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    hello freelancers we are looking for talent graphic designer to design Feature Graphic for Play Store header. It will be displayed as App header image in Play store listing. Size : 1024px x 500px. 32-bit PNG (with alpha our application is transportation like UBER . **we need tow design one of them for passengers App and the second one for Drivers App we will provide you the logo and the Text To ...

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    For example, doc macro vulnerability CHM script exploiting vulnerabilities

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    Looking for an app that let users select defined routes of buses,see ETA of the buss, live location and free places in the buss. There will be 2 main means of log in.1 as passenger and one as a defined bus driver . Defined buss driver can select free places in the buss and connect to the app to show live location for passengers.

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    Hello, I got android apps built for a Taxi hailing system and the apps have been completely built, User and Driver apps. but we need to change the keys for the payment gateway (integration is done already) change some Google Api keys, as fix any other bug that shows up and probably, have you continue to provide technical support. The backend is built with Code Igniter while the app is built with...

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    We have bene having some performance issues with our current Plesk server running at 100% CPU, i need someone to do one of the following. Option 1 Find a way to fix the issue Option 2 Migrate the DB to a faster server. Current the server has scripts which run on schedule the do things like update tables and delete rows etc, these need to be compatible with whatever solution we go with. Needed...

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    C++ CLI, Windows forms, Threading

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    Car Driver Tamat left

    dibutuhkah seorang Driver untuk mengebudi Mobil untuk GoCar atau GrabCar dengan kualifikasi: - Memiliki SIM - Warga Negara Indonesia - Perempuan/Laki-Laki, diutamakan laki-laki - Usia tidak lebih dari 40 tahun - Dapat menggunakan gadget - Jujur - Mau bekerjasama - Dapat Menggunakan Mobil Manual Dapat Join secepatnya..

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    We have an app in the App Store and Google Play Store (Cattle Driver), used by professional drivers to communicate load status and progress, as well as provide critical paperwork necessary for invoicing. What we're looking for: An experienced React Native developer, comfortable and familiar with best practices for redux-saga and offline-first functionality. Since introducing offline-first fa...

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    About us: Livestock Transport Nation is the world's best online load management platform for commercial agriculture livestock producers and transportation companies. We have an app in the App Store and Google Play Store (Cattle Driver), used by professional drivers to communicate load status and progress, as well as provide critical paperwork necessary for invoicing. What we're looking...

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    ONLY SPANISH SPEAKERS WILL BE ACCEPTED / SOLO SOLICITUDES EN ESPAñOL SERÁN ACEPTADAS DESCRIPCIÓN DEL PROYECTO: Estamos migrando una plataforma ASP a PHP, estamos atorados en decodificar unas librerías dll que son usadas como seguridad para acceder a la base de datos principal (actualmente un archivo epd). Deberas: + Migrar la base de datos o conectar la actual al prog...

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    1. Female Driver option. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and earn . 3. car sharing.. MY budget 12K ONlY ,, NEED IN 2 DAYS

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    We have a ionic app with angular files, we sell food via app just like ubereats and we want to add a new function: That every day or week, an amount is automatically discounted from the drivers on their virtual wallet that they would have, the discount amount must be reliable and modifiable by us any time. when the driver's wallet is below 0, the driver will not be able to receive orders from...

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    I have a website that has formatting issues in header navigation when using Windows 7 on IE 11. Need fixed ASAP

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    Necesitamos un sencillo software para windows que pueda controlar el prestamo de maquinaria manual a los trabajadores. La idea es que con un lector y códigos de barras se asigne la salida del material a un trabajador concreto y después de su uso de una forma sencilla se marque la devolución también con el código de barras. Debe poder imprimir un informe de maquin...

