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    I'm in the market for a part-time role in customer service. You'll find my multilingual capabilities an asset in assisting a diverse customer base. Suitable freelancers should be experienced in: - Handling customer inquiries - Providing efficient resolutions - Fluent in multiple languages - Exceptional communication skills Any additional experience in CRM software usage or a proven track record for resolving customer complaints will be considered an added plus, although not compulsory. Come help me leverage my language skills to deliver superior customer service!

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    Create a Blazor Server project(not client) that works exactly like Google Input Tool Example Google ink: API for language: |hi&text=wahan - Language Input Conversion: This will enable users to convert English into other languages as it sound(pronounced) specifically Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam. - Auto-Suggestions: As users type in English, the application should provide real-time suggestions in the designated language. - Language Selection: Users should be able to switch languages using a simple dropdown menu. Familiarity with multi-language manipulation and working experience with Google's transliterate API will be favourable.

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    I'm seeking a developer who can create a modern translation website based on my DFD diagram. The site's primary purpose will be to provide translations and content translation ,

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    ...**Health Information Input:** Option to input critical health information that can be accessed by first responders, such as blood type, known allergies, and current medications. 7. **Emergency Contacts Notification:** Automatically notify the user’s emergency contacts when an ambulance is dispatched. 8. **Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA):** Provide the estimated arrival time of the ambulance. 9. **Multilingual Support:** Offer multiple language options to cater to all users. ### For First Responders/Ambulance Drivers: 1. **Dashboard for Emergency Alerts:** A dashboard to receive and manage emergency alerts with the option to accept or reject based on proximity and availability. 2. **Navigation and Optimal Route Selection:** Integrated GPS navigation to provide the fastest r...

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    I need a highly skilled translator to convert an English text into German, Italian, Spanish, and French. Key requirements: - Native proficiency in English and high proficiency in German, Italian, Spanish and French. - Proven experience in translation work is a must. Please provide samples of previous work. - Attention to details to maintain the content, message and style of the original text. - Prompt delivery of work. Please only apply if you meet these requirements and can deliver high-quality translations. Let's discuss further.

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    ...project: - Multilingual functionality: The chatbot should be capable of conversing in several languages. Language switching capability should be seamless and user-friendly. - Feedback mechanism: Implement a thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating system to gauge the accuracy and effectiveness of the chatbot's responses. - Reporting capabilities: The chatbot needs to collect user feedback and generate usage reports. Understanding user interaction will help in optimising its performance. - interface with streamlit - Create a web/app client for interaction - Support the IT team to upload it to the company cloud (AWS or Google Cloud) both for training and to leave it ready for production Ideal candidates will have prior experience in chatbot development, specifically with mul...

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    I have three Adobe InDesign documents and one Word contract, all of which are business-related and include more than 1000 words each. They are all in Italian and need to be translated into French, Swiss German, and English. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proficiency in Italian, French, Swiss German, and English • Experience with business-related translations • Competency in working with Adobe InDesign and Word documents • Highly rated and reviewed for translation work Kindly include examples of past similar work in your proposal. Make sure your bid reflects the work's complexity and volume, given multiple language pairs and the document's word count being over a thousand.

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    I'm seeking a professional, female telecaller with multilingual skills (English and a regional language) to assist my pharma dropshipping business. Expected responsibilities and tasks are: - Calling clients and marketing our products - Managing orders and overseeing logistics - Handling and resolve customer complaints and queries This role would require less than 20 hours of work per week. Ideal candidates would have experience in telemarketing, customer service, and pharmaceuticals. Prior work in dropshipping would also be beneficial. The ability to effectively communicate and sell in English and a regional language is a key requirement for this position. Your linguistic skills will play a big role in reaching out to our diverse customer base.

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    I'm in need of an experienced graphic designer who can create two book cover designs for my book, one in English and one in Nepali. The designs need to be identical in concept but adjusted linguistically according to the necessary language versions. Here's what I'm looking for in the designs: - The incorporation of cultural elements, abstract designs, and realistic imagery. - A central theme that communicates the story of the book. The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Proficiency in both English and Nepali (or ability to effectively integrate professionally translated text). - A portfolio including book cover designs. - Strong understanding of cultural context for both languages. - An ability to create conceptual designs that clearly depict the bo...

