do you find it insightful to the problem?

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    I want to write a medical case report similar to attached file , I upload the attached image to be post in the case report

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    IoT case study 5 hari left

    You need to have sound technical knowledge in IoT and cybersecurity and also solid work in research.

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    I have a case study which includes many ideas . I need someone to translate the constraints and buil an excel program (solver) to produce the optimal solution

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    I need help developing JUnit test case for nullpomino, a tetris-like game in github. In our project we have developed test plan and specified test cases but in the last phase we have to: Execute the test cases that you designed in Phase Two and make sure to include the following 1. The Junit/testing code 2. The integration testing code 3. The testing report (Pass/Fail) for all created test cases 4. A Code Coverage Report Java Language in ECLIPSE

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    ...benefits by leveraging the tools of visualising a global market. Tools required:- 1. Photoshop 2. Corel Draw 3. Photoshop 4. After Effects 5. Premier Pro 6. Illustrator Job Type - Work from home Full Job Description We are hiring experienced or fresh video editors cum graphic designers for making quality video and designs for our company in NCR, India for our Smart Paints & Coatings (Product Videos, case study Application process, etc) If you are compassionate & focussed to build your career with us with full dedication, you can expect a career growth with us. You should be a fast and professional editor as we want the work to be completed on time. Since it is a remote job, you need to have distraction free clean room with good speed computer or laptop and high speed i...

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    I need a module written in VB.Net or can be accessed by VB.Net to get objects information from an Autocad file such as the attached files. The required result after processing the file should be like: Drawing outer width=550 cm and drawing outer height= 350 cm, Objects details (Position, width, Height), and draw the drawing in VB.Net and make it clickable.

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    wanted to submit a report and need to draw activity diagram, state machine diagram, use case diagram, sequence diagram etc using ms visio software.

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    a case study in which requirement of activity diagram, state machine diagram and data dictionary content etc.

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    Hi Sir/Mdm, We are looking for more developer...completed (before 1 day upload to store) - Release 5th milestone after both app live at both store ------------------------------------------------- Requirements: 01. Nice UI design, patient, honest and responsibility without many excuse 02. Concern on project timeline and project quality 03. Provide daily progress update on google spreadsheet or any management tools 04. Provide second contact person in case system down or having issues 05. Reply client's message Fast & Fast 06. All payment must go by freelancer 07. If you or your company policy only reply client within working hour pls do NOT accept this job ------------------------------------------------- Note: Please contact us if u agreed above challenges & we will se...

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    ...on youtube that shows features of this slider. These are the features that I need: - Slider Admin Component (SmartAdminComponent) (Fully Responsive) - The component should be named SmartSliderAdmin and the blade tag would be <x-smart-slider-admin /> - Create multiple sliders - The slider must be configurable (width, height, layout, display options) - Add multiple images to a slider - Each image should be able to have text or html that will overlay the image - Two Database Migrations with Eloquent Models (sliders and slider_images) - Both Slider and Image data and config data would be stored in a MySql db table. - The Image Slider Component (SmartSlider) (Fully Responsive) - The component

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    1-Use methods of descriptive statistics to summarize the data. Your answer should include the followings: a. Frequency distribution for amount charged with starting point 1800, class width 1000. For income use starting point 20 and class width of 10. b. Histogram for Income and amount charged. c. Crosstabulation for amount charged and income. Draw a side by side chart d. Scatter diagram between amount charged and income. e. Compute means, medians and 25th percentile for amount charged and income. f. Compute variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and correlation coefficient for amount charged and income. g. Find five-number summaries for income and amount charged and draw a box plot for them. Make sure each table or graph has a title and X and Y axes are correc...

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    ...website that has a section that can editing images specifically crop them by height and width. So if I uploaded a picture I would want the height and width to show up with editable fields and then be able to designate what height and width I would like the picture to be (without constraints so I could custom crop the picture). does this to my specifications for free. I would like it to also have a preview function for the picture and what it would look like cropped. Then I would like to have the picture be able to be downloaded as a JPEG without loosing any resolution. I would also like to add a boarder to a picture and add whatever color I would like, designating border width in millimeters. I will purchase the website on wix just looking for someone to ...

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    Take the 4 icons attached, and create 4 vector drawing output files that all match. There are small design/style differences between these icons. The output files should all have the same style, the same black color (that can then be changed if desired), and the same aspect ratio. For aspect ratio, they don't necessarily need to be square, but the outer maximum dimensions of the height and width of each should be the same for all 4.

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