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    Busco un freelancer con experiencia en instalación y configuración de VPNs. El objetivo es realizar la instalación de una VPN utilizando Wireguard en una Raspberry Pi con su sistema operativo propio. Requisitos de habilidades: - Experiencia con Wireguard y Raspberry Pi OS - Conocimiento básico de la configuración de VPNs - Capacidad para asesorarme si se necesitan reglas específicas de firewall para la VPN Sobre el proyecto: El resultado final esperado es una VPN configurada en una Raspberry Pi a la cual se puedan conectar tanto computadoras como teléfonos móviles desde cualquier parte del pais. Agradezco que solo freelancers de habla hispana se postulen para este proyecto, para facilitar las comunicaciones. Si cre...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a experienced Linux admin who could: a) setup linux server with control panel (free Webmin/Virtualmin maybe?). I'm going to purchase a new VPN. You choose OS. b) secure (security tasks for hardening the mashine) c) move w w w . f m. lt website (small one, nothing too special) and make it work. d) i want Wireguard to be installed in the server so you also need to do that I'm paranoyd about security so looking for a person who know what he's doing. Only experienced admins please. This time NO PEOPLE FROM ASIA (India, Pakistan etc.). Sorry guys! Thank you and ping me for a quick job.

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    VPN server setup in tp link omada and diffferent clinet configuration

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    ...specifications, creation, release and testing of the tasks 7) We started with single tasks, we evaluate the quality and compliance of the work and then we proceed with the next tasks, step-by-step following point 3 above. 8) Required DB Design E/R Technical Specifications: - Microsoft BI latest version on our Windows Server - Database MS SQL server - Import from CSV/EXCEL files - Access via VPN (Wireguard) System Requirements - Create SQL initial structure - Create initial GUI Inserting, uploading files and data and Reporting - Records can be created manually or imported by external files Upload of: Excel/CSV files for client and supplier master data Excel/CSV files for general ledger transactions (Accouting First Entry) Solution Features 1. Work Order Management 1.1 ...

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    ...and connection of API REST WEB SERVICE Below are the key requirements for the project: Technical Specifications: - Angular Version: 16 - Bootstrap Version: 5.2 - Primeng Library: 15.2 - Working with our internal Identity System for Role and Permission Management (after login there are services that send information about user/group/profile/skills ecc) - Access to the code with Private VPN (Wireguard) to GITLAB repository - Docker image to deploy the "development enviroments" on your local PC Keep attention on: 1) Existing Components: Generic elements, CircleOffEdit, CircleDataTable, CircleTabView, CircleWizard (we don't tolerate any changes of our internal structure. 2) Change icons to Font Awesome Pro 3) Modify primary style sheet for new color scheme and st...

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    ...specifically skilled in using Wireguard, to set up a server and establish a VPN tunnel. The aim is to ensure secure data transmission by directing all mobile phone traffic through this tunnel. What I Require: - A shared VPN tunnel setup for all mobile devices. - Competence in - The task only involves setup and installation of the Wireguard VPN system. Regular updates, maintenance or dealing with technical difficulties will not be required. - A strong background in firmware NAT network VPN This project requires someone with profound knowledge of VPN and excellent problem-solving skills in order to address the unique challenges this setup might present. If this sounds like you, please place your bid. Your extensive experience with Wireguard will be an added adva...

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    I'm seeking an expert in network administration to enhance my business's cyber security and streamline our internal network. Here are my specific needs: - **Wireguard VPN Tunneling and Routing**: Split tunnel route specific servers for Internet access through Wireguard. Expose port access of server and route through Wireguard tunnel. **What I Am Looking For**: - Proven experience with Opnsense setups and troubleshooting. - Strong knowledge of VPN tunneling and routing, specifically with Wireguard. - Capability in managing and configuring VLANs for traffic segmentation. - A commitment to security best practices and attention to detail. By applying, you're asserting your ability to create a hardened, efficient network that meets the dynamic req...

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    Own server on Proxmox where we store clients' VMs. update the servers, set up zabbix (or similar), and take care of the VPN wireguard. most of the servers in Hetzner. We need help from time to time to configure new VMs, change configurations and improve certain things. In the future, we want you to run our hosting server with DirectAdmin. * servers are on linux and windows server

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    I'm seeking an experienced Java developer to undertake critical tasks on my project. Your primary focus will be to implement a desktop application featuring Wireguard VPN client functionality. **Core Responsibilities:** - Design and develop a Java-based desktop application - Implement Wireguard VPN client functionality within the app - Ensure robust data encryption within the application - Build efficient file management systems - Integrate user authentication for secure access **Ideal Skills:** - Extensive Java programming experience - Proven track record with desktop application development - Familiarity with Wireguard VPN protocol - Strong understanding of network security and data encryption - Expertise in creating secure file management and user authenticat...

