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    Trophy icon Create a logo for a gas station 2 hari left

    Let's use "OILCLUB" as the name I need a logo for a gas/petrol station that will have multi-stores. Colors in mind are orange, blue (But not limited to) Looking for the most attractive, catchy and professional logo, nothing typical. The creative one wins, I come from a design background, so I will decide quickly. BE CREATIVE :)

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    26 penyertaan

    Im looking for someone who Knows how to program my advanced trading strategy in python and automate the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] broker. Our strategy works as follows we all know how dangerous martingale strategies are thats why we developed a way to be able to reduce the risk of consecutive losses in a row by creating a multi martingale strategy whereby instead of a normal martingale we use...

    $577 (Avg Bid)
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    5 bida

    I made a course and I want to replicate the videos than they sent me. I want to create my own videos based in their videos with my logo, my backgound and the voice of the person who wins the project. Each video is around 2 hours but I want to replicate the important information because my tutor speaks a lot so I will need only the important information from the videos. The person needs to understa...

    $112 (Avg Bid)
    $112 Avg Bida
    29 bida

    I need an Outlook vba routine that checks every incomming email in a folder and copy paste every unique instance of an ISIN (an international security identifier number) into an excel workbook in MS excel vba regex that would be the following pattern "b[A-Z]{2}w{10}b" (2 capital letters Alphabetic characters followed by 10 alphanumeric characters) for example: XS2294AA5739 The wo...

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    2 penyertaan
    GLG Growth 5 hari left

    I am a small digital consultant with a small elearning team that needs to upscale due to project wins. Experience in the marine or oil and gas sector would be an advantage, but the ability to develop elearning fast to a high quality is required.

    $1602 (Avg Bid)
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    9 bida

    We are looking for senior technical/business writers for a long-term relationship to help us write all of our business needs for SRS documents and other kind of documents. Work Samples of SRS documents are Mandatory and to know Arabic is a HUGE plus. We will negotiate on a fixed rate for all of our technical writing needs, so we won't discuss the prices each time we start a project May th...

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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    25 bida
    Trophy icon First I need a Logo 8 hari left

    I need a Great Classy yet Modern, Maybe a 3D looking Logo for My Partner & My Company called The Real Estate Gurus , I need to have the files, so I can use it on my Website, Stationary, Contracts, Private Jet, Etc. It would also Need to be Mobile friendly. I’d like it if the person who designs The Logo wins the Next Competition to design Our Website. That way continuity will flow. Budge...

    $60 (Avg Bid)
    292 penyertaan

    I Need a british accent voice Male/Female British accent THIS IS YOUR SCRIPT ----------- " This world is at a peak, the headlines appears to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] fact it is probably the most effective element we are able to agree on. We appear to be trapped in the normal, worn out example of wins and fails parts and the poor pushed to the edge by the pandemic called Coronavirus. W...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
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    10 bida

    We have purchase a piece of land that is located in Queensland, Australia and are wanting to get an Architect to provide us with a Concept Plan of the residential dwelling, to include main house (220-240m2), Pool House (40m2) and swimming pool (location on design to work in with main and pool house). The view points out towards the west, but we want to maximize the sun on the North face as best as...

    $578 (Avg Bid)
    Dijamin Sulit
    18 penyertaan

    Welcome to the Free Fire-Battlegrounds Garena Free Fire This game is my favourate game Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019.[5] Due to its popularity, the game received the award for the "Best Popular Vote Game" by the Google Play Store in 2019.[6] As of May 2020, Free Fire has set a record with over 80 million ...

    $375 (Avg Bid)
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    2 bida

    I Need a british accent voice Male/Female British accent THIS IS YOUR SCRIPT ----------- " This world is at a peak, the headlines appears to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] fact it is probably the most effective element we are able to agree on. We appear to be trapped in the normal, worn out example of wins and fails parts and the poor pushed to the edge by the pandemic called Coronavirus. W...

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 bida
    Trophy icon Logo with unique design 9 hari left

    Welcome to the Baby Clothes Logo Design Contest. Brand name : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want a unique and attractive design for children and mothers. I want the design to be shaped like a rabbit. I want you to invent something new and think outside the box. I hope that everyone participates in the competition and that the talented design wins. Thanks to everyone who participated...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    275 penyertaan

    Project description: • Online • Multiplayer • 2D • Animations • Sound effects • In game purchase • Rewards by AD view I need an online multiplayer 2D panzer/tank game for Android and iOS platforms made in Unity engine. The game is simple with small amout of animations and sounds, but most things are physics and logics. Also in this game player has to register o...