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    I’m in need of experienced translators with proofreading skills for the following languages: French, Afrikaans, Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Ukrainian, and German. The task will involve both translating and proofreading documents. Key aspects of this job include: - Proficiency in one or more of the mentioned languages - Demonstrated experience in translation and proofreading - Attention to detail to ensure accurate reproductions of the original texts. - Availability to start on the task immediately would be ideal, and it's a regular translation task. Due to the nature of these tasks, previous experience is highly appreciated.

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    I'm interested in commissioning an article that delves into the intricacies of cultural diversity in Peru. The article should explore some of the challenges and advantages that come with such diversity. Key areas to focus on: - Linguistic Diversity: There are several languages spoken in Peru, each contributing to the country's unique identity. Discuss the dynamics and implications of this multilingual reality. - Traditions and Customs: Peru’s traditions and customs vary by region. I’d like an analysis of this variety and its importance to Peru’s identity. Target Audience: - University Students: The article should be insightful for students possibly studying subjects related to culture or Latin American studies. - Cultural Anthropology Researchers: T...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to add i18n to medusajs/nextjs-starter-medusa template . Following the offical document from nextjs **Key Features:** - **i18n Support:** The application must support internationalization for English and Vietnamese languages. - Just need to finish the logic and 1-2 sample translated page. The rest i will do it myself

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    I'm looking for someone who can confidently communicate with a variety of individuals and businesses for a targeted tele-calling endeavour focused primarily on selling. - **Languages Needed:** Telugu, Hindi, and English linguistic skills are required, as these are the primary communication mediums of our target audience. - **Purpose of Calls:** The main objective of each call is to sell our product or services, so I need a professional with proven sales acumen. - **Clients:** The target audience for our campaign includes both individual consumers and businesses alike, so you must be comfortable speaking with a wide range of people. Potential freelancers should have experience in sales and customer interaction across various demography. Strong communication skills, patience, and a ...

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    Project Overview: We are seeking a skilled and meticulous freelancer to undertake the translation of a set of user instructions into 11 different languages. This project demands high precision and a deep understanding of context, which is why we have chosen to use ChatGPT for translations instead of Google Translate. The nature of our instructions requires that each translation accurately captures the intended meaning, nuances, and technicalities of the original text. Key Responsibilities: Translation Execution: Translate the provided user instructions paragraph by paragraph using ChatGPT. This method ensures a better grasp of context and maintains the coherence and accuracy of the content across multiple languages. Languages Required: The instructions need to be translated into 11 spe...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a cloud-based database which can automatically translate English phrases to Romanian. This project requires the successful development of a solution in which new phrases can be added over time, enhancing the versatility and accuracy of translations. Key Tasks: - Develop a cloud-based database - Implement auto-translation features (EN/FR/IT/ES to RO) - Ensure system is user-friendly for updates and management Ideal Skill Set: - Extensive experience with cloud-based services - Solid understanding and experience with programming and database management - Previous work on translation tools/databases In your proposal, please describe your approach to this project and any relevant experiences. I would like to manage the database myself, so ease...

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    ...branding identity design - Experience in creating visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces - Ability to incorporate specific branding elements (color scheme, typography, visual style) into the final design - Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively to bring creative ideas to life - Knowledge in designing for inclusivity and accessibility is a plus - Experience in multilingual design projects is desirable, but not mandatory We are looking for a designer who is innovative, detail-oriented, and has a passion for creating designs that connect with diverse audiences. If you have a knack for understanding brand ethos and can translate that into a compelling digital identity, we would love to hear from you. I have kept image inspiration to a minimum a...

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    I'm looking for a chatbot designer to create chatbots that will serve as a primary tool for customer support and sales leads generation for small to medium businesses. This multi-language chatbot may need to integrate with popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack. Key Requirements: - Expertise in developing multilingual chatbots. - Understanding of chatbots for different sectors including business, ecommerce and services. - Knowledge of chatbot integration with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack. - Capability to make the chatbot handle customer support queries effectively and capture lead generation data efficiently. Freelancer must possess excellent communication skills and present previous work in this field. User experience design ...

