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    We have developed an ASP ecommerce website using ASP and Microsoft Access 2000. The script worked perfectly on 5 of our Windows 2000 production servers, but upon installing it onto our client's Windows NT SP6 server, it does not work. Error message is: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] The Microsoft Jet database eng...

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    we have some fonts and need to protect them from being copied ,so we need a program that :- -our fonts cant be used unless the cd is present. -the fonts can not be copied by any mean either from dos or windows even if the cd is present. -the fonts can not be seen in the system fonts folder but they can be seen from system programs like ms office,or any program that deals with fonts. -if some one t...

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    Hi! I've been thinking of different ways to enable my employees to work from home. The free VNC software has been really interesting, and since I discovered TightVNC it became even more interesting. However, it shouldn't be any problem to configure our firewall for secure connections through SSH by setting up a unix/aix firewall and tunnel VNC through SSH, but I find that a bit unlikely,...

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    We are looking for ideas/software to control the distribution of our software. We dont believe anyone has really cracked a way of distributing software and protecting it from illegal copying onto too many PC's within the organisation that has bought it, or from people copying it to other companies. So we are looking for a solution ! Either just ideas, or some nifty components for tying softwa...

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    hello i am currently developing an in vehicle computing system using a full version of windows software. I need a user interface that allows control of other software applications through one or several screens. it can have multiple pages but the buttons must be large and legeble it must also be intuitive because the viewing medium are 7 inch mobile video screens. most do not even have vga resolut...

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    have these two programs 1-Modify the phonedirectory so that it uses class methods to perform the a(add)and f(find) command records and numrecord will be a class variable instead of local variabl. 2-the second program is solved already but we need to change the strucure and the variables the program can't be the same as this one the output is the same but not the contents of the program. ## ...

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    The basic purpose of this Palm OS-based app is to accompany a self-help program in which a person keeps track of his successes and failings in 6 character traits that he is working on. It must allow the user to manually enter six traits (e.g. "anger") which will be listed vertically like a shopping list and then have two boxes on the right-side to serve as counters next to each of the si...

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    Note: this is listed under personal category as to not restrict the dollar value of the bid. However, this does not imply that this is a huge project. It only implies that at this time, I have no idea how much. Requires expert knowledge in Windows API Request for program to indentify and optionally 'turn-off' any installed spyware when surfing and/or sending email. This program must be a...

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    Want to develop a program that parses and evaluates programs in a small set-evaluation language (called SETL), as described in the handout if given the job. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Unix ## Deadline information Would like thi...

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    I'm looking for a coder who is familiar with ASP, PHP, MYSQL, Database, Windows NT. I prefer someone with experience in reward/incentive sites. English must be your first language since what I need made, needs to be explained in very complicated terms. You need to also be familiar with how a website makes money with affiliate programs. I need three scripts built. I need something that MUST be...

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    ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS: I have to write a C program that simulates the dealing of a "poker hand" for a single (1) player, displays that hand on the screen, and determines if the player has been dealt a "Flush" or a "Straight Flush" ONLY. The program will NOT accept any user input (data), but must display 100 hands (each on a single line). Your program must then con...

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    Can any one help me with my computing [log masuk untuk melihat URL] are five tables: patients, equipment,Loan,Stock and stock equipment. equipment contains Item code (such as WC),description, number in stock, and price of repalcement. Stock equipment contains if on loan, if repaired, date out for repair, item code and stock ID(such as WC1, WC2 etc..)i want to know how to update "number in sto...

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    Homework help Tamat left

    I have a program that I have to create for school. It is in VB 6.0 connecting to MS Access database, i have probably 85 - 95% of the code written but cannot figure out my problems. Would like someone who is very knowledgable in these programs to help me. I will send everything I have, and you can just fix whatever is wrong. I have the database and a couple of forms. All is designed. Just want some...

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    This is the "core" of the program I'm looking to have created (to start off), with the good possibility for more programming in the future. Details: 1) Private Member's Area with affiliate/admin features similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] , but with the following exceptions: - Content displayed to members will depend on the member's status. (either Free or Paying) - ...

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    Digital Test Tamat left

    Program could be done either in c++, java, VB, the better the Graphics the better the pay Project must be deliver a week before due date. Please take a look at the attachment for reference ## Deliverables Project must be finish a week prior to due date. Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to al...

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    We require a simple plugin that will play Karaoke CDG files from the harddrive. The plugin must be ActiveX and display just the karaoke (words and background). Programs using this plugin must be able to send messages to the program to tell it stop, play and pause. The karaoke must be in time with the music. The program should use the subcodes to display the data correctly with standard background....

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    We need for our website a Affiliate Merchant program,PHP & Mysql for Merchants/Advertisers: sales, leads and website traffic build your own 'click - CPC', 'sale - CPA', or 'lead - CPL' based affiliate program Affiliate: affiliate member and choose from the many affiliate programs that will pay you high commission rates for displaying graphic, text, Macromedia ...