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    Please help to instaPlease help to install WS 2016 on the new SSD SAS HGST. For more info: RAID Controller: PERC 730 Mini Have iDrac Disk: only 1 SAS SSD HGST Disk model: HUSMR3240ASS204 Note: SAS Driver on Dell Support homepage only have: HUSMR3240ASS200. I tried install Windows server on SAS HDD, SATA SSD, SATA HDD is very easy for me. But I can't install WS on SSD SAS. Pls bid if your ...

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    Read carefully:- Hi, I want to complete 6 projects for my [log masuk untuk melihat URL] will be awarded one project at a [log masuk untuk melihat URL] successful completion of one project you will be considered for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] your rate for one (first) project. Project description:- I want to create some simple softwares for regular fix format letters with some [log masuk u...

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    no reskin app thanks + app will work on android and ios for the drivers and riders + if the distance between the pick up location and customer destination is less than 4 miles, the customer will have to pay only 5$ Example : (0 to 4 miles) -----> customer pay $4 (4.01 to 6 miles ) -----> customer pay $7 (6.01 to 8 miles) -----> customer pay $ 9 And these rates has to be ...

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    The project consist of building two web application for Android ans IOS platform. The client application permet to search a driver for package transport and the driver application is to find client to be linked for package transport.

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    I need you to create a Security Patch for windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 and Windows XP.

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    play many mp3 audio file from usb flash driver on stm32f407

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    Hi Theo I have seen that you have done a project to create a driver to connect Metabase to Dremio We are looking at the same project code. You can please let us know if you would be interested

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    label design Tamat left

    I need a product label designed with the information & image that I will provide. I am a certified ceramic installer specializing in boats & RVs. We supply aftercare product to customers and need a label designed for our bottles.

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    We have a force feedback steering wheel design for the Xbox one system. I am looking for someone who can help me write a drivers for windows 8 or above so that my force feedback steering wheel can work with pc games. We are a manufacture for Microsoft xBox force feedback steering wheel. However currently our force feedback steering wheel only works for Xbox and games purchased from Microsoft Ap...

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    Looking for somebody to create and share source code the project must be able to: Create and login to a ("website") once creation and login is succesful, the ("website") requires verfication via email, I tend to use my emails vis cpanel as it is simple to create mass emails that way so the project would need to access them, it would then need to do one simple task once loged ...

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    We have building plans fully complete for an addition on a home in Canada. The HVAC is the last component of the plans that needs to be designed. Our draftsman has hit a snafu bringing the project to a halt. He is unable to create an HVAC plan due to the limitations of his software he tells us which only allows for a maximum of 17% glass to brick ratio. I've attached a PDF of the plans as...

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    PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE READING: I am trying to upload a game made in Construct 2 to the Windows Store through Visual Studio, however I cannot debug, or test my game properly. I need someone who would be able to debug and send me a stable version of the game. I would handle marketing and releasing afterwards, but for now I just need my game debugged and ready for release. Descri...

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    I need to control two bipolar stepper motors with something like an Arduino, preferably a Teensy 3.2. We have small stepper driver/indexers which require from the microcontroller three signals: enable, direction, and pulse. We need a PCB to hold the microcontroller (Teensy 3.2 is preferred), 6-position connectors to each driver (ground and signal times 3), 3 position connectors for each of two h...

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    I need to control two bipolar stepper motors with something like an Arduino, preferably a Teensy 3.2. We have small stepper driver/indexers which require from the microcontroller three signals: enable, direction, and pulse. There needs to be one place in the code to set constants for each mechanism like direction, enable, pulse timing, steps per position, offset from home, etc. There should be ...

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    I have a database on a windows based server and my prestashop is on a shared linux server. I want my prestashop inventory to be the same as my windows database by syncronizing them together.

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    We need a market/ pos software with all source codes. Including barcode sales and all stocks functions. And sales reports. our priority preference is delphi or c#. we have written an estimate. We would love to hear your offers. Thank you.

