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    Saya ingin buat 1 rangkaian elektronik, terhubung dengan network wireless yang berfungsi seperti switch

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    AMPUSHER . Its Home Flex 50-amp smart charger is s...smart charger is similar in operation to its public chargers so there is no learning curve. It can be hardwired into a 240-volt circuit (typically the home’s drier circuit) or an existing 240-volt outlet. The 23-foot cable allows for more installation locations in your garage and the whole charging unit has a sleek design Sometimes you don’t need smart-charging capabilities. Instead, you might need a durable outdoor charger that can withstand tough weather conditions. AMPUSHER is ideal for home EV charging, as well as electric lawn/farm equipment, which is a growing market. There’s no app to this one, just a rugged 40-amp charger. This unit can be hardwired or plugged into an existing 240-volt outle...

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    mobile charger 6 hari left

    I want to create mobile charger on which we can set charging configurations

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    I am looking for someone to manage my payroll. I have over 30 people working for me and currently my accountant carries out the payroll duties. I think they are charging too much so am looking to reduce my costs.

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    Hello, My task is about to design charging and discharging circuit for an fuel cell voltages. I.e., 5 charging stages with 1 discharging circuit varies with higher voltages 240V to 480V. I already designed the circuit but I need to make some changes. So I need help in that.

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    I need someone who is efficient to work on any deep learning and hybrid algorithms to analyse and optimise the electric vehicle schedule. Also to facilitate the vehicle-to-grid scheduling.

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    ...roughly 100 individual components on pcb - BOM can't exceed $25, purchase of parts in amount of few hundreds pcs to build 100-200 boards at once. - bms data communication with Xiaomi/Ninebot family of scooters. As same as original bms from Xiaomi M365 battery. - settings or reading data via Android mobile apps such "m365Tools" or "PowerNine". (Google Play) - discharging 35A continuous, 60A peak, charging 6A - overload, shortcut and reverse polarity protection. - cca 50mA effective balancing current per bank - working with 3.6V Li-Ion and 3.2v LiFePO4 - 4 temperature measurement channels, 2x on pcb, 2x on cells - expected and guaranteed life of bms/components at least 2-3 years under standard working conditions. - full access to firmware settings and chang...

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    ...Almost all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles use lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Despite much progress in battery development, some significant hurdles still exist and must be resolved. Long charging time is the main problem for EV adaptation. The US Department of Transportation reports that battery electric vehicles may be fully charged, using commonly home electric socket level 1 charger in 40–50 hours. Such a long battery charging time is a significant deterrent. Even high current level 3 DC chargers need 30 minutes to charge and require an infrastructure of specialized charging stations. Charging batteries at high currents is a hazard! Cars catching fire while being charged or spontaneously combusting while driving is also a big obstacle. Tons of ...

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    ...Virtual Network Engineer, you'll design and implement wireless solutions that support our customers mission critical networks. Cisco platform to provide next-generation wireless technologies such as Wireless LANs (WLAN) and 3G/4G Mobile Backhaul for enterprise customer sites. You must have an understanding of networking technologies, including wired and wireless standards; Cisco products in general; device compatibility; client OSes (Windows or Linux); and TCP/IP knowledge. Requirements - Develops technical solutions to support business needs with custom wireless LAN access point - Remote access and management device that are managed by Cisco controllers. - Responsible for the design, development, and implementation of custom wirele...

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    In the middle 70's the were some some artist known as the Brothers Hildebrandt that did illustrations of J.R.R. Tolkien's work and a condensed version book with some of their Tolkien there is a picture of Gandalf fight...Templar tunic and keep the staff doing the same thing, blowing the bridge with a gold obvious Christian cross stop the staff. Next, replace the Balrog with a semblance of Bader-Ginberg that is placed above the New York City courthouse and Moses the Baderog holding syringes and scalpels, maybe,maybe, a dead baby. Next, replace the 2 orcs with Ihan Omar in a suicide vest somewhere charging Trump with rip cords in her hand and the other orc with Ocasio Cortez toting an upside down cross. Tried to attach the picture but do not think it worked. Next, ...

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    i have a website that people can up load videos on their profile now i want to start charging and splitting a commissison with me per video working with ultimate member

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    This contest is to write an article of at least 500 words on the subject: "The top 10 wireless technologies that business leaders plan to invest in, in 2023 and 2024" If you have the means of proving that the content is not duplicated on the web (i.e., not copied/plagiarized from a page on the web), please include such proof with your article. Thanks very much! This contest will remain open for the full duration: Until March 28 at 1PM Pacific Time. The winner of the contest will be awarded additional projects, which are described below: We need on-going engagement of a technical writer, as described below: We are an antennas manufacturing company, and our website has about 800 pages of product pages and another 200 pages in our technical blog. We need a technic...