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    Need a program that will collect email addresses by keyword through AOL. then automatically grab the email addresses and send an email to found addresses by other Formail Spamming, or SMTP. It must be able to disconnect off AOL after X amount of email addresses have been found, and reconnect (this is to get around AOL's security feature). Must also handle remove lists, where it checks the ema...

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    The turtle holds a pen in one of two positions,up or [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the pen is down,the turtle traces out shapes as it moveswhile the pen is up,the turtle moves about freely without writing [log masuk untuk melihat URL] will simulate the operation of the turtle and creat a computerized sketchpad as [log masuk untuk melihat URL] a 20-by-20 array floor(initialized to '0').Re...

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    I'd like to know what commands in vb are used to bind with another program? Like uoassit for ultima online for example, you run uoa and it runs uo, and they are linked as one program, and you can macro stuff so it does it for you, i'd like to know how to do this in vb, maybe just the basic comannds or where to start from, and it'd be nice to know how to edit other programs memory fr...

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    VB Source code for bridge playing program Note: I have VB source code for bridge bidding which end with a contract and a attacking card is played. The defense players must return to the attacking card Sub on the end of each circle if they have had won the last trick. The same for the Dealer, but he must first play with intention to draw the trumps until the defense players has only one or no one o...

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    There is a game called "Rogue Spear", cheat programs run rampid through it. I need a program for the host(s) to use that will find the specified cheat names such as "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" and the like and tell the host, either a window popping up, or something. Needs to be changable as time changes with different cheats. Just look at the program "half-life", ...

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    We are looking for an application that will be distributed on cds. Basically it will ask the user for information such as name, address, etc. It then will allow the user to choose form several business flyers, business cards, and a few other memos with their information on them. The flyers and cards must be in a high quality printable format. It is not assumed that the user will have adobe acrobat...

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    Please Note - I am not interested in someone copying code from planetsourcecode or other source-code sites - I have already done this..., and then offering it for bid... This control will be C++ based, used in Visual Basic. Here' what I need! A (very fast) - File Search Control That will: (1) Search for files by either a single filter or all files of a drive. (like *.* or *.exe) (2) The searc...

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    Software download site such as [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], and such. The domain for this site is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and should have the categories there now. The domain used to have a site, but due to a disaster, it was lost, and the person who did it does not respond anymore. So, I need a new site for it. It should be dat...

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    For this project, you will implement a simplified RPC run-time system, along with client and server side stub routines for a set of functions provided to you, and a set of functions/programs that you design to demonstrate that your system works properly. The system should support function versioning, a choice of at-most-once and at-least-once semantics, and a dynamic binding process realized by a ...

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    Write a shell script (which will contain awk programs) to creat a file operations utility. At a minimum, the shell script should do the following. 1. display a menu with at least four options 1) List 2) Archive 3) Junk 4) Purge 2. the next prompt will say List|Archive|Junk|Purge What? 3. the user may now enter the directory or files to process such as: /home/mystuff or /home/mystuff/*.c 4. the lis...

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    You are to write a C++ program that will compare the execution times of the bubble sort and the selection sort. You are to use an improved version of the bubble sort as described in Exercise 4.11 on page 272 in the Deitel text. Likewise, you are to use a recursive implementation of the selection sort as described in Exercise 4.31 on page 281 of the Deitel text. Test each sort 3 times using an arra...

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    please use jdk 1.3_02 run from MSDOS SSNInfo Modify the SSNInfo program by storing the area numbers and corresponding location in parallel arrays. here's what the array's will look like: int [ ] areaNumbers = {3 , 7, 9 ,....}; string [ ] location = { "New Hampshire " , "Maine" , "Vermont",...}; use a loop to search areaNumbers for the first element that'...

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    I would like to know the cost more or less to create a VERY powerful yet simple program that can trace a user's input on a computer, including keystrokes, maybe mouse movements and ANY other input that a user may input into a computer and make a visual display and print out of the input, in chronological order. It should be able to do this over the net while a user is logged in. This program ...

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    I have an online monitoring system that my partner has built for me, its basically a collaboration of a few free Linux programs that were packages together as one program. We call it “NOC??. It has/is being used to monitor and graph thousands of DSL lines and server farms for major internet companies. What I am looking for is someone with heavy linux/programming experience and the motivation...

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    I need a voice conference program that will accept a max of simultaneous 15 users at a time (max). There needs to be 2 different programs. A client program and a host program. The host can broadcast to all the users, but the client can only communicate directly to the host. Also, text chat between users is required. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just simple text messaging. The chat wi...

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    Program 1: =========== 2 sequential files, one called [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and one called paperback.txt. In each file, a name of 1 book : Alice in Wonderland. And the number of copies, for hardback it should be 25. For paperback it should be 50. Must write a program to access these files and if someone enters a book other than Alice in Wonderland, the program displays an error. (I have th...