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled Java developer, with significant experience in Wireguard VPN configuration, to set up a VPN server and configure VPN clients on TP-Link Archer AX50. Specific tasks will include: - Initial setup of the Wireguard VPN server - Configuring the Wireguard VPN client This will be performed across a range of operating systems - Windows, Mac, and Linux. Therefore, knowledge and experience in these systems is essential for this project. The right freelancer for this job will not only be adept in Java development, but will also have an in-depth understanding of networking and VPN configuration, specifically Wireguard on TP-Link devices.

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    I'm in need of a personal Wireguard VPN setup, specifically designed for SIP traffic tunnel on my Android phone. Ideal VPN setup should effectively change my IP address, enhancing my online security. My mobile platform of choice is Android, as such, potential freelancers should have: - In-depth knowledge of Android operating systems - Strong experience with VPN technologies, specifically with open source Wireguard setup - Skills in configuring security centered VPN setups, capable of effectively changing IP addresses - Previous background with tunneling with SIP traffic is a major plus.

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    VPN wireguard Tamat left

    Project Title: VPN wireguard Operating System: Mac Assistance with Installation: Yes Primary Purpose of the VPN: To set up Glinet Brume2 as wireguard server and use a Glinet slate AX as client Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in setting up wireguard VPN on Mac operating system - Knowledge of Glinet Brume2 and Glinet slate AX devices - Experience in configuring VPN servers and clients - Understanding of network security and data encryption protocols - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve installation issues - Strong communication and problem-solving skills

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    I need an expert to set up a Wireguard VPN server on a Linux system for personal use. The VPN will be used to obfuscate my traffic, using either v2ray proxy or shadowsock. This will be required to protect against deep packet inspection (dpi). I will be using Android Q (10) phones as the client. Essential Skills: - Deep understanding of Linux systems - Extensive hands-on experience with setting up Wireguard VPN servers - Proven ability in configuring v2ray proxy or shadowsock - Knowledge in network security, particularly relating to deep packet inspection (dpi). This project will involve the following: - Configuring the Wireguard VPN server on a Linux system - Ensuring traffic passes through either v2ray proxy or shadowsock, to achieve obfuscation - Testing and conf...

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    Wireguard app with tv remote support, premade where can add my api too. (DONT WANT NEW ONE BUILT)

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    I need to port from an Android VPN App to Windows. VPN app currently in operation, on Android, IOS. Protocols: -OpenVPN -V2ray, trojan. -Wireguard

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    Install WireGuard on Linux server with root access Skills and Experience: - Experience with Linux server administration - Proficiency in using SSH for remote access and installation - Knowledge of WireGuard configuration and setup - Familiarity with networking and VPN protocols 1. i give you root access 2. You install wireguard and test 3. You give me config to test 4. Job done

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    VPN connection Tamat left

    ...for iOS and Windows. I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in setting up a Remote Access VPN using the L2TP/IPSec, Cisco AnyConnect ,WireGuard protocol. The VPN connection will be primarily used by mobile devices. All the features in a connection that make it a sample connection, all the design and ideation and zero to 100 work with the programmer, and I want you to do all the work, if you have a work sample, please send me and the suggested price. and announce the required time. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up and configuring Remote Access VPNs - Strong knowledge of the L2TP/IPSec Cisco AnyConnect ,WireGuard protocol - Familiarity with mobile device VPN configurations - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve VPN connectivity issues - E...

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    ...able to control my VPS server functionality for changing VPN protocols/Server locations on real time basis of the VPN app that is hosted on my VPS server i.e. I should be able to easily be able to use all the VPN protocols offered by the VPN company and I also should be with a single click easily be able to switch between all protocols/VPN server locations offered by my VPN company i.e. like Wireguard protocol/IkEV2/NordLynx/OpenVPN-TCP/OpenVPN-UDP. CORE REQUIREMENTS: Basic idea is to securely route the entire internet traffic with totally zero leaks of Source IP & zero leaks of VPS IP by ultimately using the VPN IP as a public IP in VPN censorship regions. MY SOURCE IP i.e the IP of my local internet service provider connecting to ANY RENTED CLOUD VPS SERVER IP to THE VPN...