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    ...Interactive communication channels (messaging, comments, forums) Issue tracking and reporting functionality Petition creation and signing capabilities News and updates section Event calendar for political events and community gatherings Notification system for important updates Analytics and insights for users and representatives Anonymous reporting feature Integration with social media platforms Multilingual support Data privacy and security measures Optional gamification elements for user engagement Education resources on political processes and civic responsibilities Requirements: Experience in mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms Proficiency in programming languages such as Swift (for iOS) and Kotlin/Java (for Android) Familiarity with mobile app frameworks, ...

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    ...essential that the website supports multiple languages to cater to a diverse customer base. Additionally, while my primary focus is on integrating UPI as the payment method, I am open to suggestions on including other popular and secure payment options that could enhance the user experience. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in creating e-commerce platforms - Experience in developing multilingual websites - Skilled in integrating payment methods, particularly UPI, and potentially others like credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency - Strong understanding of user experience (UX) design to ensure a seamless shopping experience - Knowledge of international e-commerce regulations and best practices to facilitate global transactions **Key Requirements:** - Develop a use...

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    I'm looking for a proficient lawyer who specializes in notary laws to ensure my notary business operates within legal boundaries. Here's a precise breakdown of what I require: - **Legal Consultation**: Guidance on the nuances of notary laws. - **Document Services**: Primary focus on contracts; both drafting and notarization. - **Language Proficiency**: Must be fluent in English and Telugu for document translation and notarization. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Licensed lawyer with expertise in notary laws. - Experience in contract law, especially within a notary context. - Skilled in legal writing and document translation in English and Telugu. - Knowledgeable in business registration and licensing as it pertains to notary services. I value clear communication and attenti...

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    I am seeking a talented writer to recreate story highlights that resonate more deeply with varied audiences and are adaptable to different institutional narratives. The primary goal is to ensure these stories are more engaging and can appeal broadly, especially within educational institutions. With a focus on making these narratives align with institutional values, the project entails a creative overhaul of existing content across multiple languages. **Requirements:** - Exceptional writing skills in English, with the ability to adapt tone and style - Proficiency in additional languages (especially Spanish, French, or any foreign languages) for translation and cultural adaptation - Experience with or understanding of educational institutions' values and how stories can be tailored to ...

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    I need to implement a ticketing system on an existing project in Laravel 9 with Vue.js 3.0. There will be a public-facing part and a management part for the team. All the login and roles logic has already been implemented. In the public-facing part, the user must fill out a form created with Vue.js using ready-made components and generate a unique token to send to the user who open...form indicating the hours spent and selects the type of hours (standard, high, etc.). All this data is saved to the database. Additionally, I will have a report page with filters and data charts, with the ability to search by company, user, date, operator, team, and the ability to extract data to Excel. The DB structure is provided directly by us. The lang package must be used because it is a multilingual...

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    I'm seeking a talented linguistic corrector capable of performing a comprehensive review of our mobile app's language files. With versions in English, German, French, and Spanish, ensuring accurate translation is paramount to enhance our global user experience. **What I Need:** - A full linguistic review, focusing not only on spelling and grammar but also on language style, tone, and cultural context. Accuracy is key. - The project spans four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish, requiring adeptness in each to maintain consistency and coherence across versions. **Ideal Skills:** - Proven expertise in English, German, French, and Spanish linguistic corrections. - Strong grasp of cultural nuances in each required language. - Experience with mobile app content and sens...

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    ...seamless experience - **Currency Conversion Feature:** Additional fix on currency conversion feature, catering to our global customer base. - **Multilingual Support:** We have an existing framework for multiple languages, which is underperforming. The task includes debugging and optimizing this feature for optimal performance. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in NODE.JS and LARAVEL - Solid experience in ecommerce platform development and customization - Strong understanding of design principles and user interface optimization - Experience with payment gateway integration and currency conversion tools - Proven track record in developing multilingual websites - Ability to troubleshoot and enhance existing features for better performance The right freelancer f...