    $866 (Avg Bid)
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    19 bida

    We buy and sell cars. I want a website that can display all sort of cars. The front pages should have different cars sliding through the background. Customers can choose to register with our website and get notification about a vehicle of there choice if its currently not available. It should have its drop downs and search columns such as, Vehicle name, Model, Engine size, Number of doors, Auto...

    $384 (Avg Bid)
    $384 Avg Bida
    57 bida

    website /mobile website where you can create a log in / sign up, join a team and sign up for a tournament track tournanment wins and losses

    $573 (Avg Bid)
    $573 Avg Bida
    61 bida
    I need a Digital Designer 20 jam left

    Hi! I need someone to design a poster for my partner's birthday. I would like a poster similar to this design with 2 wolves, one half is black and the other half is white. And the wording in the middle says"Which wolf wins Henry? The one you feed most". I would like the wolf designs to be similar to this pic (attached wolf pic). I want it to be a very masculine design but very ...

    $63 (Avg Bid)
    $63 Avg Bida
    63 bida
    Trophy icon Build me a stock price ticker 22 hari left

    Design and build a stock price ticker using raspberry pi / arduino. You have as much creative freedom as you like so long as the device is relatively easy to use by someone that cannot code. Keep the design reasonably cheap and easily reproducable. Coolest device wins. Winning device will be sent to me for inspection. Possibility of more work in the future.

    $120 (Avg Bid)
    1 penyertaan

    The game is based on the popular card game "Top Trumps": [log masuk untuk melihat URL] CORE GAME MECHANICS Create a Top Trumps game with the following rules: ● Create one main Deck of Cards, for example 30 ● Each card should have a name and an attribute ( Example: Name: Harry Potter, spellPower: 99) ● The Deck should be shuffled, and split into 2 players ( 15 cards each ) ● To p...

    $9471 (Avg Bid)
    $9471 Avg Bida
    11 bida

    It is multiplayer and once you join the game you are put into the “Lobby” until enough people join. A minimum of 5 and a max of 15. Upon at least 5 people joining it would count down 30 seconds and then start the game putting everyone into the actual game scene and sending a notification to every player if they are a good character or a bad character. Only 1 person can be the bad char...

    $17 / hr (Avg Bid)
    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
    $17 / hr Avg Bida
    18 bida

    I have a really awesome soccer game idea and I feel like it can be a really fun and unique game. The problem is, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much i study it, I just can't code. I can't even do basic things like teleport blocks and stuff, so You being a part of my team would make or break this game. Let me explain this game first: This game would be a soccer game whe...

    $166 (Avg Bid)
    $166 Avg Bida
    3 bida

    Hello guys, This opportunity is for a 3D designer that can replicate the same exact shape of the bottle I attached. This should be fairly simple for an experienced 3D modeler! This contest will only be open BRIEFLY, so please be fast and once I see a sample that I like the contest will be yours. I'm not extending the contest and I won´t allow drama in the comments section. So please...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    13 penyertaan

    I am looking for a person who build me a Bidding website in which customer can register then buy token and eligible for bidding if he unsuccessful then we have option to give back his money in his wallet. on registration/bad luck or if he wins he also received email or sms automatically. We also need reports in Graphical form. Kindly share your website that you build so it become easy to take deci...

    $233 (Avg Bid)
    $233 Avg Bida
    27 bida

    The game is based on the popular card game "Top Trumps": [log masuk untuk melihat URL] CORE GAME MECHANICS Create a Top Trumps game with the following rules: ● Create one main Deck of Cards, for example 30 ● Each card should have a name and an attribute ( Example: Name: Harry Potter, spellPower: 99) ● The Deck should be shuffled, and split into 2 players ( 15 cards each ) ● To play the ...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Avg Bida
    18 bida
    Trophy icon Goals Design Print Project Tamat left

    Hi there! My wife and I have set goals for 2021 and wanted to print this out onto a metal print to keep us accountable. I wanted to create a contest to see who has the best design, for a metal print out. Our goal for this project is that we want to print these out on metal year after year and collect them to view our goals over time. Definitely looking for something that is organized, aesthetic, e...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    21 penyertaan

    Create my new website within [log masuk untuk melihat URL] CMS I require a completely new website for my company. Existing website can be found at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] As I am a partner of a UK company, I need to recreate the layout and design of their website in this region (Australia), but with my brand colors and several design changes. But fundamentally the same design and layout as...