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    Project Description...my MikroTik router to route all traffic to a VPN WireGuard. Network Setup: - The current setup consists of a single router. VPN Requirements: - There are no specific requirements or restrictions for the VPN connection. VPN Provider: - The client has a VPS that acts as a wireguard server with static public IP. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in configuring MikroTik routers. - Proficiency in setting up VPN connections, specifically with WireGuard. - Familiarity with different VPN providers and their capabilities. - Ability to recommend and suggest suitable VPN providers based on the client's needs. If you have the expertise and can help me configure my MikroTik router to route all traffic to a VPN WireGua...

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    I am looking for someone who can help me configure a Wireguard tunnel on my VMWare setup. This project is for personal use and I already have a VMWare setup in place. I am aiming for a basic level of security with the Wireguard tunnel. You can remote in or I can show you and explain what's needed via Zoom. Skills and experience required: - Experience with configuring Wireguard tunnels - Proficiency in VMWare setup and configuration - Strong understanding of network security protocols and best practices

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    I need Help configure WireGuard on Mikrotik RouterOS7 correctly. I already setup WireGuard and peers, they connect successfully, however there is no access to the internet or network devices. Physical interfaces are wan1, lan1, lan2, lan3. I want users that connect via WireGuard, to have access to everything on lan2 and lan3, as well as internet. But not lan1. No remote access will be given to the router, you're free to ask whatever questions about the current setup to help fix this issue. You can provide the solution as a cli command or gui instructions. Delivery required ASAP.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a mobile app that can connect users to a wireguard vpn. This app should be coded with Flutter, and must support both Android and iOS operating systems. The main feature of the app should be a simple connection to the vpn. The design style should be minimalistic. If you have the skills and experience to produce such an app, I would love to work with you!

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    Installing VPN server IKEv2/Wireguard/IPSec on an unknown operating system Skills and Experience Needed: - Experience with VPN server installation and configuration - Knowledge of IKEv2 protocol - Familiarity with different operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) - Able to make recommendations for VPN server software based on client's needs - Familiarity with dedicated servers and shared hosting

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    Project Title: Setup bind9 DNS server with wireguard Operating System: Ubuntu DNS Configurations: Yes I have done wireguard VPN and bind9 in the same server using docker. The VPN server working fine without any issues but problem with bind9. I setup local DNS zone and checked using named-checkdns it says OK but the problem with that local domain is not resolved on any machine. all VPN client's DNS point to DNS server IP if you read the description carefully write "dnsFix" bottom of your proposal otherwise, you will be reported as a spammer. you should have expert knowledge with below technologies bind9 dns setup wireguard VPN tunnelling ubuntu or linux docker firewall

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    Project Title: Setup bind9 DNS server with wireguard Operating System: Ubuntu DNS Configurations: Yes I have done wireguard VPN and bind9 in the same server using docker. The VPN server working fine without any issues but problem with bind9. I setup local DNS zone and checked using named-checkdns it says OK but the problem with that local domain is not resolved on any machine. all VPN client's DNS point to DNS server IP if you read the description carefully write "dnsFix2023" bottom of your proposal otherwise, you will be reported as a spammer. you should have expert knowledge with below technologies bind9 dns setup wireguard VPN tunnelling ubuntu or linux docker firewall

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    Hi I'm looking the person good in WireGuard and V2Ray x-ray to writing complete coding and document it. Want this wireguard V2Ray can running in Debian and Ubuntu Must know how to make the connection stable and get the maximum speed setting Must have function to using bugs Can build coding and dashboard in web browser so I can handle the user without need to ssh to server Need to work with cloudflare for domain setting Must have function the renew SSL certificates using letsencrypt Can handle firewall that open and block ports The script coding also can handle server hardening. And any related function that must have If you can do this please pm and if you already done this before please show me Thanks

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a Telegram notification when a Wireguard VPN is established or disconnected. The freelancer should have experience in this type of development, and the message should be in English. I know that there are a few different types of messages that could be used for this, such as text messages, email notifications, or voice recordings, but I would like to use Telegram notifications. For the successful freelancers who apply, I'll be looking to see past work and detailed project proposals, so please make sure to include that in your application. Thank you for considering this project.