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    ...on captivating storytelling, I need a digital cartoon that engages audiences on a whole new level. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Digital Creation**: Your expertise in digital art and animation is key. I need high-quality, engaging cartoons created digitally. - **Entertainment Focus**: Aimed at entertaining a diverse audience, the cartoons should be engaging, humorous, or intriguing. - **Multilingual Voice-over**: There's a twist – I need voice-over work in a specific language (other than English). Please mention your capabilities in this area. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - **Digital Art & Animation**: Proficiency in digital drawing and animation software. - **Storytelling**: Ability to convey stories that capture and hold attention. - **Voice...

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    Experience our immersive 3D meeting room, meticulously crafted in 3ds Max. Equipped with a translation desk, tracking table, and podium, it merges functionality with sophistication. Seamlessly integrate multilingual discussions with the translation desk. Stay on top of agendas with the real-time tracking table, ensuring smooth progress. Command the room from the podium, delivering impactful presentations. This virtual space, designed with precision in 3ds Max, redefines collaborative meetings with its cutting-edge features

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    ...Subscriptions model for accessing premium content and reports. Accessibility and Range - Location-based services to provide relevant information within a 20km radius of the user's current location. 4. Technical Specifications - Platform Compatibility: iOS and Android. - Data Security: Adherence to data protection laws and regulations for securely handling user information. - Localization: Multilingual support to cater to international seafarers. 5. Development Plan - Phase 1: Market research and user needs analysis. - Phase 2: Design and development of the app's core functionalities. - Phase 3: Testing phase with a select group of seafarers for feedback. - Phase 4: Launch of the app and promotional activities. - Phase 5: Post-launch support and iterative improvemen...

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    We are seeking a skilled Laravel programmer to convert our existing English-language PNG image upload website into a multilingual platform. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Laravel framework and a proven track record of developing multilingual websites. This project involves not only translating static content but also implementing a dynamic solution for user-generated content in multiple languages. Responsibilities: - Evaluate the current website architecture and plan the multilingual implementation. - Implement language files and manage translations for static content within the Laravel framework. - Develop a dynamic translation management system for user-generated content. - Create a language switcher and ensure seamless language switching funct...

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    We are currently seeking a...about creating innovative and impactful applications and have the necessary skills and experience, we would love to hear from you. Specific functionalities and features needed for the app include: - Live streaming - Written posts, video posts and picture posts and interacting on posts - Voice and video calls - Messaging system: Users should be able to send and receive messages within the app. - Multilingual - Monetisation Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Experience in developing social media apps for both iOS and Android platforms. - Proficiency in creating live streaming apps. - Proficiency in creating and integrating messaging systems into mobile applications. Please provide examples of your previous work and detail your experience in...

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    Project Description: We are seeking an experienced developer or a team of developers to build a dynamic, multilingual, and easily manageable e-commerce site focused on selling communication products such as corporate gifts, personalized gadgets, promotional tools, large format printing services and social media management services. The site should feature product customization options, stock management, online ordering, and a chatbot linked to our phones for direct communication with our clients. Specific Objectives:  Develop an e-commerce platform using Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento (to be discussed based on your expertise and the specific needs of the project). - Implement multilingual support to cater to an international clientele, primarily in French and English. - I...

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    I'm seeking an adept web developer who can proficiently enhance the checkout page of my WordPress site. As it currently only shows payment and shipping information for one country, I require it to also cater to a Cuban customer base. Key requirements: - The website uses Stripe plugin, which needs to be maintained. - Seamless PayPal integration, which should display in Spanish to cater to my new audience. - The projected timeline is flexible as there is no urgency. Ideal skills: - WordPress & WooCommerce proficiency - Familiarity with Stripe and PayPal APIs - Language translation for websites - Keen eye for user-friendly interfaces If you excel in these areas and can deliver a smooth, functioning upgrade, please submit your proposal. I look forward to discussing...

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    I require the services of a proficient translator with strong knowledge in English, Spanish, and French. Specifically, I need a text of 500 - 1000 words translated. The text to be translated is technical, similar to a manual or product description. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in English, Spanish and French. - Proven experience in technical translations. - Attention to detail is a must - Capable of preserving the original meaning while adapting to the nuances of the target language. Your task is to provide accurate translations while maintaining the coherence, structure and the purpose of the original document intact. Your experience in translating technical content will be a major advantage. I look forward to your applications.