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    I have an exe file that I wish to build a windows bundle installer OFFER SCREEN REQUIREMENTS See corresponding number on sample No other offer may be present on the Web Bar offer screen 1) Software name is promiently displayed at the top 2) Description of functionalities below software name 3) Verbatim 'User Acknolwedgement' with appropriate hyperlinks 4) Must have 'De...

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    Can you make a site to site VPN from windows to a router?

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    We need an enhancement to the existing windows credential provider, You have to hook into the existing windows logon process and create some hidden key and store in the registry or some where in the system, during login show up the option called "Login with offline key. When click on this link login. This has to work on all windows OS along with win8/10 offline pin.

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    A program to select the tab on Chrome and/or Firefox based on the text in the tab. It will have to run in the background of multiple other programs and it must be done in C#. The program will work even when Chrome and/or Firefox are minimized. Please write I am human in the beginning of your message.

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    PLEASE Enter in 1x15 in your application, and read the full bid before reading. READ HERE: PAY: $50-$60 I have a construct 2 game that I would need debugged, and uploaded for the Windows Store. However, my game isn't working properly while I'm running Visual Studio to debug the game. So therefore, I cannot export the game. I need someone to help patch up my game, and get it ready for e...

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    Need a Windows Application in .NET may be C# or WPH or other Step 1 - Upload Option for the User to upload a PDF document which contains Images, QR Code and data (text) in English and Indian Languages; Step 2 - Application must read the PDF document and create temporary memory of the application into Text in English, Images and QR Code, display the uploaded document to view. Step 3 - User sel...

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    Cerchiamo un assistente attivo per supporto remoto per la soluzione di problemi come: - installazione di driver - assistenza al cliente varia - troubleshooting windows - conoscenza di rete dati, wifi, regole di NAT, principali protocolli di rete - conoscenza di linux e passione per il settore - assistenza troubleshooing WINDOWS attualmente per 1 giorno, possibilità di lavoro indeterminato

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    I have a windows 2003 server and I need someone to install MS SQL 2000 on it and attach my existing database files

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    I need a game app that we developed together exported out to Mac and Window Desktop versions. Here is the app. You should still have the source code. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Hi, I would like to build a new website for my solar panel business The objectives of the website are as follows • To strengthen our market leadership position in the solar panel market in Australia • To provide a user friendly online experience to visitors of the website - Converting online visitors into customers through the website by providing all relevant information online &bul...

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    Trophy icon Need a Video Tamat left

    Need a small 15 to 25 seconds Video to be created. Basically its a kitchen installer company and need Kitchen installation video. Please, go through the provided sample. Draw kitchen section > write some text besides > Wipe off > Draw second kitchen section > write some text besides >wipe off

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    windows server Tamat left

    Need to install server 2012 and configure in out environment

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    [MicroTask] I would need a freelancer with real-time chat communication to track his progress on a programming tutorial. The goal is finding if there is something wrong in the tutorial. The tutorial lasts 1-2 hours. Requirements: python basics, windows machine with gpu, internet connection, real-time communication via chat.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using PHP.

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    "App Taxi" documentation Components to be developed Component pages and their requirements General requirements 1. Components 1. Android / iOS for clients (framework) 2. Android / iOS driver application (framework) 3. Web Administration Interface (framework) 2.1. Client / Drivers Application pages - Login / Register page with email and password, name, surname, phone (optional and Gmai...

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    We have several original textbook series that we would like to make into digital books with interactive activities. We have all the source files (illustrations, InDesign files, PDF files, audio, etc.). We have activities in those textbooks: write in, circle, T or F, match, color in, underline, unscramble letters, write in letters, check the correct answer, etc. Those activities should be made...

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    hello. how are you? I want rechargeable driver for LED light. Battery is Lithium ION Battery. I want 9V battery. Output is 20W and voltage is 28~32v, current is 600mA. Protect circuit must be configured. When battery is not charged, it must be charged. and it must be operated in DC mode. if Battery is fulled, it must be cut off. and if DC mode is occurred, it must be switched with battery ...

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