    $512 (Avg Bid)
    $512 Avg Bida
    31 bida

    The game is based on the popular card game "Top Trumps": [log masuk untuk melihat URL] CORE GAME MECHANICS Create a Top Trumps game with the following rules: ● Create one main Deck of Cards, for example 30 ● Each card should have a name and an attribute ( Example: Name: Harry Potter, spellPower: 99) ● The Deck should be shuffled, and split into 2 players ( 15 cards each ) ● To play the ...

    $2037 - $4075
    Ditampilkan Sulit
    $2037 - $4075
    18 bida

    Overview Connect 4 is a board game for 2 players in which the goal is to make a line, or column, or diagonal, of 4 colored discs in a grid of 6 rows and 7 columns. Each colored disc is “dropped” in the grid by a player, and falls straight down to the lowest available position within the column in which it was dropped. In other words, a dropped disc either falls to the bottom of the col...

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 Avg Bida
    3 bida

    Hello I need a peculiar fps, Player: Life Bar, Hunger, Knife, Flashlight Notice panel. every time a player dies speed of hunger: every two minutes the bar goes down faster gun shop: knife and flashlight shop (more damage or longer duration) character store. item on the map: battery for flashlight, life Gameplay: 8 player on a map, each appears in a place, they must kill and eat each oth...

    $1055 (Avg Bid)
    $1055 Avg Bida
    13 bida

    Hi there! Im looking for someone who will work closly with my graphic design team on creating skill base competition website with spot the ball game. Ypu would be responsible on creating core website, my team will do graphic. Spot the ball software and backend portal to be able to store peoples entries to judge a winner, so I can sell tickets to win a prize. Flow would be, - Enter competition...

    $2120 (Avg Bid)
    $2120 Avg Bida
    30 bida

    Retail products auction where people post items and it is auctioned at live auction. Pictures and descriptions of the product is displayed and customers plead for amounts and the highest bidder wins.

    $465 (Avg Bid)
    $465 Avg Bida
    25 bida
    Trophy icon Attract Illustrators 16 hari left

    How to enter: • Create an account on illuspark and upload your artwork how to make an account and upload: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] What do you win: • The winner of this contest wins $70 . Also, you will be promoted on our website and all our social media avenues. Criteria: • Create an account on our website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] • Setup an appealing Profil...

    $70 (Avg Bid)
    17 penyertaan

    I need a similar photo like the example attached, 4 total images. Can provide you previous photoshop files. You need to do 1 sample for me, if it is good, I will award you the job - the best sample wins

    $43 (Avg Bid)
    $43 Avg Bida
    41 bida

    Hi there. We are using Facebook Ads to generate leads. We are using lead forms. We want them to automatically go into [log masuk untuk melihat URL] How can we do this? What is the easiest way to set this up? PLEASE help!!!

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    5 penyertaan

    I purchased this unity 3d asset: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (RTS Starter Kit). Please watch this video: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need these things done. 1. Before every game, rewarded ad must be success or throw up error message "You must watch the entire ad before playing!". 2. Ranking system, count amount of wins, form a ladder page in the menu so users can see who is b...

    $454 (Avg Bid)
    $454 Avg Bida
    8 bida

    We already have a logo that we somewhat like. But we'd like to improve it. This is for a software development company (Building websites, mobile apps and other custom code - like software integration, artificial intelligence and machine learning) Here's the website example that we'd like to match it to: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Couple of ideas: - Try playing with different...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    167 penyertaan
    Parler copycat Tamat left

    Make me a parler, app just for laughs, lowest bid wins

    $127 (Avg Bid)
    $127 Avg Bida
    2 bida

    Business development jobs are increasingly central to the sales and marketing teams of companies; this is especially true in the tech sector. At the heart of the requirements for these roles is someone who has an eye for opportunities and a talent for orchestrating spaces where customers, markets and partnerships can be brought together to create opportunities for growth. Key skills for business ...