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    ...payment methods (credit cards, PayPal, etc.). Customer Support Features: Live chat support for real-time assistance. A support ticket system for handling customer inquiries and issues. Admin Panel for Order and User Management: A comprehensive admin panel to view, manage, and edit orders and customer details. Functionalities to add, edit, or delete email addresses and user accounts as necessary. Multilingual Website (English and Arabic): The website should be fully bilingual, supporting both English and Arabic interfaces. Ensure right-to-left text alignment and proper layout adjustments for the Arabic version. Compatibility with Google Services: Ensure the website's compatibility and seamless integration with Google Workspace services. Adherence to Google's API usag...

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    ...payment methods (credit cards, PayPal, etc.). Customer Support Features: Live chat support for real-time assistance. A support ticket system for handling customer inquiries and issues. Admin Panel for Order and User Management: A comprehensive admin panel to view, manage, and edit orders and customer details. Functionalities to add, edit, or delete email addresses and user accounts as necessary. Multilingual Website (English and Arabic): The website should be fully bilingual, supporting both English and Arabic interfaces. Ensure right-to-left text alignment and proper layout adjustments for the Arabic version. Compatibility with Google Services: Ensure the website's compatibility and seamless integration with Google Workspace services. Adherence to Google's API usag...

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    I'm seeking a versatile Property Management System developed to streamline my operations. This system should incorporate a plethora of functionalities cater...**Ideal Skills for Freelancers:** - Experience in developing complex property management systems. - Proficiency in financial calculations and reporting. - Ability in implementing secure, role-based access control. - Skilled in creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for websites and mobile apps. - A strong background in both iOS and Android app development. - Competency in implementing multilingual support. This project is oriented towards enhancing operational efficiency, financial transparency, and team coordination. Looking forward to proposals from developers who can actualize this vision into a robust, user-fri...

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    I'm in need of a Python developer to create a spellchecker script that stands out. This tool should not only identify spelling errors but also should offer the top suggestion for corrections. The input for this utility would be a file containing two columns list listed below. The file will contain several thousand rows of data and will be formatted as csv file. LOV ID Value Brands Miller Brands Sears Color Blu Color Blck The Python utility will ingest this value and spell check the "Value" column. When a spelling error is detected, the top suggested correction will be returned in a new column called "Suggestion" as shown below. The file returned will also be a csv file format and the...

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    ...addition of other games is a consideration. **Key Requirements:** - Multilingual support for English, Russian, and Ukrainian, ensuring a seamless experience for a diverse user base. - Development of engaging and visually appealing slot machine games, with attention to detail in game mechanics and user interface. - Strong emphasis on security features to protect user data and transactions. - Implementation of payment gateway integrations suitable for our target markets. - Consideration for future mobile app development, as this might be an avenue we explore later on. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in online casino or gaming platform development. - Strong portfolio showcasing previous projects with multilingual support. - Expertise in web development ...

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    ...self-sustaining, and they watch the wildlife from their window. **Key Requirements:** - **Proficiency in 2D Animation:** You should have a strong portfolio showcasing your ability to craft engaging animations in the 2D format. - **Creative Storytelling:** Ability to convey our product's benefits and features in a clear and engaging manner. - **Voice-Over Skills:** While the project does not require multilingual voice-overs, having a captivating voice-over in English that aligns with our brand's tone is essential. - **Attention to Detail:** The animation should be high-quality, with attention to details that make the video stand out. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **2D Animation Experience:** Extensive experience in creating 2D animations, particularly for produ...

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    ...primary school. The poster should be designed in a way that appeals to children between the ages of 5-10 years. I need two version of this project: - 1 in English - 1 in Spanish Key Requirements: - The poster must prominently feature our school's logo and name in the design. - Be colorful, eye-catching, and kid-friendly. - Display our school's core values in a clear, concise manner. - Promote multilingual education: French/English and Spanish/English. - Promote the fact that it is a real full immersion program. - Promote the fact that it is a charter school, thus tuition free. - Must include QR code to our web site. () Ideal Skills: - Proven graphic design experience and a solid portfolio, preferably with a focus on educational or kid-related projects. - Excellen...