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    I have wireguard configuration on vps server and I would like to implement it on routerOs 7.0

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    I have wireguard configuration on vps server and I would like to implement it on routerOs 7.0

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    Hi, I have half configured my BGP network. I have a /24 public IP range. (I attached a network map). In a remote location I have a VM with Mikrotik v7 with a BGP session connected to my upstream announcing my prefix. From my VM announcing prefix I have a wireguard tunnel to my home and a BGP session through this tunnel to get my prefix in BGP Mikrotik router. On BGP Mikrotik I have connected a Proxmox.... In my home I have a 600/600 FO connection It´s working but I only can achieve on a Windows 10 VM in Proxmox no more than 300 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload.... I want to fix it and get all 600/600 on the Proxmox with my public prefix. Be carefull... the bid that you put, will be that I will pay... Please not put low quantity to call my attention... you´ll be ign...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a monitoring system for VPN users who are connected to OpenVPN. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing monitoring systems for VPN protocols. Monitoring system for vpn users who are connected to openvpn, wireguard, l2tp/ipsec, proxy i want to restrict connections to 4 maximum across all and also to monitor whos using

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    Hi, I work with Mikrotik V7, WireGuard and BGP to route my IPv4 public prefix. I have the prefix in the last router but I can´t do to assign the IPs, I attach a simple diagram... We can do it with anydesk. I talk spanish and english... better spanish... but no problem with english Be carefull, the bid that you put is the budget that I´ll keep in mind... if put a budget to get attention you´ll be ignored. Thanks!!

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    I am looking for a developer to create a VPN app for Android using the Wireguard protocol. The app should also include an administrator dashboard. Platform: Android only, with java code (not kotlin or other) Wireguard Profiles: No, later i will setup wireguard config Administrator Dashboard: Yes, the app should include an administrator dashboard to manage server list Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience developing VPN apps for Android - Proficiency in the Wireguard protocol - Knowledge of app development for Android - Experience creating administrator dashboards - Strong understanding of network security and encryption Budget $150 - $250

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    I am looking for a talented freelancer to create a Wireguard VPN app that is compatible with Android devices and includes a web-based control panel for managing configurations. The app should also feature custom branding and logos in accordance with my requirements. The desired freelancer should be communicate clearly, adhere to deadlines, and provide a quality product upon completion. If you have the skills and capabilities to fulfill this project, I'd love to hear from you! Budget $200 - $300

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    ...properly. Current state (What is already done) 1) Initial setup 2) VPN tunnel is online Required items 1) Check network allocation to match diagram 2) Adjust NAT, firewall, Outbound DNS, Interface rules to policy route through VPN tunnel 1 and same for tunnel 2 3) Setup Wireguard tunnel to enable option to use either wireguard or openvpn on tunnel 1 Desired outcome 1) Both tunnels online, policy routing as per diagram 2) All traffic has no DNS leaks 3) Instructions on how to use Wireguard VPN and switch between openvpn and wireguard 4) Killswitch implemented for tunnel 1 5) Provide advice on how to address any connectivity issues 6) Explain how the NAT and firewall rules work 7) Remote GUI access setup (Unless advised this is not desirable due to security ...

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    OVN/OVS + wireguard installation and configuration and each step documentation like a how to Set up an OVS/OVN cluster: Establish a cluster with at least 3 nodes running southbound and northbound databases. This configuration should enable automatic failover, i.e., if one node goes down, the leadership should automatically shift to another node. Document how we can remove some node and add additional later. All setup should be documented by copy paste method with comments on every task Additional node joining: Post initial setup, other nodes without databases should be connected to the cluster. Document how to append, delete nodes without databases and how to add them WireGuard installation: Each node in the cluster should have WireGuard installed. Configure VXLAN ...

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    I need a VPN application like wireguard for Android and iOS. I ask you to respond only to those who have previously had experience in developing VPN applications. We need to close the front and back with one specialist! Inexpensive development in a reasonable time is desirable, it can be done on the basis of this repository / - here are wireguard repositories, client sources for all platforms, the second option can be done on Compose Multiplatform. Interested leave feedback, I will send a more detailed TK for familiarization.

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    I need urgent... from now to one hour.... I has working a birdc in Debian 11 with my IPv4 and IPv6 public IPs, in this Debian my upstream announce my IPs... I have a wireguard tunnel to my home and I can assign IPv4 and IPv6 to VM and CT and computers but I have an routing issue... the Mikrotik has behind a NAT and the public IP is not my public IP... the Mikrotik public IP is my fiber line IP (in IPv4)... in IPv6 it´s right... is the public IP... I need URGENT to fix now this issue.... I think it´s a small mistake when I configure the Mikrotik... but I can´t find what.

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    I am looking for an SDN expert what could help me finish current setup. In this setup there will be several linux servers what will be connected to each other using ovs/ovn vxlan or geneve (may be we will integrate bird for evpn) and each of these servers also will have wireguard installed. I want to make a posibility to me to connect via wireguard to one of these linux servers and then route/nat encapsulating traffic to other linux server and exit thrue interface with public ip address. In other words im connecting to server X.X.X.X via wg and setting up X.X.X.X server to route my traffic to different linux server (or same) and exit thrue specific public ip configured on server (by using nat or other technique). The controll question to what if you will not answer in you...