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    Study of the electric charging market in the United States by region, including industrial parking, garage is, and residential

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    Not looking for amazon central management or product research i am looking to build a system to manage amazon fba refunds. if you have solution that is in google sheets or c# that solve these problems: ( basically reimbursement data ) - Damaged, lost or missing shipments and returns - Warehouse losses - Missing or inaccurate reimbursements - Restocking, commis...google sheets or c# that solve these problems: ( basically reimbursement data ) - Damaged, lost or missing shipments and returns - Warehouse losses - Missing or inaccurate reimbursements - Restocking, commission, and weight & dimension fees - Missing order credits - Inventory errors and adjustments - Chargebacks - Customer refund overages and replacements - Credit card payment to get the report charging x% of the amou...

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    5G Planning MATLAB with SCADA 3 hari left

    planning a safe wireless network of the fifth generation (5G) cellular communication for the SCADA system in the oil industry. The fifth generation 5G telecommunication infrastructure in a SCADA system optimally provides the relationship between remote terminals and the monitoring system. *** No agents messaging please, I only respond to specialists

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    I'm looking to build a charging device that uses the ESP32 micro-controller powered by a Li-ion (for example battery for a FireBeetle ESP32 battery port) or Li-Po battery which will be charged by a solar panel. At the same time (while charging) the ESP32 will be still working for the purposes it has been installed for (it will be working for 10 hours, between 09:00 and 19:00, so actually working only in the charging hours). Of course it should have protection when fully charged, to stop charging, etc etc. Please, only for hardware designers who have already made something like that. The other offers will be dismissed.

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    Looking for a program or software to intercept my current EEG wireless body area network I don't have much details about the current one I'm using but looking to intercept the physical part

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    Power translator 2 hari left

    Basically I want an electric superturbocharger that can work with a closed loop supercritical Co2 system, so that it can exploit a heat difference between a heat source (say a fireplace or car engine) ...car engine) and a heat sink like a radiator or flowing water to generate electricity, or use electricity to generate heat or pressure (which are pretty closely related in a supercritical fluid/gas). Size somewhere in the .5 to 5 Kilowatt range, prioritizing low maintenance and durability. Lighter and more compact is better, but it can be a decent size if it has to be. I'm planning on likely charging the system with pressure relief valves on the pipe system, and putting a piece of dry ice and sealing it, letting the sublimation charge the system until the pressure is relieved ...

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    We are looking for someone with a design with them that can be tuned for our application. The product will be used in the furniture industry to provide backup power for motors. The engineer should help in the selection of the battery, design the PCB board. It should handle charging the battery, charge percentage monitoring and indication etc. We are looking for a small form factor Li-ion or Li-Polymer battery

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    Wireless bbq tem monitor RPI 1 hari left

    Hi. I want to make a wifi bbq rpi unit with a small screen for my bbq so i can see the remp anywhere. It needs to have a webserver so i can see history etc. I would like to have a multiple probes (wired) so if i use my smoker i can use upto 4 probes. The software needs to be able to see currwnt reading and also have option for new project which it logs the data for that probe too. This is just a personal priject so hoping its not too over priced im also not in a rush. I have the rpo 4, lcd screen, 4 bbq probes to mimi jack plug and will put things together how you tell me as i have an electronics background. Thanks

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    I have a 3D picture of a parking charging station, which cannot be modified. I need to help me restore the structure and adjust the structure design 我有個停車充電站的3D圖片,無法修改,我需要幫我架構還原並調整架構設計

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    ...looking for an experienced Arduino developer to work on a project that involves controlling a 1-meter RGB LED strip, creating & communicating via a wireless mesh network using Arduino Nano V3.0 ATmega328P & XBee modules. I need someone to guide me in setting up a mesh network with multiple nodes - a maximum of 12 or 16 nodes. I will do the doing - but I need your instruction as a tutor & to teach me how it's done. The ideal candidate should understand Arduino Uno & Nano boards, XBee modules, WS2812B or NeoPixel RGB LED strips, & Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules. Responsibilities: Guide the development & implementation of a reliable & secure wireless communication system between Arduinos & cell phones using XBee modules. I am still determini...