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    ...my website content from English to French. This project requires not only language skills but also an understanding of cultural nuances to ensure the translated content is engaging and appropriate for a French-speaking audience. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in English and French languages. - Experience in website content translation. - Understanding of SEO principles for multilingual websites. - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines. **Project Requirements:** - Translate English website content into French accurately. - Adapt content to fit the cultural context of the target audience. - Maintain the original meaning, tone, and style. - Ensure translated content is SEO-friendly. This project is a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about ...

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    ...educational background more compellingly. - **Skills Section:** It's crucial that this part accurately reflects my capabilities. I'm looking to enhance visibility in: - *Technical Skills*: Demonstrate my proficiency in specialized tools and technologies. - *Soft Skills*: Illustrate my ability to navigate complex work environments and collaborate effectively. - *Language Skills*: Highlight my multilingual competencies. - **Portfolio Section:** Guidance on how to better organize and present my work to capture the attention of prospective clients. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in profile optimization for freelance platforms. - Strong understanding of personal branding and market positioning. - Experience in HR or recruitment, with a knack for iden...

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    ...Business API and its limitations. - **Multilingual Support:** The chatbot must be capable of communicating in multiple languages, adapting based on user preference. - **NLP Experience:** Since handling queries in multiple languages, you must be skilled in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure accurate and contextual responses. - **API Integration Skills:** Should be able to integrate the chatbot seamlessly with our existing systems for real-time information exchange. - **Privacy & Compliance Understanding:** Must ensure the chatbot adheres to data protection regulations and WhatsApp policies. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Proven track record of developing efficient chatbots, particularly on the WhatsApp platform. - Experience in working with multilingual ...

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    I have a single page app, using react and bootstrap. This web site is a pizza web site. The page is almost done, but I need to finish it by adding different languages to it, so customer can choose the language prefered. I like to have a dropdown menu with 5 differet flags. Where Spanish flag is the default one. Then customer can choose between Catalan flag, UK, French and italian. I will like that when customer clicks on French flag, the web changes the language to french.

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    Recognizing the significance of your real estate project, we assure you of our complete understanding of the objectives outlined. In pursuit of an expert web developer, we stand ready to create a sophisticated real estate website and application, tailored to match the features of while accommodating both Arabic and English languages. At the core of our commitment lies the implementation of a robust property search functionality, empowering users to explore properties according to their preferences. Seamless user registration and login features will be integral, ensuring a personalized and secure experience. The property listings and details section will be meticulously designed, presenting a comprehensive view of both residential and commercial properties. Going beyond the fundamentals,...

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    ...altering the overall layout of our existing template. Here's a brief overview of what I'm looking for: - **Translation Tasks** - Convert all invoice text into Arabic while maintaining the original format. - Ensure the translation is accurate and contextually appropriate for a financial document. - **Technical Requirements** - Proficiency in CodeIgniter framework is a must. - Experience in multilingual applications, particularly those including Arabic, will be advantageous. - Familiarity with financial or invoicing software development. - **No Layout Change** - It's crucial that the layout remains left-to-right (LTR), as our current system is designed this way. The job requires adapting the text alone. Ideal candidates for this project will not only ...

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    I'm looking for a talented translator to convert a small batch of documents (less than 1000 words total) from English to Spanish and French. These documents are a mix of legal and medical content, requiring someone with knowledge and experience in these areas to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry standards. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in English, Spanish, and French - Experience in legal and medical document translation - Attention to detail and accuracy - Ability to meet tight deadlines **Ideal Skills:** - Fluent in the specified languages - Background in law or medicine preferred - Proven track record of high-quality translation projects - Excellent written communication skills This project is ideal for a professional looking to utilize their expertise in language...

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to reformat a 39-page Word document strictly adhering to a specific style sheet provided. This task includes adjust...meticulously. - Excellent attention to detail ensuring no requirement is overlooked. - Good communication skills to clarify any uncertainties regarding the style sheet. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in document formatting. - Previous work involving style guides or sheets. - Strong command of English to understand formatting instructions clearly. - Some experience with multilingual academic writing preferred but not required. Timeline: - The project should be completed within two weeks. Please include samples of previous formatting work and confirm your ability to meet the deadline in...

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