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    I need two simple programs as examples for personal use with a beginning VB class. A mortgage calc w/input of Loan amount, Int rate and length in years. User selected options of monthly, weekly, daily breakdown. Using picbox for output with headers for term#, principal bal, interest per term, principal per term, and total interest column in that order. Uses a vertical scroll bar and currency forma...

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    I need two small programs to do the following things: Program 1: Simple Form with a command button that when pushed opens a file dialog to select multiple files. It then calls a second program as a stand-alone process, in a spin-off separate window. Program 2: Created as a separate process. Needs to have someway of knowing what the file selection from program 1 is through a temporary work file. Th...

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    We need a program written in Delphi 6 with Access 2000 tables to assist us in calculating utility allowances for families we serve in our housing programs. Attached are the excel worksheets containing utility allowance values and a word document containing additional information for this project. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as comp...

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    Easy one here... VB Program called "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" that will be launched at user login (Start Menu/Programs/Start), which should reside on a folder with an excel file called "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" and an ini file called "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" and do the following: - If it is the first time the program is run that day (check if a file ...

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    Require a custom IE/Netscape compatible tool bar similar to the Google Search bar or the IWon Co-pilot. It will have a number of buttons, menus,labels. The tool bar will communicate with a web server to get and display user info. It will also notify the web server of certain user actions. Depending on what the user chooses the tool bar will cause pages to loaded into IE passing a custom URL based ...

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    Project Name: Graphic Securing Language: Preferably perl Time Frame: Need ASAP **NEW:**In my first project description I forgot to mention something. I have no real problem if the user uses a screencapture or such. I just cannot have them download the images from my site. I have close to...80 pictures and logs show that 5 users downloaded all the images in under 20 seconds. This really screw...

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    oracle help Tamat left

    design a database from scratch using oracle 8. -the database must consist of 4 of more tables with proper relationships in 3NF. - represent the database diagramatically. - create tables using DDL queries. add appropriate data to each table. - create DML queries using substitution variables,views, and nested queries - design data retrieval queries using various joins, functions, set operators and n...

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    Hello PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: --------------------------- I do not seek a processkiller, that simply terminates the process. Doing this will make the computer crash and this is NOT OK. It must track each process, determine type of program (Standard, DirectX, OpenGL or Other) and end it following the way of terminating that type of program. Since I don't know how to, I can't describe i...

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    sir subject: code in java to implement EMAIL FACILITY now i am doing a project in java servlets which is a web based application which uses email. so i want code in java to implement email facility to send and receive mail all over www. the code must to be simillar to that of any websites email facility. SESSION TRACKING in java servlets how can i maintain a log file such that which end-user have ...

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    Write a program to display a company's payroll report in a picture box. The program should read each employee's name, employee's number and hourly rate from a file called EMPLOYEE.TXT. In addition, the program should prompt the user to enter in the hours worked for each employee. The program should produce a report in the form of the sample run shown below. Employees should be paid ...

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    I am looking to create a simple program that will allow coaches to create field circuit training programs. For example, if it was a soccer coach that wanted to create a fitness circuit. ON the right hand side of the screen would be a picture of a soccer field. On the left hand side would be icons of the different tools used (i.e. medicine balls, speed ladder, dumbells, tubing, etc.) The coach ...

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    I need C source code that can somehow tell if a user is trying to cheat my program by resetting the time/date of their system. My program is time/date based and I need to ensure that users can not cheat it. This has to be accomplished without internet access. I would also like the program to reset the users clock to the correct time. I have seen shareware programs that if you set the clock back it...

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    This is a program for It is a non profit organization and require a tool too help children learn learn another language. Their vision is that children learn a language faster and more easily than adults and want to teach children. ## Deliverables 1. I have a number of videos and their will be more that will be added on, at a regular basis, that children should be allowed to play and interact wi...

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    Hi. Thank you for taking a look at my project. I currently own the Smartsearch script from SmartCGIs, however, I want to take my PPC SE further. I have a list of things I would like completed with it. Please take a look at my search engine now. http://www.seekways.com. I would like to keep the same layout and look to it, however, I want to add these additional features: 1) I need to shorten...

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    MORTGAGE SITE SPECIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION Need a professional looking, interactive web site that provides the following: NO FRAMES NO FLASH Online Application Form that delivers information to my email and auto responds to the applicants email upon delivery Mortgage Treasury and rate tickers Online calculators Will have paypal option and two other affiliate sponsor icons and links to post on ho...

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    Xnyhilo Developer Services is a small development group created by myself, Jesse Wilson, and my partner, Steve Griffin. The goal of this group was to create software that solved a problem or a void in the market where a particular need was not being met. To this end we created a program that is now being integrated into a solution from another company (hence my not naming the program or company). ...

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