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    Quote for Powerpoint and Photoshop project as per clients requirement mentioned as below "Scope of Work PPT template with 4 slides First slide Must be full dark rich navy blue cable running from a plug point towards the wheelz logo - this must be in electric green color This cable and logo can be right at the bottom - will look like the cable is charging the bike Second slide Title + Content - bullets Third slide Title + Content + picture alongside 4th slide Thank you slide - as described in the document All slides will have the cable and wheelz logo at the bottom I require our logo to be placed on the 2 cargo bike images I gave as well as on the 1 van image that I gave "

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    Tufts College Tamat left

    I need videographer for Monday 3/20 - i just need decent audio and video of a speaker at a all day workshop. I do not need to record the audience speaking. - just the speaker if that makes sense. Two cameras would be nice but one is really all that's probably needed. if needed we can provide the rode ii wireless rec. and lav. we then need the raw footage of the event.

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    Company name 2. Car came with low battery 3. Man opens the company app and book a slot and start navigation. 4. Reach the charging station 5. Scan the Qr code and click on start charging 6. stop charging and bill will generate.

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    Looking for designing similar to TWS project. Its kind of bluetooth wireless earphone without speakers. PCB designe and sample testing

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    WEBSITE: Create Filter´s: -->Filter by city(field "city") -->Filter by availability -->Use the NearBy(Availability + plug type) function to search for the nearest Power station. -->When zooming out, only the charging station number appears and when zooming in, more start to appear (I can explain with examples) -->Other charging stations where "party_id"<> "NRG" appears in the listing

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    We are making a robotic lawnmower based on ATMEGA2560 and programmed with Arduino IDE. We have already created a large part of the software, we wanted to know if you are able to integrate some functions such as the management of the Microchip bluetooth (BM71BLE01FC2-0B04AA) which receives commands from a wireless bluetooth controller, such as a playstation 4 controller or compatible and which interfaces with the micro? Furthermore, we would need to know if you are able to integrate the daily programming mode, i.e. decide at what time of day to let the robot go out, for how long to cut and return to base. This by programming via 5-button keyboard and OLED display.

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    I am looking for a developer who can make some modification to a already created EV Navigation app (React native) that modifies the route to show the optimal path through a charging station from the user's initial location to their destination. The app should calculate the minimum overall time, including arrival time, charging time, and waiting time at the charging station, to determine the optimal charging station along the way.

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    We are seeking a highly skilled Network Engineer with CCNA certification to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of network architecture and protocols, including LAN, WAN, and wireless technologies. Responsibilities: • Design, deploy, configure, and maintain network infrastructure, including LAN, WAN, VPN, and wireless technologies. • Monitor and optimize network performance, capacity, and security. • Troubleshoot network issues and resolve them quickly and efficiently. • Collaborate with other IT teams to develop and implement network solutions that align with business requirements. • Participate in on-call rotation for after-hours support and maintenance. • Create and maintain network documenta...

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    Looking for a partner to consult on design/build of HART AI/AO gateway/multiplexor. Please do not respond if you do not have 1 year hands on experience with this domain. Design/build a HART gateway HAT for RPi (& its variants) with signal pass-thru (both in/out), supporting HART/IP, WirelessHART, ISA100 Wireless, MBTCP server. Only 1 type service at a time. The server shall support multiple (min 8) managed connections. There should be min 8 AI channels on HAT, each supporting HART multi drop and standard 4-20mA inputs. The DD/EDDL/FDI file types of HART device vendors shall be supported. PACTWARE compatible & multiple stackable HATS. The use of pins of RPi must be approved by us. you may use existing dev kits from analog devices, ST, Microchip etc., but ensure the ready av...

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    We work with Procurement systems like Oracle and Coupa and are attempting to incentivize our customer base through couponing in WooComerce. The challenge is that the procurement systems will not pass the coupon through and ignores the discount when it's in the cart. We need the coupon to have the ability to discount the catalog price so that it effectively changes the price we are charging for an item.

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    I have a client's website that was managed by a company that has been charging way too many hours on tasks. I am a project manager and work with websites all the time so I want to work with a trustworthy person who knows magento and can be honest about how long things take and price accordingly. We have installed a new template on the staging site so we still have the live site as a reference. For this first set of tasks I need to do the following 1) Remove category image from category page 2) Category Page missing sub categories like on live site. On live site on a category page if there are subcategories we are displaying them on the page but with new template this is not displaying 3) Move the category description text to the bottom of the category page. Similar to thi...