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    ...tracking (in combination with the internal IPs) of each customer can be done. Finally, could also use netflow/sflow to record the connections made from each internal IP.] 2) The setup has to be and have OSFP at the PtPs so if one PtP fails the internet to go through the other antenna. 3) The Edgerouter will have 2 lines so it will be one main line and one as Failover line 4) It is neede to setup Wireguard VPN tunel to the key given. 5) make all the setups and the packages at the UISP Cloud at the setup there will be a Tiny pc connected that can have windows or linux in order to make the logging and to have remote access to the network. At the setup of the router of the Client can make the connections with PPPoE or Vlan its your desision with the best option in order to have s...

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    I have a VPS in a datacenter with my public IPs IPv4 and IPv6 announced, Now I have bird2 and wireguard in the VPS and a Mikrotik in my house... I have issues with speed.... The VPS has 1Gbs symmetric and I has 600Mbps symmetric in my house... I can´t achieve more than about 250/30 Mbps... Wireguard has a tunnel to my house with two IPs... one private IPv4 IP to route IPv4 public IPs and another private IPv6 to transport public IPv6 addresses. I want a Freelancer that revise all configuration... I think maybe could be a rounting issue... Other strange think... If I do a iperf3 test from my house to the VPS I got same, about 250/30Mbps... If I do a iperf3 from the VPS to a public iperf3 server I got almost 1/1Gbps.... I tried iperf3 from a colleage with other ISP and w...

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    We are seeking an experienced Android + Firebase engineer to join our team on a freel...Java/Kotlin and the Android SDK. Expertise in integrating and working with Firebase services, including Authentication, Realtime Database, Cloud Messaging, and Remote Config. Solid understanding of VPN protocols, encryption algorithms, and secure data transmission. Experience with network programming and socket communication. Familiarity with third-party VPN libraries and frameworks (e.g., OpenVPN, WireGuard) is a plus. Knowledge of mobile app testing, debugging, and performance optimization techniques. Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a remote team en...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with the configuration of a remot...Dream Machine. The ideal candidate should have experience with Unifi networking equipment and be familiar with VPN configurations. VPN Configuration: - The project requires setting up a remote access VPN on the Unifi Dream Machine. - The preferred security protocol for the VPN is WireGuard. Expected Number of Remote Access VPN Users: - The expected number of remote access VPN users is between 1-10. Skills and Experience: - Experience with Unifi networking equipment and VPN configurations. - Familiarity with WireGuard security protocol. - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise during the configuration process. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please subm...

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    13 bida

    Unifi Dream Machine Pro, configure WireGuard VPN Server

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me configure the WireGuard VPN Server on my Unifi Dream Machine Pro, along with other Unifi devices in my network. The project involves setting up the VPN server for remote access purposes, with standard security requirements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience with Unifi Dream Machine Pro and other Unifi devices - Proficiency in configuring WireGuard VPN Server - Understanding of remote access VPN setup - Familiarity with standard security requirements for VPN servers

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    I'm looking for a freelancer with advanced experience in Wireguard on Ubuntu to help with a project for our small business. We have specific requirements for this setup and need someone with the skillsets and knowledge to make this happen. Here are the details: I have an Ubuntu server with USB Modems connected as extra gateways. It also has a normal 1GB internet LAN connection. I need people (peers) to connect in and use the USB modems as the internet connection. So they will connect to the VPN using the normal internet connection, then MASQ out using the USB modems. there will be like eth0 (LAN) and eht1 eht2 eth3 etc, these are all usb 4g modems. i need to be able to let the users connect in and use different gateways as the internet break out.

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    wireguard setup

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    i have a linux ubuntu 22.04 server. i want to allocate the resources, perhaps with Hyper-V, so i can run these on separate instances: i want to host my own website using LAMP. I will need the command lines for this. i want to run VNC desktop, so i can run my Wine programs. I have the command lines for this. i want to run Wireguard for VPN. i have the command lines for this. i need someone to walk me through the process; and create technical documentation on how to set up 3 instances on Hyper-V. if you have a better solutions, feel free to let me know.

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    We need a simple cross-platform app (iOS, Android and Windows). The app will communicate with our backend API server with https requests (login/register/servers list/vpn configuration, etc) - Login/Register screen with persistent login - Connect screen with a large Connect button and status - Server locations list screen with possibility to choose a different preferred location - The app must be publishable to App Store / Google Play

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