    $68 - $342
    Ditampilkan Sulit
    $68 - $342
    6 bida
    Trophy icon Logo Design Tamat left

    The name of the company is Déjà Vu Records. It is a new record label so I am looking for something that is very creative (music related), use your imagination and different color schemes! I would like a logo that encompasses the entire name (Déjà Vu Records). Make the logo pop and be recognizable! Show me your creativity! Don’t be like everyone else! I’m op...

    $75 (Avg Bid)
    247 penyertaan

    I am developing a betting website based on betsapi informations. This project is to develop a system that resolves market winners. What I mean? If the game ended 2-0, the "Final Result" market result should be registered in the DB as HOME, as other markets with their respective wins. In the same row, match ID, market ID, odd ID and/or odd name and datetime columns are required to be fil...

    $556 (Avg Bid)
    $556 Avg Bida
    8 bida

    We're searching for a talented designer to help us bring our proposal to life. We're looking for someone to adjust a proposal. Deliverables needed: - Revised proposal Special skills needed for this project: - Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud particularly indesign or other proposal writing software - proposal creation and understanding of the sales process and best pract...

    $39 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $39 / hr Avg Bida
    23 bida
    Trophy icon Ai to BMP Tamat left

    Hello, I need the all icons in all the pages for both designs (attached in the link below) in BMP format (only the icons) NOTE: the fastest to deliver wins the contest. link: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    16 penyertaan

    >> In your bid write, "I can create 300 videos for $___ in ___ days".. Any bid without that phrase will be ignored.. I am looking for someone to make professional high quality.. eye catching videos for my products on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] There are about 300 products, and I would like a video for each one of them.. Each product has several pictures which can be used to cre...

    $676 (Avg Bid)
    $676 Avg Bida
    45 bida

    The goal of this project is to provide a web-based version of a popular Brazilian card game, Buraco Aberto. The web-version of the application has already been underway but currently needs to be triaged and touched up as the app is failing to run. There are also a few features that have yet to be integrated into the application, which will be listed below. The current live application can b...

    $2305 (Avg Bid)
    $2305 Avg Bida
    32 bida

    I need a simple logo Budget is $2-$8 Cheapest bid wins I need it in few hours, only bid if you can deliver in couple of hours. Thank you!

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Avg Bida
    58 bida

    Hi, We need someone experienced with GTM to setup google ads conversion tracking for us. We have technical abilities to be able to fire any tag required on the code side but we need someone experienced with GTM as we need cookies/etc set on the GTM side to track glcid Initial project is to do the following: Setup 2 x Conversion goals in google analytics (Contact form, Live chat) Setup 2 x GTM ...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    Ditampilkan Segera
    $250 Avg Bida
    12 bida

    I need a SEO expert to help me with my sites. Please give me amazing pricing since you can be getting lots of websites to manage. I have a small web design that needs SEO for clients. Best pricing wins.

    $60 (Avg Bid)
    $60 Avg Bida
    102 bida

    I need two simple HTML landing pages (one page) no menus. I need it within 15 hours or less and best pricing wins.

    $37 (Avg Bid)
    $37 Avg Bida
    43 bida

    Hi, we are thinking about a sound logo/ audio brand for our social enterprise. Brand vision Clean water. It’s the thing that makes us. A thing most of us take for granted. But something that over a sixth of the world population don’t have access to. We believe that access to clean water should not be defined by economic means. That every single person should be able to afford to pr...

    $356 (Avg Bid)
    $356 Avg Bida
    21 bida

    I would need the following: 1. Set the free shipping limit higher - purchaeses with a total $499 and above should have free shipping. 2. Fixing some spelling errors in the order confirmation email sent to buyers I need 10 days for testing as I am busy. I only pay after this is done. Simple and fast: it should be done within two days. Best price wins. Warning: site has some adult content.

    $35 (Avg Bid)
    $35 Avg Bida
    18 bida

    Job Title : Baccarat Bot Job Description : Robot software that plays Baccarat required to work on Baccarat Card Game on [log masuk untuk melihat URL], on Android. Job Details : Baccarat game is a card game 2 cards dealt for the player and 2 cards for the Banker the higher cards wins Player can bet on player or banker To understand the rule of the baccarat game go to this address [log masuk unt...

    $2482 (Avg Bid)
    $2482 Avg Bida
    9 bida

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