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    LAB 1 - SCENARIO You have been put in charge of testing a new network solution for MidTown IT. The organisation is expanding to a second building. The requirements of the new network include the following: • Routers (1 Router per building) • Switches (2 Switches per building) • Wireless Access Points (1 per building) • 40 End devices (20 end devices per building // 15 Wired & 5 Wireless) IP Address to be subnetted : o This should be subnetted to the closest useable addresses ensuring 20% free for future growth within each subnet. o Statically assigned Router Requirements: • Naming convention used (Device Type_Building(Letter,Number,GeoLocation)_Floor_Room Number_Router Number within specific location example (R_G_2_9_1 or R_Bris_2_9_1) • Au...

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    ...current script, goto My current script has a glitch when you click on companies in the NAV bar at that needs to be corrected. I have no knowledge of any other glitches, however, any that are found, I want them corrected. Also, I want the pricing requirement programming section deleted from both scripts. I do not plan to be charging for listing or viewing. Lastly, I want the script updated to the latest version of Laravel 10. ...

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    ...sign "Dnipro", my commander call sign "Kosmos", we are assault squad whithin 82nd new brigade, 6th company, fire support platoon, currently. Went thru training in UK, now in Germany, going to Ukraine in the end of this month, looking for help for our soldiers. For our platoon and if we can find for more then of course as much as we can find. We need droones, thermovision (optics), night vision, charging stations, solar chargers and powerbanks, rangefinders, tactical headsets, camonets (dark green), radio stations, kevlar plates, pickup vehicles or armored vehicles, generators, pickaxes, monoculars and binoculars, CAT tourniquets. The list is quite big so working on gathering connections of those who can potentially help. For donations and help, please use: 516...

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    I need original content (only text) for my wireless temperature sensor product website. The total amount of text is less than 2 pages. I will provides samples. The task will be to rewrite each line in a unique and creative way.

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    I need a high skill developer/ designer who can design an interactive energy company website ( electric vehicle charger solution) with a limited budget 70-100 usd Template already available in wix premium and it is better to have a full background experience in wix and animation design or Daynamic More details will be given once he confirms the budget Similar sites are: https://w...who can design an interactive energy company website ( electric vehicle charger solution) with a limited budget 70-100 usd Template already available in wix premium and it is better to have a full background experience in wix and animation design or Daynamic More details will be given once he confirms the budget Similar sites are:

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    ...make sure to migrate those to the new theme. d) You will migrate Home-page SEO settings to new theme. e) As part of this project, you will first create a Design Mock-up and get approval for the design. When we are happy with the Design, then we will work on building the new site. f) you will follow modern project management practices for project plan, communication and design processes You are charging a fixed price for the complete project. You will include the following tasks in this project: 1. Analysis of your current site and suggestions for improvements 2. Upgrade an existing WooCommerce Store to latest version (Based on Themes). 3. Upgrade your WooCommerce Store to a modern and better design by using a new WooCommerce Theme 4. Theme suggestions based on your domain and b...

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    ...subjects I want to focus on are; * Overhead powerlines - vehicle impact, trees growing too close or a kite stuck with kids playing * Excavation - digging near underground services (Dial before you dig) * Appliances - Tick of approval (Australian code), inspection tags, broken parts * Electrical fire - how do i put out an electrical fire? (blanket, CO2 or powder extinguisher etc) * Batteries - safe charging, disposal, shorting out terminals * Lightning - when is it safe to be outside, where do i go if i am stuck out in a storm, do i stand under a tree? * Reporting shocks - getting tingles from taps or from broken appliances or damaged leads etc The specific detail and accuracy of the electrical information is not what i need from you, although you may need to research a little t...

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    We specialise in providing broadband services and guest Wifi to holiday parks and Marinas across the UK. We are looking for installation engineers in various locations to work with on a regular basis.

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    $22 - $43 / hr
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    We have a new site being built with rotating banners looking for someone to put the banner together. Should be a regular thing over the years. Example attached for a Kenwood stereo with Wireless CarPlay & Androidauto New Model etc Size on 856 wide 416 heigh but want bigger and can resize.

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    WE STARTED A ...START FAST CHARGER., OUR CHARGER REQUIREMENTS Specification Unit Charger type Should be adaptable for both LFP and Li-NMC batteries by varying the software settings and flashing the codes Battery Combination 19S6P Battery voltage 60 V Charging Current requirement 15 Amps (should be adaptable to charge at 10 amps too) Noise levels (in the charging current) + or – 0.5 amps Method of charging (CC-CV) CC-CV charging CC cutoff voltage Can be varied according to the voltage requirements Max. Cell cutoff voltage Can be varied according to the voltage requirements Charging status indictor Yes (either through LED or digital) Cutoff temp ~45 DegC Thermal protection availability Yes Colling method Forced air with a fan Input power supply Sh...

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    This project is about creating complex valued neural network for wireless communication without using any inbuild toolbox

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